QVC Buyer Beware: Don’t Get Caught In The Rain With A B. Makowsky Handbag

There’s a hubbub about B. Makowsky’s handbags on QVC’s online forums, with some information that we had never heard about the products: They bleed.

It started off when one poster complained that the color from one of Makowsky’s pricey handbags from QVC had bled onto a Coach purse that she had sitting next to it.

“It was my error I did not have the dust covers on,” the poster wrote. “(QVC) Corporate told me that all B. Makowsky handbags come with a ‘warning’ about the leather. I did purchase one myself in bone color, but do not remember a warning. Also she told me his metallic handbags come with a warning ‘not to get wet.’ Any information would be appreciated. There is no way to get in touch with B. Makowsky, there is no customer service number, anywhere, including his website and also his facebook page.”

Needless to say, since handbags are worn in all types of weather, the fact that dye transfers off these bags isn’t a very good selling point in our book, and for many QVC customers.

Several posts noted that in fact the B. Makowsky bags do have a tag warning about not getting them wet.

One woman said she looked at one of the tags in Macy’s, and it said, “The fine quality leather this handbag is crafted from will showcase subtle shading & varying textures which are part of the desired effect and not to be considered flaws. Due to the nature of this n*aked leather, color transfer may occur. Choose your favorite, and enjoy.”

Enjoy? How can we enjoy the color running from a Makowsky purse bleeding our clothes or furniture?

Here’s how the thread went about the bags, from women who feel the same way we do.

“Had there been anything like that, the bag would have been returned as soon as I had finished reading either warning,” one poster wrote. “How can one have a bag that can’t get wet? Am I supposed to stick it under my shirt if I am out and it starts to rain? It the bag is not colorfast, then it should not be offered for sale. Let’s do some quality control, Bruce!”

Another apparently very affluent QVC viewer chimed in, “I never had a problem with my BM bag until I was caught in the rain. After getting into the car, I put my ‘damp’ bag on my leather seat. When I got home and picked up my bag, the color red had transferred to my white leather seats. QVC did nothing. Good luck. I would never buy one of his bags ever again. P.S. The Jaguar dealer was able to remove some of the stain, but not all of it.”

Another poster said that a saleswoman at Nordstrom told her they get a lot of complaints about the color coming off Makowsky handbags.

One poster mentioned that this problem is because Bruce Makowsky, who is married to bling bag queen Kathy Van Zeeland, used “naked leather” for his purses. Coincidentally, we heard a handbag designer on HSN Tuesday night also talk about “naked leather,” the first time I’d ever heard this term.

By the way, the woman whose BK bag’s dye ran onto her Coach purse said QVC corporate was really trying to help her and put her in contact with a rep from B. Makowsky.

But we won’t be buying any B. Makowsky handbags, from QVC, Nordstrom, TJ Maxx or anyplace else.

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23 Responses to “QVC Buyer Beware: Don’t Get Caught In The Rain With A B. Makowsky Handbag”

  1. whoever Says:

    Holy crap!!! What a sheister!! I wonder if this bleeding business also applies to the Tignanello bags – they’re under his umbrella (no pun intended) of products. He’s probably glad he wasted no time spending that $15 million on that vacation house before the complaints start rolling in.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    I just bought a Tiganello bag at TJ Maxx, so I hope not. I’m going to check for any warning tags right now.

  3. sandydc Says:

    I’ve heard these complaints for a while now. My first BM bag was a purple one and at the time I had a white winter coat. No problem at all. I’ve since had them in green, brandy, and the taupey color — the last I had a problem with. It is so light that almost anything will stain it. If you’re at all picky about stains, don’t buy a lighter color. Common sense would say that you don’t get a leather bag wet. Damp — it happens in rain and snow and I’ve always been fine. But wet? That doesn’t make sense for a fine leather bag.

