Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson’s Squeeze Is Tattooed Trainer

We don’t know why a British tabloid, the Daily Mail, is so obsessed with ex-QVC host Lisa Robertson’s love life. But it is, and apparently so are a lot of other folks.

The London rag’s story on Robertson and her younger 38-year-old boyfriend, her tattooed personal trainer, spread like wildfire among QVC customers.


There’s been speculation about Robertson’s romantic life, sexual orientation and her pursuit by a horde of nut job stalkers for years.

Once she left QVC last December, Robertson started posting photos of her on vacation canoodling with her new beau, Eric McGee. The posts were a shock because Robertson had kept her personal life close to the vest.

According to the Daily Mail, McGee is divorced with two kids, and he and Robertson have met each other’s families. He even appeared on the home shopping network several times with her.

The Daily Mail dug up some dirt on McGee’s past financial woes.

His new life of luxury travel is a far cry from just four years ago when he and his wife Amy filed for bankruptcy with debts of almost $200,000.

In court documents seen by Daily Mail Online, Eric claimed he had personal assets worth just $11,000 and owed $189,243.

He said he had just $36.67 in two bank accounts, owned clothes worth $200 and household furniture valued at $1000.

His biggest asset was a 2007 Dodge Charger with 77,500 miles on the clock he valued at $9,475.

There have been plenty of snarky comments about Robertson’s new beau, that he’s too young; below her station, etc.

Here’s what we think: She and he look happy and very much in love in their photos.

No. 2 — This is not England with its royalty or India with its castes. We are all equals here. McGee has a job, seems to be treating Robertson well, and is hot as far as we are concerned. He’s not “beneath” anyone.

Good for both of them!


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65 Responses to “Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson’s Squeeze Is Tattooed Trainer”

  1. Christine Says:

    Please enough with Lisa, she’s a train wreck, give this three months and this guy finds out even he can’t handle this mess.

    • Linda Berdeen Says:

      Well Christine, you were right. But not even 2 months, and it was over. Like water off a duck’s back, it was.

    • Sandra M. Says:

      Well, he’s gone…and it didn’t last 3 months. About 6 weeks. Although I like Lisa as a host, it seems like she is super high maintenance. She seems sweet and refined, and I think she’s a good person. But to men, I think she’s a bit over the top, dramatic, and overly maintenanced. Guys mostly are scared off by that, unless they are in the limelight themselves. And Lisa is probably stinging from the breakup, but seems to do fine as a single person. She needs to own up to it, though….it looks funny that she just stopped mentioning him. It’s easier to mention and dismiss it than to ignore it.

      • Cindy Says:

        she is the most BOREING person ever, look at her facebook,

        lunch, dinner over and over everyday, food pic, outfit of the day, she has nothing in her life, she goes to NYC and walks around like she is lost….she tries to make her life seem exciting, but its really not, its kind of sad IMO

  2. Sara James Says:

    Its like “Cher & The Bagel Boy”… Only,, she is far from being Cher & Eric can’t hold a candle to Cher’s then beau. I don’t understand how people feel that Lisa is such a catch. She is very vain and as you can see, no one her age is interested in her. Eric isn’t stupid, he showed her attention, which she craves and the rest is history. Now I know many will hate me for my statement but fact is fact. Look at his FB page. He has had so many friends added and that is only because so many people are interested in Lisa, not him. Did she “step down” as some say?, no,,I think she got what she is all about, “normal”. She finally came down off her high horse.

  3. Sara James Says:

    @Christine.. lol Oh so true.

  4. Sara James Says:

    So, I hear Ms. Lisa is upset about some people making remarks about her boy-toy. She is now telling her “fans” that she needs him to help make important decisions about her career. I’m sorry but if what I read about his own finances (not having a pot to piss in + 2 kids, besides) I would find that hard to believe that she would listen to someone like him for advice. Looks like she is making excuses for her choice of a boyfriend, or I quote “a good man”..Hey, he isn’t the dumb one here, he is getting free travel, despite what she says and yes, being taken care of too. Why can’t she just stop all this craziness and keep quiet about her life, for once.

