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Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Mottola Among $10 Million Investors In Evine

September 15, 2016

Evine, the No. 3 home shopping network, is getting some love from peppy-preppy fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. Let’s see if this lifts the channel’s credibility.

The company is selling $10 million in stock, at a discount, to a group of investors led by Hilfiger, record mogul Tommy Mottola (diva Mariah Carey’s ex-hubby) and Morris Goldfarb.

The story was also leaked to WWD.

Hilfiger, Goldfarb and Mottola Join Forces to Invest in Evine Live

This initial investment is expected to close within a week, with the stock priced at a 10 percent discount to the previous 15-day average of Evine’s shares. The funds will be used as working capital and for debt repayment.

“Given what I see happening in today’s changing retail landscape, as well as the interactive video commerce world and social media explosion, I believe Evine has the competencies to become the bridge between bricks and mortar and e-commerce for today’s consumer,” Hilfiger said in a canned statement. “I look forward to bringing vision and relationships in the celebrity world to this team to help transform its growth path.”

And in connection with the offering, Hilfiger and Mottola have agreed to join Evine’s new Brand Building Advisory Committee, which is a non-board committee that will advise the board of directors, particularly regarding — big surprise — brand strategy.

If memory serves us, this is not Mottola’s first tango with Evine. He was part of the dissident shareholder group, led by Mark Bozek, that eventually took control of what was then called ShopNBC. Bozek, whose team gave the network its horrid moniker Evine, was later ousted himself.

“There is no better way to bring a brand’s story and vision to life than live video commerce,” Mottola said in his canned statement. “We are thrilled to be investing in a company that has been doing exactly that. We view this as a strategic step into the changing retail landscape by igniting the fire where media and entertainment intersect retail.”

Here’s the dope on the trio.

Hilfiger is the founder and principal designer of Tommy Hilfiger, while Goldfarb is chairman and CEO of G-III Apparel Group, which manufactures and distributes apparel and accessories under licensed brands, owned-brands and private-label brands.

Mottola was the chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment for 15 years, where he was credited with developing such acts as his ex-Carey, Celine Dion, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel. He is now chairman of the Mottola Media Group, partners with Dodger Theatricals, the world’s largest producer of Broadway shows, and a senior advisor to L. Catterton Partners.

In its press release, Evine said, “The company believes that important investments like this can help create strategic alliance opportunities for the Company to maximize shareholder value for all its stakeholders.”

In his canned statement, Evine CEO Bob Rosenblatt said, “It is exciting to have these leading industry icons and executives invest in our company as we seek to build transformative alliances in this ever evolving video commerce marketplace. This investment will help us accelerate our brand building opportunities as well as strengthen our balance sheet. I couldn’t be more excited about working with Tommy Hilfiger again and with media/entertainment mogul Tommy Mottola.”

The investors will receive a six-month option to make an additional equity investment in Evine at a price equal to the company’s five-trading day average price prior to the exercise of the option.

The total number of shares to be issued in this offering, including through the purchase of shares and exercise of the option and warrants, will not collectively exceed 19.99 percent.

Craig-Hallum Capital Group LLC is acting as exclusive placement agent and provided a fairness opinion to Evine’s board.

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HSN’s Become A Haven For ‘American Idol’ Judges, Latest Mariah Carey

July 29, 2012

Congrats to songbird Mariah Carey on her new gig as a judge on “American Idol.”

Well, now three “American Idol” judges have been HSN vendors.

Jennifer Lopez was on the No. 2 home shopping network selling perfume.

Randy Jackson was on last week selling watches.

And Carey has been on several times selling jewelry and shoes, with one of her rather idiosyncratic appearances going viral.

‘American Idol’ Judge Randy Jackson ‘Watchaholic’ Joins Jennifer Lopez As Part Of HSN Family

July 21, 2012

As we speak, “American Idol” and “dawg” Randy Jackson is in the house at HSN, hawking his watches.

Jackson appears to be enjoying himself with HSN host Colleen Lopez, and his watches are pretty good looking. We especially liked his skeleton watch, which was clear in the front and back, revealing the timepiece’s inner workings. There was also watch whose numerals looked like stylized piano keys.

Randy Jackson

Jackson is a self-admitted “watchaholic,” and we love watching someone who is passionate about what they’re talking about. He told Lopez that he started collecting watches when he was 12, and that he had 500 to 600 now.

