Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Selling Jewelry Online

Former QVC host Lisa Robertson has opened an online shop, “Exotic Treasures.” And it’s not cheap.

“Our very first boutique is open!” the brunette glamor puss wrote on Facebook.

Robertson is hawking pricey jewelry on her website, and many of the baubles had sold out, despite their big price tags.


For example, a rough diamond and black spinel tassel necklace, priced at $479, was gone.


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31 Responses to “Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Selling Jewelry Online”

  1. Karen Morgan Says:

    Probably way over priced and not that great looking really🙄

    • Jordan Says:

      WAAAAY over priced for plated stuff with crystals or imitation stones. Follow Linda’s link, Karen and you’ll see it. And none of it appeals to me.
      Like Linda, I’m surprised at the sellouts. Some people obviously have more money than they have good sense.

    • Yvonne Says:

      Over the cosmos prices, and it mostly looks like the cheap stuff from Cost Plus imports….I mean World Market.
      It’s all plated, too. No solid metal. Her prices reflect solid metal ones….the only real stone she uses is crystal; the rest is imitation stones. I think she has some nerve.
      Also, she tries to trick you into going to her jewelry page by conducting a survey. Yesterday’s question was “do you use regular syrup or maple syrup?” WTF??? It’s either maple or maple flavored, or fruit syrup. WTF is “regular”.
      I try to like Lisa, but she comes across as an iron fist in a velvet glove. You know, helpless southern belle made of bricks and iron. I don’t like being manipulated and her surveys and some of her posts try to do just that. Well, Lisa, you can go stay with another big phony, egotistical Colleen Lopez. With both your swollen heads and egos, you’d better meet in a huge room.

      • Mandy Says:

        Hi Karen
        Today another stupid survey…so you’ll look at her new gemstone jewelry. I took a quick look…..it was all way too $$$$$$$$$$$$ for me.
        Two egotistical broads with way too many fans: Lisa Recedinghairline Robertson and Colleen Crack Lopez.

  2. Susan Says:

    I think QVC is really missing Lisa in terms of sales, she can sell anything to anyone!!!

    • Lovie Says:

      I bet they’re not. If she was all that valuable, they would have done whatever was necessary to keep her there.

  3. Sara Says:

    I often wonder how this woman gets up in the morning and looks in the mirror. She is the biggest phony. What I want to know is, how does she get these vendors who are selling their wares on QVC, to come to her home and sell their products? I mean, doesn’t QVC have some kind of contract with these vendors, that its not kosher to do this? I think she had to set up shop in her home because no one wanted to hire the diva.
    As Karen stated , she sells junk, but because of her “groupies”, (who kiss the ground she walks on), they will buy anything from their idol. Anything to look like Lisa… I have news for them, they themselves, are probably much better looking than she.
    How in heavens name, does a grown woman feel the need to take pictures of herself, everyday! I had to laugh when a picture was emailed to me, of her scraping a turtle off the road, so it wouldn’t get killed… I’m not laughing at the actual act itself but the fact that she somehow managed, to take her picture doing that too!
    I used to feel sorry for her but now, she is just too pathetic, its ridiculous.
    She couldn’t even hang on to her boy-toy, although I do think that was more for show, I don’t think she was on “his team” at all, if you know what I mean.
    I think many hosts were happy to see her exit as well.
    She must have been told by someone long ago, that she was extra special, probably a family member or her followers,,,
    You know the ones,who vowed never to shop at the Q again once she exited . Ha!
    Well, I guess I have wasted enough time speaking about her. That’s what happens between speakers at a convention……….

    • Gordon Says:

      You got it right, Sara. And the posts by others about her jewelry are true. It’s just junk with huge prices. Hollow this and plated that. As one poster said, some people have more money than they have good sense. Ditto Colleen Lopez followers.

    • Lovie Says:

      “What I want to know is, how does she get these vendors who are selling their wares on QVC, to come to her home and sell their products? I mean, doesn’t QVC have some kind of contract with these vendors, that its not kosher to do this?”

      I wonder the same thing, Sara. I guess these vendors need to be EXTRA careful not to sell anything through Lisa that also appears on QVC. Can’t be the same exact products. However, if I were a vendor, there’s no way that I would be taking chances with my bread and butter like that. Not worth it. Why? QVC is the #1 shopping network. What do they need Lisa for?

  4. Lovie Says:

    Those “sold out” items might not have ever existed. That might just be a marketing ploy to make us think that other people are paying those prices.

    • John Says:

      To Sara and Movie

      Great posts, I agree and couldn’t have said it better.
      I have one thing to add: more phony than Lisa, bigger liar, bigger egomaniac, faker fake diva….Colleen Lopez.

  5. Sara Says:

    I agree, Lovie…She probably buys 2 of something and makes it seems otherwise, when she says “sold out”,, Still don’t see how Q goes along with these vendors. I don’t think when they sign a contract, the vendors can write in a clause stipulating , they can sell particular items to another party,,, Least I never heard of it being done that way. Like I said, I feel sorry for her, more pity I guess. QVC doesn’t need her..lol, that’s why they didn’t renew her contract.
    Have a great weekend , Lovie…

  6. Karen Morgan Says:

    Well Girls we will see how long Lisa will last with her Luxury Boutique!!! She is probably getting nervous about paying her BILLS so she is desperate at her Tribes (as she calls her followers) expense🤑🤑 Glad I’m not that gullible.😅

  7. Andrea Says:

    I’ve seen her jewelry and agree with everyone on here. It’s way over priced, and yellow gold finish isn’t everyone’s thing. Not mine, anyway. At least have some choices in silver.
    Also, she looks bald and hard with her hair pulled back. She has a receding hairline, and should wear something around her face….bangs, a few tendrils….when she wears her hair up or back.
    Another baldy is ex HSN bitc# Diane Perkovic. She must have done something to bald her hairline, too. It was bad when she wore it back on HSN; it’s much worse now. There’s a photo on her Instagram, maybe Facebook with her hair back and she’s balder than Lisa!!!!!
    My cousin, a hair stylist, says it’s common for this to happen when women over process their hair for a number of years. Lisa is 50, and Diane is close if not 50, and the wear and tear is showing on their hair. Not to be mean, it’s just true. But I don’t like either one of them. Glad they’re off TV, at least for the most part.

