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At HSN’s $160 Price, Our Bling Will Stay Dirty

October 17, 2016

We daresay that there are few more rabid jewelry lovers than us and our mom.

That said, we would never pay $160 for a fancy jewelry cleaner, which is what HSN is charging for its Today’s Special this Monday.

Oh sorry, it is officially a “3-in-1 Jewelry Cleaner and Sanitizer.”

Here’s the pitch from HSN:

Now is your time to sparkle, shimmer and shine. Bring home this versatile cleaning solution for on-demand, professional-grade cleaning of jewelry, glasses, watch bands and more.

Use the power of ultrasonic waves and steam to remove dirt and oil from your lovely pieces. The UV light not only dries and sanitizes your jewelry, it’s also a great choice to sanitize items that should not be exposed to liquid or steam. You shine everyday; your jewelry should, too.

Steam, great.

Ultrasonic waves, great.

UV light, great.

Price at $160? Not so great.

We guess we’re going to be walking around with dirty baubles.

Are we nuts or is this device a pretty pricey proposition?

HSN’s Sonoma Studios Jewelry Line Gives Cali A Bad Name

August 23, 2011

Good luck to anyone who orders the Today’s Special from Sonoma Studios on HSN.

The prices on this jewelry line seemed too good to be true, and in fact they were. We ordered a turquoise heart pendant and a chunky labradorite necklace, and almost broke our neck rushing to the Post Office to send them back. The quality was terrible.

The turquoise was ugly, and the labradorite was dull and gray, without the gorgeous blue glow-from-within that the stone normally flashes.

The Today’s Special is three-piece set of stretch bracelets in several different kinds of stones. The price is $25.

Our advice is save your money.

Rock God Jay King Is Bringing A Sleeping Beauty, And Two Turquoise Mine Owners, To HSN

May 28, 2011

Rock god Jay King will be on HSN this weekend with the Today’s Special, in Sleeping Beauty turquoise, accompanied by two of his turquoise cronies.

Jay King rocks HSN this weekend with a Today's Special

Word is that King will be on HSN with Monte Nichols, the owner of the Sleeping Beauty Mine, and Marty Colbaugh. the owner of the Kingman Turquoise Mine.

All in all, King will on on the air 18 hours this weekend..

BTW, King is looking for more his his fans to like his company’s Facebook page, Desert Rose Trading. We “like” it, and often are made aware of big sales via Facebook.

Gem Goddess Carol Brodie’s HSN Tourmaline TS Flies Out The Door In Six Minutes

March 21, 2011

The sold-Out TS

This was the first time we ever saw this on HSN.

The Today’s Special for Monday, a 72-inch colors of tourmaline necklace, sold out in six minutes after its debut at midnight.

It seems that Carol Brodie, mistress of the Rarities Line on HSN, said she could only bring in a limited quantity of the necklace, which sold for $150.

Brodie explained that the necklace was modeled after one given to her by her “sister” in Nepal. The stones were sent to India, where they were knitted with sterling silver into the necklace. The piece sold out so fast Brodie barely had time to tell us the story behind it.

Noah the diamond dove

We did like Brodie’s tale about a diamond dove that we were coveting, but was out of our range at almost $600. Brodie noted that the dove is the sign of peace because it was the scout that Noah sent out to see if the flood waters has subsided.

And Brodie has a son named Noah. The dove was big and blingy. Brodie claimed that she wore it for five weeks wihtout taking it off.

Diva Mariah Carey Debuts On HSN, Says Creating Perfume Is Like Writing A Song

November 29, 2010

Well, now we know why Mariah Carey has made butterflies her signature. More on that later.

A very pregnant Carey premiered at midnight Cyber Monday with her collection of fragrances, jewelry and shoes for HSN.

When we first saw Carey, she was laying prone on a couch on the set — all done in cream-colored furniture — that HSN had created for her. Her feet were up on the couch, and she said she needed to be that way to be comfortable in her condition.

“I don’t want them to think I’m being rude,” Carey, with her long straight blonde hair parted in the middle, told host Colleen Lopez.

And she liked the digs. “The living room is gorgeous. I feel very at home.”

