Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Debuts Website

We guess we finally know know former QVC host Lisa Robertson’s grand scheme — or part of it — is after leaving the home shopping network a year ago last December.

The comely brunette had launched her own website, or as she calls it, “It’s a blog, it’s a video blog, it’s a magazine, it’s a…VLOGAZINE!”


On her home page, Robertson introduced herself:

From being in front of a camera for almost 25 years I have learned how to connect with people and how a woman can present herself well.

From working with the best make up artists and beauty experts I have learned what the possibilities are and what makes a difference. From working with numerous designers I have learned what is flattering on women and what makes a quality garment.

From creating and designing the G.I.L.I. line for the first 3 years of its existence, I have learned that success is in the details, and that it is important to do what you are passionate about.

She concluded by saying,

This page is the first step in a new journey. One that will be about the fun things, the things that make us laugh and the things that make us feel beautiful. The things that spur our imagination and make us want to realize our potential. The things that give us a momentary smile to the things that plant the seed that changes our future. From the simple to the important, I hope it is a journey we can take together.

The site includes recipes. as well as sections on beauty, wellness and fashion.

Apparently, this isn’t all that Robertson has cooking,

“I’m so excited!” she posted on Facebook. “This is the first step of our new journey. There is much more to come.”

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14 Responses to “Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Debuts Website”

  1. Andy jones Says:

    Attention whore!!

  2. Nancy Tumas Says:

    Congrats on your new journey

  3. Sara James Says:

    I find it hysterical, that Ms. Robertson never wanted to get herself “dirty” for any of the Q’s cooking segments, yet now all of a sudden, this has been part of her new blog… I think she found out what many of us knew, she wasn’t wanted by another business. So, she decides to put herself out there (no surprise there), yet again. She has her Q groupies but lets see how profitable this little website lasts. I mean really, she has posted so much of herself already ” this is my dinner for tonight, yum” “this is what I’m wearing today”, ” this is the sunset”, “this is the sunrise”, “this is my vacation”,,,”this is my boyfriend”,, oops,, I forgot, he got wise and split…. I have never in my life have seen a woman of 50, try to act like she is a star…If she never worked for the Q, she would have no one, to call “friend”…
    I’m not a hater, as I’m sure some will proclaim…you have to feel something for someone, to like or hate them…I feel nothing for this person,,,well that isn’t true,,,I feel pity….

    • Kathy Says:

      Sara, just saw your Feb. 2016 comment about Lisa R.,& to me its spot on! I wondered if anyone would truly call it on her in such a frank but classy way-now if she would only go away and get a real job..lol!

  4. Liv Says:

    I, too, feel sorry for Lisa. She needs attention and approval- I think she’s lonely. At least she is more honest about her nips and tucks than HSN host Colleen Lopez.
    I have noticed that Lisa is pulling her hair straight back and up. It appears that her hairline is receding- a lot. I’m not making fun or being mean. I just want to say that she looks much better with some hair around her face. This look is too severe and balding. So, Lisa, if you read this, try a softer look. So much more flattering.
    I do wish her luck with her new website, and adventures.

    • Yvette Says:

      I agree. I like Lisa…but not the hairdo. My hairline is receding a lot and I’m a bit younger than Lisa. Perms, color, extensions….that’s what happened to my hair.
      I’m trying to get it back via supplements and gentle care. Meanwhile, I make sure that my hairstyle covers my hairline.
      I am not being mean or witchy; I have the same problem. Just some kind advice for someone nice.

      • Tina Says:

        Oh good grief! Since you posted there are more pics….most recently her holding some giveaway products for her blog. She looks hard and scary. The bald hairline (extensions will do this), and the plastic surgery and/or injections. Her face is way too tight, and her eyes look shocked and off angle. And she has always had a “gums” smile; whatever was lifted has magnified that a lot. Lisa, put your hair around your face, and stop with the cosmetic procedures.

