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Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Husband Takes Turn For The Worse

September 19, 2015

As we’ve said before, this has not been a good year. Now more bad news.

Former QVC host Lisa Mason offered an update on her husband Gino’s brain cancer on Facebook and the prognosis does not sound good. It seems he had taken a turn for the worse.

Lisa Mason and Gino

Lisa Mason and Gino

Manhattanite Mason had left QVC for awhile and then returned earlier this year, after disclosing the news of her husband’s cancer. Then she said she was taking a hiatus from the network again. In Mason’s latest missive, she said she’s not coming back.

“I am so grateful for my brief time back at QVC,” Mason wrote.

“However, I have decided not to return. Gino is no longer responding to chemotherapy. He is now on immunotherapy. Whatever the outcome, I will not leave him. QVC was certainly the job of a lifetime and one that was hard to leave behind! But this man IS my life. I simply want to see him through this journey. Wherever it may lead!”

Prayers, prayers and more prayers.

QVC Host-Author Rick Domeier To Donate His Book Proceeds Tuesday To Japan Relief

April 10, 2011

Lisa Mason isn’t the only QVC talent that has authored a book.

Rick Domeier has been beating the bushes and making all kinds of appearances to promote his inspirational tome, “Can I Get A Do Over?’

The towheaded Minnesota native has come up with a pretty neat idea to raise some money for victims of the Japanese earthquake.

“On Tuesday, April 12th, I will also donate ALL of my author proceeds to the American Red Cross-Japan Tsunami relief,” he said on his publisher’s website. “All you have to do is purchase one copy of ‘Can I Get a Do Over?’ and together we can make a difference in the lives of the people in Japan.”

That’s not all.

“I’m doing a Special One Day Offer! When you purchase a copy of ‘Can I Get a Do Over?: Unforgettable Stories of Second Chances and Life Makeovers’ simply click on the link below, give me your address, and your Amazon purchase order number, and I will mail you a Limited Edition, Personalized, Autographed Book Plate, and Do Over Book Mark absolutely free! (S&H is free as well)!”

Domeier will also be chatting live on Facebook and checking in from various stops on his book tour, including a live national television interview on “The 700 Club” on CBN (Christian Broadcast Network).

Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason Packs The House With ‘L And L On Lex’ Event

April 10, 2011

We were invited to ex-QVC host Lisa Mason’s “Laura and Lisa on Lex” event in Manhattan Saturday, but we had a boatload of work to do and just couldn’t make it.

The event included Mason signing her new book, “Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice,” at Barnes & Noble and then heading off to QVC vendor and makeup wizard Laura Geller’s Big Apple studio.

Lisa Mason

The shindig was a big success, as we can tell from Mason’s post on her blog.

“You exceeded our expectations!!” she wrote. “We were at standing room only for this event with very special guests in attendance! Thank you to all of you who came to our New York City book-signing event. It was awesome! Gino and I were joined by over 100 of the most wonderful people and we thank you!!! See you next week in Pittsburgh!! God Bless.”

Ex-QVC Host and Author Lisa Mason Is Setting Up Residence In Barnes And Noble

March 15, 2011

Former QVC host and newly minted author Lisa Mason has been quite the busy beaver.

She had nailed down several additional book-signing events at Barnes and Noble for her tome, “Big Life Lessons From That Still Small Voice.” And she is touting her availability as a speaker.

Lisa Mason, Yankee fan

Mason is not not only doing a “Lisa and Laura on Lexington” event April 9 with QVC vendor and make-up maven Laura Geller, she’s got B&N events nailed down in three more towns, according to her blog.

Pittsburgh, Pa., April 16, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m, 800 Settler’s Ridge Center Drive.

Exton, Pa., April 30, 11:30 am. to 1:30 p.m., Exton Town Center.

Greensboro, N.C.: May 7, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., 3102 N. Line Ave.

And there’s a special deal for the Pittsburgh event.

“For $19.85, you receive the book, a $10 gift card for any B and N item and a 10 percent discount on any food item purchased during the event,” Mason blogged. “This is an awesome deal!! Please let me know if you are interested in this special package when you rsvp!! Let’s meet for lunch!!!”

QVC Host Patti Reilly Bids A Teary Farewell, With People Still Asking ‘What’s Up With That?’

March 12, 2011

We came in on the tail end of Patti Reilly’s final show on QVC, and she has wiped tears from her eyes several times as we were watching.

She is going to need a truck to take home all the bouquets of flowers she’s gotten during her swan song.

She is now on the air with makeup queen Laura Geller, who she described as her best friend. The show is about to end.

“I’ve been crying here all night,” Geller told Reilly.

Patti Reilly (right) clowning around with Mally Roncal (far left) back in the day

Reilly, who looks pretty good in a cute grey vest and white ruffled shirt, has been taking calls from friends and even QVC vendor and shampoo pooh-pooher Chaz Dean, who told her, “You’re jumping ship! What’s up with that?”

That’s what a lot of people are wondering.

On Facebook a few days ago, Reilly seemed a little annoyed that fans keep asking why she is going.

She posted her answer Monday.

