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Actress Kathy Najimy Joins Vendor Parade On HSN, But We’re Not Quite Sure What She’s Selling

October 18, 2010

Kathy Najimy

Who next on HSN, Betty White?

The No. 2 home shopping channel has been spewing out press releases in a torrent, and Monday came the announcement that actress Kathy Najimy was debuting ‘Ch’Arms’ at HSN on Tuesday.

HSN explained that Ch’Arms, invented by Najimy, is a “lightweight accessory, designed to be worn under short sleeve or sleeveless tops” and “is designed for women seeking coverage for their arms while keeping the integrity of their outer garment intact.”

Sorry, we can’t quite figure out what that looks like, and its not on yet.

“Ch’Arms is a garment problem-solver,” Najimy said in a canned statement. “For those of us who love the look of short sleeve or sleeveless garments but sometimes choose to have our arms covered, Ch’Arms gives us the best of both worlds. No more bulky layers either under or over your cute shirt or dress. Ch’Arms is lightweight and seamless and allows its wearer to feel comfortable and confident, covering your arms without covering your garment or body!”

Needless to say, but yet HSN says it, the network is “thrilled” to be partnering with Najimy.

“We’ve admired Kathy’s work for years, and to be able to bring her innovative design concept to our engaging customer base is an exciting opportunity for us all,” said Chuck Anderson, HSN’s senior vice president of merchandising.

Just last week HSN announced that “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” star Kate Walsh was doing a perfume line called Boyfriend for the network.

Najimy’s collection, which will launch in six colorways — black, white, nude, grey, mocha and plum — comes in three distinct fabrications that include cotton, control spandex and evening sheer mesh.

Sheer evening mesh Ch’Arms has been designed by Najimy to blend seamlessly into the background, allowing a woman’s top or dress to stand out. Control Ch’Arms is constructed to minimize the arms and midriff, while cotton Ch’Arms provides a more casual option and can be worn with a multitude of garments.

The Ch’Arms Comfy Cotton and Ch’Arms Spandex Control will both retail for $29.90 and be available exclusively at HSN, and via HSN Mobile.

For 14 seasons, Najimy performed the voice of Peggy Hill, on the Emmy-winning Fox TV hit “King of the Hill,” (Annie award & 2 Women In Film awards) and for three seasons she starred opposite Kirstie Alley as Olive on NBC’s “Veronica’s Closet,” (American Comedy Award).

Najimy is known internationally for her portrayal of Sister Mary Patrick in the blockbuster movies “Sister Acts” 1 and 2, (ACA Awards, Hollywood Press discovery of the Year Award), as well as starring roles in the cult hits “Hocus Pocus” and “Ratrace.”

As well, as the “Sister Act” movies, Kathy has appeared in over 20 films including “The Wedding Planner.”
most recently can be seen in Step Up 3D.

For television, as well as “Veronica’s Closet,” Najimy starred as series regular Millie Finch, the head of the University, on the CBS hour drama “Numb3rs.”

For the stage, Najimy starred on Broadway as Mae West in “Dirty Blonde” (Outer Critics Circle Best Actress Award), and starred in her original off Broadway hit: “The Kathy and Mo Show” (Obie Award) for more than 20 years, which turned into two award-winning HBO TV specials (American Comedy award, Ace award). Najimy was named Ms Magazine’s “Woman of the Year” in 2005.

Jersey Guy Kurt Sutter Ends FX’s ‘Sons of Anarchy’ With Several Cliffhangers, As He Writes, Directs And Acts In The Season Finale

December 2, 2009

Kurt Sutter, Photo By Prashant Gupta, FX

Jersey boy Kurt Sutter did himself, and the state, proud with the finale Tuesday of his creation, FX’s “Sons of Anarchy.”

Sutter, a native of Clark, N.J, wrote, directed, executive produced and even acted in the 13th episode of the second season of “SOA,” as fans of the show refer to it.

The episode was called “Na Triobloidi,” Gaelic for “the troubles,” a term referring to the period of Protestant-Catholic conflict in Northern Ireland from the 1960s to the late 1990s.

We profiled Sutter in October for, writing two companion stories, one an interview with him and the other on his views about the TV industry.

We did the phone interview after Sutter — who in his bio said he was “raised in the soul-numbing, homogenous suburbs of Central New Jersey” — had just finished directing the “SOA” finale. We asked him how he thought viewers would respond to the season’s end of this tale about a motorcycle club in Charming, Calif.

Center, Charlie Hunnam, right Ron Perlman, Photo By Prashant Gupta, FX

“I think people will like it,” Sutter said. “The trick with the finale is often the same trick you have with the premiere episode: Honoring the arc that existed before you and to bring some closure to that, and enticing the audience and setting up something they potentially might want to continue on the ride with.”

Sutter, Photo By Prashant Gupta, FX

He went on, “And I think I was able to that with last year’s finale and hopefully we’ll do the same with this year’s finale, so there is some conclusion to the arc that we played out and an introduction of something new – not so much as a cliffhanger so much as it is thematically where we might lead to if there’s a third season.”

In fact, the finale episode had lots of action and several cliffhangers.

Ron Perlman, Katey Sagal, Photo By Prashant Gupta, FX

Henry Rollins, the punk rocker who played the White Supremacist who raped the main character’s mother, Gemma, is shot to death by the son Jax, played by Charlie Hunnam. Motorcycle matriarch Gemma is played by Katey Sagal, who is married to Sutter.

In the episode, Gemma kills the daughter of the brains behind the White Supremacy movement — and instigator of the rape — Ethan Zobelle. The daughter had lured Gemma to the attack. As the show ends, Gemma is on the lam.

Zobelle, played by Adam Arkin, is about to be killed by the SOA when they have to take off because Jax’s baby son has been kidnapped by an IRA guy who the SOA has been gunrunning wth.

The villain escapes in a boat with the babe-in-peril as Jax and the gang watch helplessly on the dock. Meanwhile, Zobelle flees the U.S. in a chartered jet.

Sutter as Big Otto

Showrunner Sutter, who started out his career as an actor, has appeared in several of the episodes this season, playing Big Otto, a SOA member who is in prison. He is beaten by White Supremacists, who stick a broomstick in his eye. But he gets his revenge at the end, when he stabs his attacker in the neck.

Sutter doesn’t have to do much physically to pass for a SOA member, with his long hair, tribal tattoos and rugged good looks.

And here’s another “SOA” tidbit for you: The evil AFT agent June Stahl is played by actress Ally Walker, who is married to FX president John Landgraf.

Here’s the blog we did about our experience with Sutter.

We’re going to miss “SOA” on Tuesday nights.