Mariah designed the bottle for her HSN TS

At times, Carey did act a bit diva-ish. She said several times that she really shouldn’t even be at HSN, with her pregnancy. Not cool. And at one point Carey was ordering Lopez around a bit, asking that the host walk up and down wearing a pair of the singer’s new HSN boots.

HSN’s Today’s Special Value is Carey’s Luscious Pink Parfum for $65, free shipping.

Carey, clad in a low-cut black top with lace sleeves, told Lopez, “I never liked perfume. I never wore it.”

But she got a kick out of doing perfume and “putting together the notes. It’s like writing a song.”

The notes, by the way, are: Top Notes, Sicilian bergamot, ocean breeze accord and Bellini accord; Mid Notes, pink peony, dewy tiare petals and lily of the valley; and Base Notes, bright blond woods, creamy sandalwood and white musk.

The perfume’s bottle, designed by Carey, is especially pretty. It has a pink metallic pink butterfly cap, and the bottle has an iridescent aurora borealis look. “I really spent a lot of time on the bottle,” the pop singer said, adding that she collects all kinds of perfume bottles.

Carey’s collection also includes butterfly jewelry. She told Lopez that she did her “Butterfly” album in 1997, with the title cut the same name. “A lot of my fans started associating me with that symbol,” Carey said. “It’s a great kind of positive symbol.”

HSN also showed a video clip where Carey said that butterflies also represent freedom and a lack of limits to her.

Along with Carey’s fans, fellow HSN vendor and tennis pro Serena Williams even called in during the show. She had ordered the perfume.

“I loved the packaging,” Williams said. “I thought it was amazing.”

Carey’s husband, Nick Cannon, was supportive. He also called in during the show and said that Carey was doing a great job. “I love you,” he told her.

That’s sweet.

Mariah won't be walking around in these while she's pregnant

Carey has a whole closet dedicated to shoes in LA, and she’s done some hot ones for HSN. Both Carey and Lopez were rocking the high suede peeptoe boots that are part of the singer’s HSN collection.

Carey gushed about the boots, saying that her friends loved them and never suspected they were from her line. “They really look super-expensive,” said Carey, who we know can afford to buy those pricey red-soled shoes.

Lopez described the peeptoe boots as “sexy,” and said her husband Carlos loved them on her.

And although Carey was in no shape to wear them and model them, she also was proud of the platform stilettos she designed.

Was ShopNBC Trying To Stick It To HSN By Selling The Exact Same Ring, Touted As ‘Rare’ By The Southern Channel, At A Cheaper Price?

July 28, 2010

HSN customers were not happy campers when they saw that ShopNBC was selling the same ring as HSN at a lower price

HSN customers are complaining that a carved coral rose ring the home shopping network offered as a Today’s Special July 15 was being sold the next day on rival network ShopNBC — at a lower price.

And to add insult to injury, the HSN ring is part of the popular “Rarities” line. How “rare” are your pieces when your competitor has them on soon after you — at a less expensive price point?

We’ve been watching electronic retailing for several decades now, and we can’t recall two home shopping channels hawking the exact same piece of jewelry.

Here’s the deal. Back on July 15 Carol Brodie, who we love, as HSN’s Today’s Special. It was a ring with peachy pink carved coral roses with white topaz accents, and its TS price was for $90.

We blogged about it.

Well, ShopNBC’s Gem Treasures line by in-house jewelry designer Chuck Clemency had what appears to be the exact same ring, with the carved coral roses.

The only difference between the two rings was that HSN’s ring used white topaz for accents, while ShopNBC’s had white zircons. Oh, and there was that price differential.

The ShopNBC ring went on sale shortly after the HSN one for just $79, compared to HSN’s TV price of $xx. Now, the coral ring is priced at $ 130 at HSN, and $xxx at ShopNBC.

HSN customers were the one’s that tipped us off to this situation. They posted complaints on

Here are some of them:

“Beautiful.. not sure it’s a rarity?…I was thrilled when I received this yesterday, it is truly beautiful piece of jewelry, looks very italian and feminine. Mine was very coral in color, a soft blush peachy pink. I love everything about it and will keep it, however I was a bit dissapointed to see the exact same ring on (item 320614) for $78.62 (regular price $98.75). It is identical down to the carvings on the side the platinum plating, the white topaz. I thought Carol’s pieces were unique and designed by her, so this makes me doubt if what she is bringing is truly original or if hers was copied. I will keep it anyway, highly recommend!”

