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Is QVC’s Today’s Special Value Special Anymore?

December 23, 2019

We’ll chime in on this: Does QVC’s Today’s Special Value matter anymore?

Someone on Facebook complained that since QVC no longer offers a single, one-day special value — but rather like a half dozen of them that last more than a day — does the term TSV even have any importance anymore?

It doesn’t to us.

Like other Q followers, we used to tune into QVC at midnight faithfully each night to see what the special deal was. Now that’s meaningless. And we aren’t even sure nowadays when a so-called TSV ends. Are they good for a week now?

It kinda stinks.

Kate Somerville’s QVC TSV Is One Big Defective Dud

May 20, 2014

It looks like other QVC shoppers that picked up the recent Kate Somerville Today’s Special Value were as disappointed — and pissed off — as us. The damned dispenser doesn’t work! Talk about one big dud!

Somerville, skin expert for the Hollywood stars, recently offered a “dual-phase” serum at the TSV. It included Vitamin C “matrix” and an omega skin serum in side-by-side chambers, each with it own pump to dispense the stuff.$uslarge$

The idea was to pump both dispensers at the same time to get equal amounts of both treatments to put on your skin every night. We ordered it on auto-delivery, and we were excited to get it.

The first time we tried to use it, only the Vitamin C lotion came out, not the skin serum. We thought maybe we just weren’t pushing that other pump hard enough.

So we tried it the next night, and again, nothing came out of the skin serum dispenser. The next day we called QVC customer service and said the item was defective and we needed to return it. The rep asked if we wanted a refund or a replacement, and we opted for the replacement.

We hope that wasn’t a mistake, because we later checked the customer reviews on the Somerville product and it seems we we’re the only ones with a shoddy dispenser. Where the hell was quality control with this item?

Here are some of the comments:

“Returning this item. Very disappointed. Dispenser design needs to be trashed and taken back to the drawing board.”

“I was very excited and hopeful this seemed to be such a great product. My high hopes were brought down when I got the item. The pump doesn’t work well at all. You have to keep pumping to get a little bit of product out and never at the same time as the other side as they don’t ever work at the same time. For such a pricey product I expected better :(”

“I have used this once. Worked fine, now one side will not dispense any product! Where is the quality control on this product? It is going back and I don’t think I should be responsible for return shipping costs.”

“Didn’t get to try as one side pump did not work out of the box. Returned and will try another one. It sounds like the product would be very nice so looking forward to trying. If the replacement bottle is defective, will return and not try again.”

“Had to return because one side pump didn’t work. too expensive to risk replacing. just returned so don’t know if product works.”

“I read all of the other reviews and was surprised that everyone had the same problem. I don’t know why I buy Somerville’s products – like the original packaging of Exfolikate which didn’t work, neither does this one. I get the ‘yellow’ or the retinol side, but it’s almost like the other side is totally empty! I too will send it back!”

“Oy. Same problem as other people seem to be having – one of the pumps is broken. Very frustrating. I am going to return it, of course, but meanwhile I ordered another one, so that I can get it faster. I hope the second one works… I have high hopes for this stuff.”

“Opened box first day and only one side of the pump worked. Disappointed! Sending back will not reorder.”

“I was so excited to try this product. However, after pumping a long, long time only one side pumped out a tiny bit. I returned the product and I hope the replacement product works perfectly.”

“The pumps on my bottles didn’t work either. So I was unable to try this product. When I read about this problem I figured I’d just pump each one separately unfortunately no matter how I tried either together or separately and no matter how many pumps I gave this I couldn’t get anything out. Back it goes.”

Do you see a theme here? We hope our replacement works.

Why, Why, Why?: Dennis Basso Perfume, HSN Billboards And Coke On HSN

December 8, 2012

There are many things that perplex us in life, and we are going to talk about three that got to us today.

First of all, in one of the five newspapers who scan each day, we saw an ad for Dennis Basso perfume. This old queen from New Jersey has QVC’s Friday Today’s Special Value, a reversible faux fur coat. We looked online, and QVC is also hawking his perfume today.

We guess if Snooki can do a perfume, most anyone can, including booming Basso. But why? He’s a furrier and upscale coat designer who slums on QVC. Why do we need perfume from him?

Dennis Basso

Dennis Basso

Next, this afternoon we were driving on Route 3 in East Rutherford, N.J., near the Meadowlands Sports Complex,, where the Giants play, and we swear we so a digital billboard for HSN. Maybe we misread it. We do need new contact lens, after all. A highway billboard? Were we hallucinating?

