Jersey Girl Lesley Ann Machado Joins HSN Host Roster

Well, we’re starting to see who HSN has hired to replace Chris Scanlon and Alicia Perez. They’ve brought on a Jersey Girl, among others.

We fell asleep on the couch after an exhausting week with HSN on, and woke up at 5 a.m. Saturday to see new host Lesley Ann Machado on with designer Antthony Mark Hankins.

They were both chattering away, and Hankins said they had just met and found out each one was from Jersey. Hankins is from Elizabeth, N.J.

He mentioned they had done some “Jersey talk,” as we all do, and that Machado was from a place “one town over” from where he grew up. Machado is Cuban American, and Union City, N.J., has a large Cuban population.

Here is her bio:

Born into a loving and very Cuban home, Lesley hails from New Jersey but has spent most of her adult life in Los Angeles, CA. She recently moved to Florida to be part of the HSN family! As a busy first time mom, feeling prepared and looking the part is always important to Lesley Ann. She even wore false eyelashes during the delivery of her baby. “I wanted to look fabulous throughout!”

We all know that Brett Chukerman, of the racy movies, is also an addition to HSN’s host roster. But we also saw another two names that looked new.

Those were Carrie Smith and Anji Corley.

On Smith:

Although she can claim roots in Phoenix, Nashville and Los Angeles, there’s a good chance Carrie Smith has been to your town. Carrie began her career working as an emcee on various country music tours before transitioning her talents to in front of the camera. In 2011 she set her sites on her favorite network, HSN. Combining her love for shopping and passion for the latest products with her positive presence on screen, Carrie now feels she is right at home.

On Corley:

A New York native, Anji, debuted on HSN in 2011 and is thrilled to help viewers with their shopping experience with flash and flavor! She brings an expertise ranging from interviewing A-list celebrities on TV & radio to transforming the lives of young people through mentoring. This “foodie” savors unique eateries, laughing, traveling and spending time with loved ones.

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