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Former QVC Host Lisa Robertson’s ‘Tea’ To Benefit Charity

October 13, 2016

A Facebook friend pointed out that proceeds from ex-QVC host Lisa Robertson’s appearance next month will go to a charity.

The money, $35 a pop, will benefit the nonprofit State Theatre and FREDDY Awards program in Easton, Pa.

Robertson will be conducting an afternoon tea for fans on Nov. 13 at the theater.

Former QVC Host Lisa Robertson Live From Pa.

October 13, 2016

Fans of ex-QVC host Lisa Robertson will be able to their fill and more of her next month, when she makes an appearance at a theater in Pennsylvania.

For $35 a ticket, on Nov. 13 at 3 p.m. you can have afternoon “tea” with the scorpio glamour puss. The event is at the State Theatre in Easton, Pa.

Robertson is a very polarizing figure who seems to inspire total devotion or hatred from QVC viewers. The fact that she calls her fans her “tribe” doesn’t float our boat, but what the heck. Frankly, we don’t have strong feelings about her one way or the other.

Robertson was also the object of adoration of a flock of sick stalkers, and she does have our sympathy about that.

Here’s how the shindig is billed:

Come spend an afternoon with Lisa Robertson! Lisa is a designer, fashion authority, and TV personality. You know her well from her 20 years at QVC, and you’ll have the rare opportunity to see her live at the State Theatre.

She’ll talk to President & CEO Shelley Brown about her years as everyone’s favorite TV host and guru, along with her plans for the future.(And we’ll convince her to share behind-the-scenes chat about her years on live TV.) Bring your questions for what will be a fascinating Q&A session.

There chatter about this on at least one forum, where poor Robertson was pilloried for not having kids. Good Lord!

Robertson’s detractors and defenders had a lot to say.

“Why would anyone pay to her speak? and about what exactly?,” one wrote. “Whats this lifestyle and fashion expert and guru ******? Really? A former pageant queen salesperson pretty much unemployed with a blog and a youtube whatever it is and she’s charging speaking fees for what? I get she is trying hard to get something off the ground and make it stick but seriously. This is pushing it in IMO.”

“Well, if LR wasn’t so preposterous, there would be no need for attention from anyone,” another person posted on the forum. “But don’t you see, that is her game plan. She’s the master of hype of all things ordinary, which includes her. Indeed it is mostly about her, herself, . . . and, well, herself only. You either love it or roll your eyes in disbelief. She’ll take any kind of attention because it keeps her visible.”

One of her fans chimed in with, “I would think that Lisa would be some sort of motivational speaker. No matter your feelings about her, no one can say that she has not accomplished many things in her life. Most of us will never do the things that she has done, and some may be jealous, but especially for young women who are trying to find their way, I personally think that she could provide the motivation and feeling that dreams can be accomplished. If this is part of the intent of her program, then $35 is a bargain for those interested.”

That post really got one person’s ire up.

That hater harpooned Robertson and her speaking engagement, writing, “She will never do what many of the women on this forum have done — raise a family, which I dare say, is much harder than what she has done. She had a great career, good for her, I only wish her well.”

Give us a break. We never raised a family, what does that make us, dirt? We are part of s family. We have a mother, siblings and a niece and nephew.

Thank God someone came to Robertson’s defense on that point.

That woman wrote, “I agree that raising a family can be a hard but satisfying life, but no one on this board really knows anything about her (Robertson’s) personal life except what she has chosen to share. To marginalize her for a perception of which we know nothing is unfair.”

She continued “I do not think that raising a family is for everyone and it certainly should not be the barometer of who she is. There are many people who cannot have children, whose children have passed, who do not think that they could do a good job, etc. I could go on. I always try to be respectful no matter where I post, but I find the attitude about Lisa not having children to be offensive. Maybe I am the only one. I have respect for the talents that she has shown–nothing more.”

Thank you!

Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Selling Jewelry Online

July 18, 2016

Former QVC host Lisa Robertson has opened an online shop, “Exotic Treasures.” And it’s not cheap.

“Our very first boutique is open!” the brunette glamor puss wrote on Facebook.

Robertson is hawking pricey jewelry on her website, and many of the baubles had sold out, despite their big price tags.

For example, a rough diamond and black spinel tassel necklace, priced at $479, was gone.

Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Debuts Website

February 14, 2016

We guess we finally know know former QVC host Lisa Robertson’s grand scheme — or part of it — is after leaving the home shopping network a year ago last December.

The comely brunette had launched her own website, or as she calls it, “It’s a blog, it’s a video blog, it’s a magazine, it’s a…VLOGAZINE!”

On her home page, Robertson introduced herself:

From being in front of a camera for almost 25 years I have learned how to connect with people and how a woman can present herself well.

From working with the best make up artists and beauty experts I have learned what the possibilities are and what makes a difference. From working with numerous designers I have learned what is flattering on women and what makes a quality garment.

