Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rines Has Been Down Under, And Says She’s Weighing Her Options

Charla Rines has been on TV in Australia

Charla Rines is alive and well, and has been in Australia, she tells us.

In an e-mail Sunday, Rines said, “Hello Homeshoppingista! I’m exploring several options right now. I was in Australia earlier this month representing Sonia Bitton’s product at TVSN. It was delightful!”

TVSN is a home shopping channel in Australia. And Sonia Bitton is a former ShopNBC vendor who used to sell very high-end diamond jewelry on the No. 3 U.S. home shopping channel.

Rines, a veteran ShopNBC host, was abruptly let go in January. Since then, there have been more than 30 angry posts on the blog we did about her exit. Charla’s fans are furious at ShopNBC, claim the network has gone downhill and that they will no longer be buying goods on it.

Charla, we hope to see you back again on U.S. TV soon, too.


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34 Responses to “Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rines Has Been Down Under, And Says She’s Weighing Her Options”

  1. Julie Says:


    I am so sorry that ShopNBC has decided to take you off the air. I miss you. I enjoyed your honesty when you presented items. Your sincerity about your knowledge of the item or no first hand knowledge was very refreshing.

    I find that a some of the hosts are “plastic” and sometimes try to oversell themselves and the product. Reminds me of the old cliche “slick” salesperson.

    Hurry back soon; but if you don’t enjoy the Auzzies. They are wonderful people and the country is lovely–hope you get to hold a Koala bear.

    A Wisconsin fan that doesn’t watch ShopNBC as much anymore – I watch the “other one.”


  2. Paula Marx Says:

    Many hosts have come and gone on the various shopping channels but I haven’t missed any of them the way I miss Charla. I really hope that we see her back on our tvs soon. She is one of a kind.

    • Penelope Miller Says:

      I agree – I just realized it today and am in shock! I think it was an age thing….!This is terrible.

  3. bus Says:

    hello, I have voiced my opinion about the blog or the myspace thingy about Charla Rines. I dont think that is our Charla Rines from ShopNBC my reason being the picture from ShopNBC, why would charla use it? doesnt it belong to ShopNBC? anyone can open a myspace or was it Facebook account under any name……. Just be careful

  4. InTheKnow Says:

    As someone who used to work at the network, I can confirm that the Facebook account is legit. It is Charla.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I emailed a comment on how I heard that now Charla is gone from shopnbc and they are denying it basicaly

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      There is no debate on whether Charla is gone from ShopNBC. She’s out. I wrote it in January, and the company PR person, Anthony Giombetti, confirmed it.

      Who is the “they” you are referring to? Some dipshit customer service rep? If that’s the case, I’ll call myself and see if they lie to me. That would make a great blog.

      Charla is gone, period.

      The Homeshoppingista

  6. Skye Says:

    For years I have been saying that I will never shop at SHOP NBC again…usually when I was having customer service/product issues…which was way too often…but, then later something always caught my eye and I would then again purchase. But after the firing of Charla, my fave host who always made me laugh, this is the proverbial ‘Last Straw”. NEVER NEVER NEVER again. The products are now mostly inferior and over priced. I knew when Sonia was not on anymore and after speaking with her that something was up.

  7. Phil Florian Says:

    Miss Charla a lot!!!!! Great to hear she’s doing well and wish her the best in the future!
    phil from H-Town

  8. carolyn Says:

    I just found out that Charla was gone – I am striking Shopnbc until she comes back. I don’t know what they are doing there but the new hosts are syrupy and boring!!!!!!! Can we do anything to help – I used to watch Charla for the entertainment value and usually found something to buy on the way to being entertained. Now I cannot even put the station on if I want to buy something. they should fire the new management. What can we do????

  9. Kathy W Says:

    Just loved Charla…She was the BEST!! It will never be the same without her…She just made me watch!!