Third, we got a press release about HSN’s partnership with the Coca-Cola Co. “to create a robust and entertaining multi-year merchandise, marketing and digital experience that sparks further collaboration with both brands in 2013.”

The marriage will “intertwine” the Coca-Cola brand into HSN’s programming events throughout the year including seasonal celebrations.

“The partnership will include the most extensive online store of Coca-Cola merchandise in the world, HSN merchandise added to the My Coke Rewards store for Coke fans, as well as engaging programming and unique multiplatform content throughout the year,” the release said.

Wow, Coke items. Whoop-de-do!

We’d be embarrassed to be walking around with stuff that had the Coke logo emblazoned on it.

There is one saving grace for this partnership. A HSN Cares campaign with Diet Coke in support of The Heart Truth will be launched in February.

“We are very excited about this robust partnership between HSN and The Coca-Cola Company in 2013. True collaborative partnerships inspire our organization, our partners and most importantly our customers,” said Bill Brand, HSN’s executive vice president of programming, marketing and business development. “HSN is dedicated to offering our customers fun, engaging retail opportunities and we look forward to introducing the HSN experience to a new audience and evoking that iconic moment of happiness that embodies the Coca-Cola brand.”

Bill, say what?

Supposedly “perfect for anyone on your holiday gift list” (not anyone on our’s), the HSN assortment of Coca-Cola-branded merchandise will include “popular” Coca-Cola items “as well as never before seen, exclusive products that will excite everyone from the casual enthusiast to the avid collector.”

Sorry, we can’t see anyone getting really excited about this stuff.

The extraordinary collection spans a variety of styles from modern to nostalgic and feature items across all categories including kitchen appliances, home decor, toys, sporting goods, and fashion. When the store is complete on, it will be the largest online Coca-Cola store in the world.

HSN Cares, the philanthropic arm of HSN, will be partnering with Diet Coke on the The Heart Truth campaign, a national awareness campaign for women about heart disease, sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

Dedicating the entire month of February to heart health awareness, HSN will create exclusive merchandise where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to programs supporting women’s heart health. HSN will also support the cause with a 24-hour dress event featuring specially designed red dresses by HSN’s designers and be a part of the annual Red DressSM event during New York Fashion Week.

“Partnering with HSN gives us the opportunity to leverage their innovative digital platforms and engaged customer base to introduce the world of Coca-Cola to a whole new audience,” said Stuart Kronauge, vice president of Coca-Cola Trademark Brands at Coca-Cola Co. “Fans of our brand will be able to experience it like never before, and we look forward to working with HSN to elevate our brand in new and exciting ways.”

TV Chef Lidia Bastianich Lands First QVC TSV Wednesday

March 8, 2011

TV chef Lidia Bastianich will have her first Today’s Special Value on QVC Wednesday, a three-piece hand-painted stoneware set. It will be selling for $49.38.

Here’s the scoop on it:

Add a touch of Italy to your table with this beautiful stoneware trio from renowned chef Lidia Bastianich. Showcasing a handpainted scroll motif designed by Lidia herself, the bakeware set makes supper extra special–and oven-to-table convenience more attractive than ever.

The big Italian family dinner–it’s something every household can appreciate. With three beautiful bakers of different sizes, this set is perfect for serving favorite recipes, family-style. Use the large dish for roasting meats and veggies or other main courses. Prepare side dishes like casseroles or stuffed shells in the medium baker. The small baker is perfect for desserts and smaller sides–or just meals for one or two. Because the dishes are stoneware, they can go right in the oven and then straight to the table. They make a pretty presentation for any occasion.

Bellisimo! The bakers’ design, inspired by a salad bowl owned by Lidia’s grandmother, has an intentional time-worn beauty that looks like it’s been in your family for generations. Graduated shading and a subtle hammered-like texture help achieve the rustic, antique look–it’s an old-world style you can appreciate now.

Already love Lidia? The set matches her other popular QVC serving dishes perfectly. Just getting started? The pieces are subtle enough to work in almost any kitchen. Choose your favorite from the decorative colors offered, and serve friends and family with unmistakable Italian flair.

And here’s QVC’s description of Bastianich, information courtesty of Lidia:

Lidia Bastianich has contributed significantly to America’s burgeoning appreciation for Italian cuisine over the past two decades through her cookbooks and television series. Now she wants to bring some of her kitchen into the homes of her loyal fans.

