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Seems Like Old Times As Ex-ShopNBC Jewelry Vendors Flock To HSN Thursday

October 28, 2010

Carlo Viani ring

HSN’s first Gem Artistry Day Thursday is a reunion of former ShopNBC vendors.

First of all, jewelry designer Carlo Viani had his HSN premiere in the early morning. He’d previously been on ShopNBC.

He was followed in the dawn hours by Gem Designs by Palermo and Dallas Prince, who both also used to grace the set at the No. 3 home shopping network in Minnesota.

And at 3 p.m. Effy, another former ShopNBC vendor, did an HSN show featuring its My Precious Rainbow line.

We’d love to have been a fly on the wall to hear what these folks said to each other about their former home shopping venue.

Anyone care to share?

Designer Wayne Scot Lukas, A Vet Of HSN, And ShopNBC Have Parted Ways

January 4, 2010

Celebrity stylist and fashion designer Wayne Scot Lukas and ShopNBC are parting ways, the designer tells us.

Lukas did not offer us many details, other than to say he was not happy at the Minnesota-based home shopping network.

Lukas moved to ShopNBC from HSN earlier this year, and he was soon followed by actress/entrepreneur Suzanne Somers. She left HSN after more than a dozen years there to go to ShopNBC.

Lukas did a line of knits, easy-fitting pieces for both HSN and ShopNBC.

These Lukastyle items are now on clearance on

Handsome Lukas, who has the more gorgeous hair we’ve ever seen on a man (but he doesn’t bat on our team, if you get our drift) has a biting sense of humor, full of double entendres. We caught him once on ShopNBC, and he did not seem like a happy camper.

He didn’t like the camera-work on his show, and his attempted bantering with the host did not work as well as his rapport with Colleen Lopez, who he always cracked up, on HSN.

HSN and ShopNBC have been swapping many jewelry and clothing designers this year, almost too many to list here. For example, jewelry designer Dallas Prince went to HSN from ShopNBC.

We hope you find a new home-shopping home, Wayne!

The Homeshoppingista Takes First Shot At Selling Dallas Prince Diamond Cross On eBay

December 28, 2009

We’ve in the midst of our first experience trying to sell something on eBay, a large Dallas Prince gothic diamond cross.

We purchased the designer cross, with almost one carat of diamonds (our birthstone), from ShopNBC five years ago.

We turned to eBay after reading QVC’s jewelry forums, where posters often mention buying designer jewelry, from Barbare Bixby and Judith Ripka, on the Bay.

Since we made our purchase, the lovely blonde jewelry designer Prince has since shifted and is now selling her upscale pieces on HSN.

We’re such eBay novices that we didn’t even realize that the price we put up was the minimum bid. We thought people could bid under or over that.

We also had no idea that the bidding process had a one week limit.

A family friend was kind enough to post our Prince cross, and we’re waiting to see what happens.

Bling King Charles Winston Heading To HSN From ShopNBC Next Month

December 26, 2009

Looks like more musical chairs at the home shopping vendors, with blingy fashion jewelry designer Charles Winston headed to HSN from ShopNBC.

According to a sharp-eyed poster on QVC’s jewelry forum, actually, Winston is set to debut on HSN Jan. 9, with an early-bird show from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. and then another show at a more godly hour.

There are already three items from Winston’s costume jewelry line up on HSN’s Web site, including a tanzanite-look CZ pear-shaped ring for $80 and a fancy CZ bracelet for $130.

Winston had been on ShopNBC for some time, but we guess we should have known his days were numbered there when his jewelry started showing up at TJ Maxx.

Jewelry and apparel vendors are constantly moving back and forth between HSN and ShopNBC, with Suzanne Somers the most famous one to move after more than a dozen years at HSN to go to ShopNBC in September.

But a number of veteran ShopNBC vendors moved to HSN, as well, including upscale jewelry designer Dallas Prince.

It’s Jewelry Designer Dallas Prince’s Fifth Anniversary On ShopNBC, Even Though She’s Not There Anymore

November 2, 2009

Is ShopNBC trying to needle HSN for taking its jewelry designer Dallas Prince away?

The home page of ShopNBC’s Web site Monday says “Dallas Prince Designs Fifth Anniversary.” Needless to say, it does not mention that Prince has switched and is now selling her line on HSN. But we guess ShopNBC has a lot of Prince’s leftover inventory to dump, and it is making a push to sell it off.

ShopNBC had a 6 a.m. show Monday selling Prince’s jewely at clearance prices, and has a second Prince sale show set for 6 p.m. Monday night.

The blonde Texas-native Prince does pricey vintage-inspired fine jewelry with quality gem stones. Crosses are one of her specialties.

After Her Exit To HSN, ShopNBC Has 6 A.M. Clearance Show Set For Designer Dallas Prince’s Leftover Jewelry

November 1, 2009

Jewelry designer Dallas Prince has left ShopNBC for HSN, but that isn’t stopping the Minnesota-based home shopping network from selling her leftover merchandise on an early-morning show Monday.

ShopNBC has a Dallas Prince show set for 6 a.m., with the designer’s jewelry on sale at deep discounts. For example, there’s a Prince diamond and sapphire eternity band on clearance for $1,257, a savings of $842, or 42 percent.

That’s a little steep for those of us out beating the streets looking for jobs.