  4. Patty Bowen Says:

    I will NEVER by a purse from Bruce Makowsky or his wife ever again.
    I bought a black, beautiful bag and it bleed all over my new white top. I was so Po’d, and it wasn’t even wet. There is no one to contact at his
    company, that should have told me something. I di how ever take the
    bag back to Macy’s and got my money refunded. What a shame. This
    designer is out of my life for good. I guess this is how the rich get richer
    with faultey products. Naked leather my back side, who ever heard of that.

  5. jewel64 Says:

    “Naked Leather” translates to “cost cutting” so that Bruce Makowsky can get richer but still charge outrageous prices for his bags. You never heard of this with leather bags back in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s. This fraudulent sales pitch is an excuse for poor quality.

    I buy Kathy Van Zeeland bags, but have a problem with dye transfer on her nappa bags. One of her black suede with croc bled onto my pink Kathy bag, so beware.

  6. Tammy Whitehead Says:

    Disappointed, I could’nt be more with BM. I purchased a black bag and just like the others on this site have mentioned, it bleeds all over your clothing. I don’t know what tag is attached to the purse telling you of the purses downfall–I would have keep my money if I had read that. To bad Mr. BM and QVC don’t mention that while on the air either. And it does’nt surprise me one bit that as consumers we can’t find a phone number or customer service to assist. Well you live and learn, and anyone reading these comments to learn not to buy these purses. Here’s to getting rich from products that bleed.

    Keep you money away from BM!!!!

  7. j. walker Says:

    I purchased a black handbag from macy’s today. (BMakowsky)

    i was thrilled to find it so lightweight. most hand bags made this year are too heavy for my arm and shoulder. it was a perfect shape for my body.

    i love the look of it.

    I am 5’2 130 lbs. Every time I find right shape and color, it is difficult to carry.

    It is bad enough women ruin their feet with outrageously high heels to keep in fashion. MINE ARE 2 ” AND SEXY.

    Must we sacrifice posture also?

    i am glad I read these comments, I will reurn it tomorow.

    I did read warning on tag on my handbag. that is when I decided to

    I bought a Micheal Kors bag two mpnths. greenish-blue.have not noticed transfer of color yet. $400.

    i wiil be aware of wetness near it.

    Never take my best bags out in rain . I put them in a plastic bag and carry them until inside at at work or elsewear.

    We women should complain more “these are my clothes I bought them. I depend on me” and my money. I want it well spent.

  8. mae Says:

    OMG!!! Thank u ladys for the information on the bleeding bruce M, bags….was gonna save up and purchase one———-NOT NOW OR EVER!—-and QVC and mr. b. should be ashamed of themselves for not making the consumers aware of such a horrible problem!

  9. Kathy Says:

    I too bought a BM bag.. Beautiful Dijon color.. I got caught in the rain.. not a downpour by any means.. but a sprinkle.. the color faded everywhere..I am so disappointed..You are riight.. there is not way to contact him in any manner to complain.. I dont go around spending $200.00 on purses .. it was a real treat for me to do so.. and thought is would last for years..nope.. a couple months of use.. then ruined.. and the fact you can not contact him or get anyone to let you exhange it is awful!

  10. Got A Problem With A Makowsky Bag? Call QVC. If You Bought One Elsewhere, You’re Apparently Screwed: Think Twice About The TSV Boots « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss Says:

    […] keeps boasting about his so-soft, untreated “naked leather” purses, that leather can bleed ink when it gets […]

  11. Biotin side Effects Says:

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  12. CL Says:

    Thanks so much for the info ladies ! Was seriously contemplating buying a BM camo bag from QVC for $249 but saw a few bad reviews and decided to investigate further. Glad I did. I will NEVER buy a bag from this maker. I have many Coach bags..and a Michael Kors-no problems, guess I will stick with them..

