Christian Lacroix Brings Handbags To HSN

We’re having trouble keeping up with those busy bees at HSN. Now the home shopping network ls premiering a handbag collection from high-end French designer Christian Lacroix.

The line is called CXL by Christian Lacroix, with purses in the $60-to-$90 range.

“Since the creation of the couture house on 1987 Christian Lacroix’s style is unique, exuberant, colorful and baroque,” says.

As we recall, back in the day Lacroix was known for his big, full, short skirts.

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3 Responses to “Christian Lacroix Brings Handbags To HSN”

  1. Trina Dade Says:

    Speaking of HSN’s new entries, today I was watching HSN’s Melissa McCarthy line, Seven7. I noticed everything in the first hour of new items only had missy sizes!! Melissa has lost a lot of weight, and looks so pretty, but she was pretty heavier as well. I looked on the website and saw that some older things in her line were still offered in the missy through plus sizes industry standard. However, there were a few items that were offered in one entry as missy sizes only and then another entry of the same item in plus only. What is this? Melissa now has become, in her new slim persona, snobbish and wants to deal only in smaller sizes??? That does not fit with her previous image. I always imagined her as someone very democratic in her love of everyone, and, in turn, everyone loved her. I did notice that some of these celebrity designers, Betsy Johnson comes to mind, offered their line only in missy sizing. What is this? With the government program, National Institutes for Health, putting out statistics like these: 63.2% of white women are overweight, 77.% of Hispanic women are overweight, and 82% of black women are overweight, it seems to me that it would be a financial disaster for home shopping networks to start eliminating plus sizes. And I can’t believe that Melissa McCarthy’s line would survive without these women. Whether Melissa likes it or not, right now, her image is that of a plus size woman. Is HSN this out of touch with American realities? Dolce & Gabanna, Isaac Mizrahi, Bob Mackie, and Dennis Basso and other designers who are world renown for dressing the thinnest of celebrities, did not decide to cut out 60-70% of the market, when they joined the home shopping world.

    • Annette Says:

      I totally and.completely agree with your point about the plus sizes, Trina. HSN is a low brow outfit trying to be “chic” and “high end”.

      On the other hand, however, any plus size gals out there who are feeling left out by McCarthy’s lack of plus sizes….DON’T. I’ve ordered some of her clothes and they are complete junk. I’m not plus sized, but I can assure you, you are not missing anything. The clothes at Walmart are made better, and are a fraction of the price. No more clothes from HSN for me. Colleen’s stuff is bad, too….cheap construction, sizes are off, and some of the clothes are scratchy against the skin, or shed all over. Save your money, ladies.

      As for Lacroix, I’m guessing that his stuff will be a much cheaper version of his usual line…just like Badgley Mischka was. I wouldn’t buy any of it. And I’m surprised at these ” high end designers” putting out a junk line of stuff for HSN. One would think their reputation would mean more than designing a junk line for a sleezy home shopping channel.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    I agreee

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