Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Selling Jewelry Online

Former QVC host Lisa Robertson has opened an online shop, “Exotic Treasures.” And it’s not cheap.

“Our very first boutique is open!” the brunette glamor puss wrote on Facebook.

Robertson is hawking pricey jewelry on her website, and many of the baubles had sold out, despite their big price tags.


For example, a rough diamond and black spinel tassel necklace, priced at $479, was gone.


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67 Responses to “Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Selling Jewelry Online”

  1. Karen Morgan Says:

    Probably way over priced and not that great looking really🙄

    • Jordan Says:

      WAAAAY over priced for plated stuff with crystals or imitation stones. Follow Linda’s link, Karen and you’ll see it. And none of it appeals to me.
      Like Linda, I’m surprised at the sellouts. Some people obviously have more money than they have good sense.

      • Koko Says:

        They just want a piece of her. Her stuff is crap now. When she started, it was half way decent. Prices were high but that was expected. The quality and selection she is offering is a sad joke.

    • Yvonne Says:

      Over the cosmos prices, and it mostly looks like the cheap stuff from Cost Plus imports….I mean World Market.
      It’s all plated, too. No solid metal. Her prices reflect solid metal ones….the only real stone she uses is crystal; the rest is imitation stones. I think she has some nerve.
      Also, she tries to trick you into going to her jewelry page by conducting a survey. Yesterday’s question was “do you use regular syrup or maple syrup?” WTF??? It’s either maple or maple flavored, or fruit syrup. WTF is “regular”.
      I try to like Lisa, but she comes across as an iron fist in a velvet glove. You know, helpless southern belle made of bricks and iron. I don’t like being manipulated and her surveys and some of her posts try to do just that. Well, Lisa, you can go stay with another big phony, egotistical Colleen Lopez. With both your swollen heads and egos, you’d better meet in a huge room.

      • Mandy Says:

        Hi Karen
        Today another stupid survey…so you’ll look at her new gemstone jewelry. I took a quick look…..it was all way too $$$$$$$$$$$$ for me.
        Two egotistical broads with way too many fans: Lisa Recedinghairline Robertson and Colleen Crack Lopez.

      • Koko Says:

        Lisa is weak. She is not the “strong woman” she claims to be. She is really nothing. Twenty years at QVC and she gets let go. That says a lot.

      • Koko Says:

        Her fake surveys are to get people to post on her Facebook page. What an attention whore.

  2. Susan Says:

    I think QVC is really missing Lisa in terms of sales, she can sell anything to anyone!!!

    • Lovie Says:

      I bet they’re not. If she was all that valuable, they would have done whatever was necessary to keep her there.

    • Koko Says:

      No, more like QVC is doing what it had to do. Lisa caused a lot of problems behind the scenes. She is no angel. They got rid of a growing problem, her ego.

  3. Sara Says:

    I often wonder how this woman gets up in the morning and looks in the mirror. She is the biggest phony. What I want to know is, how does she get these vendors who are selling their wares on QVC, to come to her home and sell their products? I mean, doesn’t QVC have some kind of contract with these vendors, that its not kosher to do this? I think she had to set up shop in her home because no one wanted to hire the diva.
    As Karen stated , she sells junk, but because of her “groupies”, (who kiss the ground she walks on), they will buy anything from their idol. Anything to look like Lisa… I have news for them, they themselves, are probably much better looking than she.
    How in heavens name, does a grown woman feel the need to take pictures of herself, everyday! I had to laugh when a picture was emailed to me, of her scraping a turtle off the road, so it wouldn’t get killed… I’m not laughing at the actual act itself but the fact that she somehow managed, to take her picture doing that too!
    I used to feel sorry for her but now, she is just too pathetic, its ridiculous.
    She couldn’t even hang on to her boy-toy, although I do think that was more for show, I don’t think she was on “his team” at all, if you know what I mean.
    I think many hosts were happy to see her exit as well.
    She must have been told by someone long ago, that she was extra special, probably a family member or her followers,,,
    You know the ones,who vowed never to shop at the Q again once she exited . Ha!
    Well, I guess I have wasted enough time speaking about her. That’s what happens between speakers at a convention……….

