Former QVC Host Lisa Robertson Live From Pa.

Fans of ex-QVC host Lisa Robertson will be able to their fill and more of her next month, when she makes an appearance at a theater in Pennsylvania.

For $35 a ticket, on Nov. 13 at 3 p.m. you can have afternoon “tea” with the scorpio glamour puss. The event is at the State Theatre in Easton, Pa.

Robertson is a very polarizing figure who seems to inspire total devotion or hatred from QVC viewers. The fact that she calls her fans her “tribe” doesn’t float our boat, but what the heck. Frankly, we don’t have strong feelings about her one way or the other.

Robertson was also the object of adoration of a flock of sick stalkers, and she does have our sympathy about that.

Here’s how the shindig is billed:

Come spend an afternoon with Lisa Robertson! Lisa is a designer, fashion authority, and TV personality. You know her well from her 20 years at QVC, and you’ll have the rare opportunity to see her live at the State Theatre.

She’ll talk to President & CEO Shelley Brown about her years as everyone’s favorite TV host and guru, along with her plans for the future.(And we’ll convince her to share behind-the-scenes chat about her years on live TV.) Bring your questions for what will be a fascinating Q&A session.

There chatter about this on at least one forum, where poor Robertson was pilloried for not having kids. Good Lord!

Robertson’s detractors and defenders had a lot to say.

“Why would anyone pay to her speak? and about what exactly?,” one wrote. “Whats this lifestyle and fashion expert and guru ******? Really? A former pageant queen salesperson pretty much unemployed with a blog and a youtube whatever it is and she’s charging speaking fees for what? I get she is trying hard to get something off the ground and make it stick but seriously. This is pushing it in IMO.”

“Well, if LR wasn’t so preposterous, there would be no need for attention from anyone,” another person posted on the forum. “But don’t you see, that is her game plan. She’s the master of hype of all things ordinary, which includes her. Indeed it is mostly about her, herself, . . . and, well, herself only. You either love it or roll your eyes in disbelief. She’ll take any kind of attention because it keeps her visible.”

One of her fans chimed in with, “I would think that Lisa would be some sort of motivational speaker. No matter your feelings about her, no one can say that she has not accomplished many things in her life. Most of us will never do the things that she has done, and some may be jealous, but especially for young women who are trying to find their way, I personally think that she could provide the motivation and feeling that dreams can be accomplished. If this is part of the intent of her program, then $35 is a bargain for those interested.”

That post really got one person’s ire up.

That hater harpooned Robertson and her speaking engagement, writing, “She will never do what many of the women on this forum have done — raise a family, which I dare say, is much harder than what she has done. She had a great career, good for her, I only wish her well.”

Give us a break. We never raised a family, what does that make us, dirt? We are part of s family. We have a mother, siblings and a niece and nephew.

Thank God someone came to Robertson’s defense on that point.

That woman wrote, “I agree that raising a family can be a hard but satisfying life, but no one on this board really knows anything about her (Robertson’s) personal life except what she has chosen to share. To marginalize her for a perception of which we know nothing is unfair.”

She continued “I do not think that raising a family is for everyone and it certainly should not be the barometer of who she is. There are many people who cannot have children, whose children have passed, who do not think that they could do a good job, etc. I could go on. I always try to be respectful no matter where I post, but I find the attitude about Lisa not having children to be offensive. Maybe I am the only one. I have respect for the talents that she has shown–nothing more.”

Thank you!


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11 Responses to “Former QVC Host Lisa Robertson Live From Pa.”

