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HSN Rock God Jay King’s ‘Unique’ Turquoise Ring Looks Like Paul Deasy’s ShopNBC Piece

May 30, 2011

We love HSN rock god Jay King, but we have a bone to pick about his Today’s Special. Exactly how unique is his turquoise ring?

Last King night kept stressing, as did host Lynn Murphy, that the $70 Sleeping Beauty turquoise ring was “an exclusive” and “a once in a lifetime opportunity.” The ring is turquoise with a gold-looking matrix, and the website description says that it is “stabilized, compressed Sleeping Beauty turquoise infused with bronze matrix.”

Jay King's HSN TS reminds us of Paul Deasy's ShopNBC turquoise ring'

King said a new process has been used to make this turquoise, and again stressed. “This is truly an exclusive.”

Murphy added, “You will never see anything remotely like this.”

Well, we have.

We recently ordered a turquoise ring from Paul Deasy, who is a QVC and HSN alum, on ShopNBC. It has a goldish matrix that looks very much like HSN’s TS. The ShopNBC ring, J400174, was more expensive, at $150, and it is described as “rectangular blue block turquoise.”

We sent it back, because we don’t like “block” turquoise, which is bits of turquoise compressed together.

Now Deasy’s ShopNBC ring may not have been Sleeping Beauty turquoise, it’s true, But it looks very much like King’s ring, with that bronze-gold matrix. And the ShopNBC ring was prettier than King’s.

So exactly how “absolutely one of a kind” is the TS? We don’t know if the Deasy ring was done by the exact same process that King used, but they sure look alike.

Technically, any turquoise ring is one of a kind, because no two pieces of turquoise are the same, we suppose.

Check out the ShopNBC ring for yourself, and you decide how similar the turquoise is to King’s TS.

Rock God Jay King Is Bringing A Sleeping Beauty, And Two Turquoise Mine Owners, To HSN

May 28, 2011

Rock god Jay King will be on HSN this weekend with the Today’s Special, in Sleeping Beauty turquoise, accompanied by two of his turquoise cronies.

Jay King rocks HSN this weekend with a Today's Special

Word is that King will be on HSN with Monte Nichols, the owner of the Sleeping Beauty Mine, and Marty Colbaugh. the owner of the Kingman Turquoise Mine.

All in all, King will on on the air 18 hours this weekend..

BTW, King is looking for more his his fans to like his company’s Facebook page, Desert Rose Trading. We “like” it, and often are made aware of big sales via Facebook.

Songwriter Diane Warren Heads To HSN Next Week

May 27, 2011

Songwriter Diane Warren is coming to HSN next week.

She will be on the home shopping network with to present “Due Voci: The Music of Diane Warren” on HSN during a live one-hour primetime special of her greatest hits on HSN on next Thursday at 11 p.m.

Throughout the evening, Warren, a songwriting machine who has written some of the most recognizable lyrics over the past 25 years, will share with viewers the inspiration behind her iconic songs.

Due Voci, the duo she developed with Grammy-winning producer Humberto Gatica will be performing her songs, with Kelly Levesque and Tyler Hamilton doing the vocals.

Warren has composed nearly 100 Top 10 hits, resulting in nominations for nine Grammy Awards, six Academy Awards, and four Golden Globe Awards. In addition to her recent 2011 Golden Globe winning song, “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me,” her remarkable career includes numerous hits, such as “Unbreak My Heart,” “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing,” “Because You Loved Me,” “If I Could Turn Back Time,” and “How Do I Live.”

“I have found the perfect voices in the pairing of Kelly and Tyler after searching for two years and I am delighted to share with HSN viewers the inspiration behind these deeply emotional songs,” Warren said in a canned statement..

Right now you can pre-order a special CD with three exclusive tracks available for HSN customers only at and via HSN mobile for $11.95.

Singer Mary J. Blige Walks Off With FiFi For Her HSN Perfume

May 27, 2011

Singer Mary J. Blige walked off with the equivalent of the Oscar for fragrances, a FiFi Award, this week for the fragrance she launched on HSN.

Blige’s My Life perfume, which came from the Carol’s Daughter company, was honored with Breakthrough Fragrance Sales of the Year and Fragrance of the Year awards. The awards recognized the unique, pioneering approach Carol’s Daughter and HSN adopted for the launch of the scent.

