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QVC’s Adds Two Blondes — Jennifer Coffey And Kerstin Lindquist — To Its Host Roster

December 22, 2011

It looks like QVC has a host of new hosts.

We were trolling Facebook where we saw pages for Jennifer Coffey, a pretty blonde NOLA native, and Kerstin Lindquist, another good-looking blonde.

We looked on and these newcomers were not yet listed as hosts. Maybe QVC gives them a probation period and waits to see if they pass it before adding their names and photos to the Web.

New QVC host Jennifer Coffey

Lindquist already has a blog on the QVC site, however. It’s about “What Grace Means To Me,” and skillfully weaves in plugs for Philosophy’s Grace products with the birth of Linquist’s baby, whose name is — you guessed it — Grace.

QVC host Kerstin Lindquist

It is a touching story. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

She was born in early summer, three weeks early (surprise,Dad was on a plane and missed the birth) to a young woman who chose us to be her parents. That is Grace. She is a miracle. I had a miscarriage in my late 20’s, and then my husband and I had unexplained infertility.

We tried for three years to get pregnant. Those years were the darkest of my life. We did two IUI’s and one IVF. My brother is adopted, as is my sister in law, so after diligent prayer adoption became an easy decision for us. We were matched within four months. Very quick.

But, our adoption was not an easy one. It was an emotionally, financially and even physically draining five months of waiting for Grace. But, by the grace of God, six months after Grace was born a judge signed his name to her new birth certificate and made her 100 percent ours.