Hot, As In Sexy, Jewelry Designer Michael Dawkins’ QVC TSV Cuff Sells Out

January 9, 2011

Designer Michael Dawkins, good looking and charming, had a bit hit with his Today’s Special Value for QVC’s Sterling Designer Gallery Day. He sold out 10,000 of the limited edition piece by 7 a.m. Sunday. It was supposed to last the whole day.

We first spotted his wide petal cuff on host Lisa Robertson on Friday night — you couldn’t miss it — and was wondering who the designer was. It kind of looked like a John Hardy piece, but of course we knew it wasn’t.

The bracelet was online Saturday, and when we watched Designer Day kick off with Dawkins and Robertson at 11 p.m., Lisa spilled the beans, saying that the big cuff was the TSV for Sunday, coming at midnight.

The piece looked weighty, and was $180, on three Easy Pays. We think that Dawkins said it was 50 grams of silver.

By 12:30 a.m., just half an hour after its debut, 7,500 of the supply of 10,000 cuffs had already sold out. It was gone by 7 a.m., as we said.

Two viewers called in and said that they had vowed they wouldn’t be buying any jewelry this year, that they didn’t need it. But they admitted that they succumbed and had ordered the TSV, that they couldn’t resist it.

“I tried to talk myself out of it,” one woman said.

So much for New Year’s resolutions. That’s why we never make any.

We like the fact that the cuff, and most of Dawkins’ bracelets, come in small, medium and large. Our wrist is 5 1/2 inches, and we can never get a bracelet or cuff that fits.

Got A Problem With A Makowsky Bag? Call QVC. If You Bought One Elsewhere, You’re Apparently Screwed: Think Twice About The TSV Boots

November 15, 2010

The complaints keep coming into our blog about women having trouble with pricey B. Makowsky handbags, which are sold on QVC and in retail.

The problem remains that while Bruce Makowsky keeps boasting about his so-soft, untreated “naked leather” purses, that leather can bleed ink when it gets wet.

Women are complaining to us that B. Makowsky has no company phone number that customers can call to get a remedy for their reuined bags. Here’s the company website, and we can’t find any contact names or numbers on it.

Over the weekend we asked QVC PR about this issue, which is timely since Makowsky has the Today’s Special Value Monday, a pair of soft leather slouch boots for $160.

Here’s what QVC told us Monday:

“We received your inquiry about a customer service number for B. Makowsky handbags. If your readers are having issues with B. Makowsky bags purchased through QVC, they should call our customer service line at 1.800.367.9444. They would be more than happy to help resolve any issues customers are experiencing. Thank you!”

So ladies, let us know what happens when you contact QVC with any complaints about your B. Makowsky handbags.

And we guess if we didn’t buy your “bleeding” Makowsky bag at QVC, you’re screwed.

Not the best way to treat your customers, Bruce. No phone number for dissatisfied customers to reach your company?

And if we were QVC, we’d think twice about dealing with a vendor who has created ill will with the handbags he sells at places like Macy’s — or that wind up at TJ Maxx.

And in light of the problems with the handbags, we’d think twice before ordering any of the Makowsky boots. If the purses bleed dye when they get wet, what will happen to the boots?

Makowsky, for those out of the loop, is married to fellow handbag designer Kathy Van Zeeland, who also sells her purses at QVC.

Jewelry Master Robert Lee Morris Shows Off His TSV, And X-Ray Of His New Thumb Bone, On QVC

July 8, 2010

The X-ray of Robert Lee Morris's new thumb bone

We’re feeling rather frazzled and overwhelmed this week, so it’s the right time to tune in to award-winning jewelry artist Robert Lee Morris — he of the Zen-like manner — on QVC.

If you haven’t heard of Robert, then you are not a jewelry geek. His sleek, rounded high-end jewelry is used on the runway by fashion designers like Donna Karan, but several years ago he created an affordable line, RLM Studio, for QVC.

He crafts organic and nature-inspired jewelry usually in sterling silver, but he is doing gold-plated, brass and copper pieces for his QVC line now as well.

Robert is a New Age guy: His pieces are all symbolic and spiritual. He describes it as “jewelry that has soul.”

What other jewelry vendor talks about Carl Jung and chi when he’s hawking his wares on a home shopping network?

Robert, the calmest person we have ever seen, has QVC’s Today’s Special Value Thursday. It’s a symbol-link silver and brass bracelet for $115.

