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Dallas Prince’s Husband Is Recovering From Second Heart Attack

July 23, 2018

This morning we were shocked to read on Facebook a post by Evine jewelry vendor Dallas Prince saying that her husband Vincent had suffered another heart attack.

Her spouse, Vincent Ciurluini, had a near fatal heart attack a few years back. We can certainly empathize with her since our dad survived a near-fatal attack and then was in and out of the hospital more than a dozen times with more heart scares.

“I almost lost Mr. Wonderful,” Prince posted. “My husband, Vincent, suffered another heart attack today while driving home. We stayed on the phone together and met at the hospital. He is out of surgery and sleeping. I have never cried that hard in my life….. truly believe in prayers & miracles.”

Vincent is also in the jewelry business, And the two of them with their gorgeous smiles are one of the most stunning couples ever.

We’re praying for Vincent’s swift recovery.

Jewelry Designer Dallas Prince’s Husband Recovers From Heart Attack

March 21, 2015

Dallas Prince and her husband and fellow jewelry designer and home shopping vendor, Vincent Ciurluini, are one of the most gorgeous couples we have ever seen. Not only that, they are talented designers and gracious, lovely and charming every time they are on-air.

So it was frightening to read on Facebook that Vincent last week suffered a heart attack. The good news is that doctors saved his life, and he is on the mend.

Dallas Prince and her husband Vincent, who is recovering from a heart attack

Dallas Prince and her husband Vincent, who is recovering from a heart attack

“Need a million prayers….. my husband, Vincent, had a heart attack last night and had surgery,” Prince posted on Wednesday. “A fabulous team of specialists saved his life. He is weak but laughing with me tonight in ICU at the hospital. He remains my everything.”

The next day, Prince had this update.

“Your enormous gift of prayers was overwhelming. I have truly never cried so many tears,” she wrote. “My ‘gentle giant’ husband had a very restful night and is about to have breakfast! I can’t stop staring at him and know that this was my miracle. So grateful to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Much love…..Dallas.”

Prince has appeared on ShopHQ and had a brief stint on HSN before returning to what is now known as Evine Live. Vincent has also sold jewelry on Evine Live.

Our dad ended up dying of pancreatic cancer in January, but nearly 20 years ago he suffered a massive heart attack. The hospital where he was treated, Morristown Memorial, had just recruited a team of heart specialists from Philly. Those doctors saved our dad’s life.

We’re glad physicians were able to do the same for Vincent, and our prayers and well wishes go out to him and Dallas.

ShopHQ Live From Tucson Gem Show With Three Diablos

February 8, 2014

OK, we will give credit where credit is due.

We’ve been watching ShopHQ’s live programming from the Tucson Gem Show, featuring the Three Amigos, and we’ve been enjoying the telecasts.

Melissa Miner, Vincent Ciurluini, Judy Crowell, Paul Deasy, Chuck Clemency, Sarah Anderson and Nick Kwan.

Melissa Miner, Vincent Ciurluini, Judy Crowell, Paul Deasy, Chuck Clemency, Sarah Anderson and Nick Kwan.

Of course, we are jealous that we are not there. The jewelry from vendors Chuck Clemency, Paul Deasy and Michael Valitutti are been impressive. We took out our plastic to order a cross with green Kingman turquoise and amethyst.

Jewelry Television has also been saying that it will be televising on location from Tucson, but we haven’t seen that yet.

It looks like husband-and-wife ShopHQ vendors Dallas Prince and Vincent Ciurluini were also at the show, and Prince posted a photo of her and the other folks from the home shopping network, which we are posted here.

ShopHQ’s Diamond Day Sparkles With Dallas Prince Hubby

August 10, 2013

ShopHQ, formerly ShopNBC, is holding a Diamond Day event today, and it’s worth checking out.

