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Anuschka Handbags To Exit Evine

March 24, 2019

A popular Evine handbag vendor, Anuschka, is leaving the Minnesota-based home shopping network.

We have never gotten into their hand-painted leather purses, a little too much for us, but the brand has a lot of fans.

We’d received an inquiry about the future of Anuschka, and then someone pointed out that Evine had discussed the vendor’s future on its website. We rather admire the fact that Evine was honest about it.

In an “Anuschka FAQ,” Evine said the purses would be back on-air April 29 (the day after our birthday, FYI), but the vendor would be leaving the end of spring. In the meantime, the home shopping net suggested buying the purses at

If a customer’s favorite Anuschka item is sold out, Evine said it “has a great selection” of Sharif Designs or Madi Claire handbags to check out instead.

HSN Handbag Alum Sharif Lands At Evine

November 9, 2017

The game of musical chairs at the home shopping networks never ceases to amaze us.

In the latest episode, handbag designer Sharif has moved over to Evine. He left HSN, where he was for years, awhile ago. His line will debut on Evine later this month.

“I’m at the point in my career where I desire to design by my own rules,” Sharif said in a canned statement.

Is that a dig at HSN, we wonder?

“Evine has welcomed me with open arms and provided me the freedom to develop a handbag collection that represents the best of what I have to offer,” he said. “Fans of mine will delight in the unique details and unexpected mixture of materials that come together to create beautiful works of art.”

According to a press release Wednesday, “Once one of the largest handbag brands in the U.S., Sharif designs are showcased in the Esse Purse Museum alongside some of the most iconic handbag designers in the world. His newest collection at Evine will be reminiscent of Sharif’s original masterpieces and incorporate iconic design elements to create unexpected looks and distinctive silhouettes.”

Launching on Evine Nov. 29 and 30, the Sharif Handbag collection will feature “images seen in museums and provide a uniquely artistic quality, yet are extremely functional for everyday use,” according to the press release.

Here is the boilerplate on Sharif:

Sharif was born and raised in Cairo and the son of a leather artisan, so it was only natural that he continued the tradition of working as a leather craftsman. In 1979 he started his eponymous handbag company, Sharif Design Ltd., and quickly developed a reputation for quality and a dedication to his customers. Sharif grew to be the largest handbag brand in the United States in the late 1980’s and he founded the American Leather Accessory Designers guild. Sharif’s designs are in the Esse Purse Museum and he has won numerous awards over the years for his creations.

“We are very excited to welcome Sharif into the Evine family and introduce our customers to his stunning collection of handbags,” Evine CEO Bob Rosenblatt said. “I’ve known Sharif for many years, and have seen first-hand the masterful way in which he designs the pieces within his collection. He is a rebel within the handbag industry and his bags are loved by fans all over the world.”

Handbag Designer Sharif Bids Farewell To HSN

January 30, 2017

Longtime HSN handbag vendor Sharif El Fouly is leaving the network, to the chagrin and anger of his fans.

He apparently announced the news on his last visit to the No. 2 home shopping channel, which was apparently his swan song. That was on Friday.

“We love you and we will miss you so much!” one woman posted on Facebook. “I bought your handbags before you came to HSN and love everyone of them! You are a very special man, dear friend. I’ve had tears and I don’t like to say good byes so I will say God Bless You and keep You and I will never forget your kindness. <3!"

Wrote another, "Gonna miss you on HSN wishing you all the best thank you for all the beautiful bags."

Yet anther said, "It was very sad to see him leave. He seemed nervous also; which was natural. I wonder why he is leaving — anybody have an ideas? At first I thought maybe going to another shopping channel. Whatever I know we all will miss him and his beautiful bags and accessories and wish him the very best. God bless."

And then there was, "Sending you love and peace. So sorry to see you leave! God bless you for your beautiful bags!!!!❤️🙏"

"Sorry to see you leave HSN," another person posted. "You are a handbag genius, true works of art. Please let us know of your future plans, even if you're moving to another shopping network. I will follow you anywhere.." Just don't retire. Love your handbags."

