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Stop The Presses: CNN Headline News’s Nancy Grace Is A QVC Shopper, Rocking A Joan Rivers Necklace On Her Show Last Night

January 12, 2010

It looks like Nancy Grace, the host of her own show on CNN Headline News, is a QVC shopper.

“I think Nancy Grace is wearing a Joan Rivers Necklace tonite!” A sharp-eyed Croemer wrote on QVC’s online jewelry forum Monday night.

Rivers has had a fashion jewelry line on QVC for 20 years.

Croemer did a little investigative work, and found that Grace was wearing what appeared to be Rivers’ faceted crystal bib in pink. The necklace, which is $118, is item number J47660.

Then there was some debate on the thread about whether the necklace was pretty or not.

There was also some surprise that Grace, whose show is named “Nancy Grace,” is a home-shopping network customer.

“So Nance shops the Q. Whodda thunk it?” faeriemoon2 posted.