Host Michele Lau Is Out The Door At JTV

It looks like another Jewelry Television host has bit the dust: Michele Lau. Thanks for the tip, Lovie.

Apparently Lau was on the air Monday night, and her Facebook page didn’t offer any hint of her impending departure from the network.

Michele Lau is the largest host to exit JTV

Michele Lau is the latest host to exit JTV

But our tipster noticed that Lau’s photo was off the JTV host page, and Lau confirmed that she was gone from the network, as well.

“Life took an unexpected turn yesterday and I am no longer with JTV,” she posted on her personal Facebook Tuesday. “Please continue to follow this page and ‘share’ it, please! I love you guys and look forward to seeing you on the air again soon! Love, Michele xxx'”

HSN host Kathy Wolf offered her support to Lau on Facebook.

“Michele I’m sad to read this,” Wolf posted. “Please feel free to reach out to me via phone when you’re ready.”

On Wednesday Lau posted a photo of a butterfly that had landed on her screen door.

“Look who stopped by this morning to offer support,” she wrote. “For those that know me well you know how special butterflies are to me. I apologize that I am not responding to you all, please forgive me. I will reach out soon and love and appreciate you more than you know.”

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50 Responses to “Host Michele Lau Is Out The Door At JTV”

  1. Lovie Says:

    I only watched Michelle a few times due to the hours that she came on, but she seemed like a humble person as far as I could tell. Perhaps she will pop up somewhere else in the near future.

    Thanks for posting, Linda.

    Now a completely unrelated rant….

    JTV used to have two YouTube channels. One for special announcements / promotions and another where you can see play-backs of all of their shows. They deleted the play-back channel about 2 months ago. That stinks for 2 reasons.

    1. I can seldom watch the hosts that I can stomach when it’s convenient for me . And yes, I do make purchases every now and then. πŸ™‚

    2. The “video” that they show of the items on doesn’t even show the jewelry on a real person. In most cases, it’s just a video of the jewelry against a black background.

    If I wanted to see what a piece of jewelry looked like on a human being, I would cut-and-paste the item description into YouTube and I could see the whole presentation for that item. Now that the play-back channel got deleted, I can no longer do that. Ug.

    If they were smart, they would stream live on YouTube like QVC does. Then more people could watch them during their breaks at work. My job has JTV blocked (and I can’t afford to live-stream on my cell phone.) I’m sure other people are in the same boat. They would make a lot more money if they streamed on YouTube.

    I know, I know. I’m complaining in the wrong place. LOL!!! I will send this rant to JTV. I just wanted to vent!

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    I liked watched Michelle on HSN. Here’s hoping things turn out well for her. It was nice of Kathy Wolf to post her support.

  3. Carrie W Says:

    Even though Michele would speak NONSTOP ALL THE TIME I did like her and she did seem sincere. It has gotten to the point where I just cannot watch this channel anymore. Every time I turn it on the same hosts are always on. One is worse than the other. I seriously think that JTV needs to re-think their hosts and clean house of all the truly bad ones. Also – an update to this channel’s image would be good too. It is so stale and dated. I just can’t bring my self to watch anymore and that’s money saved for me!

  4. K. Brown Says:

    I am absolutely heartbroken! Does anyone know WHY they let Michelle go? She was awesome, and pretty much the only host I still watched on JTV. I am so stunned and saddened.

  5. G Ryan Says:

    Miss you were fun to watch..those other hicks on are corny..Heidi can t stop saying GORGEOUS after every unprofessional..can t watch those new just saying.

  6. anita Says:


  7. Terry Says:

    Ive watched JTV for 15 years and about the only one I truly felt was genuine of late has been Michelle. I truly enjoyed mornings with her upbeat personality. I think I’m switching to another channel. What were they thinking?

  8. christine rousselle Says:

    Michelle was the Best Host on that channel and I sent them an e-mail telling them just that! I also told them that A lot of people won’t be shopping there any more because of this!!! Michelle, if you see this, you are way too Classy and Smart to let this get you down! Girl, you just get your self back out there and Good things will come your way, cause Good things do happen to Good People! Hope to see you soon!



  10. Deborah Geary-Stanley Says:

    I am sad to see that Michele is gone. I really liked her style and smile. So what if she talked non-stop, some of the other hosts do the same thing. With Michele the comments were original, relative information on the merchandise and intelligent. What is going on at JTV? How are employees judged? I AM JUST DISAPPOINTED

  11. Michelelau Says:

    Hello! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support! It means the world to me!