Blingrat (we love that name) wrote, “Too oversized to be wearable. And it is not exclusive! Saw it 2 days later on competitor’s channel at $21 less!”

Another poster said, “The ring is pretty but the color is not uniform and it is more expensive than else where. It is $ 78.96 on another network that is their regular price for this exact ring Not a Today’s special. I am thinking whether to keep it or return it.”

We asked HSN and ShopNBC on Monday what gives. That’s why we sat on the story.

ShopNBC said they were looking into it, but never got back to us. We can’t help but wonder, were the folks in Minnesota trying to stick it to HSN by putting their coral ring up for sale right after HSN has it as a TS?

HSN said that its ring had been in production for almost a year.

“Carol Brodie is constantly searching for exciting discoveries to bring to our customers and has had great success over the last year,” an HSN flak said. “Her carved coral and white topaz ring is rated as a ‘customer pick’ based upon online reviews. We look forward to introducing new additions from Carol in the coming months.”

Hmmmn, we are definately thinking that ShopNBC tried to screw HSN, by embarrassing the No. 2 home shopping channel, sticking a pin in the “Rarities” claim and showing it underprices HSN.

Pop Quiz: What’s A ‘Jegging’? Well, HSN’s Diane Gilman Sold A Record 100,000 Of Them Saturday

July 18, 2010

HSN sold more than 100,000 of these Jeggings

It looks like jean designer Diane Gilman hit a landmark on HSN with her Today’s Special, which was a pair of DG Stretch Denim “Jeggings” for $25. She sold more than 100,000 pairs of them, selling out in the early afternoon.

What the hell are those, you ask? We’d never heard the term, but we were in Target tonight and what did one of its signs say: Jeggings. They are a combination of a jean and a legging. They have the appearance of a jean, with false pockets and denim, but are made of very stretchy material and have an elastic waist.

Gilman, whose red hair looked tame and beautiful this visit (unlike our’s Saturday) produces jeans for “real women,” as she often says, with a lot of stretch in the waist. During one of her shows Saturday it was said that her jeans are the biggest jean sellers on HSN, if not the world.

We have several pairs of her jeans, and we love them. We’ve always dreaded trying to find jeans that fit right. It was tortuous. We remember one year when we vowed to find a great-fitting pair of jeans, and at that time we would have paid several hundred dollars for them. We tried on jeans everywhere — from Macy’s to Neiman Marcus — dozens of them — and couldn’t find any we liked.

Now we’re swearing by Gilman’s jeans and, believe it or not, Target’s, where 25 bucks can get you a really sharp pair.

HSN Jewelry Designer Carol Brodie Brings In Our Latest Obsessions: Coral, Kyanite And Khamsa Hands

July 15, 2010

HSN jewelry designer Carol Brodie, formerly of the House of Winston, is on the same wavelength as us, it seems.

Brodie, a tall gorgeous blonde that we had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago, has HSN’s Today’s Special, which is a ring with carved coral roses and white topaz. It sells for $90.

We have been a collector of coral for several decades, first getting turned on to it when we saw the red variety in Navaho jewelry in the Southwest. Carol’s pieces are done in soft pinkish coral.

To match the TS, Carol also has two different types of rose coral earrings, one button style and one drop, and a neckace as well.

And this visit Carol has a stone that we’ve just started collecting on the advice of someone who read our tarot cards: kyanite. This stone is said to be only one of two, the other being citrine, that don’t hold negative energy.

Kyanite is hard to come by, so its debut in Carol’s line, which is called Rarities, is quite logical.

Gem-quality kyanite is deep blue, like a Kashmir sapphire. But most kyanite has shiny flakes, like mica, and is very soft.

Carol has a kyanite bead necklace with a silver enhancer on it for $250. We’ve only seen one other necklace in HSN’s inventory that has kyanite.

Finally, we are looking for some good luck and warding off of evil, so we’ve been seeking out a nice Hamsa or Khamsa hand. That’s the hand you see people wearing as an amulet.