  5. Christine Says:

    Amen Sara, is Ms. Lisa wants a sane normal life do what sane normal people do. Get off facebook, stop seeking attention, try not dating for a while and maybe even get some counseling. Look everyone needs self esteem she is just looking in the wrong places.

  6. carolyn simpson Says:

    yee gads ,you all should take it easy on lisa. shes just living her life. always remember, the measure of a man is not what he has but who he is. none of us know the whole story. you all sound like the wicked step sisters. stop adding to your karmic debt and be more gentle, im not a lisa fan but i dont despise her. it is only for her to figure it all out,

  7. Sara James Says:

    @Carolyn,, go read the story on her boyfriend. No wicked step sisters here. Some of us are just tired of hearing all her garbage. She has to be the center of attention all thee time. Again, go read about this guy and you tell me, after what he said about his own money matters, you would believe her when she said she looks to him for advice. This woman isn’t all there. What woman, other than Kim K ,takes pic’s of herself everyday and feels the need to post them! She has been told for so long by her previous bosses at QVC she was the greatest, she really believed it. Then when they got tired of her and chose not to extend her contract, she found out she wasn’t all that, anymore. A hard lesson to learn, one she never expected. I don’t despise her, I just wish she would stop all her BS and go live her life.

    • Ksue Says:

      You must only view pictures of Lisa and no one else on fb. If you don’t want to see them or anything about her, why do you stalk her fb page when you obviously dislike? Normal sane people avoid those that they dislike.

  8. Queen Celeste Says:

    I don’t understand the vitriol against her, and wish Lisa well. That said, I don’t think the word “prenup” is uncalled for as things progress.

    • MaryAnn Says:

      I agree with Queen Celeste. If her lifestyle annoys you that much, simply ignore articles & posts about her. I’m glad she’s enjoying her life! More power to her. I don’t understand all the bitterness of these responses. Lighten up! Life is too short.

    • Ksue Says:

      I don’t understand it either. Most sane people avoid those they dislike.

    • Kim Says:

      Wow.. it’s terrible. I haven’t looked at Lisa’s page in awhile, and I just noticed Eric is gone..was going to post that here but others way beat me to it. Surprised at call the negativity. No one’s perfect, if you don’t like her, read about someone you like. And it seems she’s not letting the breakup get in the way of her life. Good for her!

  9. Twat Waffles Says:

    Such drama for a well over the hill shopping channel ex-host.

    Many years ago when I first saw her the first word that came to mind was pretentious. The second word was dramatic.

    Then my eyes started feeling funny trying to look at her while she crazily batted her stupid unattractive lashes, what’s wrong with her? Reality that difficult?

    Rick Domeier is another over animated fake, my lord these 2 should hook up over a nice dinner and some mirrors. Oops, Rick a hair is out of place call the police!

    Lisa, Oops nobody cares about your drama!

    • Ksue Says:

      You obviously care if you didn’t you would be avoiding things about her.

    • Bernadette Says:

      Like Lisa or not, and I think she’s OK, saying she (or anyone else) is over the hill at not quite 50, shows your closed mindedness, twat waffle.
      People have longer life expectancies now, and 50 really is the new 30. No one is over the hill at that age anymore. ….or much older, for that matter.
      And if you’re much younger, and good for you if so, you will see what I mean when you’re around 50. You’re still vital, active, and just as important as you were in your 20s and 30s.
      This is not only to twat waffle, it’s to anyone who thinks you should dry up and float away at 45. Enjoy the age you are now….and respect those who are older….because you will be among them much faster than you think. And have a nice day everyone.

