Handbag Designer Kathy Van Zeeland Exits QVC For ShopHQ

We were wondering what happened to her, and now we know: Kathy Van Zeeland and her purses have landed on ShopHQ.


Leave it to idiots like us to be up at 1 a.m. checking out ShopHQ’s website, and to see that Van Zeeland is set to appear on the network tonight at 7 p.m.

She and her husband and fellow QVC handbag vendor, Bruce Makowsky. had been pretty prominent vendors on the No. 1 home shopping channel. But then all of a sudden she disappeared, and Makowsky’s purses and shoes faded into the background on the network.

Not to spread rumors, but we wondered if the two were married anymore, too. We don’t have the answer, but only know that Van Zeeland’s somewhat gaudy and blingy purses have come to Minnesota.

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18 Responses to “Handbag Designer Kathy Van Zeeland Exits QVC For ShopHQ”

  1. Helene Says:

    For $200-$300, I prefer 1 good leather bag to purchasing several of her I don’t know what they are made of bags.

  2. carolyn simpson Says:

    van zeelands bags are awful. cheap, gaudy crap.,now i will give my shopping sisters a great tip. go to coach factory.com. you will jump for joy. coach, the real deal coach at prices you wont believe. thank me later

    • AprilD Says:

      I agree that Van Zeeland bags are crap, however that Coach site appears to be a scam. I fell for a similar Cole Haan scam site in September. Still dealing with the credit card mess. Be careful.

  3. Kim Says:

    Yuck–I can’t stand those ugly bags. I won’t be watching.

  4. Queen Celeste Says:

    I agree some of them are a little gaudy, but I own a few more subdued styles (from Macy’s) and quite like them. I don’t wear leather, so am always on the lookout for stylish “pleather” handbags.

  5. carolyn simpson Says:

    april, there are a lot of bogus bag sites on the net but this one is the real deal. i contacted coach and went to their outlet store and that site is a genuine factory outlet site.. check it out

  6. Sandra Says:

    VanZeeland appeared with Makowsky on QVC just a couple of weeks ago. It was just a walk on for her to say Hello during one of his shows. Then a few days later I hear she is on ShopHQ. Strange.

  7. Becky Says:

    Was surprised to see them selling her bags on ShopHQ over the weekend. I think there was just too much of them on QVC.

  8. Deb Says:

    QVC has been highlighting G.I.L.I. Which are designed by Lisa Robertson and a new designer to QVC, Amy Kestenberg. And a lot of Dooney. KVZ bags were awful and Bruce’s bags aren’t much better, they don’t feature him as much

  9. Tracy B Says:

    If you want some great B Mack bags
    eBay is where I have gotten some great deals and bags have been in wonderful condition

  10. Patty Says:

    I know but I was looking forward to new bags

  11. Jeanette Lytle Says:

    I have two of his bags. Held up great. Loved his bags and miss them. Too bad

  12. Bonnie Bailey Says:

    I Have around 25 of his handbags and shoes, I have never had any problems. I get so many complements, sorry that others had so many problems, wish they were still on QVC, my favorite show out of all of them. Buyer must just be careful and don’t go for the inexpensive bags. Louie Vuitton bags are just great, love the newer styles.

  13. Jeanbeattie Says:

    Can you pay with money order,s

  14. Jane Doe Says:

    I have bought several KVZ bags and am extremely disappointed! Over half of them have fallen apart and I paid a hefty price for them only to realize they were way over priced!! The so called pleather is crap! On every bag it has started peeling off of the cheap fabric it’s sprayed onto. I only used them periodically for dress so there was no abuse or distress, they are just very low quality bags mass produced in China which they have finally sold out to and easily fall apart. I tried emailing KVZ only to inform her company of the problem with her bags, not to ask for refunds or anything but of course I never received any response at all, not even as much as an “I’m sorry”. I am a small business myself, I design and handcraft jewelry, it is not mass produced but I stand by every piece I make and sell with guaranteed satisfaction or I will make it right because I would rather take a small loss than to lose a customer. A good business should never ignore a dissatisfied customer but now seeing their recent wealth and multi million dollar real estate ventures…I guess us small dissatisfied pee-ons were (and are) just the stepping stones that help put them there!! Thanks Kathy!!

  15. mary Says:

    I thought I may be only one having problems. I have about 35 KVZ bags and about 15 maybe more are peeling not small amounts but large areas of damage. Other bags have the lining that is just shredded and cannot be sewn. I have a lot of bags and this wear is not from over use, just cheap material and poor manufacturing. I have emailed the company a few times and like you never even got an I’m sorry. I have written a blog on her facebook site about the issue and am thinking about doing a utube video showing all her purses I have and what they look like, its not about the money its about the no care policy the company seems to have. Thanks for putting this on here at least I don”t feel like I am by myself with this issue. I see Walmart sells some of her bags so maybe at least I may stop someone else from wasting their money on this junk she sells.

  16. Linda Knudson Says:

    Loved my Kathy Bags, haven’t seen them in Dept. Stores since 2012. Yes I know their in Walmart , their not the same. All the wonderful features are gone. Multiple pockets, fancy zippers.soft fabrics

  17. lisa williams Says:

    I also have bought several Kathy Van Zeeland purses and all of them are peeling as well. I’m not hard on my handbags. It is a shame that she can get away with selling products that don’t last. Well like the other lady said she made millions and now is living the good life. Thanks Kathy for your badly made handbags!

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