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HSN Diamond Girl Carol Brodie Rocks Accessory, Home Decor Collection

October 10, 2012

Our girlfriend Carol Brodie is branching out on HSN.

Blonde beauty Brodie, who does one of HSN’s top-selling brands — Rarities: Fine Jewelry — is launching a collection of home decor and fashion accessories this Friday on the home shopping network.

Here’s the dope from the press release Tuesday:

The Carol Brodie Collection includes a home decor assortment inspired by her favorite jewels. Collaborating with high-end home fragrance company D. L. & Co., the line features candles and diffusers adorned with evil eye and peacock feather jeweled pendants with an intriguing scents of Amethyst Dahlia, Sapphire Spice, Ruby Jasmine or Emerald Rose.

Carol Brodie

The assortment also features decorative throw pillows, jewel encrusted picture frames and plush throws — from $29.95 to $99.95.

The Carol Brodie Collection also features on-trend yet practical accessories ranging from $29 to $448, including leather handbags with coordinated wallets and wristlets, fashionable sunglasses, nesting cosmetic cases and jeweled key chains that make a statement — everything a woman needs to organize her life and look fabulous doing it.

“Every accessory in a woman’s life should create a moment, a memory and have a story to tell,” Brodie said in a statement. “My collection includes pieces that range from affordable to aspirational, all inspired by the designs featured in my fine jewelry line. The HSN customer appreciates the unique designs and craftsmanship of Rarities Fine Jewelry… my new line will build upon the top-selling styles that resonate with my customer.”

Here are some of Brodie’s claims to fame:

Brodie was the mastermind behind some of the most memorable red carpet styles, including the custom-designed cognac and orange diamond jewels, worn by Halle Berry as she captured the 2001 Best Actress Award for Monster’s Ball; and Gwyneth Paltrow’s winning look as she nabbed the 1999 Best Actress Award for her role in Shakespeare in Love.

Her work on the red carpet during her nine-year tenure at Harry Winston earned her the moniker, Queen of Diamonds, as well as numerous awards and accolades throughout the fashion and fine jewelry industries.

“Carol has impeccable taste and knows what our customer craves to enhance their own personal style,” Anne Martin-Vachon, HSN’s chief merchandising officer, said in a canned statement. “Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie has become one of HSN’s top-selling fine jewelry brands and we know that her new line of accessories will continue to expand her impressive following of loyal and devoted fans.”

Brodie debuts her new collection during the “Carol Brodie: Accessorize Your Life” premiere Friday at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.

HSN Is Almost All Serena Williams, All Friday With Tennis Champ Showing Off Her Signature Statement Collection

December 10, 2009

Tennis champ Serena Williams will be on HSN Friday nearly 24/7, kicking off at midnight with the network’s Today’s Special.

Williams will be on throughout the entire day with her Signature Statement collection, which includes apparel, jewelry, handbags and accessories.

We saw her debut earlier this year, and it mainly featured blingy pave jewelry, pieces that Williams was wearing on her TV appearances. Now it looks like she has a wide range of clothes for this HSN visit,

We especially like her ruched dress at $55.

And of course, we love that bling. Bring it on Serena, with a very pretty crystal flower necklace catching our eye at $80.

HSN has a wide range of African American vendors on the air, not only Williams but also Natalie Cole, Sean Combs, Iman (David Bowie’s wife), Tina Knowles — who is Beyonce’s mom — and Carol’s Daughter.

Designer Isaac Mizrahi’s New QVC Lifestyle Line Is Online, And He’s On The Air From His Studio Saturday Night

December 5, 2009

QVC has high hopes for Isaac Mizrahi’s line, with CEO Mike George predicting it will be the home shopping channel’s biggest hit.

We caught a bit of the fashion designer on “Posh in the Park” Friday night, when Mizrahi appeared with host Lisa Robertson. We interviewed him years ago, and on the air he seemed charming and at ease.

Saturday night at 8 p.m. QVC will officially launch his show, “Issac Mizrahi Live!,” from a studio installed in his work space in Manhattan.