Jackson just said that he was on “The View” this morning, and all the hosts were wearing his watches.

Several people have called in saying this is the first time they have purchased any items from HSN.

Lopez pointed out that she had talked to Jackson before, when he called in during the HSN appearances of fellow “Idol” host Jennifer Lopez and songstress Mariah Carey.

We were also touched when Jackson spoke a watch with an argyle pattern on its face. He said that his mom, who has passed away, often wore an argyle sweater. That watch was pretty cool looking.

Jackson’s sister Sue also called in, and said she had purchased one of his HSN watches. She complimented him on the argyle watch dedicated to their mother.

“I love it: HSN rocks,” Jackson said at one point.

“You’ve definitely upped the cool factor here,” Lopez said.

Yes indeed.

Got A Foot Fetish? Footwear News Names HSN Retailer Of The Year

November 30, 2011

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman should go out and treat herself to a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes: HSN was just named retailer of the year by Footwear News.

The trade paper wrote that Grossman turned HSN “upside down” when she arrived five years ago and that the home shopping network “has the fashion world buzzing.”

Footwear News talked to a number of high-end shoe designers who have come to HSN, such as Sam Edelman and Vince Camuto, all because of Grossman, who used to work for Nike.

The paper even quoted one of the celebs that Grossman has lured, Mariah Carey.

“HSN’s reach is massive,” Carey told Footwear News. “I love being part of it all…People love feeling close to designers and celebrities and hearing them talk about their products firsthand. It’s been a real learning experience [for me].”

Congrats Mindy.

Diva Mariah Carey Gets Skewered Again For Her HSN Appearance

November 29, 2011

Sorry that we haven’t posted in the past few days, but frankly we’ve been bored to tears with what’s been on HSN, QVC and ShopNBC.

We no doubt will be getting press releases shortly about how well everyone did gangbusters selling consumer electronics during Black Friday, Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. But a new TV or laptop does not float our boat like a pretty diamond pendant would.

Mariah mocked Gawker for mocking her HSN appearance, and then Gawker mocked her again

OK, we did order Diane Gilman’s $35 Today’s Special skinny jeans, in indigo and winter white.

The best home shopping gossip we can dish is about diva Mariah Carey referencing the video — edited by snarky from clips of her last HSN appearance — that went viral. Carey joked about taking brief pauses so people could edit her most recent HSN appearance and “mock” her.

And she complained about not being able to hear with her earpiece, and joked about not knowing what camera to look at.

In fact, The Hollywood Reporter wrote a story about her appearance. But you can never get the last word in on the Internet, Mariah.

It turns out Gawker went back and did a video of her second HSN appearance to mock that. Here’s the link:

HSN Debuts Holiday Promotion With Scavenger Hunt

October 20, 2011

In this brutal retail environment, HSN is trying to get some traction by kicking off the holiday shopping season with a big promotion, called “More Amazing Gifts, One Amazing Destination.” HSN will give away $150,000 in goodies.

The will include “an interactive scavenger hunt helping customers discover the season’s most unique, exciting gifts — all presented by today’s hottest designers, celebrities and trusted experts,” HSN said in a press release.

The network’s holiday line-up includes new fall fashions from Mariah Carey, IMAN, Naeem Khan, Queen Latifah and Twiggy; home solutions and decor from Nate Berkus, Joy Mangano, Jenny McCarthy, and Vern Yip; and beauty from Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Flavin-Stallone and Kate Walsh.

Mary J. Blige and the fragrance she launched on HSN

Customers can play HSN’s “Amazing Gift Giveaway $150,000 Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes,” sponsored by Kraft Foods. Residing in the HSN Arcade, this weekly game will cross all of HSN’s platforms — TV, online, mobile and social. That game runs until Dec. 20.

Players can receive promotional offers ranging from 10 percent to 15 percent off; $20 gift cards, free shipping/handling and special Kraft Foods holiday offers.

Starting Oct. 28, winners will be announced live on-air each week during HSN’s Gift Friday shows and will have a chance to win all the amazing gifts featured during the 4 p.m. show.

Additionally, weekly online video “super challenges” will guide players as they hunt for clues to earn their chance to earn additional entries into the grand prize sweepstakes.

To help shoppers find the perfect gift for everyone on their list The Holiday Gift Store, found on, provides customers with gift options that fit any budget — gifts under $25, gifts under $50, gifts under $100 and gifts of luxury.