HSN sold 100,000 bottles of singer Mary J. Blige's My Life fragrance, which won a FiFi Award this week

“My Life debuted exclusively on HSN across multiple platforms, inspiring consumers to buy the fragrance based on their connection to Mary’s story without ever smelling the scent,” HSN said in a press release Thursday. “The strategy was an unprecedented success: Mary’s first-ever fragrance proved as resonant—and popular—as her music, selling over 100,000 bottles on HSN last year during two appearances (a combined 13 hours).”

More than 100,000 bottles — that’s not so shabby.

“Launching the fragrance on the platform of HSN gave Mary the opportunity to tell her story to millions of people at once,” Steve Stoute, chairman & Lead Investor of Carol’s Daughter, said in a canned statement. “She’s an artist that connects with her fans on a visceral level – it was imperative for her to connect directly with them. She doesn’t sell goods, she sells her understanding and love for women.”

A celebration of a journey that began with a dream, My Life is a harmonious translation of the musical notes in Mary’s life into fragrance notes—a scent as strong, passionate and confident as Mary’s lyrics. “In everything I do, I strive to be the best I can be and create something meaningful that connects me to my fans,” reveals Mary J. Blige. “It is such an honor to be recognized for this movement called My Life. It is more than a scent – it is a journey, a celebration … it is my life.”

“When Mary, Steve (Stoute) and I first decided to create this fragrance, we knew it had to be a scent that evoked all that Mary stands for—the struggle, the faith, and ultimately, the triumph,” Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price said in her canned statement. “It took us two years to finalize the fragrance — we all wanted it perfect. Receiving this award is an incredible affirmation that we delivered it and it resonated with discerning experts, too.”

Of of course, HSN CEO MIndy Grossman put her two cents in, too.

“We congratulate Mary, Lisa and Steve for receiving the fragrance industry’s recognition of the groundbreaking success of My Life — its distinct scent, Mary’s inspiring story, and the innovative business model for distribution,” Grossman said. “We will will continue to reinforce our role as a disruptive force in the retail industry and bring products to our customers via unique marketing strategies.”

Jennifer Lopez, Fresh Off ‘American Idol,’ Is Coming to HSN July 2

May 27, 2011

Jennifer Lopez, who we enjoyed on “American Idol,” will be on HSN July 2 to debut her new perfume. That’s quite a catch for the No. 2 home shopping network.

HSN host Colleen Lopez — no relation to the diva — posted this on Facebook today.

“Can’t even tell you how excited we are about this!” Colleen wrote. “Jennifer Lopez is coming to HSN on July 2nd!! One of my all time favorite’s – Can’t wait to meet her and introduce her to all of you! PS – Be sure to enter HSN’s sweepstakes to win a trip for two to FL to meet Jennifer in person!”

HSN is running a Love and Light Sweepstakes that gives you a chance to meet Jennifer while she’s on HSN.

“Share with your friends, and get additional entries to increase your chance of winning! ENTER NOW:,” HSN said.

Ex-QVC Host Patti Reilly Is Ready To Hit The Road To ‘Califreakinfornia’

May 26, 2011

It sounds like ex-QVC host Patti Reilly a ready to hit the road and head out to the Left Coast.

“The movers got here at 9:30 this morning & they’re almost done,” Reilly posted on Facebook. “Omgosh, this was A LOT of work! I’m exhausted, but so relieved. Looking like a good night’s sleep tonight. Bye-bye Pennsylvania house!!!”

For her Facebook photo, Reilly is wearing a hot pink T-shirt that says “Califreakinfornia.” We likey.

On May 8 Reilly wrote on habout coming back from LA and finding a place to rent.

“So the house is quiet,” she blogged, “It’s 1:44am and I’m not even close to being tired. I think I’m still wired from the quick trip and loooong flight that I may have to do pilates for a while to wear me out. I’m relieved to say that I did end up finding a house to rent!!! It’s located in the San Fernando Valley area (colloquially known as “The Valley”) which is roughly 20 minutes northeast of the city yet close enough that I won’t have to worry myself sick about sitting on the 405 for hours… hopefully. I’m just happy that I found a nice house with a yard in a quiet area- I can now check that off the list:)”

Reilly, like Oprah Winfrey, is also a big believer in “The Secret,” according to her blog. And we actually believe this crap, too, despite the fact that one of its authors is the crackpot responsible for several people dying in a sweat lodge in our beloved Arizona..