QVC has all of Mizrahi’s products online now, and they include apparel, accessories, jewelry, handbags, shoes, food and housewares.

The jewelry and shoes didn’t do much for us, but we loved the plates with a bow ribbon design and a dress he had with a T-shirt-type top with a fancy silk print bottom.

Ex-QVC and HSN Host Judy Crowell Has Her Primetime Premiere On ShopNBC

November 25, 2009

We caught part of Judy Crowell’s second show on ShopNBC Tuesday, at 9 p.m., and she still has it.

Former QVC and HSN host Crowell was well paired with ShopNBC host Melissa Miner, who said that she learned how to be a host by watching Crowell.

“You get around, don’t you?” said caller Carol, referring to Crowell’s stints at all three home shopping networks.

Crowell joked back that Army brats like her “can’t sit still.”

Caller Shirley said of Crowell, “She was my favorite on the other channels…I just can’t tell you how happy I am.”

Shirley even picked up several of Crowell’s new handbags (See Q&A with Crowell).

Crowell looked a little blonder than we remember her. She did a nice job, not too hyper or hard-selling like some other home shopping hosts we know.

Crowell, who is married to ShopNBC “Gem Insider” Paul Deasy, reiterated what she told us in a recent interview: That her accessories collection, which includes faux leather handbags, is meant to add zip to your wardrobe inexpensively.

“You don’t have to break the bank to do it,” said Crowell, who was wearing a sleeveless black sheath dress.

Her purses have a signature leopard print lining, and Crowell claimed that her purses look and feel like distressed leather.

Crowell’s unusual item was a pair of designer-look reading glasses, for those of us who need them.

Crowell’s first show on ShopNBC was at 2 a.m. Tuesday.

ShopNBC Makes It Official With Press Release On Judy Crowell’s Debut With Accessory Line

November 25, 2009

Judy Crowell

We know this is not news to our readers, but here is a slightly edited version of ShopNBC’s official press release Tuesday on the debut of Judy Crowell’s line:

Judy Crowell Launches New Fashion & Accessories Collection on ShopNBC

MINNEAPOLIS — ShopNBC, the premium lifestyle brand in electronic retailing, announced today that Judy Crowell, television shopping industry veteran and fashion trend forecaster, has joined the network as the inspiration and designer of the new show series, “Judy Crowell Collection.”

Ms. Crowell will premiere on ShopNBC Tuesday, November 24 at 2 am and 9 pm ET.

Judy Crowell brings over 20 years of television experience to ShopNBC. She began her career as a TV correspondent, then as a TV shopping host for QVC and HSN. Ms. Crowell’s career led her to fashion hot spots around the world, including Monte Carlo, Basel, Milan, and Hong Kong, where she developed a global sense of style. Ms. Crowell is certified as a trend forecaster from the World Fashion Council.

The Judy Crowell Collection will feature fashion outerwear and accessories for women seeking to update their wardrobe and help create a polished look. Designed to enhance rather than replace a woman’s wardrobe, the Judy Crowell Collection also caters to women searching for timeless and affordable accessories. Viewers will be surprised and delighted with the newest trends in handbags, sunglasses, scarves and more, along with Ms. Crowell’s advice on where and how to wear each piece.

Judy Crowell’s Key Accessories for Holiday 2009:

— Paisley Scarf (S51183). Key accessory for the season, the scarf adds
instant sophistication to any outfit.

— Crackle Finish Clutch (S50996). Add a little ooh la la to last year’s
little black dress.

— Braid Detail Shopper Handbag (S50997). Look pulled together and stay
organized with this handy tote that shifts from work to play.

“We are pleased to welcome Judy and her collection to the ShopNBC family,” said Cindy Chen-Derkacz, ShopNBC’s Vice President of Fashion.

“Her sense of style and trend insight is long-admired by her loyal viewers and industry experts. Judy’s presentation style is not only entertaining, but will also educate viewers with effortless ways to create a timeless and polished look. Judy and her collection are an exciting addition to our fashion category, as we continue to build an array of wardrobe options that work for the busy lifestyles of ShopNBC customers.”