We never purchased any of his pretty leather purses, but he certainly had a following.

One person suggested that Sharif may be leaving to work on a restaurant he is opening in New York. That's news to us.

Here's what has to say about him:

It’s not the same old bag! Sharif designs are created with you in mind: the woman who likes to stand out in a crowd, appear just a tad unusual and surprise her friends with the unexpected.

Sharif considers his work little pieces of art, and that’s what you’ll feel like you’re wearing every time you adorn yourself in one of these unique handbags, accessories or fashion items.

Christian Lacroix Brings Handbags To HSN

February 18, 2016

We’re having trouble keeping up with those busy bees at HSN. Now the home shopping network ls premiering a handbag collection from high-end French designer Christian Lacroix.

The line is called CXL by Christian Lacroix, with purses in the $60-to-$90 range.

“Since the creation of the couture house on 1987 Christian Lacroix’s style is unique, exuberant, colorful and baroque,” says.

As we recall, back in the day Lacroix was known for his big, full, short skirts.

HSN Vendor/Handbag Designer Carlos Falchi Dead At 70

April 1, 2015

There’s been another sad death in the home shopping world. Handbag designer Carlos Falchi, an HSN vendor, died last Friday.

The talented designer appeared on-air recently on the home shopping network and looked spry and fit.

Carlos Falchi

Carlos Falchi

Obits said that he died at Duke University in North Carolina after a brief illness, apparently brain cancer.

We thought that HSN mourned his demise in a classy way. On the web page for his HSN “Chi by Falchi” line, HSN had a photo of him that said, 1944-2015,
“Thank you for your passion, creativity and artistic spirit.”

There was also a video.

One of Falchi’s daughters also posted a moving message on Facebook,

“I just want to say a big Thank You to all of my friends for your kindness and outpouring of support. It brings me comfort to see just how many lives my Dad has touched, I am so grateful to all of you for contacting me and offering kind words. It means so much to me and my family. I wish I could give each and every one of you a big Carlos Falchi hug but please know we are thinking of you. All our love, Kate Falchi, Juliet Falchi and Missy.”

RIP Carlos.

The Life Of The Rich And Famous Bruce Makowsky, Handbag Mogul

January 10, 2015

At one time it seemed that QVC had become B. Makowsky handbags all the time. Not so much anymore, but don’t feel sorry for Bruce.

The Wall Street Journal did a story Friday about Makowsky’s hood, which is the gated community of Beverly Park. The paper describes it as “one of the most exclusive, expensive places in Los Angeles, a land of exclusive, expensive places.”

There article describes Makowsky as a “handbag mogul and real-estate developer,” and has a photo of one of his palatial houses, which is described as an investment property.

He paid $13.45 million for it and is selling it for $25 million.

But wait, Makowsky has a second home in Beverly Park, one he actually lives in. It’s a Tuscan-style place.

Here is what he told The Journal about that cozy shack:

I could afford to live anywhere I want,” says Mr. Makowsky, who paid $22.6 million for his nine-bedroom, 15-bathroom home in 2010, according to public records. “This is a little slice of heaven.” He estimates his property, which he’s extensively renovated, is worth $100 million today.

So who else lives in this LA neighborhood? Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, Sylvester Stallone and Mark Wahlberg, to name a few folks.

Handbag Designer Kathy Van Zeeland Exits QVC For ShopHQ

December 13, 2013

We were wondering what happened to her, and now we know: Kathy Van Zeeland and her purses have landed on ShopHQ.

Leave it to idiots like us to be up at 1 a.m. checking out ShopHQ’s website, and to see that Van Zeeland is set to appear on the network tonight at 7 p.m.

She and her husband and fellow QVC handbag vendor, Bruce Makowsky. had been pretty prominent vendors on the No. 1 home shopping channel. But then all of a sudden she disappeared, and Makowsky’s purses and shoes faded into the background on the network.