    • Gordon Says:

      You got it right, Sara. And the posts by others about her jewelry are true. It’s just junk with huge prices. Hollow this and plated that. As one poster said, some people have more money than they have good sense. Ditto Colleen Lopez followers.

    • Lovie Says:

      “What I want to know is, how does she get these vendors who are selling their wares on QVC, to come to her home and sell their products? I mean, doesn’t QVC have some kind of contract with these vendors, that its not kosher to do this?”

      I wonder the same thing, Sara. I guess these vendors need to be EXTRA careful not to sell anything through Lisa that also appears on QVC. Can’t be the same exact products. However, if I were a vendor, there’s no way that I would be taking chances with my bread and butter like that. Not worth it. Why? QVC is the #1 shopping network. What do they need Lisa for?

  4. Lovie Says:

    Those “sold out” items might not have ever existed. That might just be a marketing ploy to make us think that other people are paying those prices.

    • John Says:

      To Sara and Movie

      Great posts, I agree and couldn’t have said it better.
      I have one thing to add: more phony than Lisa, bigger liar, bigger egomaniac, faker fake diva….Colleen Lopez.

  5. Sara Says:

    I agree, Lovie…She probably buys 2 of something and makes it seems otherwise, when she says “sold out”,, Still don’t see how Q goes along with these vendors. I don’t think when they sign a contract, the vendors can write in a clause stipulating , they can sell particular items to another party,,, Least I never heard of it being done that way. Like I said, I feel sorry for her, more pity I guess. QVC doesn’t need her..lol, that’s why they didn’t renew her contract.
    Have a great weekend , Lovie…

  6. Karen Morgan Says:

    Well Girls we will see how long Lisa will last with her Luxury Boutique!!! She is probably getting nervous about paying her BILLS so she is desperate at her Tribes (as she calls her followers) expense🤑🤑 Glad I’m not that gullible.😅

  7. Andrea Says:

    I’ve seen her jewelry and agree with everyone on here. It’s way over priced, and yellow gold finish isn’t everyone’s thing. Not mine, anyway. At least have some choices in silver.
    Also, she looks bald and hard with her hair pulled back. She has a receding hairline, and should wear something around her face….bangs, a few tendrils….when she wears her hair up or back.
    Another baldy is ex HSN bitc# Diane Perkovic. She must have done something to bald her hairline, too. It was bad when she wore it back on HSN; it’s much worse now. There’s a photo on her Instagram, maybe Facebook with her hair back and she’s balder than Lisa!!!!!
    My cousin, a hair stylist, says it’s common for this to happen when women over process their hair for a number of years. Lisa is 50, and Diane is close if not 50, and the wear and tear is showing on their hair. Not to be mean, it’s just true. But I don’t like either one of them. Glad they’re off TV, at least for the most part.

    • Mammaberti Says:

      I think she pulls her hair back to show off her Botox filled forehead. No expression left due to way too much doc Denese procedures and I don’t mean products. They both have conned women into thinking it’s due to product and not procedures!

      • Maddy Says:

        Yes Mammaberti, wearing her hair back REALLY shows how much fillers/cosmetic procedures she’s had. And she is starting to have the same expression all the time…from too much botox.
        To the point of the blog, her jewelry is way over priced….a big ripoff. It should be a fraction of what it costs. And I agree with Andrea; there need to be choices in white metal, too. 18+ karat gold plating tends to look cheap, is soft, and doesn’t hold up well.
        I won’t be buying any of it. It goes right on the list of what to NEVER buy, along with Colleen Lopez’ ripoff crap.

      • Taxpayer Fatigue Says:

        I’d love to see her without all the “enhancements” and the soft filters on the cameras! She flubbed up when she had her “assistant, Katie, film one of her videos showing earrings she was shilling. Katie did a close-up (I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille)!! and WOW! All those fancy procedures and potions didn’t hide her huge pores and bad skin. It’s also beyond narcissistic that anyone would take that many “selfies”. What I find even more disturbing, however, are grown women and men who flock to her FB page to fawn over her and heap adulation!