Getting off the air right now, but we believe he’ll be back later, is jewelry vendor Dallas Prince’s hubbie. Vincent Ciurluini is peddling some pretty pieces, including a Celtic-style white and blue diamond cross that just sold out.

Vincent Ciurluini on Diamond Day

Vincent Ciurluini on Diamond Day

All the ShopHQ vendors are wearing tuxes, including Chuck Clemency.

Check it out.

Jewelry Designer Dallas Prince Wings Her Way Back To ShopNBC From HSN

January 22, 2012

One of our favorite jewelry designers, that master of crosses Dallas Prince, has bounced back to ShopNBC after a stint at HSN.

Prince, a gracious and classy blonde, had her first show back in Minnesota Thursday, for the No. 3 home shopping network’s Designer Day.

Here is what Prince posted on Facebook:

Hey Ladies! Just had fabulous shows on Shop NBC and I wanted to say thank you…..really had a blast with Kendy. Found out the prices were only good today, so prices on the internet may be higher than the actual price. Don’t wait! The new pieces sold like crazy…….go shopping. Hugs, Dallas

HSN is having its designer jewelry day Tuesday, with a TS from Studio Barse. We know it’s a ring, but we hope it’s not in bronze!

With the price of silver soaring, we are finding it better to find sterling pieces at TJ Maxx (although its selection has diminished) and local shops — such as Eastern Gifts and Dem Two Hands in Montclair — than on home shopping networks. The prices of these mom-and=pop shops are higher than they used to be, but they carry lovely handcrafted silver and gemstone jewelry.

Jewelry Designer Dallas Prince Returns To ShopNBC With Today’s Top Value

October 23, 2011

Jewelry Designer Dallas Prince has returned to ShopNBC from HSN with a bang, having the No. 3 home shopping network’s Sunday Today’s Top Value. It is a 3.30cw multi-gemstone Etruscan ring, Prince’s first Top Value in three years.

The ring comes in two versions, one in aquamarine and silver and the other in garnet and gold. It sells for $200.

Dallas Prince is back, and ShopNBC has got her

Here’s the hype from ShopNBC’s website:

Electrify your look with this extravagant Etruscan ring. Back for the first time in three years, Dallas Prince brings you this must-have bauble as Today’s Top Value. Enjoy the radiance of an aquamarine or rhodolite center stone glowing atop a wide, textured band. The ring also boasts a low profile, making it suitable for everyday wear and evening events alike!

Crafted from polished rhodium plated sterling silver, the first option features an oval cushion cut 9 x 7mm aquamarine, two trillion cut 5.5mm peridots, and six round cut 2mm white topaz stones in bezel settings. You may also choose a design crafted from gold plated sterling silver that features an oval cut 9 x 7mm rhodolite surrounded by two trillion cut aquamarines and six round cut 2mm white topaz stones, all in channel settings.

Welcome back Dallas!

Jewelry Designer Dallas Prince Returns To ShopNBC From HSN — With Her Hubby

October 16, 2011

One of our favorite jewelry designers, as beautiful and gracious as her jewelry, is Dallas Prince.

This classy blonde did a line for ShopNBC for a number of years, and then left and joined HSN. She did a lot of marcasite for the No. 2 home shopping network, and her collection just didn’t seem to get traction.

Dallas Prince and her handsome husband

Well, we were just checking Facebook and Prince is returning to ShopNBC with several shows today, Sunday — and she’s bringing her husband, fellow jewelry designer Vincent Ciurluini. His ShopNBC collection is called Eugenio Jewelry Designs and her’s is Marcasite by Dallas Prince.

Here us what Prince posted on Facebook Saturday:

OK….I don’t mean to brag, but my husband’s new jewelry line at Shop NBC is to die for! If ever there was a time for me to envy someone else’s designs, this is that time…..we both launch tomorrow. Very exciting! Hugs…. Dallas

Best of luck to you both, Dallas. We watched the video of your husband’s pieces, and they are gorgeous.

