Diva Mariah Carey Gets Skewered Again For Her HSN Appearance

Sorry that we haven’t posted in the past few days, but frankly we’ve been bored to tears with what’s been on HSN, QVC and ShopNBC.

We no doubt will be getting press releases shortly about how well everyone did gangbusters selling consumer electronics during Black Friday, Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. But a new TV or laptop does not float our boat like a pretty diamond pendant would.

Mariah mocked Gawker for mocking her HSN appearance, and then Gawker mocked her again

OK, we did order Diane Gilman’s $35 Today’s Special skinny jeans, in indigo and winter white.

The best home shopping gossip we can dish is about diva Mariah Carey referencing the video — edited by snarky Gawker.com from clips of her last HSN appearance — that went viral. Carey joked about taking brief pauses so people could edit her most recent HSN appearance and “mock” her.

And she complained about not being able to hear with her earpiece, and joked about not knowing what camera to look at.

In fact, The Hollywood Reporter wrote a story about her appearance. But you can never get the last word in on the Internet, Mariah.

It turns out Gawker went back and did a video of her second HSN appearance to mock that. Here’s the link:


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One Response to “Diva Mariah Carey Gets Skewered Again For Her HSN Appearance”

  1. StefF Says:

    you mean…………you were hammered due to the boredom of home shopping networks….you started it…i must say….easy to get hammered if you watch those shows…..

    gawd…….isnt there a Steve Jobs for the home shopping world?

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