Part of the company’s overall “HSN Cares” philanthropic campaign, HSN has once again kicked off its 2011 holiday shopping season with the return of its heART HSN 2011 Designer Ornament Collection, a compilation of beautiful, limited-edition designer ornaments, personally designed by 40 HSN partners.

Available exclusively on HSN and, 100 percent of the profits – no less than 30 percent of the purchase price of each ornament – will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Additionally, launching Nov. 1, HSN will partner with St. Jude this holiday season for its annual Thanks and Giving campaign to support their lifesaving work of finding cures for children battling cancer and other deadly diseases.

Gawker Skewers Mariah Carey Over Her HSN Appearance

July 26, 2011

Nasty Gawker made good fun of Mariah Carey’s HSN appearance last night.

Carey certainly had her moments, which we referenced in our blog, but we didn’t think it was that bad. Gawker edited Carey’s two-hour appearance into four minutes, and made her look ridiculous. You edit anyone’s two-hours down to four minutes, and you can make them look silly.

Here’s part of the Gawker item by Matt Cherette:

The Best Four Minutes of Mariah Carey’s Insane HSN Appearance

Mariah Carey hasn’t been seen much since giving birth to twins in April, so people were especially curious on Sunday night ahead of her appearance on HSN to hawk everything from her fragrances to her jewelry. And by God, she delivered.

Carey’s live sales pitch began at midnight and lasted two inexplicably mind-blowing hours. In tangent after tangent, she complained about how horrible her pregnancy was, barked out orders to the camera crew, made up new words—basically…

Here is the link to the story and video clip:

Diva Mariah Carey Returns To HSN With Apparel, To Talk To ‘The People’

July 25, 2011

Singer Mariah Carey was back for a second stint on HSN, debuting her apparel line during her visit Monday.

The last time Carey was on, in the spring, she was not that far from the delivery date of her twins, who were born April 30 (her wedding anniversary and just two days after our April 28 birthday).

She looked really uncomfortable (“I couldn’t stand by myself”) because of her pregnancy, and she was selling her fragrance, costume jewelry and shoes.

Mariah Carey's HSN Today's Special

On air this go-around, Carey was down to earth and funny, although flashes of the diva came through. For example, when she was trying to figure out what camera was on her, she would say, “Where are the people?”

It just struck us as a little odd, and she used the term repeatedly.

She had HSN’s Today’s Special, which are pave hoops with butterfly and circle charms, for $40.

“I love hoops,” Carey said. “I love a pave hoop.”

Mariah's tiered crinkle chiffon skirt

We thought she was at her best when her husband, Nick Cannon, showed up on the set briefly.

“She’s my dream girl,” Cannon said. Now there’s a good husband for you.

Some of Carey’s HSN clothing included a smocked top, in either a big rose floral print or a black bandana print, with a matching chiffon skirt.

We were a bit surprised to see Carey paired with HSN host Adam Freeman. He usually does the morning shows, not midnight.

We tried to “friend” Freeman months ago, and never got a response — until yesterday. It made us a bit suspicious, but we guess he was hoping we’d say something nice about him since he was now one of our “Friends.”

Nice try Adam. You’re a day late and a dollar short.

Carey also did an updated version of a sweat suit with a hoodie, which seemed a little ho-hum and too Juicy Couture for us.

HSN Kicks Off 34th Birthday Festivities

July 4, 2011

Jennifer Lopez’s appearance just marks the start of HSN’s “34 More Reasons to Celebrate” month-long birthday event.

In celebration of its 34th birthday in July, HSN is offering its biggest-ever giveaway, which includes more than $100,000 in giveaways and instant-win prizes plus an opportunity to win eight exclusive, grand prize experiences, such as:

A private meet-and-greet for two with Mariah Carey in St. Petersburg, Fla.

A design consultation and $5,000 room makeover by Vern Yip, who launches his exclusive new line on HSN July 26.

A trip for two to New Orleans, including dining at three Emeril Lagasse restaurants.

A trip for two to the exclusive movie premiere of “The Help” in theaters this August

A trip for two to New York City, including accommodations at The Plaza Hotel and dinner at Todd English’s Food Hall restaurant.

Information on how to enter the “$150,000 More to Celebrate Giveaway” can be found at,

Throughout the month, HSN will feature some of the biggest names, best surprises and most famous personalities, including:

Serena Williams will introduce exciting new additions to her exclusive Signature Statement collection on July 18.

