Jewelry Designer Judith Ripka Totes Her Handbags To QVC

Guess we’ve been asleep at the wheel again, but we only just noticed that upscale jewelry designer Judith Ripka is now selling handbags, as well as baubles and bling, on QVC.

We saw at least 15 purses on from Ripka. They all have a classic, high-end look, and range in price from $150 to $300.

Manhattanite Ripka has named each of her handbags after a neighborhood or street in the Big Apple, monikers such as Soho, Grammercy, Astor, Waverly and Sutton. Most of the reviews are pretty good.

We guess Ripka is taking a page out of QVC queen Joan Rivers’ book. The comedian started out doing jewelry for the home shopping network and then branched out into items like purses and apparel.

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One Response to “Jewelry Designer Judith Ripka Totes Her Handbags To QVC”

  1. honey Says:

    I am horrified to find that she is putting copies of her couture pieces on qvc. I have paid thousands of dollars, for an exclusive look – and now I find that it is on qvc. She has lost couture customer, and probably many more. If she wants to do qvc only – I wish her luck – I hope they love her in Nebraska, because this New Yorker sure doesn’t.

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