Seems Like Old Times As Ex-ShopNBC Jewelry Vendors Flock To HSN Thursday

October 28, 2010

Carlo Viani ring

HSN’s first Gem Artistry Day Thursday is a reunion of former ShopNBC vendors.

First of all, jewelry designer Carlo Viani had his HSN premiere in the early morning. He’d previously been on ShopNBC.

He was followed in the dawn hours by Gem Designs by Palermo and Dallas Prince, who both also used to grace the set at the No. 3 home shopping network in Minnesota.

And at 3 p.m. Effy, another former ShopNBC vendor, did an HSN show featuring its My Precious Rainbow line.

We’d love to have been a fly on the wall to hear what these folks said to each other about their former home shopping venue.

Anyone care to share?

Homeshoppingista Yard Sale Today in Jersey: QVC, HSN Gemstone Silver Jewelry Priced To Sell And A Diamond Dallas Prince Cross

June 19, 2010

The Dallas Prince diamond cross we hate to part with, but will help pay our $900 disability insurance this month

Forgive the typos, and the short notice, but we are running really late. But we wanted you to know that we and our sister Karen are having a yard sale today, Saturday.

It starts at 9 a.m., and The Homeshoppingista is obviously not at our sister’s yet. We overslept, and we have to take a shower and dress still! We’re going to be at least an hour late!

But we have some nice real gemstone and silver jewelry to sell, with many pieces purchased at HSN and QVC. It will be priced to sell.

We apologize talented jewelry designer Dallas Prince, but we also have one of your signature diamond and gold crosses to sell. It’s not that we we don’t like it, but we need to raise some cash and trim down our jewelry collection.

When we had a nice-payng job we splurged a couple of years ago and bought Dallas’s Gothic cross for $1,000 on ShopNBC. That’s when gold was a quarter of the price it is now. The cross also has a box chain, which would be over $100 on its own. Our asking price is $700, which we know isn’t peanuts, but the price is negotiable. But “negotiable” doesn’t mean a lowball price of $250. Don’t waste our time with that. We’re not destitute, or that desperate for money.

We have the receipt for the cross, and can prove we paid $1,000.

So if you live in Jersey, near Whippany — 155 Park Avenue, to be exact — stop by and meet Homeshoppingista and her family — and get some geat buys on silver and gemstone jewelry.

We’re selling all this stuff because our apartment is just too cluttered, which is a no-no in Feng Shui.

And we could use the extra cash, because we have a lot of billls this month: $900 disability insurance $500 COBRA to name just two.

When you come, we’ll be the one frantically trying to unpack and display over 100 pieces of jewelry, 30 scarves and 40 books.

Designer Wayne Scot Lukas, A Vet Of HSN, And ShopNBC Have Parted Ways

January 4, 2010

Celebrity stylist and fashion designer Wayne Scot Lukas and ShopNBC are parting ways, the designer tells us.

Lukas did not offer us many details, other than to say he was not happy at the Minnesota-based home shopping network.

Lukas moved to ShopNBC from HSN earlier this year, and he was soon followed by actress/entrepreneur Suzanne Somers. She left HSN after more than a dozen years there to go to ShopNBC.

Lukas did a line of knits, easy-fitting pieces for both HSN and ShopNBC.

These Lukastyle items are now on clearance on

Handsome Lukas, who has the more gorgeous hair we’ve ever seen on a man (but he doesn’t bat on our team, if you get our drift) has a biting sense of humor, full of double entendres. We caught him once on ShopNBC, and he did not seem like a happy camper.

He didn’t like the camera-work on his show, and his attempted bantering with the host did not work as well as his rapport with Colleen Lopez, who he always cracked up, on HSN.

HSN and ShopNBC have been swapping many jewelry and clothing designers this year, almost too many to list here. For example, jewelry designer Dallas Prince went to HSN from ShopNBC.

We hope you find a new home-shopping home, Wayne!