Martha Stewart premieres her craft paint collection on HSN on July 21.

Tori Spelling returns with fashionably chic jewelry offerings on July 21.

Mariah Carey will debut stylish new apparel exclusively on HSN on July 25.

Jenny McCarthy makes her HSN debut with the Rescue Bullet blender to benefit Generation Rescue, her charitable organization that supports children with autism.

Vern Yip will make his HSN debut on July 26 with the launch of an exclusive home collection.

ImanN will appear on HSN July 28 and 30 with new pieces for her Global Chic collection.

All month, there will be something new every day of the week to ensure customers are continually surprised and delighted, including:

“More Mystery” Mondays will keep customers wondering what will happen next with surprise celebrity walk-ons, “mystery” products and exclusive surprise giveaways on Facebook.

Customers that play instant-win games on on Tuesdays will earn triple entries in the $150,000 “More to Celebrate Giveaway,” and winners will be revealed every hour on HSN.

Wednesdays will feature a new 24-hour event each week, including special one-day-only values on customer favorites, including Beauty, Silver, Technibond and Christmas in July.

Customers will enjoy extra spending power on every item that airs on HSN all day on “More Flex” Thursdays.

Diva Mariah Carey Debuts On HSN, Says Creating Perfume Is Like Writing A Song

November 29, 2010

Well, now we know why Mariah Carey has made butterflies her signature. More on that later.

A very pregnant Carey premiered at midnight Cyber Monday with her collection of fragrances, jewelry and shoes for HSN.

When we first saw Carey, she was laying prone on a couch on the set — all done in cream-colored furniture — that HSN had created for her. Her feet were up on the couch, and she said she needed to be that way to be comfortable in her condition.

“I don’t want them to think I’m being rude,” Carey, with her long straight blonde hair parted in the middle, told host Colleen Lopez.

And she liked the digs. “The living room is gorgeous. I feel very at home.”

Mariah designed the bottle for her HSN TS

At times, Carey did act a bit diva-ish. She said several times that she really shouldn’t even be at HSN, with her pregnancy. Not cool. And at one point Carey was ordering Lopez around a bit, asking that the host walk up and down wearing a pair of the singer’s new HSN boots.

HSN’s Today’s Special Value is Carey’s Luscious Pink Parfum for $65, free shipping.

Carey, clad in a low-cut black top with lace sleeves, told Lopez, “I never liked perfume. I never wore it.”

But she got a kick out of doing perfume and “putting together the notes. It’s like writing a song.”

The notes, by the way, are: Top Notes, Sicilian bergamot, ocean breeze accord and Bellini accord; Mid Notes, pink peony, dewy tiare petals and lily of the valley; and Base Notes, bright blond woods, creamy sandalwood and white musk.

The perfume’s bottle, designed by Carey, is especially pretty. It has a pink metallic pink butterfly cap, and the bottle has an iridescent aurora borealis look. “I really spent a lot of time on the bottle,” the pop singer said, adding that she collects all kinds of perfume bottles.

Carey’s collection also includes butterfly jewelry. She told Lopez that she did her “Butterfly” album in 1997, with the title cut the same name. “A lot of my fans started associating me with that symbol,” Carey said. “It’s a great kind of positive symbol.”

HSN also showed a video clip where Carey said that butterflies also represent freedom and a lack of limits to her.

Along with Carey’s fans, fellow HSN vendor and tennis pro Serena Williams even called in during the show. She had ordered the perfume.

“I loved the packaging,” Williams said. “I thought it was amazing.”

Carey’s husband, Nick Cannon, was supportive. He also called in during the show and said that Carey was doing a great job. “I love you,” he told her.

That’s sweet.

Mariah won't be walking around in these while she's pregnant

Carey has a whole closet dedicated to shoes in LA, and she’s done some hot ones for HSN. Both Carey and Lopez were rocking the high suede peeptoe boots that are part of the singer’s HSN collection.

Carey gushed about the boots, saying that her friends loved them and never suspected they were from her line. “They really look super-expensive,” said Carey, who we know can afford to buy those pricey red-soled shoes.

Lopez described the peeptoe boots as “sexy,” and said her husband Carlos loved them on her.

And although Carey was in no shape to wear them and model them, she also was proud of the platform stilettos she designed.