“And like the Law of Attraction says: if you focus on lack, you’ll be in a place of lack,” Reilly blogged. “If you focus on abundance, you will draw it to you. I found it easier to envision success than I did the family/relationship stuff. Posting affirmations on the mirror or in a notebook to remind myself that life is what I make it just seemed like the best way of thinking.

Even today I have to remind myself to shift my thoughts- especially now when I’m making all of these changes. Each day I pack another box, or make another list, I have to battle fleeting thoughts of doubt. But when I come across thoughtful notes and beautiful pictures and remember that this one life is just stretching itself out in front of me, I know that I’m doing the right thing.

There are no smooth mountains. The transition from this life to my new life waiting for me across the country won’t be all rainbows & sunshine, but it will be something that forever changes me. A friend told me once: ‘Where we have been is who we are now.’ Isn’t that the truth!!!”

Duh, yeah.

QVC Designer George Simonton Gets A Makeover

May 26, 2011

We got home from a very long day Wednesday, turned on QVC and saw a designer we didn’t recognize.

It was George Simonton, with a total makeover. He is a sweetheart, but we’ve criticized his hair and attire in the past. He looked about 20 years younger today. He dyed his hair dark, grew a beard and got a hip hairdo.

The only thing we don’t like about his new look are his glasses, which have very heavy, dark frames.

Otherwise, looking good, George!

Breast Cancer Cure Ambassador To Debut Gift Set To Benefit Susan G. Komen

May 24, 2011

Komen for the Cure founder Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker will appear live on HSN on Thursdayat 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. to debut an exclusive, limited-edition Promise Me gift set.

Her appearance is part of HSN Cares’ fifth annual Shop for the Cure campaign, which runs during the whole month of May.

The first official fragrance to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Promise Me offers folks an opportunity to contribute to breast cancer research and recognize those who have been touched by the disease.

Each Promise Me gift set features:

Eau de Parfum: The sophisticated floriental opens with a fresh burst of mandarin, bergamot, and blood orange. Its feminine heart evokes softness and beauty with pink peony, wild orchid, and rosewood. The scent lingers featuring white patchouli and musk for a warm, sensual finish.

Shower Gel: Experience a gentle shower gel made with the scent of Promise Me.

Body Cream: This rich, pampering cream infuses the alluring scent of Promise Me into a nourishing hydrator for soft and smooth skin.

Scented Bracelet: Share your commitment to the cure and make a style statement with this lightly scented Promise Me bracelet.

Each Promise Me gift set will also include background information about Susan G. Komen for the Cure as well as the contribution each purchase makes to the organization.

In 2011, Promise Me creator TPR Holdings has committed to donate a minimum of $1,000,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment.

Pricing & Availability: $44.90, on HSN beginning May 26 and now on

HSN Has Queen Latifah, QVC Has Barry Manilow For His ’15 Minutes’ Of Fame

May 24, 2011

Barry is back, and QVC has him.

Crooner Barry Manilow will appear on QVC Thursday at 8 p.m. to unveil “15 Minutes” – his first original album in 10 years.

For this “QVC Presents QSessions Live” broadcast, the Grammy, Tony, and Emmy Award-winning artist, as QVC describes him, will perform a selection of songs from his new album while giving viewers insight into the inspiration behind the collection.

Manilow’s aficionados will be able to purchase “15 Minues”more than two weeks before it drops. Just for QVC, “15 Minutes has been packaged with a bonus CD of four previously unreleased tracks.

Barry Manilow will premiere his new CD on QVC Thursday

“I am thrilled to share my music with QVC shoppers once again,” Manilow said in a canned statenment. “’15 Minutes’ is the result of a project that took more than two years to create and one that is very close to my heart.”

After recording six albums of songs written by other songwriters, “15 Minutes”I is a collection of 16 original tracks written by Manilow and lyricist Enoch Anderson.

QVC says:

The new album explores the perils and pinnacles of fame’s double-edged sword and was inspired by Andy Warhol’s quote: “In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.” Making a guest appearance on ’15 Minutes’ is young Nataly Dawn, lead singer of the white-hot group “Pomplamoose.” Her rendition of “Letter From A Fan” is both innocent and eerie.