      • Deborah Says:

        I agree about the “over the hill” BS!!! I basically like most of the hosts on the shopping channels. And I like Lisa…she is playing “where’s Waldo” now days, lol….anyway, there’s no over the hill till you’re gone.
        My mom is almost 80; she looks like a well maintained 55, does yoga, Pilates, and strength training. She tends to her small garden, has many friends, is really close with her sister (age 77), and lives life to the fullest. She’s a retired r.n. and is enjoying herself. At 56, I want to be just like her when I grow up.
        Her sister is the same way. She exercises with mom a lot, and she feels and looks great too. All of you under 40 should listen to Bernadette…it goes by before you know it. Respect those older people now, and try to be the best you can be at their age.
        And if these channels are letting the “older” hosts go, shame on them. Look at your audience. Most of us are over 60! The 20 somethings are shopping in the mall, not on TV. Not saying Lisa was let go, but on other channels it has felt like “out with the old” was the theme. Your customers are not college students; they are pre retirement professionals or retirees…at least for the most part. The kids don’t have that income, hello. Stop ignoring us because we’re over 40. Our voice is loud. We are baby boomers; our generation changed the world.
        Love and good wishes to all.

      • Willa fuller Says:


      • Barb Says:


  10. Reenee Says:

    He is her “Beard” πŸ˜‰ That’s all I have to say.

  11. Twat Waffles Says:

    Reenee that was awesome and hilarious, great comment and great creativity!

    I posted my opinion because I just don’t get the adoration part of it.

    In my mind she’s much too dramatic, and these shopping channel hosts could give a rats ass about anyone except their bank accounts baby! πŸ˜‰

    • Brenda Says:

      Although I have nothing personal against Lisa or any of the hosts, your last statement, twat waffles, sums up the whole thing perfectly.
      “These shopping channel hosts could give a rat’s ass about anything but their bank accounts, baby.”
      They are in it for the $$$$, pure and simple. They live large, and remember, folks, every time you buy a piece of jewelry, a handbag, a sweater, a cookware set, a piece of exercise equipment….. it goes towards their next vacation, their home on the water, their new Beamer or Benz…….whether the item is good or not. They are all over paid con artists, selling krap to build their bank accounts.
      Caveat emptor: buyer beware.

  12. Twat Waffles Says:

    Here is my “exclusive” interview with Lisa Robertson:

    TW: Hi Lisa, you look gorgeous!

    LR: I know.

    TW: Why do you wear those long lashes?

    LR: So I can bat them a million times on-air to add to my dramatic gestures and overall cuteness.

    TW: In person your skin looks like an old catchers mitt, why?

    LR: I’m old and in need of hydrating.

    TW: Do you think your the cutest little princess god ever made?

    LR: Yes!

    TW: Is it true you had many stalkers?

    LR: Yes, everyone loves a Milf ya know.

    TW: So how are you handling turning 50?

    LR: I’m going back to the Smurf village for a face lift.

  13. ladyluke Says:

    I’m trying to process why in the heck do you haters enjoy wasting time that you can never get back posting negative words about a person that you claim to give no f’s about? You don’t like LR, you don’t understand LR, why is LR on social media posting about her life. THIS! is absurd because it’s what all of the other millions of people on social media do. But you keep coming to this website as well as the QVC community forums and anywhere else there is a discussion about LR to b-tch about her and her life. She should do this & not do that. WTW!!! Well I guess you can’t tell a hater how to make better use of their time when all they know and love is how to hate on others. So what you don’t like LR. Boo f’n hoo cry me a thousand rivers but move the heck on with your life. “She needs to stay off of FB”. Really!! Why don’t you keep your shady vibes off of this site, all of the other discussion forums AND all of social media until you GROW THE HECK UP & STOP and wasting space online typing negative posts about a person you claim to give no f’s about! At this point you’re the one that looks like a foolish 5 year old, not the person you’re constantly hating on.

    Lisa I don’t know if you ever read posts on this site but if you do shake these haters off, keep doing you and be happy doing it.

  14. Twat Waffles Says:

    FYI ladypuke!

    This is the 1st time in my life I’ve ever posted my opinion (not a hater) on LR, EVER!

    If freedom of speech is too much for your tiny brain to handle please don’t read the posts.

    What’s the matter, if another human being can see the transparency of a pretentious ex-tv shopping channel host we can’t express our thoughts in fear of LR advocates like yourself??? BULL!

    I will say what I want and when.

    Me and my wife have seen enough of LR on tv and can easily arrive at the opinion that she’s a fake.

    Charla Rines and Manuella and a few others, now those are REAL hosts, real people being themselves without the faΓ§ade of a “in front of camera alternate personality”.

