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Here Is Your B. Makowsky Contact, Unhappy Handbag Buyers

November 15, 2010

Well, we got some info about where disgruntled B. Makowsky handbag buyers should direct their complaints.

Here is the first post we got regarding a contact for Makowksy customers whose purses bled when wet or otherwise did not hold up.

The first was rather huffy.

“They are not ‘Bruce’s customers,'” it said. “They are the customers of Li & Fung Limited, a Hong Kong corporation, who purchased the BM, KVZ and Tignanello brands a few years ago. L & F does have an American subsidiary, The Millworks Trading Co., Ltd., a/k/a LF USA. Direct your complaints there.”

The “BM” obviously refers to B. Makowsky, while the “KVZ” refers to Kathy Van Zeeland, Bruce Makowsky’s handbag-designer wife, while Tignanello is their lower-priced leather line, which QVC also sells.

First off, you can try to blow smoke up someone else’s behind, dear poster, but make no mistake: These QVC shoppers and other women are Bruce’s customers.

If we go into Pizza Hut and find a bug on our personal pan pizza, we are customers of Pizza Hut, not its corporate parent Yum! Brands. Who the hell knows who Yum! Brands is?

If we shop at Kmart, we are a Kmart customer, not a customer of Sears Holding Corp., the chain’s parent.

Here is the site for Li & Fung, as well as Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s info on U.S. unit Millwork Trading Co., which does business as LF USA Inc.

Then we got a second posting that said this: “Contact for B Makowsky: VZI Investment Corp. 1359 Broadway, 21st Floor New York, NY 10018 648/839-7000.”

That address is the same one as for LF USA Inc., but is a different phone number.

Let us know how you make out ladies.

Got A Problem With A Makowsky Bag? Call QVC. If You Bought One Elsewhere, You’re Apparently Screwed: Think Twice About The TSV Boots

November 15, 2010

The complaints keep coming into our blog about women having trouble with pricey B. Makowsky handbags, which are sold on QVC and in retail.

The problem remains that while Bruce Makowsky keeps boasting about his so-soft, untreated “naked leather” purses, that leather can bleed ink when it gets wet.

Women are complaining to us that B. Makowsky has no company phone number that customers can call to get a remedy for their reuined bags. Here’s the company website, and we can’t find any contact names or numbers on it.

Over the weekend we asked QVC PR about this issue, which is timely since Makowsky has the Today’s Special Value Monday, a pair of soft leather slouch boots for $160.

Here’s what QVC told us Monday:

“We received your inquiry about a customer service number for B. Makowsky handbags. If your readers are having issues with B. Makowsky bags purchased through QVC, they should call our customer service line at 1.800.367.9444. They would be more than happy to help resolve any issues customers are experiencing. Thank you!”

So ladies, let us know what happens when you contact QVC with any complaints about your B. Makowsky handbags.

And we guess if we didn’t buy your “bleeding” Makowsky bag at QVC, you’re screwed.

Not the best way to treat your customers, Bruce. No phone number for dissatisfied customers to reach your company?

And if we were QVC, we’d think twice about dealing with a vendor who has created ill will with the handbags he sells at places like Macy’s — or that wind up at TJ Maxx.

And in light of the problems with the handbags, we’d think twice before ordering any of the Makowsky boots. If the purses bleed dye when they get wet, what will happen to the boots?

Makowsky, for those out of the loop, is married to fellow handbag designer Kathy Van Zeeland, who also sells her purses at QVC.

QVC Buyer Beware: Don’t Get Caught In The Rain With A B. Makowsky Handbag

August 25, 2010

There’s a hubbub about B. Makowsky’s handbags on QVC’s online forums, with some information that we had never heard about the products: They bleed.

It started off when one poster complained that the color from one of Makowsky’s pricey handbags from QVC had bled onto a Coach purse that she had sitting next to it.

“It was my error I did not have the dust covers on,” the poster wrote. “(QVC) Corporate told me that all B. Makowsky handbags come with a ‘warning’ about the leather. I did purchase one myself in bone color, but do not remember a warning. Also she told me his metallic handbags come with a warning ‘not to get wet.’ Any information would be appreciated. There is no way to get in touch with B. Makowsky, there is no customer service number, anywhere, including his website and also his facebook page.”

Needless to say, since handbags are worn in all types of weather, the fact that dye transfers off these bags isn’t a very good selling point in our book, and for many QVC customers.

Several posts noted that in fact the B. Makowsky bags do have a tag warning about not getting them wet.

One woman said she looked at one of the tags in Macy’s, and it said, “The fine quality leather this handbag is crafted from will showcase subtle shading & varying textures which are part of the desired effect and not to be considered flaws. Due to the nature of this n*aked leather, color transfer may occur. Choose your favorite, and enjoy.”

Enjoy? How can we enjoy the color running from a Makowsky purse bleeding our clothes or furniture?

Here’s how the thread went about the bags, from women who feel the same way we do.

