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Chef Wolfgang ‘F—k’ Lets Loose On HSN

February 14, 2017

Wolfgang Puck has had at least one temper tantrum on HSN that we blogged about. Now the celebrity chef used some really salty language on the home shopping network, according to TMZ.

We don’t know how they got the video, or who other than nuts like us were watching HSN late-night, but Puck used a naughty word starting with “F” that rhymes with his last name. He said it very nonchalantly, as if forgetting he was on-the-air live.

We thought there was a time-delay on home shopping channels to avoid just this kind of thing, but the censor did not catch the profanity.

Host Susan Runyan, ever the pro, just glossed over it and pretended like Wolgang hadn’t said anything out of the ordinary.

Guy Fieri’s Found A New ‘Dive’: He’s Peddling Pots On QVC

October 7, 2012

God help us!

Platinum blond, spike-haired Guy Fieri is the latest TV food personality to launch a cookware line on a home shopping network, in this case QVC.

Fieri is host of Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”(sounds like the places our last three dates took us). He will debut on QVC Wednesday at 5 p.m. with “Guy Fieri’s Rockin’ the Kitchen.”

A nice Guy for you

Rock this, buddy!

Here’s what has to say about it:

Chef, restaurateur, best-selling cookbook author and television personality Guy Fieri brings his unique personality and culinary vision to QVC during ‘Guy Fieri’s Rockin’ the Kitchen.’

Guy in action on Food Network

Tune in and watch as this ‘culinary rock star’ whips up delicious dishes for the whole family that you can recreate in your own kitchen with his collection of professional quality cookware, utensils and other accessories. Get ready to rock your kitchen during Guy Fieri’s Rockin’ the Kitchen on QVC.

Other foodie TV stars who have landed on home shopping networks include Emeril Lagasse, temper-tantrum-throwing Wolfgang Puck, Paula Deen, Gordon Ramsay, Lidia Bastianich, Todd English, Padma Lakshmi, Martha Stewart and Ingrid Hoffmann.

Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck Has Egg On Face After Temper Tantrum On HSN

August 19, 2012

We missed it, but apparently celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck had a hissy fit on HSN Saturday, and wound up with egg on his face — and an omelet on the home shopping channel’s floor.

Our Facebook friend Kathy tipped us off to this tamper tantrum on the part of “Wolf,” as his best friends call him. Apparently, ol’ Puck didn’t think that the HSN cameraman was moving fast enough to get a closeup of the egg dish he was whipping up on air-air to hawk one of his kitchen products. So here is what went down.

Kathy posted this to HSN about Puck:

“Okay, did anyone else see Wolf just throw a tantrum? what a jerk! imagine what he’s like in the kitchen. if i had just ordered this today, i would have cancelled the order. what a big baby!

“I agree and rude to the cameraman!” another HSN viewer posted.

“OMG! I can’t watch him anymore, he’s is Sooooo rude pitching eggs across the room because the camera wouldn’t zoom in fast,” wrote a third viewer. “I feel so sorry for the host. Wolfgang won’t shut up and she seems to be freaking out a little.

Wolfgang Puck egged on an HSN cameraman

“What exactly happened?” someone asked.”I missed it.”

“He kept telling the camera man to zoom in on his eggs and he didn’t do it fast enough so he just pitched the eggs on the floor,” someone else posted. “He’s a real nut case. You’ll notice how fast the camera zooms in now on his cooker.”

“Yikes… I have seen him bang on the back of the pan to get the camera man to zoom in on something but never throw the food.. class. I do hear him keep cutting Marlo off though,” another person posted.

HSN saw these posts and tried to make light of the situation, saying that Puck was just being playful. Our reporter’s bullshit detector, as the late John Higgins would say, went off.

“Hi fans! Don’t worry,” HSN posted. “Wolfgang Puck and our cameraman were joking back and forth; it was all in good fun. Thanks for joining us!”

Our tipster Kathy, who has a reporter’s instincts, wasn’t buying it, either.

“Yeah, I’m sure the cameraman was joking,” she posted.”Sorry hsn, don’t buy it. Wolf had a little meltdown and he should apologize. i’ll bet that little clip will be on E channel’s ‘The Soup’ this weekend.”

And she wasn’t the only HSN watcher who was skeptical.