    So ladypuke you go ahead and fly your LR flag high! This is called life my friend, deal with it!

    You sound like you were one of her house maids or nannies, my lord I bet you think Colleen Lopez is wonderful too!

    • ladyluke Says:

      “Ladypuke…flag flying high”? LOL! You’re cute. Well TWIT Waffles I have summed it up in my tiny little brain that you sound angry. tsk! tsk! And how do you know what a house maid/nanny sounds like? Are you one too? FYI, I wasn’t speaking to you personally but if the shoes fit…You’re all up in your feelings b-tching at me about a person that has no f’s to give about you, because..? You say you have a wife. Who are you the in the relationship?? I hope not the mature “man” acting like an old bitter broad. I suggested that LR enjoy her life because she does have that right or does the right apply only to you and your wife? You speak of this “freedom” you have to feel and say as you please well she has the freedom to be as pretentious and fake and Madison Ave as she pleases times a thousand. All day. Everyday. How can you continue to be tired of an ex-host that is no longer on tv? LOL! And poor Colleen Lopez got dragged into your foolishness & probably has never even met your throwed off ass. What has SHE done to you and your wife? Nevermind. Child..let these folks ALONE! Who the f’cares that you’re tired of them. Definitely not them so your emotion and time is being wasted. My time has also been wasted on you btw as I’m bothering to reply to your post but I have something to say. Speech “freedoms” and all that. πŸ˜‰ Since you don’t like these folks stay OFF of the internet reading about them & turn the channel when you see or hear of them. Problem solved. They are human beings just like you and your wife. We don’t like everyone we come into contact with but we don’t have to constantly waste time in our lives being malicious about them. And don’t label me as an advocate. You don’t know sh!t about me. If you don’t like what I have to say then don’t read MY posts. I’m only doing as you say we have the freedom to do so nothing personal TWIT. I’m only exercising MY “freedom” of speech and telling you to STFU! Now you deal with that TWIT! And don’t go away mad TWIT just go away. I hope you won’t waste anymore of your time and energy by continuing to be mad at me too. BYE TWIT! Love, Ladypuke. LOL!

  15. Sean Says:

    well ladyluke you simply are not an insider, some of us are… we know her character…

  16. Sara James Says:

    That’s right Ksue,,and I will avoid you…As for Pukie,,lol you are too funny.. Take your head out of La Lisa’s azz and get a life. We are far from stalkers and its not that she puts herself out only on FB,,she makes sure she plays movie star and tries to get on any media station that will put up with her silliness. I watch GMA and she has to be there, talking about something that happens years ago. She has nothing interesting in her life, so she stirs up old news and acts like its all new. I don’t know any woman in her 50’s, that feels the need to take pictures of herself everyday in front of a mirror and names drops what the heck she is wearing! Designers don’t even do this and they are the pro’s. Lisa’s life was QVC, once they tossed her out, like an old worn out shirt, she had no one but those who sold their wares and those who worked there. In time, that will change too. Its no wonder she picked up Joe Gym,,he knew she was needy for attention, he isn’t stupid. She needed his advice on how to run her business??? hahaha,,, He couldn’t even take care of his own life & kids, yet you think Lisa is going to do as he suggests.lol She puts all her business out there. Don’t you think for one second the last day in a half she left all her FB worshipers in the dark on purpose, when they all worried she might have been on the train that derailed? She did that on purpose and if she really cared about any of them, she would have been the first to be on the page telling everyone she was fine, but she didn’t…. Again, she loved the attention and wanted those to worry. She is the one who needs help, she has some serious mental health needs as those who believe in all that she claims to be… Haters, no,,, just some who feel only pity for her.

  17. Betsey Says:

    If you notice, Lisa has not made a post about Eric since their vacation with his kids. Maybe the vacation with them didn’t go as expected. She never said they had a good time. She only said she couldn’t wait to get home and she was tired of airports then just a couple of days later she was on a plane to her sisters in Charleston without Eric. It seems the story about them broke or was written while they were on this trip with his kids. Smells like a vindictive ex to me.