“Why am I leaving QVC?” she said. “I don’t want to look back 5 yrs from now w regret. I want to step thru a potential door of opportunity that I may have never known existed had I ‘played it safe.’ I’ve been praying for a new life & I believe this is part of the plan:) I am grateful for the years spent, but it’s simply time to move on.”

At the very end of Reilly’s last QVC show, hosts Lisa Robertson and Jacque Gonzales came out — and also got weepy –to say goodbye. Gonzales blubbered something about Reilly coming to her wedding that we didn’t quote catch.

“Thank you everybody, for watching me for 11 years,” Reilly said.

Ever-bubbly Mally Roncal, the red-carpet makeup artist, was also on Reilly’s final “Friday Night Beauty” show. In fact, Roncal created two products, a Highshine Liquid Lipstick Duo, just for Reilly.

“I had to take care of Miss Patti,” Roncal said. “You know Miss Patti Reilly, she is a sparkler, a firecracker.”

Geller, by the way, has now lost two of her good buddies at QVC. Host Lisa Mason, Geller neighbor in Manhattan, also exited this year. In fact, Mason and Geller are doing a meet-and-greet in Manhattan to promote Mason’s new book.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: People seem to love or hate Patti. QVC customers are bantering back and forth on our blogs about her, which mentioned the fact that she had lost a lot of weight vey quickly, making some suspect she had some kind of surgery.

QVC Host Lisa Robertson Kills On The Red Carpet With Peacock Green Gown

February 27, 2011

We’ll be fair. We criticized QVC host Lisa Robertson’s dress for the home shopping network’s big pre-Oscar party in Beverly Hillls last night. It made her look hippy.

Well, she is more than making up for that dreadful Isaac Mizrahi dress last night. She looks stunning tonight in a gorgeous, two-toned peacock green sleeveless gown with feathers on one side of the bodice. It’s by Mark Zunino, who is Nolan Miller’s partner in a QVC jewelry line.

Robertson looks so fine that when her fellow QVC host Shawn Killinger saw her, she asked, “Are you single?”

Shawn, we didn’t know you rolled that way.

QVC Host Patti Reilly, Long-Rumored To Be Leaving, Is Actually Leaving

February 27, 2011

Another long-time QVC host is flying the coop. Patti Reilly is following Lisa Mason out the door.

Reilly posted the news on her blog, on her own website. Thanks for the tip, Joanie-B!

Patti Reilly's photo from Puerto Rico

Here’s part of Reilly’s blog:

“It’s true that I am leaving QVC after 11 great years. I’m looking forward to opening myself up to new ideas and experiences in life, but I’d be fooling myself if I didn’t admit that it’s a little scary. I’ve been so lucky to have a healthy family, nephews, my niece, great friends and co-workers, all in their own way who have opened up and shared a piece of their life with me. Through a different lens, and mentally picturing myself for one day in their shoes, came the realization that I want to try other things. That I want to value and really, really be present with my family & friends more.

Reilly, fresh from a vacation in Puerto Rico, wrote that she had an epiphany when when her black lab got sick last summer. She said she lives alone with her two dogs, and was heartbroken when the lab could no longer get up the stairs to sleep with her.

I talked to my family and friends more and reached out to people I haven’t seen in years. I stepped back and looked at my life, which is not really where I ultimately envisioned it to be. I would love to boast about my children, husband & homelife, but my picture right now just looks different than what I would have thought had you asked me 10 years ago. I have an opportunity now to take a step, start a new journey and I’m going to embrace that. I know that if Piper could climb up those stairs one last time, she definitely would!

Reilly was doing executive training when she caught the QVC bug.

QVC was the only watchable show on at 2 or 3 in the morning. I saw Lisa Robertson selling Smashbox Cosmetics and suddenly found my next goal. I auditioned for a Show Host position in February, 2000 and was offered the job a month later. I’ve been at QVC for 11 years now…can you believe it??? I love what I do, especially when I host beauty shows.

Reilly is a very polarizing figure. QVC fans either loved her or hated her. She sparked a lot of speculation when she lost a ton of weight, We suspected surgery, but she claimed it was just a diet. On some of her more recent appearances, she made bizarre comments about her moods and sometimes made off remarsk to vendors.

She is regularly brutally lampooned on the Television Without Pity website.

Want To Meet Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Hubby Gino? RSVP For ‘Laura and Lisa On Lex’

February 12, 2011

Lisa Mason fans, “Laura and Lisa on Lex” is a go on April 9. And Gino will be there.

Former QVC host Mason posted on her blog that she and QVC vendor/makeup diva Laura Geller will be meeting with friends and fans in the Big Apple. Mason it touting her new book, “Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice.” Mason and Geller are neighbors in Manhattan.

Lisa Mason's beloved husband Gino

“We start at 10:30 at B and N (Barnes & Noble) on Lex with coffee and talk and books,” Mason blogged.

“The great folks at the 86th street location want to have books on hand if you are interested in having one signed! Then, at noon, we break for lunch and then go to the Laura Geller Make-Up Studio! Laura will be there with her fab staff helping with all our makeup needs. She will have great deals and will probably serve champagne!!!”