“Ah uh okay, right 😉 Don’t believe it for a minute!” she posted. “Did you see how fast the camera has been zooming in since. I’ve watched him before and know he wasn’t kidding, but thanks for trying.”

Here some of the other posts about Puck’s antics from HSN’s Facebook page.

“Question? Was Wolfgang playing when he just threw the omelet on the floor at the camera man? I sincerely hope so cuz I really like watching him and that was a little odd?”

Again, HSN denied the tantrum.

“Oh, yes, Wolfgang was just joking around with our camera man. It was all in good fun. Have fun with those recipe ideas!”

“Wolfgang was NOT KIDDING when the threw the eggs on the floor!!!!!!” someone posted. “Customer service received MANY complaints…So disrespectful & disgusting!!”

Added another viewer, “I was also turned off by the egg-throwing stunt this afternoon. Love WP’s cookware but he was acting like a spoiled celebrity. An apology would have helped his image.”

Temper, temper, Wolf.

HSN Says Bon Appetit, With Bon Appetit, With Celebrity Chef Spring Weekend

March 18, 2011

We wish we could get excited about big cooking events, but we just can’t. But here goes.

HSN will be featuring more than 24-hours of celeb chefs and more than 75 kitchen products during its HSN Cooks Spring Weekend Event presented by Bon Appétit on March 26 and 27, the home shopping network said Thursday.

“The epicurean event will feature extraordinary chefs including Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck and Padma Lakshmi preparing mouth-watering springtime dishes alongside an unprecedented lineup of top kitchen and food brands,” or so we were told by HSN’s press release.

HSN Cooks Spring Weekend Event presented by Bon Appétit will mark the HSN debut of several culinary experts:

• Southern-food enthusiasts Matt and Ted Lee will introduce an exclusive new line of beautiful Graniteware.

• Chinese-American chef and author Ken Hom. Known for making wok cooking an art form across the globe, Hom will be presenting his signature wok collection and healthy stir-fry cooking guide.

• Jacques “Mr. Chocolate” Torres. French pastry chef and chocolatier Torres will launch his collection of chocolate treats to HSN customers.

“HSN is thrilled to add highly respected figures such as Ken Hom and Matt and Ted Lee to our council of culinary experts,” Sandy Conrad, senior vice president of merchandising – electronics and household said in a canned statement. “HSN has long been a culinary destination for our customers and we look forward to hosting our biggest HSN Cooks event yet.”

Here’s Hom’s canned ham:

“I’ve been an admirer of HSN for some time and am impressed with the company’s ever-expanding culinary category,” Hom said. “I feel privileged to have the opportunity to join such legendary chefs as Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck for my U.S. return and look forward to bringing my 51 years of wok-cooking experience to life while showing the HSN customer how to use my products to cook easy, delicious and healthy meals.”

And Matt and Ted Lee remarkedly responded in unison about their love of HSN.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing a Southern accent to this exciting HSN Cooks weekend, and so honored to be in the company of food experts — chefs and cookbook authors alike — who have literally inspired us to become better home cooks,” they both said, according to HSN’s opress release. “That’s really the greatest hope we have for our own product line: that our high-performing classics (along with a little Southern know-how!) will enable viewers nationwide to enjoy their kitchen more often, preparing scrumptious meals from scratch.”

Additional brands participating in the HSN Cooks Spring Weekend Event presented by Bon Appétit include: David’s Cookies; Debbie Meyer; The Beverly Hills Kitchen; Kent Island Crab Cakes; Leonetti’s; and Aunt Ida’s Baked Goods, among others.

Bon Appétit editor, Dede Wilson, will be on-air providing cooking tips exclusively for HSN customers.

The event will begin at 6 a.m. during a special HSN Today show March 26 and continue throughout the weekend with “Top Chef” star Padma Lakshmi hosting the finale at 11 p.m. March 27, featuring new additions to her line of tea pots, teas and spices.

HSN Promotes Holiday Plans With A Mariah Carey Promo

November 18, 2010

A day after QVC said it was bringing back the “new” Black Friday, HSN put out a press release about its star-studded Thanksgifting Weekend festivities. The biggest attraction will be pregnant pop diva Mariah Carey.

To promote this shindig, HSN has come up with a holiday TV campaign featuring Mariah Carey, Iman and Twiggy as guides on a virtual shopping journey that delivers “the greatest names in gifts.”