  1. Sara Says:

    First let me say the billing, very, very, over the top. I mean really, “Designer, fashion authority, tv personality”?? Wow.. are these the new names they give to people who “pick out clothes from a line of “generic designers”, then try to make them their own, and then try to hawk these designs” in front of a camera? They are too kind. I am starting to think that La Lisa, got some kind of settlement from QVC to exit, when she wasn’t renewed. There is no way she made the monies, that allow her to troll the country for almost 2 years now. She obviously writes off a great deal, claiming its all for business. I hear she uses her home as a pop-up studio, so I’m sure, that is also a write off too… She buys a few costume pieces, brings them back to her “studio” and sells them for a ridiculous amount of money.. She isn’t a star ,instead she “hangs on to many”, thanks to her time at QVC.
    I wonder if they tire of her…..
    I see she is now in Japan , with her sidekick..
    What will they bring back, hmmmm, a few real pearls, perhaps?
    Yes, I do go to her FB page once a week. It enlightens me, makes me realize how pathetic she really is, still with her daily pictures of “great pick me up color for the dreary day”, sitting with her big white bear on one of the rare evenings being home. What she is snacking on while viewing The Voice, with her “tribe members”,,
    I’ve said it before but, it just appears this person can’t stay put in one place for any amount of time. Its like, she is so uncomfortable within herself, she has to keep running, trying to find something or someone, who is going to make her happy. She tried to fool us with the “boytoy”for a bit, thank heavens he came to his senses. So, her life is pretty much, pretending she has a small business, setting up a camera in her home, selling junk gems, asking people to her home and pretending to be hosting a show ,on what their interests are.
    LOL,, she just doesn’t know what she wants in life…
    I guess “pretending” to live in her fantasy world, makes her happy.
    As we say in the south ~Bless Her Heart~

  2. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    lisa is trying to make her self into a brand, much like the kardashians,i think her ship has sailed and maybe she just doesnt know it.i think her former boyfriend was an opportunist and broke her heart.i am sure she hears a ticking clock career wise. i actually miss her on the Q and i wish her well.

    • Bomba Says:

      No, you have it the other way around. She used him. He is not a bad guy. Not rich but he works hard. She met him when she was still at QVC. He did the Torture Tuesday work outs. He got fed up with her neediness and pulled the plug.

  3. Sara Says:

    @Carolyn,,,,you really think the guy was using her? I feel just the opposite. He clearly is a mans man and all she did was drag him around with her friends who are 90 percent gay…I don’t think she welcomed him having children either. Lisa is a “me me” type, she has to be the center of attention, always. When she first came to the Q, she was so likable and down to earth. When Levine left , it was as though she felt she could fill her shoes. Then it was forever her focusing herself on camera, trying to make the jokes and act like she was the head star of the place. There are many hosts who have been there longer and do just as well, if not better.
    Oh she is making herself a “brand” for sure……
    You’re right, the ship has sailed, in more ways than one.

  4. Mammaberti Says:

    Wow you gals are just full of joy! Could we be a mite jealous? Who has time or energy for such hate? Live and let live….

  5. Sara Says:

    Mammaberti,,jealous? lol… I think not,, Pity is more like it.. Why do you use this word hate, must be sad to have that on the tip of your tongue..A grown woman acting like she does, no thanks. She is in a fantasy world. Maybe one day she will grow up, act her age and realize, this “me, me, me” attitude, does get tiresome… ~Bless your heart~,

  6. Rubyslippers Says:

    You would think that with all the free time and money she would re-invent herself. Actual try being creative for once, design something instead of copy, or simply do one steady thing with intention. She all over the map still doing the same stuff she’s been doing for over 20 years — selling rehashed mundane stuff, putting her usual spin on how fabulous everything is and how she absolutely must have it. Her intended demographic is her groupie fan club. No one else knows about her patio/couch selling enterprise, at least the numbers are not increasing in any significant amount. She sure sells out a lot, but no one knows the quantity to begin with and she’s not up front with that info. She teases with previews, plays up her life selectively, does sales chats and then drops each and every item and subject like a lead brick after it runs its short course. Guess it’s not so fabulous once it sells out or it’s morning again. She lacks sincerity, integrity, forthrightness and overdoes her appearance in style and self depiction. I’m not even sure what she really looks like except for the unaltered pics posted on this website. She comes off as a typical snake oil huckster with distinct self promotion at the helm, with an enormous dose of bragging and arrogant praise for things that only she is attuned to. If she were to try to ingratiate herself into my sphere of influence, I’d kick her to the curb pronto.

    • Bomba Says:

      You should see the crap she is selling right now. Thin, raggy looking “tunics” that will fall apart after one wash and she’s selling them for over $50.

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