TVSN Host Geoff Cowan Invades HSN

OK, what’s the story on Geoff Cowan hosting on HSN?

We noticed HSN jewelry vendor Carol Brodie talking about being on the air Sunday with a new face, “Geoff,” and so we looked him up.

Cowan isn’t listed on as a host. But we found his Facebook page, which states that he is a TVSN presenter who lives in Sydney, Australia.

TVSN stands for TV Shopping Network, and it is an Aussie shopping channel.

Don’t know if Cowan is on a tryout or has landed a permanent gig on HSN.

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24 Responses to “TVSN Host Geoff Cowan Invades HSN”

  1. Carrie Says:

    HSN is really doing the host shuffle. Another host..missed him on there last I watched. HSN shares a channel with other programming where I am; add that to being less appealing = being watched less….so I don’t see everything. I’m still mourning the departures of Kathy Wolf and Bill Green.
    Most of the new hosts are blah or over animated, so I’m in no hurry to see this one. Thanks, Linda for the update. At the rate HSN is going, you will get carpal tunnel syndrome typing to keep us updated on host changes!

  2. Adrianna Says:

    Without you, Miss Moss, we readers would never be able to keep up with the revolving show host door at HSN. Thanks for the update.
    One host who should be shown the out door is Colleen Lopez. She has the attitude of “I’m the queen and can get away with anything!” A recent Facebook post, repeated from about a year ago, is a southwest recipe she calls “veggie crack”. Some of her followers gave her other name options the first time; she still calls it veggie crack.
    With the drug problems in this country, I am offended by anything glorifying drugs. Whether it be allusions to usage, selling, buying, or using drug names for other things. I can’t believe she is so above the rules that the bigwigs at HSN haven’t admonished her for calling the stuff veggie CRACK.
    It’s a southwestern bean dip with other veggies. Here are some other names, that aren’t offensive:
    Cowboy caviar, Texas caviar
    Frijoles locos (crazy beans)
    Tex-Mex corn bean salsa
    Southwest bean mélange
    I’m sure there are more, but these are a good start. I live in the southwest and there are many variations of this recipe. My favorite is made by one of my coworkers, a beautiful and talented Hispanic woman who cooks better than anyone! She calls it crazy beans. Anyway, I would think by now Colleen would have the sense to call it something other than veggie crack. Again, some of her Facebook followers have mentioned it. Their posts will be taken down just as all negative/disagreeing posts on Lopez’ page have been.
    HSN needs to keep up with all their hosts. Just because they give Colleen all the airtime so she makes more doesn’t mean she should get away with questionable actions. Or treating vendors rudely, which she does more and more. She has become a bigger pain in the butt than all other hosts put together. And I do not think using the word “crack” in a recipe name is tasteful or appealing.

    • Jennie Says:

      I agree, Adrianna. I saw the veggie crack post on Lopez’ Facebook last summer, and again today. The recipe sounds good but needs a few modifications. But calling it crack is whack, lol!!!!
      I, too, am sick of all the drug names, etc used in everyday situations. Let’s keep the drug names off our foods, etc and leave them to the users.
      And for a show host on a network with “family values” to call a bean dip crack….I think that’s totally unacceptable. And TPTB at HSN need to get on Lopez and shrink her big egotistical head. And, make her clean up these kinds of posts. I realize the name alludes to the dish’s addictive nature, but still, crack is a bad name with a bad association.
      I like your alternate names, Adrianna, and honestly I have never heard it called crack before. We usually call it bean corn salad or Tex Mex salsa. And there are several variations on the recipe. I bet your coworker’s version is a winner. Whichever version I make, it will not be called crack.

  3. Lara Says:

    I watch HSN very little and have not seen Geoff Cowan yet. If he is going to be on the host line up permanently, I hope he’s better than some of their recent additions. One could get whiplash keeping up with the host changes at HSN recently. I will be another that misses Bill and Kathy. And I still miss a few that have left already. HSN is feeling awfully unstable.
    To the recent posts about “veggie crack”, I agree. Putting ” crack ” in the title of the dish/recipe is low class and vulgar. Just like Colleen who posted it. I used to like her but she has become, as others have said, way too egotistical. She is pushy and relentless with her sales and it’s getting very hard to watch her. I agree that HSN should monitor her social media posts more.
    The link to the recipe does call it veggie crack; she could have noted her distaste for the title and called it Tex Mex salad or whatever instead. She did, with this more recent posting, say “aka cowboy caviar”. But mainly she calls it crack like she did last summer. She is not elegant or educated, though she tries to make people think she is. HSN needs to reign her in…quite a bit. Let some of the other hosts have more time in front of the camera.
    And as for me, I called recently and canceled my HSN membership. No, it is NOT fun here.