Mason is asking that those who want to make the trek RSVP.

“I will be putting up a page for you to reserve a spot,” Mason wrote. “There is NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything. That is NOT what this is about. This is a girlfriends day and a celebration of spring. But, it will give us a general idea of how many people we should expect. For now… save the date and call you best gal pal! Or, if you prefer, bring your hubby. Mine will be there, too!!!!! Love you!”

Anyone who watched Mason on QVC often heard her talk about her husband, Gino. He is just turning 50, according to Mason.

“I am still in love,” Mason wrote. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

In a prior post, Mason said that her mother Barbara and sister Amanda will also be attending “L and L.”

So far, Mason is doing well with her book. She basically sold out 2,000 signed copies. You can also order it at

Want To Join Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason and Laura Geller On Lexington?

February 3, 2011

Want to hang out with ex-QVC host Lisa Mason and current QVC vendor/makeup maven Laura Geller in the Big Apple? Then keep March 5 (our dad’s birthday) open.

On the heels of the launch of her new book, Mason is inviting her homegirls to a day of festivities in her hood, the Upper Easrt Side, at the local Barnes & Noble, later heading off to Geller’s makeup studio. Name of this shindig: “Join Laura and Lisa on Lex.”

Lisa Mason says her new book isn't about life being grand

On her blog, Mason wrote:

“We would start at the Lexington and 86th street Barnes and Noble for a time of getting caught up with each other. Bring your gal pal and I will bring mine…. Laura Geller!! I would read from the new book and sign a copy or two, if you were interested. Then, we would head a few blocks south on Lexington to Laura Geller’s makeup studio and continue the fun. We could laugh, chat and put on makeup.

Laura would probably have some awesome deals for us, as well. Here is the deal… Barnes and Noble can only hold about 130 people at a time in one location. So, how do you feel about an rsvp? Laura and I are thinking about a Saturday afternoon starting at around 1 ish and ending at around 5 ish. That way, if you are going to a show or just out to dinner, your makeup would be done.

On Groundhog Day (our mom’s birthday), Mason posted on her blog that the tentative date for the girls’ thang is March 5.

She also wrote that her book from Infinity Publishing will be available Feb. 7 for $10.95. But don’t expect the tome, “Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice,” to be all sunshine and flowers.

Mason blogged:

First, please know that this is not a “isn’t life grand!!” book. It is a painfully honest text and expresses how difficult my life has been at times. One chapter was very, very difficult to write as it tells the story of my badly I treated someone and how I have never really gotten over it. If you want a book about a person who has no troubles and no regrets, well, this is not for you.

Sounds like a real laugh fest.

Former QVC Host Lisa Mason Offers Dish On Her New Book And Texas Days

December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas all!

After coming home from a truly lovely day with our family, and then watching part of “Elmer Gantry,” we decided to head to our PC. We nosed around and checked out former QVC host Lisa Mason’s website. She has been blogging about her new book and plans to promote it.

“I LOVE Barnes and Noble!!,” she wrote last Tuesday. “The meeting today could not have been better. It looks like we will do an event at the B&N in Exton, Pa., to start with. It is a beautiful store with the most lovely store manager and community director. So, how about late January or early February? Do you prefer Saturday afternoon, evening or Sunday afternoon? What is best for you? We will have a little ‘sign-up’ sheet on this website after Jan 1. This does NOT mean you have to buy a book, it is just for the two lovely ladies who are moving heaven and earth for me. It will just give them a general headcount. I hope that is ok with you! Let me know if you feel that this request is too intrusive.”

Lisa Mason talks about life in Texas with her preacher dad in her new book

Mason has also posted an excerpt of her book, “Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice,” on her website,, under ”about me” and “new projects.”

The sample is about Mason as a little girl sitting with her pesky older sister in a sultry, hot church service in Texas, listening to her father preach.

Check it out, along with a photo of Mason and her beloved spouse Gino sitting near the ocean.

Mason also posted a blog Christmas day.

“Merry Christmas to you!” she wrote. “I hope your day was truly blessed. Gino and I spent the day catching up with family and friends. Just a few gifts…. not too many. But, way too many calories!! Oh well, we will hit the gym on Monday.”

Mason also wrote about a rather nasty e-mail she got about her planned book.

“Had an email yesterday that very pointedly questioned why I felt I was important enough to write a book,” she wrote. “The e-mail made me realize that I needed to share something very important. And, it is simply this. I don’t think I am important, not at all. I wrote the little book not to prove my worth, but just the contrary. To share the good and bad times I have lived through. In fact, a couple of the chapters are very unflattering to me, but I felt that it was important to be truthful.”

Then she added, “If you take nothing else from this little text, I hope it will be this. I hope this book will prompt you to sit down and write your own life lessons. I hope it will encourage you to think of the people and places who have come in and out your life and how God has worked in each. I hope it will help you realize that both joyful and shameful experiences can provide valuable lessons. And if, by chance, you don’t have any life lessons yet, don’t panic. Remember, you don’t have to be a minister or missionary to learn from God, you only have to listen. So, just listen. Because He is still there, He still loves you and He is still speaking.”