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JTV Alums Moseley, Lau To Be QVC Gem Experts

May 25, 2017

Gem expert Peyton Kelley is gone from QVC, but two Jewelry Television alum are coming to the No. 1 home shopping network: Jeff Moseley and Michele Lau.

Both Moseley and Lau posted almost exactly the same messages separately on their Facebook pages.

“I’m thrilled to announce I have officially accepted the offer from QVC to be one of their two Gemstone Jewelry On Air Guests!” Moseley wrote.

And Lau posted, “It is a done deal! I have officially accepted the offer from #QVC to be one of their two Gemstone Jewelry On Air Guests!”

We enjoyed them both on JTV, and this is no reflection on them, but we are a little perturbed if Kelley was let go to make way for them.

As we recently reported, not only Kelley, who was at QVC for years, but most recently host Jacque Gonzales are gone. As one former QVC host suggested, companies like QVC often let veteran employees, who are at the top of the pay scale, go as a belt-tightening measure. Hell, we were laid off at two newspapers for the same reason. It sucks.

Now that that’s off our chest, we note that this news about Moseley means that yet another husband-wife team is on home shopping. Moseley’s wife Erin is already on on-air rep for QVC’s Diamonique line.

Evine has jewelry vendors Judy Crowell and hubby Paul Deasy. And the network also has Pam McCoy, who used to appear on the channel back in the day with her husband Wes.

Host Michele Lau Is Out The Door At JTV

June 25, 2015

It looks like another Jewelry Television host has bit the dust: Michele Lau. Thanks for the tip, Lovie.

Apparently Lau was on the air Monday night, and her Facebook page didn’t offer any hint of her impending departure from the network.

Michele Lau is the largest host to exit JTV

Michele Lau is the latest host to exit JTV

But our tipster noticed that Lau’s photo was off the JTV host page, and Lau confirmed that she was gone from the network, as well.

“Life took an unexpected turn yesterday and I am no longer with JTV,” she posted on her personal Facebook Tuesday. “Please continue to follow this page and ‘share’ it, please! I love you guys and look forward to seeing you on the air again soon! Love, Michele xxx'”

HSN host Kathy Wolf offered her support to Lau on Facebook.

“Michele I’m sad to read this,” Wolf posted. “Please feel free to reach out to me via phone when you’re ready.”

On Wednesday Lau posted a photo of a butterfly that had landed on her screen door.

“Look who stopped by this morning to offer support,” she wrote. “For those that know me well you know how special butterflies are to me. I apologize that I am not responding to you all, please forgive me. I will reach out soon and love and appreciate you more than you know.”