  4. Louise Says:

    Another new host- hope he’s good- veteran hosts leaving…what’s going on at HSN?
    And as for Colleen’s veggie crack….what a low life name for a dish. I realize the original recipe calls it veggie crack, but there are a thousand versions of the same recipe that are NOT called CRACK. She could have posted any of those instead of the one labeled crack.
    It’s just bean salsa for goodness sake! And for those who don’t like this or that in the recipe:
    Sub pinto, navy, or pick beans for black or eliminate beans completely and add more corn and pepper.
    No need for extra oil…1 tablespoon is plenty
    Don’t like peppers? Use tomatoes instead. Just keep in mind that tomatoes don’t last as long as peppers.
    It’s an easily customizable recipe.
    And it is not crack!!!!! Shame on Colleen… she’s posted this as crack several times in spite of some of her followers expressing dislike for the name.

  5. Louise Says:

    Another new host- hope he’s good- veteran hosts leaving…what’s going on at HSN?
    And as for Colleen’s veggie crack….what a low life name for a dish. I realize the original recipe calls it veggie crack, but there are a thousand versions of the same recipe that are NOT called CRACK. She could have posted any of those instead of the one labeled crack.
    It’s just bean salsa for goodness sake! And for those who don’t like this or that in the recipe:
    Sub pinto, navy, or pink beans for black or eliminate beans completely and add more corn and pepper.
    No need for extra oil…1 tablespoon is plenty
    Don’t like peppers? Use tomatoes instead. Just keep in mind that tomatoes don’t last as long as peppers.
    It’s an easily customizable recipe.
    And it is not crack!!!!! Shame on Colleen… she’s posted this as crack several times in spite of some of her followers expressing dislike for the name.

  6. Erin Says:

    I could not find Geoff on the host page, either. With Kathy and Bill gone, it would seem like at least one new host was due. HSN is becoming a parody…and a revolving door.
    In addition to others on here, I, too, am offended by Lopez’ “veggie crack” recipe post. Yes, the original recipe calls it that, but why? And she could have posted something else. Kids surely eat bean salsa- mine do- and giving them something with the name “crack” seems counter productive and vulgar. Why not, as someone else suggested, post a similar or identical recipe that doesn’t have crack in its name?!? There are exact versions of this, under the name “cowboy caviar” or “southwest salsa”. She could have easily posted one of those. They are all very similar and most people end up changing out some ingredients anyway.
    I can’t believe HSN would allow her to do this. They are always so uppity about family values- and get they let a host with (too) much exposure post recipes with hard drug names! With the recent (delicious!) popularity of Tex Mex and Southwest cooking, there are many other names for this salsa that aren’t drug names. And she’s posted this recipe at least rwice- and under the name crack!
    I have gotten to where I can’t stand watching Lopez, and this just validates my feelings even more. And she really is swell-headed…and thinks she can do anything and get away with it.

  7. Vivianna Says:

    If Cowan ends up as a permanent host, I wish him luck. HSN doesn’t seem to be a very stable place to work these days.
    I just canceled my membership with them. The SECOND post of “veggie CRACK” by obnoxious host Colleen Lopez just made my decision.
    As previously stated on here, there are many versions of this bean salsa recipe that are not called “CRACK”. I can’t believe HSN hasn’t told her to remove the post and replace it with something not glorifying drugs. And both times, several comments expressed displeasure at the name. I looked again and they have all been removed. Anything negative on Lopez’ Facebook gets removed.
    Goodbye and good riddance HSN. Good luck with your out of control host and her drug friendly posts.

    • Dianne Says:

      One post got past the removers…the person said, “It’s bean salad. Why are we calling it crack?”. Why?
      Maybe Geoff will be a good addition to HSN. If so, I hope they keep him.
      I am disgusted by the veggie crack post and think Colleen Lopez should be ordered to remove it. She gets away with way too much as it is. HSN has become a big joke.

  8. Nancy Says:

    Maybe Cowan will brighten up the host lineup. It doesn’t matter to me; I cancelled my HSN account some days ago.
    I was one who gently complained on Lopez Facebook last year and a few days ago about calling the dip CRACK. I basically said that the recipe was good but the name was offensive, how about calling it Texas caviar instead? Others made similar comments, and our posts were removed.
    It is offensive and in extremely poor taste to call anything crack, or any other drug name. Lopez has become way too big headed to watch anymore. HSN can shove her down someone else’s throat; I’m done.