Robert, who celebrated his birthday Wednesday, blogged about the symbolism of his TSV.

He also blogged about his surgery. Robert even posted an X-ray of thumb bone, which was replaced.

He is wearing a bandage on his left arm on-air, and said he has “bionic wrist joints” now. All those 40 years of hammering jewelry at a bench has taken it toll on Robert’s arms.

Robert said he will also need surgery on his right arm.

Just In Time For Easter, QVC’s Isaac Mizrahi Lays Another Egg With His TSV: Continued Disappointment With This Talented Designer

March 29, 2010

We had high hopes when we heard that designer Isaac Mizrahi was coming to QVC. We met and interviewed him almost a decade ago, and he was delightful. And we loved his clothes at Target.

As we’ve said before (sorry if you’ve read this already), we wore a $59 black cocktail dress that Mizrahi did for Target to the Emmy Awards in LA in 2008. And, we swear we’re not bragging, we looked just as good as many of the women who had thousand-dollar gowns. We dressed up that LBD with big jewelry and were good to go.

But after all the hype that QVC generated about Mizrahi coming on board, when his line debuted we weren’t very impressed. But we have tried to keep an open mind. When we heard he was doing the Today’s Special Value for Monday, we were looking forward to seeing it. Well, it was quite the disappointment, as has been the rest of his QVC collection.

It’s a scoop neck knit top with “embellishment,” namely a few jeweled flowers and a denim/grosgrain ribbon flower pin, which is removable. The TSV is $40.

That top is as uninspired and pedestrian, and even ugly with the “embellishment,” as it could get. Isaac, what is wrong with you?

We checked out the QVC online forums to see what posters thought, and they echoed our gripes about the TSV.

Here are some of the brutal comments on the Mizrahi top:

“My computer broken or are we not even talking about Issac’s TSV? I don’t want it, it is just not for me. This is the first time in a year that I have not seen people talking about the new fashion TSV. Bad sign, I think.”

“My first thought was K-mart meets Quacker Factory. I have nothing against the man, but somehow I feel insulted by this item.”

“I am all for stimulating the economy and I wish him great success but I would only order it at the $19 end. And he could keep the pins.”

“$45.00? Wait a sec. Did I see and read this correctly? $45.00 TSV is a cheap tacky T-shirt that is selling for $45.00 (after S&H) that is just insane!!!”

“You aren’t the only ones who dislike this merchandise line, trust me. TSV is just ridiculous! Who on earth…. WHY on earth would anyone wear something like that unless it was their child’s art project???…And topping it all off? That huge black ribbon thing reminds me of something a person wears as a gesture of mourning. Personally I think QVC needs to step it up and dump some of the ‘Blue Light specials’ that it pushes on us. Actually this would work great as a Blue Light special but the price would have to be slashed from $45.00 to maybe $9.99.”

“Walmart wouln’t even sell that — that is horrific and a ridiculous price.”

“Methinks its headed for the clearance section…I like Isaac and have a few of this things but this top doesn’t say spring to me.”

Yes, these ladies are frank. But we happen to agree with them.

Isaac, you better step up your game. Please bring the zing and zest your Target collection had to the Q.

QVC Confessions: We Broke Down And Ordered the Clarisonic

March 27, 2010

We hate to admit this, but Saturday we lost al control and ordered the the mini-Clarisonic skin cleansing system that is QVC’s Today’s Special Value. It’s $120, on three payments.

QVC sold the larger version during Christmas, and we cursed everytime we saw a presentation, which was several times a day.

Now, when we look in the mirror and our skin looks dull, our pores are large, and it’s time to take action. We read the online reviews of the Mia Clarisonic and it almost all the posters gave it five-stars, Women raved about what it did for their skin.

So let’s see.

Is This Wrapped 28 Carat Crystal Quartz Enhancer QVC’s Feb. 10 Today’s Special Value?

February 7, 2010

Is this crystal quartz enhancer Wednesday's TSV?

This post is for jewelry geeks only: The stealthy posters on QVC’s jewelry forum say they know what the Today’s Special Value is for Wednesday.

The item is a 28 carat faceted crystal quartz enhancer, which is wrapped in yellow, white or rose gold wire. It is from Vicenza Style, item number J148856.

The pendant, at a pricey $203, is up on QVC’s site right now, so we don’t know if that knocks it out as a potential TSV.

The elongated pendant is featured in QVC’s February program guide, but not identified as the TSV.