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JTV Host Kristen Keech Accepts Marriage Proposal On-Air

September 5, 2015

Wedding bells will soon be ringing at Jewelry Television.

Host Kristen Keech was on the air Thursday when her boyfriend Michael showed up, which must have made her a wee bit suspicious about what was going on.

JTV host Kristen Keech and her engagement ring

JTV host Kristen Keech and her engagement ring

As he pulled her away from her seat — with her protesting that she was barefoot — he broke out a small red box. Do you see where we’re going here?

Michael asked Kristen to marry him, and she said yes.

She was so excited that she pulled the ring out of the box and put it on her own finger.

“Thanks JTV for celebrating this very special surprise with everyone!” Keech wrote on Facebook. “I can’t believe I look like such a goof! And yeah- I guess I don’t know how the whole proposal thing is supposed to go because I SNATCHED THAT RING! Hahaha!!! I don’t even remember any of this happening honestly- it was like a complete shock, so unexpected- I really can’t believe it came out that well! Go Mike!! He is the all star here!”

JTV posted the video on Facebook, and congratulated the happy pair.

It is a Moissanite, not diamond, ring. Now that’s loyalty to JTV and vendor Charles Winston.

We hope JTV gave Mike a break on the price.