We’re told Khamsa means “five,” as in the five fingers of the hand, and that this symbol is known as “The Hand of God” and “The Hand of Fatima.”

Well, Carol has a lovely Khamsa charm done in silver and white sapphire and sterling, for $50.

The hand is also said to “initiate hope and prosperity to its owner.” We’re hoping that’s true.

So as we said, we and Ms. Brodie seem to be of the same mind when it comes to jewelry and gemstones.

We’ll be tuning in to her HSN shows today.

HSN Jewelry Designer Nicky Butler, What’s With The Mystic Quartz?

May 11, 2010

Butler's Today's Special

Jewelry designer Nicky Butler is one of our favorites on HSN, and he’s got the Today’s Special Tuesday. It’s a floral multi-gemstone ring, in either green or aqua quartz, that’s $70.

Butler has the kind of jewelry we love: silver and gemstones handcrafted in India into jewelry. When Butler owned a shop in London, Princess Diana was one of his customers.

Butler's Mystic Quartz ring

But he has recently added Mystic Quartz to his repertoire, using it in a ring. Although most gemstones are enhanced Mystic Quartz has always struck as as fake and phony, with its rainbow effect. We think sometimes the treatment to get this effect is a coating outside the stone, and in some cases it’s a treatment that goes through the stone.

Maybe we’re being picky here, since most stones are enhanced, but to have a Mystic Quartz in a ring at $130 seems to us a betrayal of Butler’s self-professed love of natural, real gemstones.

One poster about the Mystic Quartz ring also complained about its high prices for what you were getting.

We Don’t Bake, And Have A Mortgage, But Maybe You Can Use A $430 ‘Cake Cutter’ From HSN

April 9, 2010

We don't know how it works, but it's expensive

We’re still trying to figure out what the hell it is, and exactly what it does, but HSN will be debuting the Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter April 14. It’s a cake decorating machine, we’re told, that will retail — for $430!

We’re not sure if that will be HSN’s price, but even if there’s a discount, we assume this thing will still be a couple of hundred bucks. Tell you what: We won’t be spending our unemployment check on that.

Here is what HSN saying on its Web site about the item, which will have an online preview April 12.

“From the people who brought you the Gypsy and turned the world of scrapbooking on its head, comes the Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter. Launching exclusively at HSN, this design system is specifically for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies and confections – making crafting sweeter than ever!”

Made by Provo Craft, this new device can be used by bakers and crafters. It will launch as HSN’s Today’s Special April 14, and it ain’t cheap.

The HSN-exclusive bundle includes the Cricut Cake, a 12×12 food safe mat, cartridge skirt, cleaning brush, blade cleaning basket, Cake Basics cartridge, the Elegant Cake cartridge as well as icing sheets.

“The bundle will retail for $429.95,” HSN says in its press release, begging the question of what the home shopping network will sell if for.

“We are excited to partner with Provo Craft to introduce Cricut Cake and reinforce our strategy of offering culinary crafters everywhere innovative and unique products,” Nancy Caplan, HSN’s senior vice president of merchandising, said in a canned statement. “Provo Craft represents the quality and innovation that customers have come to expect from HSN and the launch of this exciting new decorating device upholds that tradition.”

The Cricut Cake is an electronic cutter designed to cut gum paste, fondant and other edible materials. Accompanied by the Cricut Cake Basics cartridge, featuring hundreds of images for cake decorating, the Cricut Cake is designed to work with pre-existing Cricut cartridges as well as Provo Craft’s Gypsy and Cricut Design Studio software. It’s good for “all culinary decorating occasions, including birthdays, graduations, weddings and holidays,” we’re told.

The machine is similar in design to the existing Cricut cutting machine; however, specific modifications have been made; stainless steel dials, trim, cutting blade and roller, to make it safe for use with food. Additionally, the keypad features a full silicone cover to protect the screen and allow for easy clean-up.

“Launching new innovations like Cricut Cake on HSN gives us the perfect platform to educate, market and sell our products to a highly engaged consumer,” Provo Craft chief marketing officer Matt Wilburn said in a statement. “Our partnership has been a successful one and we look forward to introducing other exciting products with HSN in the future.”