    • Karen Says:

      Betsey…Ii noticed this too. Nothing against Lisa or Eric, just checking in on her Facebook occasionally. Anyway, I think they called it quits shortly after she met his family. Sometimes people are suddenly seen in a different light around family members, outside the “love bubble”. Hopefully they are both OK about the breakup.
      I DO think a great deal of fuss is made over these hosts; they are celebrities in a very small sense. It’s entertaining to look at the Facebook of the ones that interest you sometimes; that’s about it. They are hard sell salespeople on TV. They are not politicians, musicians, or entertainers. They are just like the rest of us, even though some of them push that “fame” they think they have to the maximum degree. I think that’s why people are curious about them…
      It’s all just a way of passing some time, if one keeps it in the proper perspective.

      • Cat Says:

        Hooking up with someone who has kids and an ex, is VERY difficult, for someone who is single/divorced, no kids. I know. I did it. And like Lisa’s creep, the guy was dirt-broke, no assets (my dirtbag, dressed himself and brats like homeless trash, to manipulate me into buying them stuff and paying for things). I admit, I was a target, just divorced, met the loser at work and thought he was decent because he went to church. HA!! That too, was a scam to hit on women in their “Singles Group.” Choose wisely when you’re young ladies, it doesn’t get any easier as you age…

      • Tanya Says:

        Hi Cat

        I’m sorry for your expensive adventure. Good for you; you learned from it.
        I don’t know if Lisa was in the same situation or not. I don’t want to call Eric a gold digger and he really isn’t. But the abruptness with which the relationship ended makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
        Also, could Lisa meeting his family have been tantamount in the breakup? There was no more Eric on her Facebook after that.
        It could have just been “one of those I’ll fated 8 week affairs” that lasted 6 weeks…….
        It must have ended badly, because she moved gym equipment into her home, and neither of them mentions it. No, it wasn’t a good ending. Lisa not mentioning it to her Facebook friends is like pretending not to see an elephant in a bathroom stall…..whatever, sounds like something that should not have happened. One or both of them is hurting and ashamed.

      • Donna Says:

        I hate to give these pseudo-celebs any more attention, but this got interesting. Aside from the Lisa bashing and Lisa praise, there are some interesting points.
        She has always been closed-mouth about her personal life….because of stalkers, maybe? Now it is literally an open book. Just open Facebook…
        I tend to agree with those who theorize Eric may have ended the relationship; it seems Lisa is doing her darndest to get out and go on with her life. But isn’t the whole thing weird? If there are stalkers, they know her every move.
        Now she’s recommending a diet drink, that has its own website….but she is giving a link to order it through Eric (I checked it out….price$tyle$ for the rich and famous!$!$!$). This is confusing.
        Perhaps she intends it to be? Either way, I think I’ve followed this nonsense long enough, and am going to quit being a sheep.
        Good luck, Lisa…..and Eric, too…….

  18. Twat Waffles Says:

    Here’s part 2 of my exclusive interview with Lisa Robertson:

    TW: So how did your trip to Smurf Village go?

    LR: It went great, even Gargamel loves me!

    TW: Why do you love attention so much?

    LR: It’s like oxygen for me and I’m gods favorite over the hill cutie pie.

    TW: Why do you think people care about your life so much?

    LR: I’m so sweet and special and my farts smell like roses.

    TW: There are people that marvel your every move, why?

    LR: I’m the most important person in the whole wide world even my hard lines and sunken cheeks are adorable!

    TW: Some say your just full of crap, why?

    LR: Haters! All haters! Ladypuke is my BFF!

    TW: Finally, what would you say to all 4 of your fans?

    LR: I’m coming out with a reality show called “Who gives a flying shit about me” so please watch and love me as I waltz into their hearts as I waltz to the bank as I waltz to the beauty salon as I waltz to the cosmetic surgeon, and in the 1st episode I eat a grilled cheese sandwich and the hot cheese burns my little cute lip and I frown so adorably!

