Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Dishes On Stalkers

What was up with ex-QVC host Lisa Robertson’s appearance last week on “Good Morning America”?

Host Robin Roberts claimed that it was the first time that Robertson had ever talked about her multiple stalkers. We don’t think that is so.

We have no sympathy for nutjob stalkers, far from it. But in the journalism biz, there usually has to be a timely news peg to do a story. But there was none here, that we could see.

Robertson told Roberts that she was so fearful of her stalkers, she essentially became a shut-in except for work. Robertson talked about court proceedings against one of the crackpots that tracked her.

She also said that her stalkers weren’t the sole reason she left the home shopping network, but was part of a list of reasons.

The ex-host also said that she isn’t retired, and is enjoying sleeping in.


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6 Responses to “Ex-QVC Host Lisa Robertson Dishes On Stalkers”

  1. BeatleStone Says:

    It was great seeing the classy, sexy, gorgeous Lisa on GMA a few days ago & she’s moving on with her life after QVC. I don’t know what the future holds but LR could become even more popular with a talk show & maybe an autobiography. I will say that QVC seems to be going through a downside at the moment after her departure & might not recover until the holidays.

  2. Linda Says:

    She didn’t dish on anything, horrible interview and I see she has her OOMPA LOOMPA on every inch except her white face.

  3. Blkhillsguy Says:

    Horrid interview. I think a friend called in that favor for Lisa. She didn’t offer any advice on what people cam do with stalkers or anything. It was just look at me. Nobody outside of QVC fans knew who she was either. Without QVC, Lisa is a nobody. QVC kept her face on the air while she hawked her wares. And after QVC told her they weren’t giving her anymore money it was over. She’ll be back in 5 yrs begging for her job back like Lisa Mason.

    • amanda Says:

      I agree with you blkhillsguy about the interview. I have something to add that I’m sure most of you have thought of….OK, she has a stalker problem. Terrible. But if she’s as scared as she claims to be, WHY IS SHE POSTING HER LIFE 24/7 ON SOCIAL MEDIA?!?!? If I were being stalked, I’d stay off social media and stick to emailing my closest people. It makes her look like a desperate attention junkie.

  4. james Says:

    OMG! Check out this article about Lisa’s current beau! You were right about him being her bf!


    • amanda Says:

      I think Eric, her boyfriend, left the picture. They aren’t on either one’s Facebook, etc., anymore. I think she needed too much spotlight for his tastes. See above reply to blkhillsguy.

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