It’s kind of cute.

This promo is set to Carey’s single “Oh Santa” from her new album Merry Christmas II You, and showcases an array of products.

“This was one of the most creative campaigns HSN has ever produced and was designed to give our customers a window into the best of the holidays and gifts,” Andrew Sheldon, HSN’s EVP of Television & Executive Creative Director, said in a canned statement Thursday.

“It was exciting to shoot on the back lot of Universal Studios to capture the winter scenes and shopping windows — and to work closely with Mariah Carey and her team. Setting the promotion to Mariah’s new holiday release was a great opportunity to tie her music with her new lifestyle brand launch on Cyber Monday.”

HSN’s holiday campaign is airing on all of its shopping platforms and will also be in rotation on cable operators covering 95 million homes as part of HSN’s cross-channel marketing efforts.

Here is HSN’s line-up over the holidays:

• Nov. 19 – Twiggy presents her LONDON fashion line, while TV actress and fashion model Molly Sims offers the latest in fashion jewelry.
• Nov. 29 (Cyber Monday) – Carey launches her exclusive collection of jewelry and footwear, as well as her limited-edition fragrance and a “Merry Christmas II You” CD/DVD bundle. Also, TV actress Kathy Najimy debuts her new shapewear concept “Ch’arms.”
• Dec. 2 – Iman showcases newest fashion, jewelry and accessory designs.
• Dec. 3-5 – Chef Wolfgang Puck provides cooking tips for the holidays.
• Dec. 3 – Entertainment expert Colin Cowie presents the best in holiday entertaining.
• Dec. 4-5 – Decorating expert Nate Berkus offers distinctive styles for your home.
• Dec. 7 – Serena Williams serves up more of her jewelry, accessories and more.
• Dec. 8-9 – Culinary celebrity Padma Lakshmi showcases her collection of natural spices, teas and teapots.
• Dec. 10 – Mary J. Blige returns with her exclusive fragrance with HSN, My Life.
• Dec. 12 – Chef Todd English with his cookware.

As part of its efforts to make shopping as convenient as possible over the holidays, HSN is leveraging all of its platforms to enable customers to shop where, how and when they want – on TV from the comfort of their home, on, or “on the go” on their iPad, iPhone or android handheld device.

Exciting surprises are also available online. Customers can play HSN’s “Great Gift Giveaway” and have the opportunity to win $100,000 in gift prizes, including HSN gift cards, and eight electronic packages, each valued at $2,000. The game is also available on HSN’s Facebook page and mobile app on the iPhone – and is featured on-air ever Friday at 4 p.m. during the Gift Friday hours.

‘The Insider’ Goes Inside HSN, But Not Too Far

October 20, 2010

Lara Spencer chatted up Wolfgang Puck at HSN's studios

Yippee, as we’ve noted before, the traditional media has finally figured out that home shopping is not still about selling can openers and cubic zirconia anymore. Jeez, even Oprah Winfrey shops on HSN! (We’ll explain later.)

CNN woke up and made it official when it did a segment on QVC’s large role in Fashion Week in Manhattan this year. And this week “The Insider” sent the vapid and extremely annoying Lara Spencer down to HSN’s headquarters in St. Petersburg, Fla., to do a story on how celebrities are flocking to sell goods on home shopping networks.

The story was a couple of minutes, which for “The Insider” is like an investigative report, even though it stated the obvious to anyone who knows the home shopping industry. But it was a great plug for HSN, that’s for sure.

The segment showed a clip of Liza Minnelli’s disastrous appearance, and there were also interviews with celebrity chef and pot peddler Wolfgang Puck, as well as Bill Brand, HSN’s executive vice president of programming, marketing and business development.

The segment said that HSN started in 1977 on AM radio selling electronic can openers. While there was once a “stigma” to appear on HSN, now celebs are calling the TV network to get on, we’re told.

“This world had changed and it’s been focused on finding those personalities that are popular, that are interesting but also very credible and authentic and are experts in their field,” Brand said to Spencer.

Spencer noted that Puck would be on the air for 10 hours, “not a single minute of it with a teleprompter,” the day she was in Florida shooting her segment.

“Welcome to a very tasty HSN,” Puck told Spencer.

She noted that as Puck was selling his cookware, HSN producers were watching how many people were calling in and buying, and then they told Puck through his earpiece whether to keep talking or move on.