The Prince clearance items also include a gem bracelet, on sale for $142, down $104, or 42 percent.

We assume the charming, beautiful blonde Prince will not be making a return to her old venue ShopNBC for this show.  But Prince has devoted fans, so we’re suspect they may be interested in the clearance show.

HSN’s Kim Parrish The Latest To Make The Switch To ShopNBC, According To Mindless Rants

October 29, 2009

Looks like yet another HSN defection to ShopNBC, snooped out by our fellow Jersey native Hugh Jee, master of the blog Useless Trivia and Mindless Rants (which has some great music, as well as political and sports coverage).

He reported Thursday that HSN host-turned-vendor Kim Parrish is taking her clothing line to ShopNBC.

Parrish announced the switch on her Facebook page, according to Hugh Jee and his Mindless Rants. Her collection will debut Nov. 13, Friday the Thirteeth.

Vendors are really playing musical chairs with home shopping networks this year. Suzanne Somers and Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Rey moved from HSN to ShopNBC, while jewelry designers such as Dallas Prince went from ShopNBC to HSN.

It’s hard to know who instigated the switches: Were the vendors’ contracts not renewed, or did they want to jump ship?

HSN Why, Why Are You Selling Tacky ‘Faux’ Furs And Running Cheesy Holiday Promos?

October 21, 2009

This is definitely a chick discussion, but we love fake furs. Our closet has four fake fur coats, and that’s after donating three other ones last year to a coat drive and giving another one to our sister. Fake furs are really warm and fun.

So it’s with some dismay that we have to report that the “faux” fur apparel being sold on HSN Wednesday by designer Stefani Greenfield is not up to snuff. And to add insult to injury, the pieces are expensive.

Some fake furs really try to emulate real fur, and other fake furs are just fun and are not trying to look “real.”

We have an imitation mink coat that looks so real it draws dirty looks, we presume from animal lovers. And over the years we got dozens of compliments from friends and strangers on the obviously fake leopard coat that we gave to my little sis Karen last year.

The stuff in Greenfield’s Curations line is obviously not trying to look like real fur, but it looks bulky and cheap. But it’s not cheap.

Greenfield’s faux fur jacket is going for $200. A vest is $150. A headband goes for $30; a hat $40; and a weekend bag and belted-vest are both priced at $150.

We don’t care that the October issue of InStyle magazine is offering a discount on one of Greenfield’s vests.

And while we’re kvetching, HSN ought to be ashamed of the tacky, low-rent holiday promo spot it’s airing that features Bill Green, Colleen Lopez, Shivan Sarna and Lynn Murphy. They are seen clowning around, throwing Christmas gifts at each other. Is it supposed to be campy? Not working. We cringe every time we see it.

That spot gives home shopping channels a bad name. Its lack of sophistication perpetuates every stereotype there is about home shopping networks. Why bring in high-end jewelry designers like Dallas Prince, Carol Brodie and Me & Ro and then run a promo like this?

Whoever produced it should be shot, and not with a camera.

After ShopNBC Departure, Jewelry Designer Dallas Prince Premieres With A Flourish On HSN

October 8, 2009

Jewelry designer Dallas Prince made her grand entrance on HSN Wednesday night, telling viewers “this is the most excited I’ve ever been,” and that she hasn’t even been able to sleep in anticipation of her premiere.

“This is heaven on earth to be here at HSN,” Prince said.

We guess that doesn’t say much for ShopNBC, the No. 3 and more upscale home shopping channel where she has been selling her jewelry for many years. She has a loyal customer base there, and many of her followers were surprised at her move to HSN.

First Suzanne Somers going over to ShopNBC from HSN, and now Prince at HSN. Hey, these switches rocked the home shopping world.

Prince, a long-haired blonde who was clad in a white suit, was wearing one of the pieces she was selling: a ruby and diamond cross-locket enhancer that is reversible. It sells for $799.90. Prince’s vintage-inspired pieces don’t come cheap. Despite the big price tag, the cross locket sold out.

“I love, crave and adore crosses,” said Prince, who is known for her cross designs.

HSN has had seven of Prince’s prices in its Web site for days, and one garnet, white topaz and marcasite ring has already won two perfect five-star reviews, host Lynn Murphy pointed out.

One caller and ShopNBC watcher said she had 200 of Prince’s pieces.

“I’m so happy you’re on HSN now,” the woman said.

Prince told HSN viewers that “my statement is texture, color.” Jewelry should be timeless, according to Prince, “but it has to set you apart.”

Murphy was wearing one of Prince’s designs, a $399 multirow garnet necklace. Host Bobbi Ray Carter gave viewers a sneak peek at that same piece earlier this week, as we noted. It also sold out.

Prince will be back on HSN in January.

Her debut helped kick off Gem Month on HSN, so rock hounds like us are pretty happy. The hell with the World Series.

ShopNBC Holds Fire Sale on HSN’s New Jewelry Line, Dallas Prince

October 7, 2009

With jewelry designer Dallas Prince debuting on HSN Wednesday night, her old home shopping venue if trying to unload her inventory there.

ShopNBC’s Web site today says it is offering “hot new markdowns” on Prince’s jewelry. Prince spent years selling her lovely wares on ShopNBC, but now she’s making the switch to the Southern Channel.