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Cute Critters, Big Jewelry Trend, Find Happy Homes On HSN And ShopNBC: FYI Chuck Clemency, Squirrels Don’t Lay Eggs

November 17, 2009

This is strictly a post for chicks. Critter jewelry is one of the biggest trends in the business, so much so that HSN has an entire section on its Web site called “Critter Corner.”

It’s basically jewelry fashioned out of every kind of creature you can imagine.

On ShopNBC Monday, vendor Chuck Clemency had on the cutest pieces of critter jewelry we have ever seen: A squirrel pendant and ring.

They both featured a squirrel holding a “nut,” which is actually a citrine stone, and nibbling on it. These items have sold out three times, and this squirrel is Clemency’s No. 1 favorite critter.

He told some wacky story about a squirrel making a nest and having babies in his attic, and said he did not know if the rodents gave birth or laid eggs. Yikes, and this guy is from Jersey!

As for his squirrel pieces, Clemency said, “This squirrel will not multiply.”

HSN has a large variety of critters, including a “Magic Motion” turtle ring by Princess Amanda and a monkey from Adrienne Arpel.

HSN Offers Sneak Peek At Dallas Prince’s New Jewelry Line

October 6, 2009

Maybe our eyes were deceiving us, but it looked like HSN host Bobbi Ray Carter was wearing one of Dallas Prince’s necklaces Monday night during a show with Adrienne Arpel.

Carter was wearing a garnet, multi-row beaded piece, and we think it’s Prince’s work, which is on HSN’s Web site for a pricey $399. To be honest, it didn’t strike us an anything special on the site. But it looked great on Carter on-air.

Prince has left ShopNBC, where she spent many years, to come to HSN. Her premiere show on the Southern Channel is Wednesday night. Prince, a charming and pretty blonde, has a lot of devoted fans who will likely follow follow her to HSN.