Jewelry Television Joins In The Home Shopping Concert Craze: Christian Singer Michael W. Smith To Appear Sunday

Grammy Award-winning artist Michael W. Smith will perform live on Jewelry Television this Sunday to promote his new instrumental CD release, “Glory,” the home shopping network said Friday.

The Christian singer will appear at 11:45 a.m. and 2 p.m. EST to “share holiday cheer with JTV viewers,” according to the folks in Knoxville. “Glory” is currently available pre-release at and will be available in stores next Tuesday.

JTV's Holiday CD

Of course, we have never heard of Smith, but what do we know. We’re from Jersey.

The JTV-Smith partnership, facilitated by AMG-Media, Inc., is the culmination of Smith’s participation in JTV’s Comfort & Joy Collector’s Edition Holiday CD.

Designed as a gift with purchase for JTV customers, Smith included the bonus track, ‘Forever’ from ‘Glory.’ Comfort and Joy is an interactive CD with holiday music performed by JTV hosts and employees and includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and special offers.

“Michael W. Smith exemplifies the character, moral values and spirit of Jewelry Television,” JTV CEO Tim Matthews said in a canned statement. “So this partnership is a way of expressing those values to our customers. We are honored Michael is lending his talent to the Comfort & Joy Collector’s Edition Holiday CD. He is making our holiday gift to customers even more special.”

“Glory” is Smith’s 23rd career album.

“I grew up watching blockbuster movies with scores by John Williams,” we’re sure Smith said, cause that’s what the press release says. “I find myself writing cinematic pieces. ‘Glory’ feels like a soundtrack and all the movies are in my head. It’s exciting to share this work with JTV’s loyal customers.”

JTV is doing what HSN, QVC and even ShopNBC have done: brought live talent on to hawk their new releases.


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2 Responses to “Jewelry Television Joins In The Home Shopping Concert Craze: Christian Singer Michael W. Smith To Appear Sunday”

  1. Wayne Says:

    I don’t know what Michael W. Smith has to do with JT, but it’s big time cheesy to me. They’re trying to boost their ratings even though they’ll never be in the same leagues as QVC & HSN. I’m probably never gonna buy anything from a home shopping channel to be honest but the Q always stays above it all it seems.

  2. Kat Says:

    Oh good grief, forget the music, just sell jewelry. If I want music, I’ll pay for it on i-tunes. Never heard of this guy, and his CD will probably just end up in the junk drawer.

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