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Bronze Is Not A Noble Metal To Us, HSN!

August 15, 2011

Et tu, Brute?

Yes, we’re talking to you, Marianna and Richard Jacobs.

This married couple, formerly of ShopNBC, does a jewelry line called “Sajen Silver” for HSN, made by hand in Bali.

Now we have Sajen Bronze on HSN, on host Colleen Lopez’s Designer Gallery show on HSN Sunday night.

Sajen's bronze peacock pendant

With the cost of sterling silver and gold skyrocketing, HSN’s silver vendors are now using cheaper metals such as bronze, copper or doing vermeil.

First it was Studio Barse doing bronze. Then it was Michael Anthony, formerly USA Gold, doing vermeil pieces. Then it was Chaco Canyon doing copper. Now it’s Sajen Silver doing bronze.

Colleen may be praising it to high heaven.

“It’s a noble metal,” she said.

Richard chimed in to say that it was so exciting to introduce a new metal.

but it stinks. We want silver!

“Genuine bronze” indeed, HSN.

QVC’s Gem Day Is Not Rocking

January 5, 2010

QVC jewelry lovers don’t seem to be impressed with Gem Day Tuesday on the home shopping network, and neither are we.

On one thread on the QVC jewelry forum, posters griped that most of the items are just sterling silver or not new merchandise.

On another thread, one woman was rather outraged that the Today’s Special Value, a multi-colored sapphire band ring, just came in sterling or in gold “clad,” not solid 14 carat gold. It is $139, on three Easy Pays.

The all-time price of gold has cut down on the inventory that networks like QVC are peddling, much to the frustration of jewelry geeks.

QVC’s Today’s Special Value For Jewelry Day Friday Is Diamond Key Pendant, Season’s Hottest Trend

December 15, 2009

Jewelry junkies like us, who have been complaining about QVC nixing a lot of its jewelry shows, are in for a treat Friday.

The No. 1 home shopping is not only dedicating the whole day to jewelry, but the Today’s Special Value is trading in on one of jewelry’s hottest trends: the key pendant.

The Friday TSV is an Affinity diamond key pendant that will be selling for $120, on three Easy Pays of $40. That’s a lot cheaper than the thousands of dollars Tiffany is asking for its signature key pendants.

Victoria Wieck's HSN Key, Not QVC TSV

The QVC version has 1/3 of a carat of diamonds set in sterling silver. It is two inches long, on an 18-inch rolo chain.

We love the key look, and are planning to find one we like for ourselves.

Our mom just bought one on HSN from Victoria Wieck that was studded with Absolutes, and came in silver or vermeil yellow or rose gold. It is $60.

QVC ‘Savors’ A Chance To Do A Jewelry Line Like HSN’s Technibond

October 28, 2009

With the price of gold at an all-time high, and jewelry sales tanking, it looks like QVC is taking a page out of HSN’s book with Savor, a new line that debuts Wednesday night.

Savor is jewelry made of 14 carat gold bonded over sterling silver, very similar to HSN’s Technibond line. So you get the look of gold, which is out of the range of many people’s wallets, for a fraction of the price.

At least that’s the theory, but the Savor goods didn’t look so inexpensive to us. A lot of the Savor pieces on QVC’s Web site didn’t have photos yet, but many of the earrings were priced at more than $100, and a station-link necklace was close to $300.

The price points on HSN’s Technibond are much cheaper.