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Ex-HSN Vendor Amedeo Did Spike Lee’s Oscar Pendant

February 26, 2019

We watched the Oscars Sunday night and as jewelry hounds, of course we noticed director Spike Lee’s large pendant and necklace. Little did we know that it has a home shopping connection!

Several stories about Academy Award fashion pointed out that Lee’s pendant, inspired by dear departed Prince’s name symbol (we believe), was created by former HSN jewelry vendor Amedeo Scognamiglio.

A charming Italian, Amedeo was best-known for bringing gorgeous hand-crafted cameos to HSN. What we didn’t know was about Amedeo’s celeb friends.

According to The New York Times, Amedeo did the diamond, 18 carat gold and fire opal necklace that Spike was sporting when he won his Oscar.

Here’s what The Times wrote:

“A man in a high-jewelry necklace is a first,” said an astonished Mr. Scognamiglio. “Plus, he commissioned and paid for it, which is the distinction and elegance of Spike Lee,” the jeweler added, referring to the complex bargaining game celebrities play with those who supply their clothes.

Good for Spike!

And several present and past home shopping vendors provided garb for Hollywood’s big night.

Fashion designer Mark Zunino was the man behind the green gown that actress Katharine Ross, wife of Oscar nominee Sam Elliott, wore.

And HSN designer Antthony Mark did the gorgeous teal gown that Oscar winner Melissa Berton won for “Period. End of Sentence,” which was a film about menstrual periods. That dress caught our eye even before we knew that it was an Antthony creation.

Congrats folks.

QVC’s Courtney Cason: We Say You Shouldn’t

September 16, 2014

We’ve been so busy at our day job, and covering the sad passing of Joan Rivers, that we hadn’t seen QVC’s “Courtney Says I Do” promotion.

We know people will disagree with us, but we find it a tad tacky to be discussing every detail of your impending nuptials the way host Courtney Cason is.

But then again, if the deal included getting our wedding dress designed by Mark Zunino, maybe we would change our tune.

The wedding is this Saturday, by the way. And Cason’s groom-to-be is adorable.

Here is what she blogged on last week:

I can’t believe my wedding is just one week away. It’s weird to even type that out. It’s crazy to think that almost a year ago I wasn’t sure that I was going to be engaged anytime soon. Now it’s full on crunch time to marry the man of my dreams!

As an ex-QVC host pointed out, it’s a little risky to promote a host’s wedding. What if the marriage goes sour?

You may recall when then-QVC host Judy Crowell wed a fellow host, whose names escapes us now. It was a very short marriage, let’s put it that way.

We’re glad Crowell finally found the man of HER dreams, fellow QVC alum Paul Deasy (now on SHopHQ).

We also remember when one of our favorite bloggers wrote a lot about her coming fancy wedding to “Mr. Wonderful,” as she called him. Two years later, she was blogging about going on a date.

Needless to say, all her readers were asking her what the heck was up. She sounded a bit annoyed when she explained that she and Mr. Wonderful had divorced, and would people stop asking about her personal life.

Girlfriend, when you put your personal life out there, people are going to ask about it.

Any way, best of luck, Courtney. Seriously, God bless.

Miss Piggy, Joan Rivers Star On QVC’s Red Carpet L.A. Show

February 21, 2014

QVC is heading out to the Left Coast for the fifth consecutive year to broadcast for the awards season with “Red Carpet Style — Live from L.A.” Miss Piggy and Lisa Rinna will be among those on hand (aren’t they the same person?).

The three-hour program will air next Friday from 9 p.m. to midnight, televising from the Wetherly Gardens at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers

For this shindig QVC jewelry vendor and E! Network’s “Fashion Police” host Joan Rivers will be on the carpet with designers Lori Goldstein, Dennis Basso, Mark Zunino, Bob Mackie and Isaac Mizrahi.

Nicole Richie and Rinna, along with celebrity stylist Jen Rade, will introduce new items as well.

Additionally, as part of QVC’s collaboration with Lifetime’s “Project Runway All Stars,” Season 3 winner Seth Aaron Henderson will join the lineup at this star-fest. Henderson will present two new styles from his QVC collection, which had three sellouts in its January debut.