“Since the moment I walked into ShopNBC and felt the energy of the network and its entire staff, I’ve been excited to premiere the Judy Crowell Collection to viewers across the country,” said Judy Crowell, designer and guest expert.

“As women, we oftentimes have an entire closet full of clothes yet feel like we have nothing to wear. I hope to change that. I’ll be combining my experience and enthusiasm for fashion, along with helpful style tips to educate, entertain, and connect with viewers.”

Fashionista Isaac Mizrahi Dishes To New York Daily News About The Plaid Cheesecake He’s Doing With Junior’s For QVC

November 22, 2009

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi debuts on QVC Dec. 4, and Seventh Avenue is all abuzz.

Mizrahi, who has taken to wearing a silly scarf on his head, will be bringing premium apparel, accessories, housewares and cheesecake to West Chester, Pa. Yes, that’s right, cheesecake.

In a Q-and-A in the New York Daily News Sunday, Mizrahi says he “is doing a collaboration” with world famous Junior’s  cheesecake. The result is a cake “with a plaid fondant top,” he tells the News. 

We know what plaid is, but we have no idea from “fondant” is. Anyway, Mizrahi already gave Women’s Wear Daily the scoop on his QVC stuff. And WWD has a photo of the tartan plaid cheesecake.

Mizrahi also told the News that he had whipped up some chocolate tuille cookies for QVC, but they couldn’t be successfully shipped. The designer said that QVC is going back to the drawing baord to try to find the right recipe that will make the cookies pass the shipping test.

Apart from his upcoming appearances on QVC, Mizrahi is also a reality TV star, featured on Bravo’s “The Fashion Show.”

QVC And HSN Veteran Judy Crowell Explains What To Expect From Her New Line for ShopNBC On Nov. 24: No Jewelry Yet To Compete With Husband Paul Deasy

November 18, 2009

Veteran QVC and HSN host Judy Crowell will launch her own line on ShopNBC Nov. 24. Crowell’s husband Paul Deasy, who was also a host with Crowell on QVC and HSN, already hosts a jewelry line on ShopNBC called the Gem Insider. Crowell’s shows will be at 2 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Here Crowell tells the Homeshoppingista about the Judy Crowell Collection, which will kick off with accessories and then have a full launch early next year with sportswear and outerwear. This is an edited version of the interview.

Q: Tell me a little bit about the collection that you’re doing for ShopNBC.

JC: It’s a collection really of accessories, outerwear and sportswear.

When somebody is putting together a style for themselves, it’s a matter of so many different elements, especially in this economy when people are really trying to be careful and even consignment shops are saying that their business is down. People are hanging on to their wardrobes longer.

So what do you do when you have this urge to feel new and feel fresh to liven up that wardrobe? Accessories just seems to be such an obvious choice.

So with a collection of great scarves, or a fun little handbag that you throw on, or a great pair of sunglasses or a brand new belt, a hat, whatever it happens to be, it’s sort of that finishing touch that can really make you feel updated.

Judy Crowell

Q: You said also sportswear and outerwear?

JC: That won’t start until next spring. That’s kind of in the works now too. This collection, believe it or not, I’ve been working on, believe it or not, for a year and a half. It’s been a really long time in coming. But I think that makes it that much sweeter.

Q: So I assume on your first shows the end of the month, it’s going to be just the accessories as you were saying.

JC: Exactly.

Q: What is the price point? And there are so many clothing lines and accessory lines, what is your brand going to stand for?

JC: My brand is going to stand really for longevity. I want to say classics but not in the term of old or antique. And I don’t want to use the word trend because it’s so overused, a sort of come-and-go word. So these are things to me that can be investment pieces.

I have a collection of scarves, and they’re so pretty. The beautiful thing about this collection is that, especially for this time of year, they’re at a price point that’s perfect for gift giving, as well as for that personal fix that I talked about – a new little thing for you to carry or buy for yourself.

A scarf is a perfect way to give a gift in that 25 – $35 range. And if you’re buying something that is a great color for you, it’s always going to be a great color for you.