  13. pissed of and disappointed Says:

    I loved the look of the b.mak…bags for so long! When I found one @ century 21 in nyc I was so happy. I quicly purchased it and paid $115 for it. I was so happy! Until it ruined my clothes regardless of how I tried to condition the leather etc.. So embarressed ! FuckU and ur wife bruce! *extra extra :don’t buy B.makowsky bags!!!*

  14. Liz Says:

    Well I got roped into a BM bag from QVC, it’s a bronze zippered front, really beautiful, cost 177.00. Only used it a week, it has a pocket on the reverse side for my cell phone, the bronze color has rubbed off, now there are grey patches on the back of the bag. Lucky I did purchase from QVC, at least I will get a refund. I have purchased bags that were not as expensive as this and have held up great. So disappointed, QVC should stop selling these bags, and listen to the customers.

  15. Ambrose Says:

    I must appreciate the attempts you’ve made in writing this posting. It has been an encouragement in my situation. I have transferred this onto a friend. thankyou

  16. Pam Says:

    I just bought a BM black leather bag from QVC; it was delivered today. I love the size, weight & style of the bag. Now I’m scared to carry it for fear the color will rub off. I only looked at the comments on the order page talking about how wonderful a handbag it is. When I buy a handbag, I carry it all the time and I try to buy a nice one. Don’t know whether to send it back or keep it………

  17. Sandra Hendricks Says:

    I have several BM bags and have not had any problems with any of them. I will continue to buy his bags. Sandy H. Frontenac Kansas

  18. JJ Says:

    Have you noticed that in the year 2013 that B. Mac bags weren’told on QVC very often, at least not like they used to be! And when this brand has recently been sold on QVC, their show time is 1 a.m. EST!!! — And THIS is his only ONE time slot! I bet he won’t even be on the show selling his bags either … He’s rarely on the show now.

    I think since that he’s now ‘into’ selling his electronics (his new business), his handbags have taken the proverbial ‘back seat’ with his interests.

  19. JJ Says:

    Have you noticed that in the year 2013 that B. Mak bags weren’t sold on QVC very often, at least not like they used to be! And when this brand has recently been sold on QVC, their show time is 1 a.m. EST!!! — And THIS is his only ONE time slot! I bet he won’t even be on the show selling his bags either … He’s rarely on the show now.

    I think since that he’s now ‘into’ selling his electronics (his new business), his handbags have taken the proverbial ‘back seat’ with his interests.

  20. Donna Gilligan Says:

    I just wondered if you had heard this one about QVC. I was a very good customer from 1994 until about 6 or 7 years ago when the company banned me from buying from them. YES THEY REFUSED TO LET ME ORDER FROM QVC! Why because I returned too many items. They constantly tell customers to return anything they aren’t fully satisfied with.Well apparently that only goes so far and when they say you are banned it is for life. I wonder if the public knows this.I have tried to become reinstated but to no avail. They will not even respond to my written requests. So now I mostly shop HSN or other retailers.But I really thought your fans should know the truth.

  21. Lyssa L Cox Says:

    I just want to say I have been reviewing the reviews about the b.makowsky bags and one thing I noticed is that women are complaining that how can you use a bag in all kinds of weather and it get ruined or bleed or what have you listen ladies there are certain materials that you do not wear or use in certain weather. It’s always been that way. You shouldn’t carry a suede pocketbook or a nice suede jacket in the rain it’s not for that whether it’s for when it’s cold not for wet same would go with a purse and you have to remember that dyes that I use are dyes these are colors that also happened with jeans not just bags and other type of clothing but I am glad to hear that there was a warning label on the bags certain bags and certain materials can be used in certain types of weather in certain places.

    However I would have a problem with these bags if the color is rubbing off on your clothing now when it comes to leather bags I was always taught by people who were in fashion and very classy dresses when you have leather be at shoes or what-have-you you need to treat the bag you need to condition it I had a very well-known leather bag designer bag and it was black and I bought it it’s still last it’s over 15 years old still looks good but I only use that bag once in awhile because it’s black in the black has rubbed off on my clothes but I had never had a chance to treat the bag I bought it at a second hand store also in excellent condition.

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