From creating and designing the G.I.L.I. line for the first 3 years of its existence, I have learned that success is in the details, and that it is important to do what you are passionate about.

She concluded by saying,

This page is the first step in a new journey. One that will be about the fun things, the things that make us laugh and the things that make us feel beautiful. The things that spur our imagination and make us want to realize our potential. The things that give us a momentary smile to the things that plant the seed that changes our future. From the simple to the important, I hope it is a journey we can take together.

The site includes recipes. as well as sections on beauty, wellness and fashion.

Apparently, this isn’t all that Robertson has cooking,

“I’m so excited!” she posted on Facebook. “This is the first step of our new journey. There is much more to come.”

Ex-QVC Host Kathy Levine Bows ‘Loud’ Line On Evine Live

October 22, 2015

FB friend Charlene tipped us off to some news today: Former QVC queen host Kathy Levine is debuting a clothing line on Evine Live tomorrow.

Levine has been acting as a kind of sometimes host or commentator on Evine Live, but we weren’t aware that she had a collection cooking for the No. 3 home shopping network.

Lisa Robertson posted this photo of her and Kathy Levine on Facebook.

Lisa Robertson posted this photo of her and Kathy Levine on Facebook.

Another QVC refugee, List Robertson, did a post on Facebook about Levine’s new collection.

“GUESS WHAT?!!!! My friend Kathy Levine is debuting her new clothing line on EVINE Live!,” Robertson wrote. “It’s tomorrow night at 6p ET and she is really excited about it!!! Good luck, Kathy!!!!!”

Here’s what Levine had to say on Facebook:

For years, you have been saying how much you wish I would return to TV. I have always wanted to come back with something to call my own.

Last summer I met with EVINE Live’s VP of Apparel in NY and he introduced me to a super manufacturer. She got my vision right away. Easy, casual tops with a young hip edge, designed longer, to hide the bad and accentuate the good, for all sizes and all shapes.

Most of these ideas were straight from my own closet, just needing a few tweaks here and there. The clothing line was born with fabulous genuine gemstone jewelry created to complement it. (Heart lovers rejoice)! Sneak a peek –

Kathy Levine Out Loud!!! KLOL is here!

Shop, share, smile and laugh out loud with me on Thursday, October 22nd at 6pm ET.

When Levine left QVC, and never got that talk show she had mentioned, she became a vendor on either QVC or HSN, we can’t remember which. Levine did costume jewelry and apparel, and quite frankly, it was not impressive.

Let’s hope she does better on Evine Live.

We do dig the gemstone sterling silver heart necklace that she’s hawking as part of her line.

QVC Returns To The Hamptons For Ovarian Cancer

July 22, 2015

QVC and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) are uniting once again for “QVC Presents Super Saturday LIVE,” an annual designer charity sale scheduled to be broadcast live from the Hamptons on this Saturday.

Ex-QVC host Lisa Robertson used to be all over this event, we wonder who QVC will have at this shindig now.

During the two-hour broadcast, fashions, beauty, jewelry and more will be offered for half the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, with 80 percent of the purchase price of donated merchandise benefiting the OCRF. Proceeds will also benefit Woman to Woman, OCRF’s nationwide patient program designed to support women undergoing treatment for gynecologic cancers.

“Ovarian cancer is often difficult to detect due to its subtle symptoms,” said Doug Rose, QVC’s senior vice president of brand and communications. “‘QVC Presents Super Saturday LIVE’ represents QVC’s commitment to raising both the awareness necessary for early detection and the funds needed to help conquer this deadly disease.”

Now in its ninth year, “QVC Presents Super Saturday LIVE” has generated more than $8.9 million to benefit the fund.

The live broadcast from OCRF’s Super Saturday NY will feature an assortment of brands such as Alex and Ani Charity by Design, Dooney & Bourke, Henri Bendel, Judith Ripka, Philosophy and many more.

“OCRF is proud to join forces with QVC once again to garner support and raise awareness of ovarian cancer,” said Audra Moran, the fund’s president and CEO. “Each year, the proceeds generated from QVC’s Super Saturday broadcast not only benefit women currently undergoing treatment for this horrible illness, but also bring us one step closer to eradicating the disease once and for all.”

QVC will launch #KeepinItTeal, a social media campaign featuring videos of celebrities and the faces behind some of QVC’s favorite brands, designed to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer. Viewers will be encouraged to share the videos on social media platforms and explain why and for whom they are #KeepinItTeal.

Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson’s Squeeze Is Tattooed Trainer

May 1, 2015

We don’t know why a British tabloid, the Daily Mail, is so obsessed with ex-QVC host Lisa Robertson’s love life. But it is, and apparently so are a lot of other folks.

The London rag’s story on Robertson and her younger 38-year-old boyfriend, her tattooed personal trainer, spread like wildfire among QVC customers.