    • Patti Says:

      I just began watching HSN as you were leaving…missed you there. And now, I can’t get JTV channel and was so sad to hear this. I watched you prior to moving here on JTV and you were so knowledgeable, professional, and relatable- i.e. human.
      They made a mistake. You were a great host, and an even greater human being. God bless you and the best of luck to you. You are loved and missed.

  12. marsha horton Says:

    They let Michelle go and kept Rebecca! Where are their heads?

  13. JoJo Says:

    I thought Michelle was on an extended vacation & I kept waiting for her to come back. She was my favorite JTV host. Very sad…

  14. Donna Burns Says:

    Sad to hear JTV let Michelle Lau go. She was always very professional, personable
    and a breath of fresh air compared to many hosts on that show. You never felt
    pressured by her. I have heard a few sound like preachers in a tent revival and that
    Is dispicable. What are you thinking JTV?

  15. judithlonesome Says:

    JTV handled Ms. Lau’s exit poorly and viewership/sales could possibly be affected. Ms. Lau is a professional but not a corporation. She will land on her feet. Question: With many changes from hosts, Customer Service reps suddenly fired (and submitting negative reviews about JTV), plus noise concerning lawsuits, loans and taxes=Will JTV survive?

  16. A.T. Powell Says:

    Michele was my favorite host on JTV. (Now the only remaining host I can stomach is Mandy). I miss my mornings with Michele. She was genuine and knowledgeable and had some depth to her. A real spirit. Thanks for the post alerting me that she is gone. I have no reason to channel surf to JTV in the mornings. 😦

  17. Sunny Says:

    Much love to Michelle. How the network could retain Misty and let this GEM go is beyond me. You will be better off Michelle!!!!!

  18. Michele Jones Says:

    I miss Michelle on her 6am spot….. Please bring here back…..Michelle, tell your mom that i said Good Morning…..

  19. Marie Says:

    I, too, miss Michele. I thought I was the only one who didn’t care for most of the other hosts (I do like Jenn!), and any time I’ve bought something, I’ve always made remarks about another hostess that I would either “mute” or switch channels. I sure would like to know why she was let go, if anyone knows.

  20. Lillian Pecket Says:

    I shop JTV all the time. They have the most beautiful jewelry and prices that I have ever seen because of their excellent designers. I used to shop QVC for yrs., but they don’t have any variety of jewelry anymore. I was a big Diamonique fan and then they just showed the same pieces of jewelry over and over.
    For all of you who negatively commented about most of the hosts at JTV, keep this in mind, you are buying jewelry and not judging a contest of on which host does the best job. Calling them hicks like the one person did above is cruel in my estimation. They sell a lot of jewelry and are laughing all the way to the bank. They don’t need customers like you above which are thankfully in the minority.

    Lillian Pecket

    • Diane Crane Says:

      I guess Michelle didn’t have the big 1980 hair style like the rest of the ladies on the show. She was too natural for JTV. I thought she was knowledgeable and nice to listen to.

    • Patti Says:

      I agree. I like Michelle and think JTV made a mistake in letting her go.
      To call some of the hosts hicks is very mean. They do their jobs. The sets aren’t all glam and busy like HSN and the Q, but I prefer that. I don’t need to see jewelry ( or anything else) in big dens and living rooms with overpaid hosts like Colleen Lopez. JTV keeps it basic. Whether you like their hair or not, the JTV ladies are well groomed for TV. Their job is to sell jewelry, not compete in a beauty contest.
      They have accents- hello, they’re in Tennessee… the south. So quit picking on them and go to HSN or QVC if you don’t like it.
      I can’t get JTV on TV now but I shop online there. I’ll keep my reasonable prices and let everyone who wants big sets and overpaid hosts go to HSN, QVC, and Evine.
      No matter what your choice is, there’s no need for meanness.

      • Tracey Says:

        Yes it’s been a while since Michele has been gone and I still miss watching her in the morning when I get out of work, I work the 3rd shift and I love her show ,I find mysey lf still watching, but I must admit I do watch it on mute

  21. janice janey Says:

    The only reason I looked at JTV was because of Michelle those other host when they talk sound like they have a mouth full of mush. Just annoying listening to them.

    • Tracey Says:

      I do like some of the other host but I also like how michelle would miss and match her jewelry to clothes I thought that was hot,I don’t understand why she’s not there I once heard her say on a show that she loved people and once a friend always a friend because she collected people, jtv should consider having her bacek

  22. Lovie Says:

    Michele Lau is now working at TVSN in Australia. Her first show was on November 22nd. She was selling bed sets. The details of her new gig are on her facebook page. I don’t think she’s an official host yet. It seems like some kind of trial run right now, to see how she’s received by the viewers.