  19. Sara Says:

    @Betsey, Some have said that many of her 1000 pics no longer are of Eric. I think they said she left a few, probably to make it look good. They said that she kept them all in the dark, the day of the train accident in PA, I guess they were worried about her, they were begging for her to let them know if she was okay, she ignored their cries,,typical of her, seeking that attention. I don’t know who she is trying to fool about her and this guy. There is no way she is dating him. She hangs with Alberti and his friends, always. I can’t see Eric living in that kind of world. I don’t think his ex has anything to do with them not seeing each other,,if indeed they were. I do think it stinks what he did to the ex and his kids, though.
    @Waffles,,,lol, you are too funny….

  20. My2Cents Says:

    Lisa was so excited to announce her relationship with Eric on her FB page. Now, she’s decided it wasn’t such a great idea. I wonder if reality set in, and they called it quits.

  21. iknowplenty Says:

    It was all Eric all the time. Now he’s disappeared from FB view and instead there are posts of hanging out with the plethora of QVC “friends.”

  22. Rosey Says:

    Did Lisa get fired? I’m reading comments that imply Lisa’s contract was not renewed. I know Lisa was the highest paid host close to 1 million a year salary could that have played a part in her departure? Lisa Mason returning had to have been in the works prior to Lisa announcing she was leaving.
    Does anyone know the true story?

  23. Sara James Says:

    Well, first off might I ask you, how do you know Lisa was paid 1 million a year? Did she tell you that, herself? I doubt she was paid that. I don’t know the real reason why she was let go, nor do I care, I am however just happy that she is gone. As for Lisa Mason, she is a down to earth lady, nothing like Ms. Glamour Puss. She is what she is and doesn’t play “Hollywood Star”. I think from what I have seen, the hosts and models appear to be much more relaxed without her being around. Lisa was not Miss QVC and did not run the show, I mean she might have thought she did, but she found out different, didn’t she? lol

  24. Twat Waffles Says:

    Sara James LMAO!

    Maybe at home she parades through the foyer with a frothy cappuccino and mirrors at every turn, and when she gazes upon her face she loves her adorable daintiness smirking with delight basking at her darling lashes.

    …She thinks to herself

    …”Hmmm, mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most adorable of them all?”

    …Mirror replies- “It’s you Lisa Roberston, delicate delightful and dazzling, marvelous and magnificent, pretty and pleasant, elegant and exquisite, but above all, your the most cute little creature god has created in the whole wide world and there shall never be another woman as ambrosial as you!”

    That same mirror later killed itself.

    Poor mirror!

  25. linda Says:

    Some of these comments are scary stupid. The moron that loves Charla I’m a train wreck Rhino, are you kidding me? She was horrible and that smokers voice was off the charts! Lisa didn’t make a million a year…LMAO.

    • Bette Feldman Says:

      Although I disagree with most of what that person says, I DO agree about Antonella and Charla. You can tell Antonella is real and is nice.
      I had occasion to meet Charla several years ago while she was at shop NBC. It was an accidental meeting in an unexpected place.
      “Are you Charla Rhines?” I asked her.
      “Yes, and how sweet of you to recognize me,” she replied. Then I went on to tell her about a bag I’d bought from her, how nice it was, etc. There was even a comical personal story attached to it, which I shared with her and she got a nice laugh from. She was friendly, down to earth, and genuinely nice. I’m sure she has her problems just like we all do; there was no sign of train wreck there at all. JMHO…and I’ve actually met and talked with her.

      • Bette Feldman Says:

        My bad… Sorry Charla ….it’s Rines not Rhines. Thinking of the German river, I guess. Sorry again.
        Does anyone else’s phone put apostrophes in words where they don’t belong? Irritating as all get out. I just had to fix both versions of “Rines” 4 times before the ******* phone would let it go. Grrrrrr. I own up to spelling someone’s surname wrong; I’m not grammatically ignorant. Who started this crap of putting an apostrophe before a pluralizing s? Sorry to be the spelling/grammar police but if you write ignorantly then you are ignorant. Keep an eye on those spell check corrections…usually off with punctuation marks. Peace out.

      • Donna Says:

        Oh…I just saw this. I really like Charla, was sorry when they let her go. She definitely was unique among the manicured, nipped-and-tucked, stepfofd world of TV shopping hosts.
        How cool, Bette, that you got to meet her! It sounds like she is really nice.