There was also a clip of Sean “Diddy” Combs from his appearance on the home shopping network to sell his fragrance.

“I made it,” Combs said. “I’m on HSN, Ma.”

His fragrance, “I Am King,” sold out in 14 minutes, product that was meant to last for a two-hour show.

Brand also talked about singer Mary J. Blige debuting her new perfume exclusively on HSN. “That was really a first for the business,” he said.

“The Insider” also showed Oprah Winfrey calling in while Blige was on the air on HSN.

“I am supporting her and waiting on my shower gel,” Winfrey told Blige and HSN host Callie Northagen.

“You even have Oprah shopping on HSN, so it’s no surprise that HSN brings in $2 billion a year in revenue,” somebody whose name we didn’t catch said.

As for Spencer, she told us “it is not your grandmother’s HSN.”

No sh-t.

Raspy Rod Stewart Charms With The Old Standards On HSN Live

October 10, 2010

Rod rocked HSN Saturday night, photo by Mark Seligar, courtesy of J Records

Rod Stewart nervous to sing live on HSN?

Stewart, looking dapper right now in a pearl grey tux and ruffled white shirt, opened his concert on the home shopping network Saturday evening with “That Old Black Magic.” For once, the HSN set didn’t look cheesy. And there was a live studio audience.

HSN host Callie Northagen is MCing the event, and she walked up onstage to Stewart after his opening song to congratulate him.

“It’s nerve-wracking,” Stewart said, referring to entertaining the packed room.

What? This is a guy who said he once sang for an audience of 5.5 million in Rio. When Northagen told him that HSN reaches 95 million homes, Stewart said, “That will do me nicely.”

Rod and his wife are expecting a baby, photo by Mark Seligar, courtesy of J Records

Rod has joined the line of musical artists who have come to the home shopping venue to sell their CDs. Talent such as Sheryl Crow, Justin Bieber, Natalie Cole and Heart have all done live concerts on either HSN, QVC or ShopNBC.

In the case of Stewart, he is flogging the fifth, and final, installment of his “Great American Standards” CDs.This one is named “Fly Me To The Moon.” On her Facebook page, HSN host Colleen Lopez said that HSN sold 25,000 of the CD sets in one hour.

The CD-set that HSN is selling for $15 has an extra CD that’s exclusive to HSN.

To us, Stewart sounded raspier than ususal, but he still has “IT,” as someone wrote on our Facebook page.

We still love his accent, and he was charming and self-deprecating during his HSN appearance. At one point, with Northagen doing her usual fawning over any musical guest that appears on the network, she told Stewart his voice just gets better and better.

“I think I’ve gotten better over the years, like an old piece of cheese,” Stewart said, adding, “I should have said wine.”

He also explained that he got the idea to record old standard songs after he met a World War II veteran when he was having coffee in a shop in Beverly Hills. The vet had been a participant in the second wave of the invasion of Normandy. After talking to Stewart, the man was leaving and asked Stewart when he was going to do a record of classic American songs.

Stewart worked the charm thang, photo by Mark Seligar, courtesy of J Records

Stewart won an Emmy for Volume 3 of “Great American Standards,” and planned to end the series when he recorded Volume 4. But he decided to do Volume 5 “by popular demand.”

Celebrity chef and perennial ham Wolfgang Puck, who is doing shows on HSN Saturday night, was part of the audience and at one point got onstage with Stewart.

“I want to learn how to sing,” “Wolf” told Stewart, adding that he has purchased several copies of Stewart’s CD set, and planned to send some to his home country of Austria.

Then Stewart played our favorite standard: “You Can’t Take That Away From Me.” But our favorite version, still, is Fred Astaire singing that song to Ginger Rogers, we believe it was.

He also performed “Moon River,” which he said was his and his wive Penny’s favorite song. Penny, by the way, is four months pregnant, according to Stewart, who has eight kids.

Stewart will be doing a blues album, and then a country album, he told Northagen. That should be interesting.

All in all, we think HSN did a nice job with the Stewart concert.

Even CEO Mindy Grossman, Along With Criss Angel, Is Live In Vegas For HSN’s 33rd Birthday

August 15, 2010

Criss Angel's HSN Magic Kit

We’ll give credit where credit is due. HSN is really wowing us, first with its “Eat, Pray, Love” event last weekend (more on that later) and this weekend with its live event from Vegas, baby.