  8. Karen Balatbat Says:


    On Monday, July 18, 2016, Homeshoppingistas Blog By Linda Moss wrote:

    > homeshoppingista posted: “Former QVC host Lisa Robertson has opened an > online shop, “Exotic Treasures.” And it’s not cheap. “Our very first > boutique is open!” the brunette glamor puss wrote on Facebook. Robertson is > hawking pricey jewelry on her website, and many of the baubles ” >

  9. Karen Says:

    To all those people who tell Lisa her hair looks great pulled back, please get some contacts or glasses. And untruthful flattery is worse than the gently told truth.
    As for her jewelry, as Sara said, the sellouts occur because some blind followers bought one of the two pieces she had in stock. All of it is over priced, and I agree about the 18k yellow gold plating looking cheap and fake…and it doesn’t wear well. Offer the pieces in rhodium plating or unplated silver….and bring the prices way back down to earth.
    And I still wouldn’t buy from her. Like an above above poster said, she and Colleen Lopez are 2 big phonies. I do find Lisa a tiny bit more likeable, however.

  10. Beth Says:

    Lisa’s jewelry is an over priced joke. And everything has that cheap yellow gold plating. It screams FAKE.
    Like others said, how about silver? I always thought Lisa was ok, but am beginning to see a very manipulative side to her.

  11. Karen Morgan Says:

    Does anyone really know the truth as to why Lisa Robertson really left QVC??? It looked like a good gig for her. Also regarding her Stallkers now she is REALLY putting herself out there!!😱

  12. Karen Morgan Says:

    She probably got too greedy and also I think she is a bit full of herself!!! 🤔😎 I guess it’s to her advantage🤑🤑 Too bad I use to respect her🙄

  13. KAT Says:

    Wow. All these HATERS! YOU ALL feeling unloved? Awwwhhh 😞. Too bad each one of you wasting your time talking about another person like this. I can bet you each came from the era of when you heard REGULARLY.. “if you don’t have anything NICE to say.. GET A LIFE”. Oh, I meant, well you know the rest. 😒

    • Koko Says:

      Ahhhh, you are on here. What does that say about you?

      • Rachellewms Says:

        I’m on here as well, but that’s only because a search for her site to purchase bought me here. Most of us normal people had no idea there were so many sick, jealous and clearly obsessed women out here.

  14. Karen Morgan Says:

    I’m NOT a hater!!!! I wish her well!!!

  15. Sara Says:

    Get over it Kat,, hate is a strong word, you must use it a lot in your home. The woman is as fake as can be. Thinks she is above everyone. Any grown woman, that feels the need to take a picture of herself daily, showing what she is wearing, what she is eating, is pretty much looking for much needed attention. I don’t hate her, I pity her, there is the difference.
    You can worship her all you wish and if it bothers you what you see here, I suggest you don’t come to this page, instead stay on her FB page and “ooh and ahh ” the woman…

  16. Karen Morgan Says:

    Sara that is so true. I’m not downing the woman she was in the limelight with her job at QVC and needs the attention from her followers that adore her and buy her over priced stuff. Kudos to them!!! Hope she is happy😊

  17. Sheila Davidson Says:

    Guys Really, This women has earned everything she has. She is highly educated, articulate , intelligent and beautiful woman. She did not sleep her way to the top but used her God given skills and talents and now you bash her because of her success ? Really? Yes she worked at QVC but She WORKED.. and now she has started her own company selling jewelry and other items.. you have no right to slam her items or the people who buy them. We each make our choices . You may not like it but she does have incredible style and taste . So look at your own black hearts and get a damn life you old bags.. she has done nothing to you … You have the problem…. and I strongly suggest you talk to your ministers or get therapy.. your jealousy is eating you alive .

    • Koko Says:

      Highly educated? Her degree is obsolete! What success? Being a sales clerk for twenty years? YES, I do have the right to slam her junk. People are pushing back, dear. They are posting pictures of broken jewelry and jewelry that should have never been sent out at all! It is pure crap. She has zero style and taste and how you could think anyone could be jealous is a joke. She is the one that needs help – LEGAL HELP. When she gets her ass in trouble for misrepresenting what she is selling, she is going to need it. I need to know how you know she did not sleep her way to the top. Seriously, READ what the hell you are posting for once.