  10. Terry W Says:

    I too can’t believe SHOPNBC would let Charla go. She always seemed to be on the viewers side. Maybe that was the last straw with management. I agree with many of the other postings; so many of the new hosts are awful. Just a bunch of ass kissing phonies. Charla was the reason I started watching and shopping with SHOPNBC back in 2004. Charla will also be the reason I stop shopping there.Good luck Charla in all your future opurtunities. I hope you can take this crappy lemon you were dealt and turn it into lemonade.
    All the best to you!

  11. Kathryn K Says:

    I just found out that Charla is gone!!! CHARLA was the best host, such fun to watch… One of the only hosts I would watch on ShopNBC… Otherwise I would shop on line.. ShopNBC has gone downhill, (mosty VERY overpriced junk) all of my favorite vendors have left and are now on other networks.. I can find better items at better prices almost anywhere – including my local retailers.. So Charla being gone is the last straw.. Charla – I hope to find you on another station here in the US soon… Someone pease let me know where she ends up!!!

  12. Gretchen Bryant Says:

    Call me a late bloomer, I just found out Charla was gone and I am most unhappy about this news. She was so put together, entertaining and knowledgeable, I can’t believe they would be stupid enought to let her go, whether it was her choice or theirs. I began to get suspicious when some 2nd rate suppliers started showing up on ShopNBC, and some of the “A-List” suppliers disappeared, i.e., Sonia and Charles Winston. What a mess they’ve made. In support of Charla, ShopNBC is off my menu.

  13. mary w Says:

    I called ShopNBC and ask where Charla was and the sales rep said, “I had no idea then promptly hung up on me.” Their lost, I watched and shop for Charla, she is gone and so am I. I always found humor in Charla when she talked about her daughter.

  14. Shirley T Jennings Says:

    Charla was the reason I watched Shop NBC. She was funny and the only REAL host at that network. Too bad for Shop NBC.

  15. StefF Says:

    i too miss her and have not been back to shopnbc since; is it me or do i feel as if the remaining hosts arent so confident; my guess is that station is in trouble; i think what i miss most about Charla is that she talked to us as if she was one of us and she was shopping WITH us; the others always just tried to sell and appeal to us on how we would impress our friends…..puhleeeeeeeeze that did and still does annoy the hell out of me; some of us, dont look in the mirror and ask ourselves if our friends will be impressed. the sales hosts on shopnbc, for the most part, well, what can i say? im not impressed…..i could name names but think i wont; at any rate, charla’s approach was refreshing; i think she was one in a million and quite frankly im sure her attitude wouldnt fit in with the current merchandise…….and puhleeeeeeeeeze no more watched and i never liked chuck clemency’s stuff anyway…(cheap and poorly designed)…i dont care how funny he’s supposed to me….let the merchandise do the talking not the host……

  16. Eileen Slobotkin Says:

    I am very, very upset that Charla Rhines was let go so abruptly. She was the most competent and honest host of all Shop NBC…..and so much fun to watch and listen to. She was the reason i kept coming back to Shop NBC. This just cannot be a business….it has to be a mutual admiration between the customer and the host.

    I hope NBC realizes the loss of such a wonderful person and reconsiders hiring her back.

  17. Sunny Says:

    I am shocked that Charla is gone. I have been looking for her at all times of day and nite . Now I know she is gone. What a huge mistake they made. What is going on there? I agree that it sure does look like they are in trouble. It is only getting worse and worse. The merchandise is so dissappointing – poor. poor quality. Does anyone need another watch ? – go to shopNBC.
    Best of luck to Charla. I hope she continues with Sonia – two quality people!

  18. PATT DEZURIK Says:


  19. Joy K Says:

    I too was searching day and night to find Charla but finally made the assumption that she was no longer there. Charla was one of the few hosts that presented the jewelry (my sole interest) so accurately. I hate it when the host don’t show the under side of a piece of jewelry. Doesn’t everybody look at all sides before making a purchase at your local jewelers? With Charla, my favorite vendors, and the Mc Coys gone, I rarely watch ShopNBC now. The quality of the merchandise has plummeted.
    Best wishes on your new adventure Charla. I hope you’ll find another home here in the US. Miss you.

