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Actress Linda Dano Returns To QVC With Spring Home Decor, Jewelry

April 26, 2010

Linda Dano

Actress Linda Dano, who previewed her spring home collection last week, will be back on QVC this Friday at 7 p.m.

Dano will be discussing the new trends she saw covering the New York City trade shows; her “new nest” in the Manhattan East Side museum district; and what new celebrity home she just completed! (Does the name Rosie O’Donnell ring a bell?).

This week Dano will be offering item such as a bamboo bistro table and chairs, as well as a new version of her faux book end table, a softcolored embroidered pillow and throw, the return of her zebra rug, and a set of oversized zebra napkins and gemstone napkin rings.

The star is also bringing more jewelry to QVC, and will have a version of her Y necklace in springtime colors this week.

To promote her QVC shows, Dano appeared on “Good Day New York” on WNEW-TV last week and she will be speaking with Joan Hamburg on WOR AM radio Wednesday, our birthday.

QVC has given Dano the go-ahead for her first Christmas show.

Linda Dano Back With Home Collection, And A Piece Of Jewelry, On QVC This Week

January 19, 2010

Linda Dano

Emmy-winning actress Linda Dano will be back with her Home Collection for QVC Thursday, and there will be a small surprise on the show. She will also be offering one piece of jewelry, a chunky resin “Y” necklace that comes in red or black.

In addition to several traditional segments during the day Thursday, Dano will be part of a Reinvent Your Home Panel on “You’re Home with Jill” at 10 p.m.

While working full time on “Another World,” Dano was the original co-host of Lifetime Television’s “Attitudes” (first with Nancy Glass, next with Dee Kelly and later, Jerry Pennacoli), a forerunner of ABC’s “The View.” She launched “Putting It Together with Linda Dano,” one of QVC’s first successful fashion accessory shows and the template for shows like “What Not To Wear.”

Dano returned to QVC in 2007 with her Home Collection. She loves the live television format and her ability to connect, demonstrate and “stage” different looks using her unique, functional and affordable accessories.

With new items being seen for the first time this week and customer favorites returning, Dano will be live on-air to answer questions.

“In high school, I wasn’t on stage as an actor, I was designing and painting the scenery,” Dano said in a prepared statement.

A few lucky breaks in California led to a successful career as a model, the “new talent department” at 20th Century Fox Studios, primetime television, film and a move East to marry the late advertising exec Frank Attardi.

“Restoring our 17th Century Farmhouse, Frank and I became immersed in the history, craftsmanship and the versatility of the early settlers,” she said in a statement.

Known as “Felicia Gallant” on NBC’s “Another World,” Dano went on to make television history as the only American actress to seamlessly change networks and spend five years criss crossing all four ABC daytime dramas as the same character, “Dr. Rae Cummings.”