Got A Foot Fetish? Footwear News Names HSN Retailer Of The Year

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman should go out and treat herself to a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes: HSN was just named retailer of the year by Footwear News.

The trade paper wrote that Grossman turned HSN “upside down” when she arrived five years ago and that the home shopping network “has the fashion world buzzing.”

Footwear News talked to a number of high-end shoe designers who have come to HSN, such as Sam Edelman and Vince Camuto, all because of Grossman, who used to work for Nike.

The paper even quoted one of the celebs that Grossman has lured, Mariah Carey.

“HSN’s reach is massive,” Carey told Footwear News. “I love being part of it all…People love feeling close to designers and celebrities and hearing them talk about their products firsthand. It’s been a real learning experience [for me].”

Congrats Mindy.


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6 Responses to “Got A Foot Fetish? Footwear News Names HSN Retailer Of The Year”

  1. Wayne Says:

    I’m not afraid to admit I have had a passionate foot fetish for a long time along with sexy legs on hot ladies. A very hot, sexy, beautiful lady with a great body, great legs & sexy feet turns me on all the way. I love to see a woman with a great pair of long legs along with wearing sexy shoes that highlight her desirable feet. I don’t mean to sound too sexual but my fetish for sexy women’s feet/legs sets my heart on fire. HSN will always be number two in home shopping way below the Q even though Lynn, Kathy, Diana, Callie, Colleen are great hosts & hot.

  2. Bob Says:

    I want to thank HSN. They have realized that women’s bare feet sell. I think as many men as women watch segments on HSN exposing women’s bare feet, but even more important women talking about their feet and shoes.

    Years ago when HSN first came on I remember that they did not DARE to show a woman’s bare feet.

    I am sure that sales of shoes and foot related prodcuts soared once HSN started exposing women’s feet.

    Any comments


  3. Bob Says:


    I want to second the above comments and add that it is not just men who find women’s bare feet sexy, other women find women’s feet sexy and I am sure that women watching the segments on feet on HSN think about how THEIR feet will look in the sexy shoes being displayed-and make no mistake HSN, does not shy away from showing a woman’s feet in VERY sexy shoes and the hosts have even commented that they know that men with foot fetishes are watching. Do they dare mention women watching who love women’s feet?

    But what I love the most, though is how the female hostesses are not afraid to talk about women’s feet.

    If there is anything I LOVE it is hearing a woman talk about her feet and it does not have to be in an obvious sexual way. Years ago I sold foot care products over the phone(and if HSN ever wanted someone willing to do that let me know) and when I first started talking to women about their feet I was afraid they were going to thin I was wierd.

    Actually, quite the opposite happened. It was almost as if some great taboo had been lifted while at the same time talking about a taboo subject made it all the more exciting. The woman later told me that no one had ever really talked to them about their feet and as I asked general, non-sexual questions it made them realize how sexy their feet are.

    I would ask qeustions like:

    Do you paint your toe nails? More in summer? Why? Do you think people notice? Do you ever get comments? What kind? Do you like to wear bare strappy sandals? Then same series-what kind? Do people notice? Do they comment? Then I would go down the list with the same questions for ankle bracelets, toe rings etc.

    I would then ask if they like showing their feet off and why

    How does it make you feel wearing sexy sandals? Toe Rings? Ankle Bracelets? Bright colors on youur toes?

    I always ask a woman’s shoe. Men prefer small feet and that can be done discreetly.

    I could go on and on but I just wanted to give the HSN hostessees ways toi promote discussions about feet from your callers.

    Obviously I would be interested in any comments from wwomen about what I have said.

    Thanks, Bob

  4. Bob Says:

    I would also like to add that I would ask the woman if they were a “foot person” and why and if they like their feet and why

  5. Jon Says:

    I find that High Heeled, (low-sole), Strappy Sandals, esp. Toe Rings along as well as Ankle Braceletts….

    I wear MANY Toe Rings, ALL the time, and i get MNY compliments on them…I’ll share the same I receive…. ;}

  6. ROBERT Says:

    loved all the posts. I find myself spending more and more time watching all the beautiful hosts hoping for a glimpse of a barefoot. They are such classy ladies and have me underfoot so to speak.

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