      • Rachellewms Says:

        What success? Anybody who lives in an $800K house, had a 20 year career, and has launched their own career after working for the man … is a success. I never understand why women feel the need to tear down each other, you just seem bitter, jealous and woefully stupid.

      • Koko Says:

        Really? First, it is NOT about “women”. It’s about PEOPLE. ALL PEOPLE. Second, a liar is a liar and Lisa is a liar. She said she was going to sell unusual things that could not be found elsewhere and she was going to sell them at reasonable prices. She is hosing her customers. Her mark ups are well above other, larger retailers. Third, her fabulous twenty year “career” is kaput. She got canned, dear. CANNED. This thing she calls a business is her last resort. She could not get a job and she looked for over a year. Fourth, her $800,000 house is not worth that much now and her car is ten years old. If that says “success” to you, your bar is way too low.

        And by the way, she has put on at least forty to fifty pounds.

        Yeah, that’s a success. Get a clue.

      • Rachellewms Says:

        Wow! It’s almost laughable mad you appear to be about the whole thing. It’s almost like she’s done something to you personally. I hope you don’t get this angry about all people you don’t even know. Anyone viewing this post can CLEARLY see that you need to get a life, and stopped getting so emotionally wrapped up in celebrities, it’s weird and pathetic.

      • Rachellewms Says:

        And…why are you so ANGRY? What’s the matter with you? You act like some sort of weird celebrity stalker, you seem to know SO MUCH about this woman. You come off like a jealous loser. Go get some help.

    • Koko Says:

      I hope Lisa is laughing. I hate liars. Don’t you??? As for not knowing her, how the hell do you know who or what I know? As for getting a life, try it yourself but first, buy a clue.

      Do me a favor. Buy two of everything she sells. You can use one and you know what to do with the other.

  18. Teresa donafio Says:

    Why would Lisa leave Qvc and now selling jewelry and Xmas decoration out of her house?Can’t believe she couldn’t find another job after she left. I guess she isn’t as popular as she thought she was!!

    • Alicja Says:

      Maybe she figured she can have more money by not sharing it with QVC. Twenty years at that company is enough time to gain experience, the followers and to meet the right people to start doing it on her own.

      • Koko Says:

        She is working harder than she ever did at QVC. She looks old and tired and it’s only been three years.

    • Koko Says:

      Lisa did not leave. She was let go. As for her finding another job, who says she did not look? She is not wanted by any other network.

  19. Bella Says:

    I have followed her since she left the Q. I thought she was on to a good thing when she started off with very few and select pieces of jewelery. Because she plugged her few items as super highend, made in other countries (gold capital, Italy, culturally rich India, art infused jewels in Turkey, nothing coming from labor cost effective China. Right. ) I thought she would be following the likes of the really successful and elegant jewelery designers. Not long after that, she started showing Italian pieces almost identical to what she sold on QVC. Not just one piece, many pieces. I thought that was pretty deceiving. She held on to her contacts in Italy from her days at the Q and clearly, she’s using them as well. Throughout this disappoint, the weirdest and most frustrating thing…..she posts an item to sell at 12:00 noon and by 12:05 the item is sold out. Wow!!! Talk about people really wanting the goodies. Only problem is, the “sell out within record minutes” started happening on every single item she posted. How do you sell out every single time?? While most people were frustrated and angry, those who got their orders placed hoot n hollered like if they had won the lotto!! Then, she started to post much more expensive items, gold plated, cz’s, dime a dozen jewelry pieces, and all things she sells are “advanced orders”. Pay for it up front, get it in a month. And many are stamped from China. She went from selling very select and unique jewlery pieces, to regular trinkets you get at your local mall, to a random typical blouse, throwing in Christmas trees and ornaments. Her chats are so confusing now. She fumbles through her beaded anklets to get to the assembly of her Christmas Trees that are an “investment piece” and “nobody else has.” In between the bauble and the tree, she’ll showcase a blouse, while cracking inside jokes with the 2 or 3 gals who help her behind the scenes. There’s isn’t an 800 customer service line to call. There’s isn’t a method to have customers review products. (C’mon. They can’t all be 5 star products). It’s a very one sided communication with her making the sales pitches. Using the charm. And getting women to buy like crazy. I don’t think she has enough merchandise. And I believe it’s all the same stuff from the Q at super inflated prices. And I don’t understand how she can use QVC’s biggest vendors and put them on her video chat hour. She will then sell a tatcha lipstick on her page. How do they get away with that? I wish her well. But it seems to me that this whole TRIBE business is all about securing her customer sheet. I can’t see how long this will go on for. And one last thing, she’s following QVCs schedule. She’s selling her Christmas in July items at the same time as the former employer.