  20. c reilly Says:

    i haven’t watched since charla left….actually, that may not be true. i haven’t watched since everytime i put the show on they were always selling watches…. i just went looking for her online because i hadn’t seen her in any of my attempts, and what i feared was true. đŸ˜¦

    she was thee coolest thing going on shopnbc!
    also, i will never watch nor buy another thing from shopnbc.
    my cc is paid off and closed!

    stay well charla, we miss you

  21. Cynthia Says:

    Charla was the one host that pulled me in to Shop NBC. I always watched when she was on. Her honesty and wit was refreshing and entertaining. Nobody and I mean nobody can sell a luxury handbag or diamond like Charla. Her sense of humor is delicious! I really, really miss her. I believe that shop NBC has taken a major turn away from it’s target audience (and that is people who want quality merchandise and are willing to pay for it). It is now cookie cutter network and not unlike the other shopping channels which pander to us and are boring. Charla I wish you well and I’m sure you’ll land on your happy feet!! The best to you always!!!

  22. stefF Says:

    cynthia, she can be found on facebook, just in case you didnt know; i really think shopnbc made a big mistake too and is a classic example of throwing the baby out with the bathwater….i too cant stomach it either

  23. Paula Says:

    I cannot believe that they let Charla Rhines go. Maybe she will go to HSN. I enjoyed her as a show host and I also liked the vendor Sonia Bitton. I was also disappointed when they let Karen Connolly go. I also miss Wes McCoy. He and his wife were a lovely duo. I also like Jolene Benoit. They been in the business long enough–why don’t they start their own shopping network. They could also bring back some of the old vendors, Dreams of India with Bahazad or Dallas Prince. I do not particularly care for some of the newer hosts–where did they get them from. They are not classy at all and have no tv appeal.

  24. Paula Says:

    I had been watching for Charla to watch her and Sonia to be on just for the enjoyment. I had long since quit buying from ShopNBC for their horrific Customer Services. I had an Invictal watch and was told a car could not run over it an bust the crystal – well I dropped it on my bathroom counter and it blew up. i sent it in and nothing – they sent it back busted. Now an Invicta watch second hand has fallen off but I won’t bother to send it in.
    I am in the field of psychiatric and the statistic are very high than when you leave one job that you go on to a better one. ShopNBC certainly doesn’t deserve Charla, Sonia or Dallas Prince.

  25. Patty Says:

    Like some of the others ..I knew she was gone..I kept looking for her ..she was so much fun to shop with . the show host they have now are just not very good …kind of like QVC ..they let the really good ones go .Charla was why you would stay on the shopping channel …she made you feel good and that is why you shop …I think it was because of her age they let her go

  26. Linda Says:

    Ditto all of the other comments. Charla was the one who drew me to Shop NBC also. She was so damn funny! And honest. I undetstand the network having to re engineer to adapt to the downturn in the economy BUT in my opinion they made some bad decisions. The network was a quality shopping venue. Now it is second rate and do not watch much any more except for Manuela.

  27. Lynne Says:

    I was wondering why I had not seen Charla on air for so long. It occurred to me that maybe she had been ill or something – – so I googled her name, and my search results led me here to this site. I am shocked to find out now that she was “let go.” Bad decision on the part of the network. Charla’s spontaneity and great sense of humor was one of my main reasons for tuning in. I’ve noticed also, that the network has not had Senna Cosmetics on for quite some time. Instead, they are bringing in new cosmetic companies that do not compare to Senna’s quality. Eugenia Weston (founder of Senna) is not that young either – – so perhaps it is an “age” related thing – – which, in my opinion, just makes it all the more a bad decision… and totally UNFAIR!!!!! Charla’s a tough act to follow… I will miss seeing her, and agree with the others, that Shopnbc has definitely gone DOWN HILL since letting her go.

  28. Lisa Says:

    Charla, you were ShopNBC. Shame on them. Someone quoted that they are “going Walmart”…..your too good for that MO.

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    […]Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rines Has Been Down Under, And Says She’s Weighing Her Options « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

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