Seth Aaron Henderson

Seth Aaron Henderson

The program will mark the debut of Styled by Joe Zee, a collection from ELLE magazine Creator Director Joe Zee.

Oy vey! Miss Piggy – star of “Muppets Most Wanted” – will be showing off her Haute Tote, the VIP gift bag she created for the event. A consumer version of the bag will also be available for purchase on

Mark Zunino

Mark Zunino

But wait — there’s more, much much more.

JAI John Hardy will be presenting new croco-textured jewelry styles, and there will be diamond pieces from Michael Beaudry and Bronzo Italia designs.

On the beauty front, QVC will have Edward Bess, bareMinerals, Kate Somerville and Sarah Potempa.

“We have really enjoyed seeing the evolution of this annual event and are very excited to invite our viewers to experience this year’s broadcast,” QVC U.S. CEO Claire Watts said in a canned statement. “We’re proud to collaborate with such talented designers and noteworthy brands to offer exciting products that were created especially for this red carpet event.”

Rivers’ cohort on “Fashion Police,” George Kotsiopoulos, will serve as the QVC red carpet correspondent, interviewing celebrities as they arrive and encouraging guests to share pictures using #QVCRedCarpet.

Highlights of those images will be displayed throughout the gardens via the DELLInstaGallery, which consists of multiple gallery-style walls featuring digital screens for a unique social sharing experience. Finally, the InstaGlam Suite powered by HALO, a leader in portable power, will be a hub for social networking within the event and will be hosted by fashion personality and television host Jeannie Mai.

Designer Mark Zunino Sued By Kleinfeld’s Over His QVC Line

July 11, 2013

Deceased designer Nolan Miller’s protege, Mark Zunino, has wound up in trouble for over his QVC gig, although we are a little confused by the brouhaha.

The New York Post reported Wednesday that Zunino is being sued by Kleinfeld Bridal, the famous New York wedding gown emporium, where he is creative design director. Kleinfeld alleges that Zunino “is undercutting its business by designing discount dresses for QVC,” the Post wrote.

The lawsuit charges that Zunino was barred from doing any designing that would compete with his work for Kleinfeld, where he is being paid $175,000 his first year and $200,000 his second year, according to the Post.

Mark Zunino and two press-shy sisters

Mark Zunino and two press-shy sisters

Then, Kleinfeld alleges, it learned that Zunino was doing bridal apparel for Nolan Miller Inc. The court papers say that Miller, known for designer dresses for “Dynasty,” was also designing dresses for QVC. In fact, Nolan did a glamorous fashion jewelry line for QVC, not apparel.

HOwever, since Miller passed away Zunino has designed some apparel for QVC, but none of it involved wedding dresses and would not seem to compete with Kleinfeld.

Nonetheless, the lawsuit charges that Zuninot can’t devote “his full efforts” to designing for Kleinfeld when he is also doing work for Nolan Miller Inc., the Post reported.

The wedding dresses that Zunino designed for Kleinfeld range in price from $6,000 to $15,000.

QVC Vendor Nolan Miller’s Facebook Page To Live On

June 11, 2012

Here’s good news for Nolan Miller’s more than 1,000 Facebook fans, who undoubtedly are still mourning the death of the classy fashion designer and QVC vendor.

There was a message on his Facebook page saying that it will be maintained.

Here is it:

Hello All. We would like to let you know that we will be maintaining this page as a ‘fan page.’ We will try to post occasional photos, sketches and video clips that show the beauty that Nolan created and the legacy he leaves behind.

Thank you, once again, for all your kind words and well wishes. We look forward to sharing some of the iconic (as well as some of the lesser known) images from Nolan’s career. Sincerely, the Mark Zunino Couture team.

Zunino is Miller’s talented protege. Thanks for keeping the legacy alive, Mark.

Weekend Quickies: QVC Host Lisa Robertson’s Red Hot Dress And Eva Longoria And HSN

February 26, 2012

We’re totally behind in our list of weekend chores, and can’t find our checkbook, to boot, so this will be brief.