Not to spread rumors, but we wondered if the two were married anymore, too. We don’t have the answer, but only know that Van Zeeland’s somewhat gaudy and blingy purses have come to Minnesota.

Jewelry Designer Judith Ripka Totes Her Handbags To QVC

January 11, 2011

Guess we’ve been asleep at the wheel again, but we only just noticed that upscale jewelry designer Judith Ripka is now selling handbags, as well as baubles and bling, on QVC.

We saw at least 15 purses on from Ripka. They all have a classic, high-end look, and range in price from $150 to $300.

Manhattanite Ripka has named each of her handbags after a neighborhood or street in the Big Apple, monikers such as Soho, Grammercy, Astor, Waverly and Sutton. Most of the reviews are pretty good.

We guess Ripka is taking a page out of QVC queen Joan Rivers’ book. The comedian started out doing jewelry for the home shopping network and then branched out into items like purses and apparel.

Got A Problem With A Makowsky Bag? Call QVC. If You Bought One Elsewhere, You’re Apparently Screwed: Think Twice About The TSV Boots

November 15, 2010

The complaints keep coming into our blog about women having trouble with pricey B. Makowsky handbags, which are sold on QVC and in retail.

The problem remains that while Bruce Makowsky keeps boasting about his so-soft, untreated “naked leather” purses, that leather can bleed ink when it gets wet.

Women are complaining to us that B. Makowsky has no company phone number that customers can call to get a remedy for their reuined bags. Here’s the company website, and we can’t find any contact names or numbers on it.

Over the weekend we asked QVC PR about this issue, which is timely since Makowsky has the Today’s Special Value Monday, a pair of soft leather slouch boots for $160.

Here’s what QVC told us Monday:

“We received your inquiry about a customer service number for B. Makowsky handbags. If your readers are having issues with B. Makowsky bags purchased through QVC, they should call our customer service line at 1.800.367.9444. They would be more than happy to help resolve any issues customers are experiencing. Thank you!”

So ladies, let us know what happens when you contact QVC with any complaints about your B. Makowsky handbags.

And we guess if we didn’t buy your “bleeding” Makowsky bag at QVC, you’re screwed.

Not the best way to treat your customers, Bruce. No phone number for dissatisfied customers to reach your company?

And if we were QVC, we’d think twice about dealing with a vendor who has created ill will with the handbags he sells at places like Macy’s — or that wind up at TJ Maxx.

And in light of the problems with the handbags, we’d think twice before ordering any of the Makowsky boots. If the purses bleed dye when they get wet, what will happen to the boots?

Makowsky, for those out of the loop, is married to fellow handbag designer Kathy Van Zeeland, who also sells her purses at QVC.

HSN Handbag Vendor Carlos Falchi Strikes Deal With Licensing King Steve Russo, Says New York Post

May 25, 2010

Carlos Falchi, a luxury handbag maker who also does several lines for HSN, is apparently partnering with a company that makes Hello Kitty and SpongeBob SquarePants merchandise, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

The story, headlined “SpongeBob HandBag: Accessory Firm Teams Up With Carlos Falchi,” says that Falchi has struck a licensing deal with “New York accessories kingpin” Steve Russo.

In its exclusive scoop, the tabloid reports that Russo has a five-year deal with Falchi that guarantees at least $120 million in retail sales.

Russo made his mark selling items ranging from backpacks to school supplies decorated with pop culture figures, from SpongeBob to Hello Kitty to Hannah Montana.

Falchi, in contrast, used to create leather wardrobes for people like Mick Jagger before he started his luxury handbag business, and then created a handbag and accessory line for HSN.

The Post said that Russo “has poured money” into Falchi’s factory in the Garment District.

Falchi’s company is owned by Wingsong Brands, which also has stakes in Ellen Tracy and Sharper Image, and an investor group headed by Marvin Traub, according to the Post.