Handbag Designer Sharif Bids Farewell To HSN

Longtime HSN handbag vendor Sharif El Fouly is leaving the network, to the chagrin and anger of his fans.

He apparently announced the news on his last visit to the No. 2 home shopping channel, which was apparently his swan song. That was on Friday.


“We love you and we will miss you so much!” one woman posted on Facebook. “I bought your handbags before you came to HSN and love everyone of them! You are a very special man, dear friend. I’ve had tears and I don’t like to say good byes so I will say God Bless You and keep You and I will never forget your kindness. <3!"

Wrote another, "Gonna miss you on HSN wishing you all the best thank you for all the beautiful bags."

Yet anther said, "It was very sad to see him leave. He seemed nervous also; which was natural. I wonder why he is leaving — anybody have an ideas? At first I thought maybe going to another shopping channel. Whatever I know we all will miss him and his beautiful bags and accessories and wish him the very best. God bless."

And then there was, "Sending you love and peace. So sorry to see you leave! God bless you for your beautiful bags!!!!❤️🙏"

"Sorry to see you leave HSN," another person posted. "You are a handbag genius, true works of art. Please let us know of your future plans, even if you're moving to another shopping network. I will follow you anywhere.." Just don't retire. Love your handbags."

We never purchased any of his pretty leather purses, but he certainly had a following.

One person suggested that Sharif may be leaving to work on a restaurant he is opening in New York. That's news to us.

Here's what HSN.com has to say about him:

It’s not the same old bag! Sharif designs are created with you in mind: the woman who likes to stand out in a crowd, appear just a tad unusual and surprise her friends with the unexpected.

Sharif considers his work little pieces of art, and that’s what you’ll feel like you’re wearing every time you adorn yourself in one of these unique handbags, accessories or fashion items.


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14 Responses to “Handbag Designer Sharif Bids Farewell To HSN”

  1. Abugail Says:

    Thats too bad, his handbags are just lovely, yet another reason I’ll continue to skip HSN, I wish him all the best.

  2. Vera Says:

    I didn’t know this. I hope it was Sharif’s decision, not HSN’s. I have a couple of his bags and they’re great.
    I miss the late Carlos Falchi. A wonderful man with a marvelous talent. I have several of his bags, and I cherish them.
    Best of luck to Sharif.

    • Julie Says:

      Oh, bummer! I didn’t know this. I watch so infrequently, I’m not up to speed.
      Like you, Vera, I miss Falchi. I tended to buy more from his line. But I have several Sharif bags that I adore. One of the few vendors I like at HSN, and now he’s gone. One more reason to not watch HSN….

    • Barbara Says:

      He will be debuting on Evine. Saw is Victoria Wieck, just saw his promo.


    I have (2) handbags by Sharif that I purchased in 2009. They were supposed to be “leather”- well leather does not fall apart the way these handbags have! I emailed the company I was told that the leather has “broken down”. I sent photos of both handbags and they sent me 2 handbags; plain handbags with the Sharif logo on them. I would NEVER have purchased these trashy handbags! Sharif always says: “you will pass these handbags down to your daughters and grand daughters”! Not these handbags: they will be handed down to the trash! $320.00 worth of TRASH!! My sister has had the disaster with 2 of her HIGH PRICED SHAFIF handbags; so I am sending her their email address.


    I resently wrote to SHARIF DESIGNS about 2 hand bags. It seems that part of the purse was what seemed to be leather: BUT IT WAS NOT!! It began to shred like paper! It peeled EVERYWHERE! They said ” everything begins to break down”!! I sent photos of each purse. The black purse was what seemed to be leather on one side and paper on the other! I am appalled! And another thing; the so-called” leather” on the other side seems to vinyl! I don’t mind vinyl; BUT don’t charge me for leather and give me vinyl!!! Well they said send us your address and we will send you a “gift”. The gift was 2 non- descript handbags that seemed to be made of vinyl! Something I would never purchase!! I am totally disgusted. Maybe they were duped by a vendor; I don’t know ; but they should have made me whole for handbags for which I paid over $150.00 each!!! I told my sister about this and she said the same thing happened to her with 2 handbags from Sharif that she purchased!

  5. Sheila Lee Says:

    I have over 20 Sharif handbags, each one a quality piece and in my opinion a work of art. The hand painted in particular. I bought all but one of them at HSN. Such a pity these lovely handbags are no longer at HSN!

    • Barbara Says:

      He will be debuting on Evine. Saw is Victoria Wieck, just saw his promo.


        I may watch; but after buying 3 or 4 phony Sharif handbags from HSN, I don’t know if I can take the chance. Especially because I was NOT compensated for the handbags that were made of paper instead leather…..

  6. Barbara Says:

    Sharif will be debuting on Evine as is Victoria Wieck. Just saw the promo. Every good designer is leaving HSN.

  7. Sarah Stallworth Says:

    I just saw Sharif on the Evine channel today 11/30/17. They said it was his premier, first time. Hallelujah! He has risen!

  8. Matilde Zulueta Says:

    I have the same experience with Clyde Linda Matthews with her bag. I also purchased a supposedly leather handbag with floral painting with Sharif when he was still in HSN but when I checked he is no longer with the network. The leather handbag was purchased for $158 but the painting started to peel off after only 2 months of use. I tried to locate where I can complain but he is no longer in any of the network until I found just lately that he is now trading with Evine. Do no purchase any leather handbag with this logo since the quality sucks.

  9. Sharif ElFouly Says:

    Yes we are on EVINE. Thank you all for the support.
    Matilde, will you please contact us thru facebook or email pictures of your purse to sales@sharifdesign.com
    It’s unfortunate you got an obviously defective handbag & that shouldn’t happen. Apologies.

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