    • Tootie Says:

      And if I told you all of this was going to happen, you would have labeled me a “jealous basher”.

      Consider yourself informed. Maybe a little late but still informed.

      She is a snake oiler, worse than she was at QVC.

      • Bella Says:

        You are absolutely right. It’s all way too off the wall the way she’s conducting her sales set up. I don’t think anyone would consider you a jealous basher by saying what see as a fleecing sales person. It’s your opinion and you have the right to bring awareness to others. I bought the first pair of earrings she sold because the whole Facebook idea of her selling one of her first pieces of jewelery, at a moderate price seemed like it could be the beginning of buying quality, good looking pieces. I genuinely liked the earrings. However, I started to see all of “tribe” thing growing, and things selling out within 3 minutes, every single time she posted a new item….and my red flags went up. It’s just impossible to sell out so quickly. I came to the conclusion that she just didn’t have enough merchandise and seeing the “sold out” sign just made people want more and more of her things. You know the psychology of wanting what is no longer available or what you missed out on. It grows the following and the desire to obtain the goods that she just didn’t have. What a joke! Like I said, she went from “exclusive” to dime a dozen stuff at ridiculous prices. Once she started throwing random pieces of garments and home decor into the mix, I knew this wasn’t real. Most of her stuff bring advanced order items just indicates her business move to bring in the item with the customers money. Pay now and I will get it
        for you. Looking at her Facebook now, she’s posting video and photos of her attending a Tony Robbins Seminar. Looking at her posted videos from just this week, it’s really odd that she’s showing so much of her personal life. Herself, her home, conversations with her assistant or employee also from the Q. I’d always known her to be so private because of issues with stalkers. Now she’s pretty much putting herself out there freely. That’s odd considering she had safety issues with her public. What crossed my mind is that maybe her business venture is not bringing her the revenue she’d wanted….or maybe sales are down or she’s losing followers, perhaps she’s trying to bring in more Facebook customers to buy her merchandise. I don’t think the same “tribe” members are going to be her buyers consistently. Sharing so much more of her private time seems like a desperate measure to maintain the interest of her followers. One of her latest video sales chats shows her frenetically trying to put a fake tree together, an “investment piece”, one she carried last year and pitching it hard, as she mentioned someone she knew was now seliing the knock off of her tree. Telling the viewers she has the better tree, not to be found elsewhere, with such conviction, was just embarrassing. I do think awareness should be made about her jewelery being no different than what she sold on the Q at extremely inflated prices. Buyer Beware. I’d like to see where this goes.

  20. Koko Says:

    Do not attempt to analyze me or tell me what to do. Why would I be jealous of Lisa? She has gained a ton of weight and no one would hire her.

    You come off like a real silly kid that is in love with her. Can’t handle the truth?

  21. Bella Says:

    I haven’t been on her Website for a long time now. I don’t look at her Facebook anymore because I can’t purchase expensive items that I can get on sale elsewhere. Plus I’m not too sure about her return policy. I thought she would have taken off well with such a fan base. She had a lot of followers when I last looked at Facebook. Has her business gone down?

    • Bella Says:

      Also, I wondered where I could find a customer review/feedback page on the items purchased. Can you tell me where that is or where they post pictures of detective items received? Thank you.

      • Kiki the Cat Says:

        There is no place on her boring as hell website to leave reviews. No way does she want that sort of feedback. She sells junk.

