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HSN Recruits Three New Hosts

October 14, 2016

Three months ago we blogged about HSN hiring a new host, Geoff Cowan.

But it wasn’t until this week that the No. 2 home shopping network officially announced on Facebook that Cowan was on board, along with two other newbies, Tracey Kane and Valerie Stup.

Kane and Stup look like blond twins. has this blurb on Kane:

“Most people want to get off this roller coaster ride. I want to get on.”

Tracey joins us from Fairfield, CT, where she settled to raise her twins with her husband after an exciting career in the fashion industry in NYC. She loves to re-design houses and entertain at home, but her favorite pastime is being silly with her kids.

As for her lookalike Stup:

“By being yourself, you put something wonderful and special in the world that was not there before.”

Growing up in Orlando, FL, Valerie fell for the camera at an early age. She did it all – TV, commercials, film – a path that led her to Los Angeles to find her true career passion as a Lifestyle Host. When she’s not in front of the camera or meeting new people, she’s in hot pursuit of the next best thing to buy, hot yoga, and date night with her husband.

Here’s what the website had to say about Cowan:

“I am one of the lucky ones! I get to bring you the kinds of products that make our lives better…and more fun!”

An Australian transplant with a contagious smile, he calls Florida home sweet home. Nothing can subdue this one part city/one part country boy’s wanderlust. Having backpacked throughout the US and Europe, he’s got more places to go and things to see. And along the way, rest assured that he will hit the brakes for a pair of colorful, plaid pants to add to his rather unique collection.

TVSN Host Geoff Cowan Invades HSN

July 25, 2016

OK, what’s the story on Geoff Cowan hosting on HSN?

We noticed HSN jewelry vendor Carol Brodie talking about being on the air Sunday with a new face, “Geoff,” and so we looked him up.

Cowan isn’t listed on as a host. But we found his Facebook page, which states that he is a TVSN presenter who lives in Sydney, Australia.

TVSN stands for TV Shopping Network, and it is an Aussie shopping channel.

Don’t know if Cowan is on a tryout or has landed a permanent gig on HSN.