  26. Twat Waffles Says:



    I respect your opinion, however “my point” that I was making is hosts like Charla Rines and Antonella Nester are “real” people, and come across the camera as REAL people.

    Smoking voice? I don’t see your candy ass on television you 1st class schmuck! Charla had a nice career. How bout you???

    I bet your the type that loves transparent pretentious people to begin with, all fluff and zero integrity.

    You probably have a signed 8×5 Colleen Lopez photo framed on your bedroom wall.

    You probably think Shawn Killinger and that spazzy Rick Doemeier and Marlo Smith are good hosts as well, you dumb broad!!

    I will say that I also like Suzanne Runyun, only because she can present a log of dog shit and make it sound interesting and that you need one…

    Maybe linda needs new batteries for her pocket rocket LMAO

  27. linda Says:

    It’s you’re you moron…LOL

  28. Barb Says:

    Does anyone know if lisa r and Eric broke up? She never mentions anymore on fb and neither does he..also had a few bad says onfb..he seems like a player to me.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      Apparently, they have

    • Deanne Says:

      They broke up awhile back. If you notice, as others mentioned, there was no more Eric on her Facebook after she spent time with his family. She just stopped mentioning him altogether; no explanation, or “we went our separate ways”. Her way of dealing with it I guess. As for him being a player, maybe…maybe not. I think they love in 2 very different worlds, and sometimes it’s a chasm, not a bridge between them.

  29. Nancy Says:

    Yes, they broke up. Eric, the trainer just started working at a new facility in the same area. They were probably a couple long before it was posted on Facebook.

  30. Kat Says:

    I noticed Lisa stopped mentioning Eric. I’m surprised, they seemed very happy together.

  31. Twat Waffles Says:

    I read that Lisa has just invested in Placenta Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

    She was quoted saying she uses Calgon to keep her whites white.


  32. Kim Says:

    OK all you Lisa haters. She just put a post up on Facebook that IMO shows the REAL Lisa. Robins built a nest in a shrub in her driveway. She’s been posting pics. The babies are going to be flying away soon. Lisa’s driveway is blacktop…and hot. She got white tarp to lay over the driveway so if the birds should fall on their first attempt, they won’t get burned. I knew there was a reason I liked that girl.

  33. Sara James Says:

    Guess that makes her woman of the year!

    • Kate Says:

      No. It just makes her human. Have a nice day.

      • Karen Says:

        And NORMAL 50 yr.old women don’t feel the need to pose in front of a mirror with their cell phone camera EVERY SINGLE STINKY DAY, taking “selfies” of themselves to post on their FB page, as an enticement for other women to lavish them with compliments and affirmation as “the most beautiful of them all”!

      • Karen Says:

        Yes, NORMAL HUMANS (especially middle aged ones), DO NOT feel the need to sit and pose for a selfie EVERY DAY, for the sole purpose of compliments and CONSTANT admiration from other HUMANS! It’s the exact SAME thing with her EVERY DAY…a post of herself, more gushing from admirers on her magnificent beauty, and her comments of “thank you SO much.” Never a suggestion to her admirers to post to her page pics of themselves wearing THEIR favorite fashion pieces; IT IS ALL ABOUT HER, ALL THE TIME, EVERY DAY! That’s NORMAL?!! That’s HUMAN?!!! In whose warped mind?!!!

  34. Cherill Ga rielson Says:

    What a bunch of jealous haters. Didn’t your mom teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Leave Lisa Robertson alone. She doesn’t deserve such horrible comments. Get a life, all of you. If you don’t like her, stay away from her website. I’m sure she would very much appreciate it.

  35. Vesta Says:

    Let me get this straight. Older men do this crap every day and make it a point to get younger women especially the rich ones knowing that’s all these women want. But that’s okay? Total BS. People say his father is more age appropriate? Yeah right. Guys that age are looking for women in their twenties. If they are happy, I’m happy for both of them. Older women have every right to be happy. Good for you Lisa. Love who you want because men definitely will and don’t listen to these jealous people.

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