  22. Sara Trent Says:

    I watched Lisa from start to finish. Recalling her beginning at the Q I thought she was snooty and cold. I watched her progress to the diva in her own mind that she became. I would chuckle at her constantly posing, turning her head sideways (strike a pose), eating up the Lisa you are so beautiful, Lisa I love you, Lisa you are my favorite host comments. I loved the way she would brush back that gob of fake hair like it was her own (we all know she doesn’t have a lot of hair). Constant looking at the monitors LOL. BTW she still wears that gob of hair on her chats – she in reality is way too old to be wearing those pieces that long.

    I have also wondered how the vendors came to her home and did the chats. The oriental woman actually allowed Lisa to do some kind of offer on Lisa’s facebook. I noted that has stopped and no one seems to show up anymore besides Katie and Nancy which I will address in a bit. I have wondered what has happened with her relationships with Chaz and Mark Zunino. She was always going to their homes and staying with them and going to her ‘fancy’ parties in California. I wondered when she first left the Q if she traveled to California constantly trying to find a Hollywood job.

    Now to Nancy and Katie, the guy who left Q and there is some other woman involved with her business. How does she pay these people, have a warehouse with paid employees, do all this travel to Italy and the Netherlands all the time. I wonder if she allows all these people to live in her house as part of their salaries? She did make a photo of Katie’s bedroom a few weeks ago. BTW are she and Katie lovers – just wondering.

    Lisa said the reason she left the Q was the hours she worked and she had no life. REally Lisa do you have a life now????? You are working your ass off, having to pay for all your travel instead of raking in the millions your were paid working for the Q.

    I really feel Lisa left television because she didn’t want her tribe to watch her age and grow older. Women who have always been so ‘beautiful’ all their life have a hard time accepting aging. I recall her mentioning she didn’t like the direction Q was going and she include what the changes were. I figure it was changing to bring in spokespersons to help sale the merchandise and she probably didn’t want to share the stage with anyone. I also think she was jealous of Shawn who was becoming a customer favorite.

    I really don’t see Lisa being on the Q now sharing the stage with Lori, the attitudes woman, with Isaac or anyone else. She simply does not have the personality that the majority of the hosts have. Come to think about it she also seemed snooty and cold until the end of her reign.

    • Bella Says:

      That’s very true. She started with a bang…the bigger product sellers on QVC doing Facebook chats from her home. The selective pieces of jewelry at first, slowly incorporating the exact items she sold on the Q. She ended up with more common, fashion jewelry items, found at any dept store. That’s pretty much what she had the last time I browsed. No longer the pieces she found in India or travels to Turkey. That was in the beginning. So she has the little group of people in her home all the time, with Katie being her favorite, clearly. And also the other lady, Nancy, obviously getting on Lisa nerves during the live chats. I’m not sure what’s going on. But they lost me a few months into the chaos, when the “sold outs” occurred on every single item she presented, within one minute. It started to create a buying frenzy amongst her followers. I found that to be ridiculous. I thought it was the fact that she was starting and not calculating proper inventory. But a year later, she’s still selling out within 2 minutes. It’s utterly ridiculous. After this, she is able to get her “contacts” in Italy to do something “very special” and make more of the piece. Except that now, if you want it, you get in on Advanced Order. This means you have about 24 hours to order. Pay for it upfront and get it several weeks later. “It’s being made especially for you, isn’t that special?” To sell out within a minute every single time, means she’s bringing in only a few pieces on her own. The rest is done with the customers money. That’s how she brings in more. I’m not sure how long that can continue for. The website does not allow to review any of her items, give feedback of any sort to help other shoppers, on her products. There is no number (1-800) to call for questions or any type of customer service. I don’t understand the system. I don’t feel comfortable purchasing, because I see she’s not putting in a substantial amount of money to have decent inventory. There’s no way you can have a minute sold outs all the time! To order more stock on peoples money in advance, tells me it’s not costing her much, if anything at all. She’s only being the middleman between the person with money who orders and the recipient of that money who makes the pieces. Ain’t nothing special there. I stopped checking in a long time ago.

  23. Patrice Lumer Says:

    Lisa did not quit. She was told in September 2014 that her contract was not going to be renewed when it expired in March of 2015. She was given a six month advance notice of that decision.