    • Mammaberti Says:

      I think she pulls her hair back to show off her Botox filled forehead. No expression left due to way too much doc Denese procedures and I don’t mean products. They both have conned women into thinking it’s due to product and not procedures!

      • Maddy Says:

        Yes Mammaberti, wearing her hair back REALLY shows how much fillers/cosmetic procedures she’s had. And she is starting to have the same expression all the time…from too much botox.
        To the point of the blog, her jewelry is way over priced….a big ripoff. It should be a fraction of what it costs. And I agree with Andrea; there need to be choices in white metal, too. 18+ karat gold plating tends to look cheap, is soft, and doesn’t hold up well.
        I won’t be buying any of it. It goes right on the list of what to NEVER buy, along with Colleen Lopez’ ripoff crap.

      • Taxpayer Fatigue Says:

        I’d love to see her without all the “enhancements” and the soft filters on the cameras! She flubbed up when she had her “assistant, Katie, film one of her videos showing earrings she was shilling. Katie did a close-up (I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille)!! and WOW! All those fancy procedures and potions didn’t hide her huge pores and bad skin. It’s also beyond narcissistic that anyone would take that many “selfies”. What I find even more disturbing, however, are grown women and men who flock to her FB page to fawn over her and heap adulation!

  8. Karen Balatbat Says:


    On Monday, July 18, 2016, Homeshoppingistas Blog By Linda Moss wrote:

    > homeshoppingista posted: “Former QVC host Lisa Robertson has opened an > online shop, “Exotic Treasures.” And it’s not cheap. “Our very first > boutique is open!” the brunette glamor puss wrote on Facebook. Robertson is > hawking pricey jewelry on her website, and many of the baubles ” >

  9. Karen Says:

    To all those people who tell Lisa her hair looks great pulled back, please get some contacts or glasses. And untruthful flattery is worse than the gently told truth.
    As for her jewelry, as Sara said, the sellouts occur because some blind followers bought one of the two pieces she had in stock. All of it is over priced, and I agree about the 18k yellow gold plating looking cheap and fake…and it doesn’t wear well. Offer the pieces in rhodium plating or unplated silver….and bring the prices way back down to earth.
    And I still wouldn’t buy from her. Like an above above poster said, she and Colleen Lopez are 2 big phonies. I do find Lisa a tiny bit more likeable, however.

  10. Beth Says:

    Lisa’s jewelry is an over priced joke. And everything has that cheap yellow gold plating. It screams FAKE.
    Like others said, how about silver? I always thought Lisa was ok, but am beginning to see a very manipulative side to her.

  11. Karen Morgan Says:

    Does anyone really know the truth as to why Lisa Robertson really left QVC??? It looked like a good gig for her. Also regarding her Stallkers now she is REALLY putting herself out there!!😱

  12. Karen Morgan Says:

    She probably got too greedy and also I think she is a bit full of herself!!! 🤔😎 I guess it’s to her advantage🤑🤑 Too bad I use to respect her🙄

  13. KAT Says:

    Wow. All these HATERS! YOU ALL feeling unloved? Awwwhhh 😞. Too bad each one of you wasting your time talking about another person like this. I can bet you each came from the era of when you heard REGULARLY.. “if you don’t have anything NICE to say.. GET A LIFE”. Oh, I meant, well you know the rest. 😒

  14. Karen Morgan Says:

    I’m NOT a hater!!!! I wish her well!!!

  15. Sara Says:

    Get over it Kat,, hate is a strong word, you must use it a lot in your home. The woman is as fake as can be. Thinks she is above everyone. Any grown woman, that feels the need to take a picture of herself daily, showing what she is wearing, what she is eating, is pretty much looking for much needed attention. I don’t hate her, I pity her, there is the difference.
    You can worship her all you wish and if it bothers you what you see here, I suggest you don’t come to this page, instead stay on her FB page and “ooh and ahh ” the woman…

  16. Karen Morgan Says:

    Sara that is so true. I’m not downing the woman she was in the limelight with her job at QVC and needs the attention from her followers that adore her and buy her over priced stuff. Kudos to them!!! Hope she is happy😊

  17. Sheila Davidson Says:

    Guys Really, This women has earned everything she has. She is highly educated, articulate , intelligent and beautiful woman. She did not sleep her way to the top but used her God given skills and talents and now you bash her because of her success ? Really? Yes she worked at QVC but She WORKED.. and now she has started her own company selling jewelry and other items.. you have no right to slam her items or the people who buy them. We each make our choices . You may not like it but she does have incredible style and taste . So look at your own black hearts and get a damn life you old bags.. she has done nothing to you … You have the problem…. and I strongly suggest you talk to your ministers or get therapy.. your jealousy is eating you alive .

  18. Teresa donafio Says:

    Why would Lisa leave Qvc and now selling jewelry and Xmas decoration out of her house?Can’t believe she couldn’t find another job after she left. I guess she isn’t as popular as she thought she was!!

    • Alicja Says:

      Maybe she figured she can have more money by not sharing it with QVC. Twenty years at that company is enough time to gain experience, the followers and to meet the right people to start doing it on her own.

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