Props to designer Mark Zunino for designing the sexy, strapless red column dress that QVC host Lisa Robertson wore Friday night for the network’s “Live From the Red Carpet” event out in Beverly Hills. The dress looked like it was painted on Robertson, and the whole look reminded of Jessica Rabbit.

She looked fantastic. Check out her Facebook page for photos.

Also, according to HSN’s March program, it will have “Desperate Housewive’s” actress Eva Longoria in the house selling her own line of perfume.

Stay tuned.

‘The Lisa Robertson Show’: You Get To Ask Lisa One Question That She Has To Answer

February 5, 2012

We caught the first “episode” of “The Lisa Robertson Show” Friday night, and it was a pretty good effort.

Lisa has her own new set, which almost looked like a living room, and she looked great with a leopard print skirt and great black boots.

Designer Mark Zunino, a protege of longtime QVC vendor and Hollywood designer Nolan Miller, introduced his new line for QVC on the show.

Our favorite guest, however, was fellow Montclair resident and talk show host Wendy Williams, who sat on a couch by Lisa and explained the inspiration for her new QVC accessories line, which is called Adorn. Lisa was on Williams’ show earlier in the week.

Wendy was cool, and had a cute conversation with Lisa, who seems addicted to hair extensions, about wigs.

A stand in for Dr. Perricone, the nationally known skin doctor, was in the house, as well, touting his latest product, or “Fountain of Youth,” as she called it. Really? Does the FDA Know about that?

All the whole shopping networks are trying to make their segments jazzier than an infomercial, in an attempt to draw in new viewers who could become new home shopping customers.

Lisa looked natural in the role of TV show host.

The one thing that did annoy us (there’s always somethin’) was Amy Stran’s presence. She was trying to do the social media thang during the show, answer questions from Facebook and Twitter, and it ground the show to a halt.

There was one interesting bit that the show will be doing: Viewers each week be able to ask Lisa one question that she MUST answer.

Now that’s an intriguing concept.

Nolan Miller Protege Mark Zunino To Bring Line To QVC

July 6, 2011

It looks like Mark Zunino, Nolan Miller’s protege, will be bringing a clothing line forr QVC.

We have none of the details, but on Facebook Mark Zunino Couture posted, “Thanks for watching this weekend! Mark is very excited to bring you some amazing new fashion designs on QVC in the near future! Stay tuned!”

Miller, the designer of luxury gowns female celebs, fought back lung cancer. He did a custume jewelry line for QVC for almost 20 years, but retired this weekend.

When Miller was too ill to appear on QVC, Zunino would fill in.

Host Lisa Robertson often wears Zunino gowns on the air, and they are stunning.

We look forward to seeing what Zunino has in mind for QVC!

Designer Nolan Miller Retires Gracefully From QVC

July 4, 2011

Famed fashion designer Nolan Miller, who battled cancer, is retiring, and so is his glamour collection on QVC.

Miller, who designed gorgeous gowns for Hollywood celebrities, has been doing fashion jewelry for QVC for 19 years. His usual sidekick on the air was host Mary Beth Roe.

“It’s as long as some marriages,” Miller said of his relationship with Mary Beth.

Today, Monday, was slated to be Miller’s final appearance on QVC.

During one of his appearances Sunday actress Ann-Margret, a Miller client, called in. She’s a favortie of ours, since we have the same birthday, April 28, and both attended Northwestern.

After wishing Miller much luck, Ann-Margret said, “We love him, and he loves his strawberry margaritas.”

A man after our own heart: He apparently dines with the actress and her husband Saturday nights.

Miller’s protege, Mark Zunino, who also appears on QVC, posted this on Facebook yesterday

“THANK YOU, everyone, for a very memorable and moving day. We’re back at our hotel, as we get ready for dinner with Mary Beth Roe. Nolan is tired, but extremely happy to feel the love and support from his QVC family over the past 20 years. We are looking forward to Nolan’s final ‘farewell’ show tomorrow.”

Miller looked relatively well, and we hope he has truly beaten his lung cancer.