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TVSN Host Geoff Cowan Invades HSN

July 25, 2016

OK, what’s the story on Geoff Cowan hosting on HSN?

We noticed HSN jewelry vendor Carol Brodie talking about being on the air Sunday with a new face, “Geoff,” and so we looked him up.

Cowan isn’t listed on as a host. But we found his Facebook page, which states that he is a TVSN presenter who lives in Sydney, Australia.

TVSN stands for TV Shopping Network, and it is an Aussie shopping channel.

Don’t know if Cowan is on a tryout or has landed a permanent gig on HSN.

Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rines Does Stint On Australia’s TVSN For Isomers

September 22, 2010

Former ShopNBC host Charla Rines, who did duty at EmVee TV a few months ago, has another new gig.

On her Facebook page Tuesday Rines wrote, “Getting ready for my first show on TVSN in Australia as the Isomers spokesperson! Tune in at 8:30 eastern —”

Isomers is an anti-aging line that Rines often did presentations on when she was on financially ailing ShopNBC, which unceremoniously canned her early this year.

By the way, Rines had told us that she auditioned for this season’s “The Apprentice,” which features professionals who got laid off as part of the recession (we should have auditioned for that show, too). We think she would have been great.

Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rines Has Been Down Under, And Says She’s Weighing Her Options

February 22, 2010

Charla Rines has been on TV in Australia

Charla Rines is alive and well, and has been in Australia, she tells us.

In an e-mail Sunday, Rines said, “Hello Homeshoppingista! I’m exploring several options right now. I was in Australia earlier this month representing Sonia Bitton’s product at TVSN. It was delightful!”

TVSN is a home shopping channel in Australia. And Sonia Bitton is a former ShopNBC vendor who used to sell very high-end diamond jewelry on the No. 3 U.S. home shopping channel.

Rines, a veteran ShopNBC host, was abruptly let go in January. Since then, there have been more than 30 angry posts on the blog we did about her exit. Charla’s fans are furious at ShopNBC, claim the network has gone downhill and that they will no longer be buying goods on it.

Charla, we hope to see you back again on U.S. TV soon, too.