  9. Samantha Says:

    Good luck, Geoff, if you’re going to be at HSN. They keep all the wrong people and get rid of good ones.
    I canceled my QVC account because they took jobs from Americans and outsourced them. And now I just canceled my HSN account.
    Because they glorify a phony, obnoxious, egotistical and low class host. Who? Colleen Lopez….the queen of CRACK. It is low class and bad taste to call anything drug names other than drugs. And where are your morals and family values, HSN? You should have stopped Lopez the first time she posted a recipe called “crack”. Yet she was allowed to keep the first post up…and repeat it a year later! And my complaints to the network have all fallen on deaf ears.
    I’m out of Crackville…aka HSN….for good.

  10. Jerry Says:

    I am anti drug and now anti HSN.
    I complained, the first time Lopez posted the crack veggie recipe. I complained to HSN after my post was blocked from Lopez Facebook page. It was not a rude post; I just stated that calling the salsa crack was in poor taste, and she should repost with a recipe not called crack. As others on here have stated, this seems to be the only salsa recipe called crack and there are thousands of the same ingredients called bean dip, southwest salsa, cowboy caviar, etc….in other words, NOT CRACK.
    I complained this time, too. HSN has always shunned certain vendors and doesn’t allow certain words…like sex and orgasm……MUCH less offensive than crack…..they supposedly have high moral standards, or family values. But it’s ok to call a family recipe CRACK?!!?
    They need to take Lopez off her pedestal and kick her butt back down to earth. She’s a big phoney….and she has been rude to several vendors. And, her crack post is still up.
    Buh-bye, HSN….I cancelled my account several days ago.
    As for Geoff Cowan, good luck, my friend, you’ll need it.
    Thanks for a great blog, Linda, and a place to express our feelings.

  11. Pam Says:

    Ah, the revolving HSN host door. Although I have closed my QVC account and boycott them for out sourcing, they admittedly do have the most stable host lineup. HSN has been shaky since Grossman took over. And Evine is a mess, and JTV is also a revolving door.
    I haven’t seen Geoff in action, but he’s probably as good or better than some that are left behind. I’m curious to see what happens.
    In response to the CRACK post by Colleen Lopez….TWICE, now….she should know better and so should HSN. I used to like Colleen, but over the last 12 years or so she has become a fat headed bitch.
    I AM OFFENDED by the title of the recipe and yes, the exact same recipe is available in multiples with NO DRUG NAME. And, those who expressed dislike for the name were removed from the comments on her post.
    If the post isn’t removed by tomorrow, I’m boycotting HSN and closing my account.
    And for the sake of good taste, please make Lopez stop wearing those ugly, TRASHY off the shoulder tops and dresses. Enough already!

  12. Evan Says:

    Yes to Cowan and no to Colleen Lopez.
    ITA with all the anti “VEGGIE CRACK” posts. There was no reason to post that name for the recipe TWICE and especially since there were some negative comments on the name. Which have since been removed.
    HSN should demand that Colleen remove the post. Yes, it’s her Facebook, but, HSN’s name is associated. It is in extremely poor taste and since they are so stuffy about their “family values”, they should demand she remove the post.
    Using drug names to name or describe other things, even in jest, is in extremely bad taste. Of course, consider the source, decked out in braless tops that hang way off her shoulders, too tight jeans, and a ball gown at her son’s wedding. She’s the epitome of bad taste and low class values.

  13. Ruth Says:

    I hope Geoff does well on HSN. I didn’t see much of him but liked his personality and how he handled himself.

    I want to voice an objection to the “crack” recipe posted by Colleen. That recipe is available from many sources….with no “crack” or other drug references in its name. She posted it last summer and now again. They wouldn’t let her say “orgasm” in a makeup demo but they’ll let her post “crack”?????
    ANYTHING named after, referenced to, or described in drug names is dangerous and in the poorest taste. Really, HSN. You’ve just lost another customer.

  14. Mark Says:

    Yay to Cowan, boo to Lopez. I hope Geoff likes it and makes it as a host if he does.
    I hope HSN wakes up to their trashy “queen” and makes her delete the crack post. And 2 times, yet. There’s no excuse for that and it only adds to my belief that Lopez is a low class trash bag trying to hide it with lipstick and pearls. Maybe she thinks it’s ok to call food crack around kids.
    If the post is still up Monday, I’m revoking my HSN membership. I only buy Lessman’s supplements anyway, and I can get those off his website. Bye, HSN…..