        I like Lisa, but she is either narcissistic or needy…..or both. The selfies, the blow by blow description of foods, clothes, friends….whatever… are all a little tmi. It’s her Facebook, and people share on there. But, she is a bit too selfie-ish. As long as she’s going to post selfies, at least keep them at minimum horror level. She needs a reality check…and fans with more honesty. “Your hair doesn’t look flattering that way. You look so much prettier and younger with it down”. Instead of ” You look gorgeous”. And if someone is truthful in a kind manner, they get blasted. If I look like crap I’d rather know it than be lied to by my “friends”. Also, guessing she has a magic mirror that strokes her ego, lol.

  5. Catharine Says:

    I, too, have a receding hairline. To pull off wearing my hair up or back, I have bangs and a few tendrils around my face. Without that I also look very severe. I used to get extensions quite a bit; my hairdresser says that and too much bleaching have caused it.
    I noticed Lisa’s hair is down now. It does look better. Girls, lay off the heavy, super light highlights. And avoid extensions completely, unless it’s an emergency.
    And good luck with your future endeavors, Lisa. Receding hairline and all, you’re a pretty, nice lady.

  6. Cyndi Bomstyk Says:

    If she doesn’t like a comment trust me you will be banned. She responds only to ardent followers and I was a fan for a long time till you see what she’s really like. And there are creepy disgusting men n fawning over her and they post everyday. Listen, if it were me with prior issues, those men wld be gone, it’s beyond just being fans the ppl on her site won’t even allow questions that are not in line with her tastes. I’m sorry but just can’t be a phony to plz anyone, not at that level.

  7. Annie Says:

    Lisa seems to hold a grudge against QVC who gave her everything. Look at the home she owns ~QVC must have been good to her. It seems that before leaving QVC she set a website Lisa Robertson, public figure, a way to migrate email addresses away from her QVC web page to use for her personal purpose.

    She offers jewelry and sells out in 10 minutes or less and then asks people to put their name on wait list. How many items does she begin with, 5? It seems she is really taking a pre-orders and not sure if she fulfills those orders. She seems less than honest and very self centered. I agree she needs attention and approval. She lives on Facebook all the details of her life that she wants us to believe.

    She seems to live on cauliflower, and wonders why her hair is thin, eat some meat.

    Her new site Lisa Robertson Home, that’s rich. She now wants us to believe she’s a cook and homemaker.

    Notice that she has now labeled her fans “Tribe”. This happens to be the name of a particular line of JAI on QVC. Her last jewelry item was a necklace that said Tribe. Really??? only someone as needy as her would wear that.

    • Tammy Says:

      You hit the target, Annie. And the prices on her jewelry….aye!!!!! $400 for crystals or faux stones in plated jewelry?!!!!!!? That’s a ripoff. And she justifies it by calling it craftsmanship.
      One of my clients bought a huge black opal ring set in 18 k gold. It was raw and organic…and over the moon beautiful. The opal was about 15mm by 12mm. It was somewhat rough and in a natural uncut shape. The fire in it was unbelievable. Also on the setting was a small coin pearl in a cluster with 3 or 4 small fire opals. Stunning. It took wire wrapping and natural jewelry forms to a new level. This was about 3 years ago. She confided that she paid about $600 for it. She was a personal friend of the jeweler and got a deal, but normally about $800 was the price. So, how can Lisa justify these ripoff prices? And please, Lisa, put your hair down so you don’t scare kids and baby animals!!!! And some meat might very well help your hair grow back in.
      Nod to Cindy about any, even gentle, critiquing comments being banned. You must look at her with rose colored glasses, or be banned from her kingdom. I actually pity her; she’s a sad person.

  8. Robin Caulton Says:

    Wow you people must be on her website to know what she is and is not doing I don’t know what she is doing I don’t have the time. Get a life

  9. Bonamie Says:

    A lot of jealous bitter women. It is hilarious that some of you spout off about pity, yet there you are following her every move. Continue sneering in irrelevance while she goes on about her life working on what she wants to do! Maybe thats what really gets ya bitter hags!

  10. Sophie Long Says:

    I saw LR up close at my local market, she passed right by me with her cart, her hair was pulled straight back in a scrunchy and she was wearing workout clothes.

    What shocked me was her face, you could actually see the facelift scars and pulled skin around her ears. Additionally, her eyebrows have been COMPLETELY shaved off and tattooed on in a dark black color. A not so lovely way to dark spray tan finished off the frightening effect.

    She looked hard and old and over “done”…

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