“Had there been anything like that, the bag would have been returned as soon as I had finished reading either warning,” one poster wrote. “How can one have a bag that can’t get wet? Am I supposed to stick it under my shirt if I am out and it starts to rain? It the bag is not colorfast, then it should not be offered for sale. Let’s do some quality control, Bruce!”

Another apparently very affluent QVC viewer chimed in, “I never had a problem with my BM bag until I was caught in the rain. After getting into the car, I put my ‘damp’ bag on my leather seat. When I got home and picked up my bag, the color red had transferred to my white leather seats. QVC did nothing. Good luck. I would never buy one of his bags ever again. P.S. The Jaguar dealer was able to remove some of the stain, but not all of it.”

Another poster said that a saleswoman at Nordstrom told her they get a lot of complaints about the color coming off Makowsky handbags.

One poster mentioned that this problem is because Bruce Makowsky, who is married to bling bag queen Kathy Van Zeeland, used “naked leather” for his purses. Coincidentally, we heard a handbag designer on HSN Tuesday night also talk about “naked leather,” the first time I’d ever heard this term.

By the way, the woman whose BK bag’s dye ran onto her Coach purse said QVC corporate was really trying to help her and put her in contact with a rep from B. Makowsky.

But we won’t be buying any B. Makowsky handbags, from QVC, Nordstrom, TJ Maxx or anyplace else.

QVC Debuts Handbag Designer Bruce Makowsky’s New Footwear Line Monday Night

February 15, 2010

Bruce Makowsky, who designs high-end handbags that are sold in retail and on QVC, is launching a line of footwear on the home shopping channel tonight at 10 p.m.

Viewers got a sneak peek at one of Makowsky’s new items, a pair of embellished suede moccasins, during QVC’s morning show. They were encrusted with studs and jewels, and sold out at $80.

Makowsky called in to the morning show, praising his “mocs” to high heaven (“It’s really like walking on air.”) and voicing excitement about “the worldwide launch” of his footwear line tonight.

Here’s how describes Makowsky’s new shoe line:

“If you love the supple, luxurious leather of B. Makowsky designer handbags, wait until you set foot in B. Makowsky Footwear. Featuring all of the style and luxury of designer Bruce Makowsky’s contemporary leather handbags, B. Makowsky Footwear also gives you added comfort features sure to make his your favorite shoes.”

We took a gander online at some of Makowsky’s footwear, and saw flats, and chunky and strappy sandals.

But our favorite was a cute pair of short cowboy boots, decorated with jewels and studs, in a taupey gray color. We do we always love the priciest items? The boots are $144.

Makowsky, if you don’t know, is married to a fellow handbag designer and QVC vendor, Kathy Van Zeeland. They’re a cute couple.

Do Married Handbag Designers Bruce Makowsky and Kathy Van Zeeland Have Naughty Photos Of QVC CEO Mike George? Why Else Would They Be On The Home Shopping Network Almost 24/7?

November 22, 2009

QVC CEO Mike George

Is there a handbag overload at QVC, from the married designer duo of Bruce Makowsky and Kathy Van Zeeland?

That’s what some posters to the network’s forums are griping about, and doggone it, we have to agree about this bag blitz.

Makowsky and Van Zeeland have separate, and very different, handbag lines on QVC.

And recently everytime we turn on the No. 1 home shopping channel we see either Makowsky, with his upscale pricey leather bags, or his pretty wife Van Zeeland, with her inexpensive faux leather, overly ornate purses. Sorry, we like our bling, but she just goes overboard, to the point of gaudy.

On the thread “Not Another Overpriced Handbag”, there were plenty of complaints about the Today’s Special Value, which is a $190 glove leather satchel from the B. Makowsky line.

“I am sick and tired of all the handbags/purses the Q is pushing,” poster Kpal wrote, “Has the Q heard of inflation and recession? Sure we all are going to pay a nearly $300.00 in a couple of colors.”

Poster February agreed with her, “kpal, although I really like handbags alot, I think they have been showing wayyyyyy too many lately~ like you said it’s hard to avoid B. Maks or Kathy VanZ etc.”

And here’s one final shot from BKHLIH.

“Totally agree about the overkill in purse TSV’s, but where are the other brands–stone mt, maxx ny, etc as TSV’s?? It’s either KVZ or B Makowsky…they must have a heck of contract with QVC,” she wrote.

We have nothing personal against Makowsky and Van Zeeland. There is a charming video on QVC’s Web site where they talk about their cute meet.

Van Zeeland was a buyer for a store, and Makowsky came in to show her his bags. After spotting Van Zeeland, “I said, ‘Wow, forget about the bags,'” he says in the video clip.

“I forgot the bags, and the rest is history,” Van Zeeland says.

Aside from the bag blitz, QVC is already airing boring, generic Christmas gift shows. When we need a good snooze, we tune in to them. And to think, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. So many more holiday gift shows to look forward to.

We saw host Jane Treacy demonstrating an “interactive” lion cub, at $44, on “Great Gifts” Saturday night, and we were ready to shoot ourselves.