  15. Lorrie Says:

    I haven’t seen Cowan yet but am looking forward to seeing him on air. HSN could definitely use some help. Some hosts are ok, others are awful to watch.
    Including Colleen Crack Lopez. I am in support of everyone on here who thinks that posting a recipe called crack is distasteful and harmful. I’ve never liked Lopez and this is one of the many reasons why.
    I just closed my HSN account, in the wake of my QVC closure. It’s time we boycott these channels when they behave badly. There is no excuse for posting “veggie crack”. Not when there’s bean dip, southwest salsa, Tex Mex dip, cowboy caviar, etc to post instead. Lopez needs to deflate her big fat ego, and HSN needs to quit encouraging and condoning her bad taste and bad behavior.

  16. QueenCeleste Says:

    Saw the Aussie the other night. He seems like a good addition, but it has always struck me as odd how many hosts have left or have been let go, poof, just vanishing in thin air. I especially miss those who were low-key with pleasant, well-modulated voices. Years ago I liked watching Colleen with Suzanne Somers and other guests who are long gone. She’s different now, talking over guests, and still repeating the same tired phrases she’s used for eons, though most of them are guilty of that. If she says “There’s an argument for picking up at least a couple” for costly items, I have to laugh. Yes, why not “pick up” two or three $100 rings at a pop, never mind we don’t receive HSN’s discount or freebees (I must assume) that the hosts enjoy!

    • Nancy Says:

      Good points, Queen Celeste. I liked Geoff, too. I hope HSN makes the long trip from down under worth his while.
      And Colleen….ugh. A phony, egotistical motormouth. And I agree also with those up thread who don’t like calling bean salsa CRACK. She has gotten so full of herself, she thinks she can do anything and get away with it.
      Yes, the same tired phrases. And what do you think of those sleezy off the shoulders tops?!? They look sloppy and trashy…..that’s almost all she’s worn for about the last 12 or 13 years! All I get from it is that she likes going braless.
      Anyway, I cancelled my accounts with both QVC and HSN…QVC is taking jobs from Americans and putting them overseas. HSN is just becoming unwatchable.

    • Carla Says:

      Yes, Queen, I liked Cowan on HSN, too. And the host changes are hard to keep up with. They seem to either fire (like Rachel Huber) good hosts, or the good ones leave.
      And Colleen has become a full of herself diva. I used to think she was ok with Suzanne Somers, too. I started watching HSN at the end of 1999. It was a TOTALLY different place then. One I liked…whereas now I really don’t like it.
      They put Lopez on too much….some good hosts.that used to get more airtime are now way in the background….or gone. Lopez has been snippy with several vendors, as well as talking over them. Her fake gushing over products, her pushing items relentlessly… even to the point of using her dogs to sell stuff. Give it a rest, Lopez. I cannot stand her anymore.
      And to everyone’s point on here, she was in extreme error and bad taste posting a recipe called “crack”. After reading all this, I think I’m going to close my HSN account. And I won’t miss shopping there.

    • Kim Says:

      Hi Queen Celeste! Nice to see you on here. You and Linda are great columnists.
      I like Geoff, too. I hope he works out and likes it there.
      I’m glad to see I’m not the only one tired of Colleen Lopez. Honestly, I’ve never cared for her because she’s always been phony. But as of about the last 10 years or so, she’s not even watchable. HSN has gone to pot since those years (late 90s thru very early 2000s) of Colleen hosting Suzanne. And they give Lopez way too many new/important guests and air time in general.
      Yes, why not pick up 3 or 4 $300 necklaces?!? Yeah, the hosts get deep discounts, and they make a mint, off the things we buy. Also, she says “cute” way way too much, “wait till your girlfriends see you wearing THIS” or similar, and of course, the gushing over everything as though she could see for the first time. And, “crack”. I can’t believe that post slipped by TPTB at HSN…TWICE!!!
      I don’t watch any of her shows or buy from her. If I order online from the list, it’s when she’s off air. And her jewelry and fashions are pure junk. I’ve sent back several things and that was the end of her stuff for me. Oh….and.the bare shouldered romance novel tops….STOP IT, COLLEEN. They look like a trashy floozy. And it’s all she wears.

      • QueenCeleste Says:

        Hi KIm. Just wanted to mention that maybe you mistook me for a shopping channel blogger. I’m just a reader here–and a shopper! Agree with all your comments about HSN, really sad to see it go downhill.

        And kudos to Miss Moss who keeps us up with all that’s happening at the stations.

  17. dbanimate Says:

    I used to watch Colleen years ago (during the Suzanne days) and thought she was lovely and down to earth. Wow, fast forward to today (I didn’t watch for quite a few years) and it’s like she’s a different person. Phony. It’s sad to see such a negative change.

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    […] […]

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