    • sara trent Says:

      Why was her contract not being renewed. Also I have noticed the products she is selling lately are cheap household items. I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday and saw the 2 candle holders she had on her site earlier this week. She is crazy selling them for the price on her side, at Hobby Lobby they could be bought for less than $15 each and half of that when they have @ 50% sale item. Lisa hasn’t been posting much this week on her facebook. I am beginning to think she is gradually losing her ass and money. She still has a long way to go until she will be retirement age and I wonder if she isn’t going to end up broke in her old age. If her contract wasn’t renewed, she messed up quitting. Like I said she’s doing more now than she did at QVC and apparently she’s lost her big pow wows with all her celebrities. Anyone see her going to Zunio’s house anymore, anyone see her posting photos of the night sky view from Chaz’s house. I don’t see anyone who is anyone coming to her house anymore, Ever see Dr. Denise? She is looking older and tired all the time and what’s up with the constant black clothes. I don’t think she is spending money on all her high dollar attire like she used to.

      • Bella Says:

        I check in periodically. I just can’t afford her items. It does seem as if she’s less active on her Facebook. When I do look at her website I don’t find anything that would be a specialty item. The home decor is cute. The jewlery has become very standard. And I think I saw eyeliner as well. I guess my point is that for me, I don’t find her items substantial for her prices. And also, it’s kind of all over the place when you go from decorative flowers and porcelain bunnies to eyeliner.

  24. Sara Trent Says:

    Looks like she is back on the road again. Let’s see she was overworked at the Q and now she is going on another trip after how many in the past month? I don’t get it. Her boutique is getting “shoddy” sold out signs appears then all of a sudden they are removed and the items are still available. The past week she had the two cheap pieces the magnetic clasp and the extenders. I thought what is up with that? The cashmere items over and over. The Kelly bag knock offs I get the feeling they reappeared after they didn’t sell out before. Will be interesting to see if she has her chat tonight and what exciting wonderful products she will offer next week. I think her ’employees’ are beginning to dislike not having a life. I can see Lisa being a “slave driver” you know someone who wants everyone to work non stop and do nothing except things to benefit her. I hate to think how much she is spending on travel. I will give her business another year if that and she will be done. It’s sad watching the train wreck. She should have stayed with Q, took stage with the spokes people, came to realize she is getting older and to take it the way other hosts like Mary Beth, Jane, Rick, etc. have done so gracefully. My interest in this situation is I have always wondered why people create their own demise. Kathy Levine implied once, it is hard to find work after the Q. The reason, the Q has a distinct following which usually is older women, most confined to their homes, or inability to figure out they are buying over priced crap (like Logo, Graver, Gravel- ever see anything $30 and below?). AND the majority have the Q on for company.

    • Kiki the Cat Says:

      You act like she had a choice! She didn’t. In order for her to get hired by another network, she had to be WANTED by another network.

      No one wanted her. Word of why she was gone from QVC traveled very quickly.

      • Sara Trent Says:

        ok why was she gone from Q? I read contract not renewed now your commènt , what happened. Btw glad to see she finally is posting her adventures in Vegas. Guess she is excited to have met a man with a fast car. I guess he is rich too otherwise probably wouldn’t have had a 2nd chance. Sorry my comments aren’t nice today but I cannot be all sugar coated lovely like Lisa’s tribe

  25. Marty Collins Says:

    Email received today states a problem with the leather bracelets scheduled to be sold today. Looks like her website is flooded with a lot of cashmere left overs or returns. I wonder if there is a problem with her vendor and her credit. I think Lisa is getting ready to close up shop. Her home items are not selling very well, her followers most likely have spent too much on her jewelry and I don’t see people continuing to buy wreaths, candles, bird houses and over priced Christmas trees. Maybe she will be lucky like Kathy Levine and marry a rich man. I also agree her frequent business purchase trips I am sure have took a chunk out of her net worth. Plus she takes along how many? Nancy, Katie, the new guy. I am curious why she had to leave one of her trips and go to be with her family. I understand secrets and being confidential but something didn’t seem right with that. Her trip to Atlanta last week then she ended up at her dads. I remember when she had posted some time ago her dad asked her was her business doing ok because she had jeans with holes. I think she may be scurrying around trying to get investors and to find more money. I may be wrong but I don’t see the flurry of buyers. I also don’t understand all these meetings she is constantly going to they are not buying trips. I would assume with her years experience she wouldn’t need all the additional training. I don’t know if her staker may be back but she seems to not be posted very many sunrises, sunsets or photos of her life. That very well may be the culprit. Anyway I found it interesting her posting the car ride giggling like some silly teenaged girl over how fast a car can go. Not funny

