Got A Problem With A Makowsky Bag? Call QVC. If You Bought One Elsewhere, You’re Apparently Screwed: Think Twice About The TSV Boots

The complaints keep coming into our blog about women having trouble with pricey B. Makowsky handbags, which are sold on QVC and in retail.

The problem remains that while Bruce Makowsky keeps boasting about his so-soft, untreated “naked leather” purses, that leather can bleed ink when it gets wet.

Women are complaining to us that B. Makowsky has no company phone number that customers can call to get a remedy for their reuined bags. Here’s the company website, and we can’t find any contact names or numbers on it.

Over the weekend we asked QVC PR about this issue, which is timely since Makowsky has the Today’s Special Value Monday, a pair of soft leather slouch boots for $160.

Here’s what QVC told us Monday:

“We received your inquiry about a customer service number for B. Makowsky handbags. If your readers are having issues with B. Makowsky bags purchased through QVC, they should call our customer service line at 1.800.367.9444. They would be more than happy to help resolve any issues customers are experiencing. Thank you!”

So ladies, let us know what happens when you contact QVC with any complaints about your B. Makowsky handbags.

And we guess if we didn’t buy your “bleeding” Makowsky bag at QVC, you’re screwed.

Not the best way to treat your customers, Bruce. No phone number for dissatisfied customers to reach your company?

And if we were QVC, we’d think twice about dealing with a vendor who has created ill will with the handbags he sells at places like Macy’s — or that wind up at TJ Maxx.

And in light of the problems with the handbags, we’d think twice before ordering any of the Makowsky boots. If the purses bleed dye when they get wet, what will happen to the boots?

Makowsky, for those out of the loop, is married to fellow handbag designer Kathy Van Zeeland, who also sells her purses at QVC.

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9 Responses to “Got A Problem With A Makowsky Bag? Call QVC. If You Bought One Elsewhere, You’re Apparently Screwed: Think Twice About The TSV Boots”

  1. wendy lazar Says:

    I am sure you’ve seen this many times before, but:
    I bought a B. Makowsky TSV November/December 2009.
    I had the bag at least 3 months and had been using it daily when the paint on the edge of the handles began to peel off.

    I called QVC and they told me to send the bag back to them for a full refund, which is what I did.

    But…when i tried to post a comment on the QVC site regarding this transaction, which was a positive one for QVC (negative for B. Makosky) they refused to publish it.

    I think they didn’t want everyone who had the bag past the 30 day return period finding out that they would take them back!!!

    I say, always call QVC customer service, they tend to be quite helpful.

    BTW I have not and will not purchase any more B. Makowsky products.

    Thanks for listening…

  2. treebark Says:

    They are not “Bruce’s customers.” They are the customers of Li & Fung Limited, a Hong Kong corporation, who purchased the BM, KVZ and Tignanello brands a few years ago. L & F does have an American subsidiary, The Millworks Trading Co., Ltd., a/k/a LF USA. Direct your complaints there.

  3. Helene Says:

    Contact for B Makowsky:

    VZI Investment Corp.
    1359 Broward
    21st Floor
    New Yory, NY 10018

  4. Daphne Says:

    Never bought one of his as I think they are way over priced, got one for my Mom from Kathy’s line, she loved the bag, but, to get rid of the SMELL took a month or so, and, talk about being embarrassed, no more for me! And one of the reasons I’m doing less shopping on all the networks, over priced made in China stuff that I could get if I wanted around the corner.

  5. CL Says:

    Thanks for the info…you saved me $249 which I was about to spend at QVC on a BM camo bag. Glad I investigated first ! Won’t EVER be buying his junk.

  6. schoenenonline Says:


    […]Got A Problem With A Makowsky Bag? Call QVC. If You Bought One Elsewhere, You’re Apparently Screwed: Think Twice About The TSV Boots « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

  7. Teri Givender Says:

    Good day my sons bought me a CVZ handbag.
    The bag is gold and i dont use it alot but the bag is peeling off.It is sad because my sons put their saving together to purchase this very expensive bag for me.

  8. Fedora Says:

    I’d been partial to CVZ’s handbags after buying my first a few years ago. However, two peeled horribly, only after owning them for a couple years. I have one that’s made mostly of fabric; it is my oldest and the handles are beginning to peel horribly; first, the fabric started to fade (black color). I was going to go ahead and purchase another, but on Ebay, to not pay full price, because I love the unique styles of her bags. I’ve decided to hold off on that idea and try to find another brand to get hooked on. Glad I came across this thread because I’d been wondering why I never saw Kathy on QVC anymore. I’m also thankful for the negative comments about her hubby’s handbags, because a couple of months ago, a woman was suggesting I buy his after I told her I was partial to Kathy’s; guess she hadn’t experienced the color coming off when wet problem yet. Thanks, everyone, for your honesty and for forewarning the public! God bless!

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