So that’s what I mean about investment. And if you buy a great clutch or a super tote, those things will always be useful. They’re almost basics that don’t go out of style but they’re still fresh and they are still updated.

Q: Handbags is a category that can be very inexpensive, high end, low end, very competitive.

JC: These are going to be faux leather, and the reason I decided to go with that is exactly as I was telling you about being able to have that sense of newness in your wardrobe seasonally. Your wardrobe doesn’t go as far if you’re having to invest in a $1,500 handbag.

What I decided is and what I noticed in my research is there are amazing things that manufacturers are now doing in duplicating leather but in faux. The only thing that doesn’t have the same characteristic almost is the smell.

Believe me, I have a closet full of leather bags, and I covet them. And I think it’s nice to be able to stay in the style of today by being able to say, ‘Gosh, if I can just get something that’s in that $59, $79, $99 range and still feel that I’m going to turn heads and somebody’s going to say, That is such a cute bag, where did you get that?’

Q: For your bags, what are you aiming for?

JC: The neat thing about these is they all have special elements. There’s this beautiful braid-work on some of the bags. Some of them do have the chain detail. Some of them are cross body bags that are great for all ages – the movie goers or the lunch goers or the grandmas who now have new grandchildren they want to pick up and still cart the carriage behind them.

And in the summer, (there are) little clutches that are great for day and evening. And because so many more people are now carrying those, too, they kind of go inside the big tote, too. They’re definitely today’s style, today’s fashion, but I wouldn’t call them necessarily trendier than anything else.

Paul Deasy

Q: I see you’re not treading on your husband’s (Paul Deasy’s) turf, jewelry.

JC: I actually started to go into that arena because I love jewelry. But honestly, jewelry obviously is as important an accessory as a pair of gloves or a scarf or a handbag or a hat or a great pair of boots or a belt. I’m not going to tell you that I’m not eventually going to add in jewelry. That’s another thing I wanted to work out and make sure of before I added that element.

There are a lot of different ways you can go with that (jewelry). You can go high end, you can go sterling and gold, you can go costume and fashion, so I just wanted to make sure that before I forged into that territory, that I was doing something that would coordinate with the other aspects of my line, and that was fulfilling a niche.

Q: So the Nov. 24 ShopNBC show is sort of a preview of what’s to come — the accessories — almost a soft launch, and next year you’ll have the rest of your line. Is it going to be early next year?

JC: It will be very early spring. We’re aiming for end of February, early March.

Q: Next year with the outerwear and the sportswear, what’s going to be your statement with those pieces? And are those for spring or for summer?

JC: They’ll be for spring for sure. That’s why we want to launch those in late February, early March, so that people feel like they can get the most out of the wear-ability while it’s still necessary to throw on a sweater or throw on a great raincoat or throw ona great trench. It will be the March or April season. ”

In addition to a new group of handbags that will be more appropriate to the spring and summer colors. The outerwear and the coats and sportswear pieces will also be suited for more spring season.

Q: What’s your take on the sportswear and the outerwear?

JC: We’re still trying to get you beauty and value for your money. I think you still want a quality product, something that you are wearing more than just this year. It goes back to what I said before. If you invest in a scarf that’s a beautiful color for you, it always will be.

If you invest in a great rain jacket that happens to be this fabulous shade of teal and you got it for a good price but it was well-made, you’re going to look as good in 2011 as you were when you purchased it in 2010.

But just as I mentioned with the handbags, that these elements to them so they’re not just basic, they have the braiding or the chain work or chain mail or a fun little fold-over or a great little handle or strap, these pieces will also be functional, but they also have a twist.

So it might be a really cool collar, or it might be in the pocket detail or in the seaming detail. Everything’s going to have an element that makes it special.

Cause why buy the same trench coat that you bought five years ago if that trench coat is still in good shape and it still fits you. Why not look for something that’s fresh, but still has longevity.

Q: Do you miss being on the air?

JC: I definitely missed being on the air. I can’t wait ‘til the 24th. I think I’m going to have so much fun.

See related story, “ShopNBC Gets Back A Husband-And-Wife Team as QVC/HSN Alum Judy Crowell Joins Hubby Paul Deasy.”