    • Tracey Says:

      Do michelle plan on returning to tv soon I would love to know when and what network is smart enough to grab her up

  23. Nancy Drew Says:

    Michele would indeed talk non-stop but compared to motormouths Wendy Williams and the new, awful Morgan “As Well” Overholt, Michele was definitely a class act.

    On the other end of the spectrum is the slow-talking, bizarre, arrogant (she treats the crew very condescendingly) Rebecca Moore. And long-time host Dawn can’t finish a sentence to save her life.

    Compared to these people Michele Lau will be missed by me.

  24. dbrad Says:

    Rebecca Moore sounds like a pack a day smoker,yeeesh

  25. Sunnydee72 Says:

    I really did not care for Michelle she came off as a know it all.However, some of the new host are worse. I would say that my favorite host would be Sharon and Misty. Misty cracks me up with her always saying, such and such is absolutely, positivity..Host Windy drives me nuts though. Why doesn’t she try the rings on more? Sometimes I am waiting to see what a ring looks like on the finger and she is just holding it up for the camera. Sometimes she never even puts them on.

  26. Marsha L. Says:

    Here it is 6/6/16 and I STILL miss Michelle Lau on JTV! One of the posts above says she is working in Australia? Wow…has that been confirmed? Well, never thought I’d get “addicted” to a home shopping network, but being a retired (way too soon!) teacher due to a disability, I now have the time to have fun watching the different hosts and I now have a lovely collection of beautiful gems and jewelry pieces. I also was surprised that several of the hosts left so quickly within weeks of each other…especially when a few of them said they would “never” leave JTV and that it was their “second home and family!” I agree with those who said it doesn’t look good for a TV network to lose so many hosts so quickly. When we the viewers/buyers bring these personalities into our homes on a regular basis, we do NOT expect them to suddenly one day be gone without a few brief words of explanation. That shows disrespect for the very foundation of their existence.

  27. dayle ann Says:

    I have no idea how JTV decides who they should let go. I liked Michele. I think they are letting there favorite hosts choose who stays and who goes. When Mandy started Niki said “Mandy’s our girl” I can’t stand her.

  28. Nancy Gannon Says:

    OMG, and they’re keeping Rebecca Moore, who is such a horrible host. She is so nauseating to watch or listen to, with that hair flipping and that
    obnoxious FAKE teethy smile. What are they thinking? Who does she have ties with at the top? It must be something like that because she’s just Awful. Get her off, Please

  29. Carolyn Says:

    Why are so many hosts leaving JTV? It just isn’t the same without Cheryl, Jennifer now Michelle. Also, JTV expanded their ring sizes up to size 12, but forgot all of their customers that need a size 4. I’m tired of having to pay to have my rings sized, so have not ordered anything for quite some time.😟

  30. dbrad Says:

    are rebecca and kim nicotine queens? they sure sound like it,coughhhhh hackkkkkkkk

  31. Allison Says:

    I miss Michelle too, but I think she would be disappointed with everyone who is bad mouthing the other hosts. She was friends with many of them. Whatever happened, happened between the executives and producers and her.
    Even if there were problems between her and other hosts, which I doubt, she is a lady and would be ashamed of all the nasty comments.

    • Kimberly E Turner Says:

      I agree so much with you.I don’t know what drives people to be so cruel and nasty.They certainly are showing that when it comes to”class”, that they are lacking.I love all the host and they don’t deserve to be mean mouthed.

  32. Sandra brewer Says:

    Sorry to hear that you won’t be on JTV anymore I have watched you for years good luck on what ever you do I’m the future 😍

  33. Kimberly E Turner Says:

    I am so sorry to see Michele Lay leave JTV.I have come to feel like I know her personally.She was a good host and very pleasant,and I loved her enthusiasm and love of the jewelry she sold . I will miss her.

  34. Bel Says:

    You will find her along with one of the other missing hosts at ShopLC

  35. Karen Says:

    I know it’s been a while but watch JTV now n then I think of you as you were one of my favorite host. You were great to watch early in the morning always so happy. Love to see you back on the airways again. Karen

  36. Aimee G Bond Says:

    I loved Michele. She was my favorite host. She was very honest and sincere, and I trusted her. I hope she is happy in Australia and knows how much she is missed. Hugs!

  37. Aimee G Bond Says:

    Oh, so happy to hear she is on ShopLC. I will start watching that now!

  38. Yorkees1 Says:

    Nikki is now on ShopLC too…I keep seeing ShopLC pick up some really good hosts! (some are a little weird, but each to their own) I have dealt with shopLC for a long time, since their debut really, and have watched them really up their game, I can’t think of a good reason for JTV to dump people UNLESS it was a financial/business reason …. rumor has it that JTV is having some tax/ money issues. We shall just wait and see.

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