QVC Alum Lisa Robertson On “GMA,” Lisa Mason Comeback?

Our astute Facebook friend Maryam informed us that former QVC host Lisa Robertson is slated to make an appearance on “Good Morning America” tomorrow, Tuesday.

We don’t know if she’s a guest, a host, or what.

And has a good scoop. The site is reporting that former QVC host Lisa Mason is coming back to the home shopping network. Maybe it’s an effort to fill the Grand Canyon-sized gap left by Robertson’s departure.!!!

Congrats to TVShoppingQueens for breaking the news, and congrats to Mason for returning as a host. We hope Gino is doing well with his brain cancer treatments.

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14 Responses to “QVC Alum Lisa Robertson On “GMA,” Lisa Mason Comeback?”

  1. Sara James Says:

    She just can’t quietly go off into the sunset, can she…………..

  2. carolyn simpson Says:

    first off, i would love to see lisa mason come back. a more intelligent, warm, down to earth lady cant be found. second, i watched lisa on tv this morning. im sick of her bullshit whining about stalkers. what a wimp! why didnt she get herself two well trained dogs to protect her home and a weapon to carry. in pennsylvania, she could easily have gotten a license to carry based on the circumstances. why give a stalker pleasure knowing you are frightened, if in fact you are. . why would she go on the air just to talk about that. i was almost starting to mellow out about her. but not now.

  3. Sara James Says:

    Carolyn,, I so agree with you. At first I wondered what could she have to speak about, despite Robin Roberts saying “its the first interview about Lisa’s stalking”… Well that isn’t true, she has been on other tv stations, radio and two tin cans, if someone gave them to her, telling all who will listen, how she feared for her life. Lisa must be bored now that she isn’t the center of attention anymore, so she feels the need to bring up these so-called stalkers, again. If she was sooooooooo afraid, she should have stopped taking pictures of herself and plastering them all over FB and every place else she could find. She would let you know where she was everyday. Please don’t get me started on all those workout pictures at the gym. If I feared for my life, I don’t think I’d be giving these stalkers any clues where they could find me. I thought just maybe she was there to talk about the next chapter in her life,doing something constructive, besides taking daily pic’s of herself. So, when I saw that it was the same old thing, I wasn’t surprised.. Lisa has no life, she really doesn’t anymore,, Her life and friends were all QVC vendors and some employees. She is a joke in real life. Now she has this gym instructor as a boyfriend,,,is he suppose to be her protection… He is so crazy about her,, why does he still has on his FB page that he is single…or maybe she is making up that story too…and he is just a mere friend. I’m not a hater,you have to first care for someone to dislike them but I am one that is sick of her “stories” and always trying to get attention. She is a very needed person and if anything I feel sorry for people like herself… I just wish she’d go away and act her age……

  4. endorphina Says:

    Happy to hear the news about LM.

  5. Carrie W Says:

    I’m sorry she was stalked but enough already! I’m sorry but I never saw her appeal as a host. She always kept repeating the same cr@p over and over again and there are way too many other hosts who blow her out of the water! Yes, she should ride into the sunset, maybe find a new hobby/ job, and enjoy her money.

  6. mandy Says:

    Really, you complain you were stalked and then you go on national TV and play the poor me routine. Sorry not buying it. Can you say insecure aging woman. I think that sums it up.

  7. Faith Zoey Says:

    Wow, you ladies are really brutal! Stalking is no small imagined event. I’m not on television everyday like Lisa was and I was stalked for a year and 1/2. It was terrifying because they knew where I lived and worked. Couldn’t leave home or work without someone with me. Fortunately for me, I hadn’t purchased a home yet and my job assisted me to transfer to one of our other locations. My life shouldn’t have had to change because someone else was ticky in the head, but it has worked out. I wouldn’t wish being stalked on anyone, not even my worst enemy. No one deserves that. I do think Lisa Mason’s return is one of the best choices QVC has made in a really long time! Now, bring back Lena McIlwain and this QVC lady would be happy!

  8. Abigail Says:

    I think it would be awesome if she came back she was a class act, and, I have more or less stopped watching the Q and oddly enough I miss Lisa, she was cloying with that purring, but, what’s left is just boring, I had it on for a second with Dolmier last night peddling pearls and he is just so full of whatever he thinks he is, click. Seems like Lisa was the Q in my opinion only, but, then again, NONE of the ‘hosts’ on any of these channels are any good anymore, all fake, plastic and phony for coins.

  9. Quirkygal Says:

    Sara, Carolyn, and Carrie – and attitudes like yours is why she’s speaking out.

    I worked with a woman who was stalked. She moved two states away, used her mother’s maiden name instead of hers, never went out, and eschewed all social media. None of us really knew what was going on with her but we all knew she was miserable.

    Lo and behold one night there’s a fight in the parking lot and a shot is fired. One of the security guards saw a guy lurking about the bushes and went to investigate. It was this woman’s stalker who somehow found her. Thankfully the gunshot went into a car tire but if one of the burly former police officer/ex military turned security guard types struggled – and I do mean struggled – what chance would a petite woman taken by surprise have?

    Despite her actions to avoid a stalker this woman was found by hers and blamed by others for the deflated tire. Lots of talk about how this would have never happened if she hadn’t moved/worked there, how she should’ve stayed her ground, and how she must have done something to attract this guy’s attention in the first place. The police and our building security guys kept trying to dispel these so called theories but still people, including our boss and two women in HR, really blamed her for what happened and didn’t stop the bullying culture that built around this woman.

    It’s a damned if you do damned if you don’t catch-22 to hell.

    Don’t blame the victim. It says volumes more about you then them.

    • Blkhillsguy Says:

      Lisa didn’t offer anybody any advice on what to do in a similar situation. She just wanted her mug on the TV. Outside of the QVC audience, nobody knows who she is. And if she is so fearful why is constantly posting photos of her gym, of herself, and her whereabouts? Seems hardly frightened to me. Her whole appearance was just to get her face back on TV because without the Q she is a washed up nobody.

  10. Nancy Andriano Says:

    would so love to see Lisa Mason back on the Q…so very tired of Robertson…was glad when she left. Sorry, I never saw her appeal…very stuck on herself.

  11. dentrodebeisbol Says:

    One Lisa out, another Lisa invited back in. Such a coincidence.

  12. mandy Says:

    Faith, I certainly don’t take her situation lightly but if she wants the situation to improve she removes herself from the public eye not dive right back in on national tv exposure. If she wants to help she can donate some of those mega bucks to victim charities or charities that work against such horrible acts. My guess is she likes the attention, unfortunately…

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