Jessica Simpson Followed Terrible QVC Debut With Hot Date With Gerard Butler

October 22, 2009

Maybe now we know why singer Jessica Simpson didn’t appear for a primetime show on QVC Monday. She had to hustle from West Chester, Pa., to get to Manhattan for a hot date the next day with actor Gerard Butler.

The blonde was spotted at the restaurant SoHo House Tuesday evening with Butler, according to an item in the New York Post’s Page Six Thursday.

Her hair stylist Ken Paves, who has a new line of Jessica Simpson hair extensions for QVC, reportedly was also seen dining with Simpson and Butler, according to the Post.

Maybe Simpson was trying to recover from her dismal premiere on QVC Monday, when she introduced her new accessories line of handbags, jewelry and shoes. Her first appearance at midnight on the home shopping network was awkward, and she didn’t seem familiar with her products. Simpson’s representative then appeared on a daytime show selling her line.

Simpson did better at a 7 p.m. show, but was supposed to come back during the 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. PM Style segment. But she was a no-show, sending her rep again instead.

Handbag Hound Jessica Simpson Makes A Recovery On QVC After Dismal Debut

October 20, 2009

Singer Jessica Simpson made a comeback on QVC after a pretty disastrous debut at midnight.

Simpson must have been given a crash course on her own accessory line by the home shopping network, and fed lots of coffee, during the day Monday in preparation for her show at 7 p.m.

As opposed to her premiere early Monday morning, Simpson was so chatty it was giving us a headache listening to her and host Lisa Robertson giggling and talking about the celebrity’s handbags, jewelry and shoes.

“I love it that it’s sold here on QVC,” the blonde said.

And to prove she uses her own merchandise, Simpson was lugging a python version of QVC’s Today’s Special Value, a satchel purse from her collection. The singer opened up the purse and showed everyone what she was carrying.

This was all in contrast to Simpson’s appearance at midnight, when she was awkward, unenthusiastic and had little to say about her own products. Simpson’s mother Tina was with her at midnight, seemingly to rescue her, and mom was back at 7 p.m.

At midnight, when Simpson was asked about short suede boots she was selling, the singer said she only wore high heels and asked her mother to talk about the boots. But during the 7 p.m. show, this time Simpson really talked up the footwear, which she called “very fashion-forward.”

During the 7 p.m. show there was also a brief walk-on by Simpson’s hair stylist Ken Paves, who is selling Jessica Simpson hair extensions on QVC. He popped in with his mom. Between the two mothers, Simpson and Robertson, it was like a family reunion, with everyone talking at the same time.

At one point during the show, Robertson started pointing out charms on the bracelet Simpson was wearing. The camera did a close-up of Simpson’s hand.

“I should have gotten a manicure,” the singer said.

Well, you’re going on national TV, you’re selling jewelry, yes, a manicure might have been a good idea.

All this from a chick who usually carries $3,000 purses. Let’s see how long she walks around with that $60 TSV.

Jessica Simpson Won’t Be Back On QVC Until Tonight After Disastrous Debut At Midnight

October 19, 2009

It looks like singer-actress Jessica Simpson’s debut on QVC last night was such a disaster that she won’t be back on the air until 7 p.m. Monday night, with one of her assistants filling in for her during shows scheduled for today.

Simpson appeared at midnight Monday to kick off QVC’s Today’s Special Value, a handbag from the singer’s new accessories line for the home shopping channel.

But the blonde was inarticulate and awkward when she tried to describe her wares, so much so that QVC brought out Simpson’s mother Tina to help out on-air. Simpson’s poor performance was noted by poster’s on QVC’s online forums, as well as the media.

Simpson, often skewered in the tabloids for her weight and rocky love life, didn’t seem to know much about her merchandise. We hate to say it, but she did seem to be the brightest bulb in the world.

Simpson was slated to appear on another show at 11 a.m., but host Mary Beth Roe announced that the singer would not be able to be back until 7 p.m. Sally Nobody from Simpson’s line, we did not catch here real name, filled in for the singer.

Not a good sign.