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Yes, We Are Sick Of Seeing Philosophy On QVC

June 5, 2010

A QVC viewer was blasted last week for starting this thread on the online forum on Philosophy, the beauty and fragrance line: Is anyone as tired as she is of Philosophy products being featured on the home shopping channel?

“OK, I use 1 Philosophy product,” wrote one poster on the Philosophy-bashing thread. “But overall I am sick of their line their smells…everything! There I said it. What a relief! I go into one boutique in my town filled with it and I can’t get why EVERYBODY is a “Philosophy” girl?”

She went on, “When I called Arizona (where Philosophy is headquartered) to ask a question on 2 occasions they were rude…. Purity Made Simple won’t budge my Chanel Waterproof eyeliner with ease. Cute packaging won’t hide what’s inside!”

This had Philosophy’s fans fuming, especially since the seering complaint was posted on the line’s forum. “Go to another line and don`t bash those of us who love the products,” wrote one Philosophy cheerleader. “Pretty simple solution, don`t you think?”

But the woman who started the “Tired-of-” thread was at it again, defending herself, on a thread called “Phil TSV must have been a real dud.”

She wrote, “I started a thread ‘PHILOSOPHY IS ANYONE AS SICK OF IT AS I AM?’ Well the fur really went flying on the Philosophy ‘floor.’ How dare I, they began not post it on Beauty Banter instead. This was for ‘Philosophy Girls’ only! I ‘m on the Dooney site and we have negative posting, but haven’t seen such proprietary adoration since middle school-even grade school.”

Well, Philosophy fans, you can blast us, as well. We, too, are sick and tired of turning on QVC and practically every day seeing a Philosophy presentation. It was the same with fashion designer Marc Bouwer last week. He had three or four shows on during the span of just one day!

Does QVC own a piece of Philosophy and Bouwer?

We have been using Philosophy’s “Hope In A Jar” face cream for more than a year, and have it on auto-delivery, and our face still doesn’t feel soft enough.

The jar says, “Where there is faith miracles can occur.” We believe that in general, but not for “Hope In A Jar” anymore.

It may be time to dump the auto-ship.