Manilow is no stranger to QVC. His 2006 QVC appearance marked the highest single-day sales by a musical artist in QVC history, and he also continues to hold the record as the highest single-hour music sales event in QVC’s 24 years.

’15 Minutes,’ with bonus CD, will be available starting Thursday at QVC.

Jersey Girl Queen Latifah Will Launch Her Own Line On HSN In August

May 23, 2011

HSN host Colleen Lopez tipped us off again: Jersey Girl Queen Latifah is coming to HSN!

Here is Colleen’s post on Facebook, but the news was in an HSN press release today.

We have exciting news: The Queen is coming to HSN (and we’re not talking about William and Harry’s grandmother!). The fabulous Queen Latifah will launch her new ‘Queen’ collection in August featuring apparel, accessories and more….All Hail the Queen!”

Here’s what Latifah told Women’s Wear Daily about her line including “plus” sizes.

“It is a word we need to bury at this point … I wanted to make something size two and up,” she told WWD. “The truth is, we all would like to wear the same clothes. We all want to wear beautiful, fly clothes no matter what size you are, and so for me it was important to match with a company that understood and respected that ideal.”

We weren’t invited to the preview event that was apparently held today.

Queen Latifah reigns on HSN

Here’s the press release:
Award-Winning Musical Artist & Actress Queen Latifah Launches Exclusive New Lifestyle Brand on HSN
— Queen Collection To Debut on HSN August 27 —

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., May 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Queen Latifah, winner of Grammy, Golden Globe and SAG awards, has partnered with leading multichannel retailer HSN for the exclusive launch of the Queen Collection, her first-ever lifestyle brand. On August 27, Latifah will debut a unique collection of apparel, handbags and outerwear, and will introduce a hair extension line in September. The premiere will feature designs inspired by her personal style and design aesthetic.

Queen Latifah is an inspiration to women everywhere based on her unbridled success in music, television and film. Conscientious of her stature as a role model and fashion icon, Latifah created her new collection to inspire women to find their own personal style. The Queen Collection offers women fashionable wardrobe-building pieces of apparel and accessories at accessible prices.

“I wanted my collection to reflect my personal style while giving women the tools to build a wardrobe they can feel good in,” said Queen Latifah. “I partnered with HSN because it’s the ideal platform to share my story and the stories of women who inspired me. I hope to instill confidence in hundreds of thousands of women across the country.”

“To truly capture the diverse aspects of this remarkable artist, we focused on creating a comprehensive lifestyle brand that encompasses apparel, accessories and beauty,” said Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN, Inc. “Queen Latifah’s appeal is universal, and her ability to entertain, enlighten and empower women is sure to resonate with our customers.”

A shot from the HSN preview for the Queen that we weren't invited to.

HSN and Queen Latifah have collaborated to create designs that compliment a variety of body types. Inspired by silhouettes that have been adapted from Latifah’s personal wardrobe and fused with her background in the equestrian world, the Queen Collection features sleek riding pants, slouchy blazers, ruffled blouses, fringe ombre scarves and a suede moto jacket.

The Queen Collection apparel and outerwear lines are grounded with easy-to-wear basics, casual sweaters, great fitting jeans, leggings and tees. Priced under $100, the apparel line focuses on layering pieces such as jackets and coats. The line’s handbags and outerwear styles are all constructed in genuine leathers and suede and are priced between $170 and $300. These designs feature studded details, zippers and moto silhouettes.

Following her first on-air appearance on August 27, Latifah will return to HSN in September to debut a custom line of Natural Wavy Clip-On hair extensions. Women everywhere will have access to high quality, 100% Remy Indian hair extensions at accessible prices. Available in a range of colors, including black, shades of brown, auburn and shades of blonde, the Queen hair extension collection starts at just over $100.

“HSN and I have worked closely together to create a high quality hair product for women who are interested in reinventing their look,” continued Latifah. “Since my brand philosophy is about instilling confidence in women everywhere, I want to help them transform their look from head to toe.”

Queen Latifah is currently scheduled to appear on HSN starting on Saturday, August 27 at 12:01 a.m. (EDT). More information on the upcoming launch of the Queen collection can be found at