There’s been speculation about Robertson’s romantic life, sexual orientation and her pursuit by a horde of nut job stalkers for years.

Once she left QVC last December, Robertson started posting photos of her on vacation canoodling with her new beau, Eric McGee. The posts were a shock because Robertson had kept her personal life close to the vest.

According to the Daily Mail, McGee is divorced with two kids, and he and Robertson have met each other’s families. He even appeared on the home shopping network several times with her.

The Daily Mail dug up some dirt on McGee’s past financial woes.

His new life of luxury travel is a far cry from just four years ago when he and his wife Amy filed for bankruptcy with debts of almost $200,000.

In court documents seen by Daily Mail Online, Eric claimed he had personal assets worth just $11,000 and owed $189,243.

He said he had just $36.67 in two bank accounts, owned clothes worth $200 and household furniture valued at $1000.

His biggest asset was a 2007 Dodge Charger with 77,500 miles on the clock he valued at $9,475.

There have been plenty of snarky comments about Robertson’s new beau, that he’s too young; below her station, etc.

Here’s what we think: She and he look happy and very much in love in their photos.

No. 2 — This is not England with its royalty or India with its castes. We are all equals here. McGee has a job, seems to be treating Robertson well, and is hot as far as we are concerned. He’s not “beneath” anyone.

Good for both of them!

Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Dishes On Stalkers

March 28, 2015

What was up with ex-QVC host Lisa Robertson’s appearance last week on “Good Morning America”?

Host Robin Roberts claimed that it was the first time that Robertson had ever talked about her multiple stalkers. We don’t think that is so.

We have no sympathy for nutjob stalkers, far from it. But in the journalism biz, there usually has to be a timely news peg to do a story. But there was none here, that we could see.

Robertson told Roberts that she was so fearful of her stalkers, she essentially became a shut-in except for work. Robertson talked about court proceedings against one of the crackpots that tracked her.

She also said that her stalkers weren’t the sole reason she left the home shopping network, but was part of a list of reasons.

The ex-host also said that she isn’t retired, and is enjoying sleeping in.

QVC Alum Lisa Robertson On “GMA,” Lisa Mason Comeback?

March 23, 2015

Our astute Facebook friend Maryam informed us that former QVC host Lisa Robertson is slated to make an appearance on “Good Morning America” tomorrow, Tuesday.

We don’t know if she’s a guest, a host, or what.

And has a good scoop. The site is reporting that former QVC host Lisa Mason is coming back to the home shopping network. Maybe it’s an effort to fill the Grand Canyon-sized gap left by Robertson’s departure.!!!

Congrats to TVShoppingQueens for breaking the news, and congrats to Mason for returning as a host. We hope Gino is doing well with his brain cancer treatments.

QVC Names Jill Martin Creative Director Of G.I.L.I. Line

March 13, 2015

For those wondering if Lisa Robertson’s exit from QVC will mean the end of the G.I.L.I. apparel and accessory line on the home shopping channel, the answer is a big fat no. We think. You decide.

The No. 1 network said this week that it has named Jill Martin, who the New York Post described as of the “Today” show, as creative director for the G.I.L.I. collection, which for those not in the know, stands for “got it, love it.”

In its press release, QVC described Martin as a television personality and fashion expert. She will make her debut presentation March 26.

On Facebook Martin thanked the Post’s Page Six for doing an item on her new gig.

Jill Martin

Jill Martin

Mastin is co-author of The New York Times bestselling book “I Have Nothing to Wear!,” as well as “Fashion for Dummies” and “The Weekend Makeover.” Under her direction, the G.I.L.I. collection will expand to incorporate her organizational line, “which mixes fashion and function,” according to QVC.

“I am so excited to begin this new venture with QVC,” Martin said in a canned statement. “My passion is to help women look and feel their best with fashion that combines quality, affordability and style. QVC is the perfect platform to do this, and the G.I.L.I. collection has a classic yet fashion-forward approach that appeals to so many.”

You could have fooled us, but Martin has been working with QVC since debuting her organizational home collection in 2013. She also served as the red-carpet correspondent for QVC’s “Red Carpet Style – Live from L.A.” broadcast and has supported various QVC charitable initiatives, including QVC Presents “FFANY Shoes on Sale.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Jill in this new capacity, given her proven rapport with our customer,” Rachel Ungaro, QVC’s vice president of fashion merchandising and design/development, global sourcing, said in her canned statement. “Her creative expertise, smart sense of style and engaging personality are the perfect combination for success in this role.”

We were confused by QVC’s press release, however. It’s last line says, “The G.I.L.I. got it love it collection is available, while supplies last, through, QVC apps and by calling 800.345.1515.”

Why while supplies last, if Martin is the new creative director? It makes it sound like the line is ending, to us anyway.