    • Bella Says:

      I hadn’t seen her website or her Facebook page for a while. After reading the comments here I was curious about all the travels and her merchandise issues. I think she definetely has less people posting on her page. Like I’ve said before, I know I can’t afford most of her products and certainly, anyone buying her stuff every single week will go for broke. I was never able to understand everything selling out within a minute of posting…that was total insanity to even think of it as a race to purchase. That’s how she treated it…with a congratulations to those who got in fast enough to buy it. The video postings of the trips and sitting at restaurants while being recorded as she eats was one too many for me to watch. What’s the point? Videotaping yourself eating fries while on breaks from conventions? Thats pretty silly. And I also wondered what she does with returned items such as accessories? Does she put those up for re-sale? I noticed on the serum she is selling, too many questions about the ingredients, what the active ingredient was, no response. People asked for samples, (makes sense. It’s skincare product. That’s normal to offer a small sample of it. No response). I just wanted to say that no matter what reason for leaving the shopping channel, if she wanted embark on a new business venture, thats all fine. What bothers me is what seems to be the lack of transparency or information needed to provide to your clientele. No customer service number. No responses to legit questions, not enough inventory, selling select items only at certain times of day, and the advanced ordering on people’s own money seems sketchy. She’s not asking for a deposit. She asks for full payments in advance. And she also sells her LR gift card for $50 or $100. Why get it for someone if she’s consistently sold out? I don’t know how long she can maintain this for. She’s only selling to her followers. I don’t see any new customers here.

  26. Sara Trent Says:

    More candleholders, more household “junk” today, huge oversized basket. I don’t understand her big white bear when she first starting selling items. Watching tv with her big bear her stuffed critters glad she was home I questioned why would a 50 year old woman want stuffed critters. I do think she is getting in financial straits. Noticed Nancy isn’t around much and Lisa’s employees seem to have no life except with her. Katie is young and apparently has no personal life. Sad

  27. Kiki the Cat Says:

    Lisa was not renewed due to her ego. After GILI, she was impossible. She sold lots of stuff but the hassles she created made it impossible to keep her. Too many complaints from other hosts, behind the scenes people and guests.

    It has nothing to do with being “nice”. You are just being truthful. Of course, Lisa and the tribe will label you a jealous basher but who cares? The tribe is all idiots. They love and support a liar.

    Remember, Lisa just sold what she was given to sell. Now, she has to make purchasing decisions and handle the financial end of it. She has no clue what to do and it’s showing.

  28. Sara trent Says:

    I can see Lisa and her ego. It came through each show. The blinking of the eyes and the whole expression she would have reminded me of a teenager. On a chat, Nancy told the story of Lisa making her spit out her candy while they were working at the Q. What kind of diva does she think she is to make an adult spit out candy. Lisa should have paid better attention to the lives of ex hosts. Levine’s talk show was a no go, she went to HSN with a clothing line, Q with jewelry and I have no idea what it was she did at Evine. Judy and Paul both were at HSN after leaving Q, they are doing some private things now. Jane Tracey left years ago, tried a jewelry line and came back. Lisa Mason hasn’t been able to get her feet in the door besides with the line at JTV and I don’t know how that is going. Levine also wrote two books and I think trains speakers, I am not sure. I wonder if Lisa’s constant and sudden travels aren’t an attempt to get investors or to pursue current ones to give her more money. Will be interesting to see if the train wrecks or if all ends happily ever after.

  29. Sara Trent Says:

    Patrice are you a personal friend of Lisa’s. Are you the Patrice she has thanked for contributing comics etc either on her fb or doing chats.How do you know shebwas fired

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