We’re watching it now, and illusionist Criss Angel is doing his thing, performing and hawking a magic kit with Callie Northagen.

HSN has transported a host of its hosts — Colleen Lopez, Bill Green, Chris Scanlon, etc. — to Sin City, and its celebrity vendors, like Wolfgang Puck, Jennifer Flavin Stallone to do shows in front of a studio audience. There were 25 celebs doing presentations, and the vibe was fun.

HSN also set up booths in Vegas with its jewelry, apparel, etc. The home shopping network at about 8 p.m. went to a shot of Jean Queen Diane Gilman in her booth, where we saw HSN CEO Mindy Grossman, live and in the flesh.

Lopez gave a shout-out to Grossman as a woman of style (that should ensure a raise, Colleen).

We know that QVC often goes on location, to Italy and Arizona, for example. But HSN’s Vegas event, with sets it built special for the gala and interacting with a live audience, was really creative programming for a home shopping network.

HSN Plans Multi-Million Dollar 33rd Birthday Bash In Sin City, We Can’t Wait For Our Invite

May 23, 2010

Molly Sims will be on hand for HSN's Vegas Live Celebration

After being away in Chicago on business last week, we’re way behind and just catching up on our blogs. But HSN is apparently having a big Las Vegas blowout to celebrate its 33rd birthday, with plans to telecast there live in August. We’re all for party-hardy B-Days, especially in Sin City.

HSN announced last week that it’s teaming up with Harrah’s for the home shopping channel’s “Lucky 33 Birthday Celebration,” a multi-million dollar promotion.

The summer-long birthday event kicks off June with millions of dollars in HSN gift cards becoming available to select Harrah’s Total Rewards members through local promotions, driving members to 25 Harrah’s casino resorts across the country.

Additionally, members can visit to learn how to enter and play the HSN $185,000 Birthday Giveaway, an interactive online instant-win game and promotion that provides participants the opportunity to win even more HSN gift cards.

HSN customers can get into the act at as HSN celebrates its 33rd birthday with giveaways, savings and special offers for an array of new merchandise that’s slated to debut in July.

Those who play the game at will automatically be entered into a grand prize drawing featured live each night on HSN TV throughout the month of July. Grand prize winners will receive one of 62 trips for two to HSN Live in Vegas, a spectacular, star-studded HSN shopping spree at Harrah’s Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas August 14 to 15.

Jewelry designer Carol Brodie will be in Sin City to meet HSN fans

At HSN Live in Vegas, also August 14 to 15, HSN fans will have the opportunity to see some of their favorite personalities, including: celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck; Serious Skin Care founder Jennifer Flavin-Stallone; model-actress-jewelry designer Molly Sims; and inventor Joy Mangano.

All will be broadcasting live on HSN throughout the day on Saturday, August 14. In addition, attendees will be able to use HSN gift cards at eight boutique kiosks stocked with HSN merchandise.

Other personalities scheduled to attend include Susan Lucci, Tori Spelling, Carol Brodie, Debbie Meyer, Tony Little, Diane Gilman, Randolph Duke and Rhonda Shear.

Participating Harrah’s Entertainment resorts, include: Harrah’s Atlantic City, Bally’s Atlantic City, Bally’s Las Vegas, Harrah’s Cherokee, Caesars Palace, Harrah’s Council Bluffs, Flamingo, Grand Biloxi, Harrah’s Tunica, Harrah’s Atlantic City, Horseshoe Bluffs Run, Harrah’s Las Vegas, Imperial Palace, Harrah’s Joliet, Harrah’s Louisiana Downs, Harrah’s Laughlin, Harrah’s North Kansas City, Harrah’s Metropolis, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Paris Las Vegas, Harrah’s Reno, Harrah’s Rincon, Showboat Atlantic City, Harrah’s St. Louis and the Rio All Suites Hotel & Casino.

“HSN is constantly striving to deliver new discoveries and a great shopping experience for our customers,” Bill Brand, HSN’s executive vice president of programming, marketing and business development, said in a prepared statement. “This exciting new relationship with Harrah’s provides HSN with a highly creative and compelling marketing platform from which to launch our birthday celebration. Harrah’s has an active member base of 10 million potential customers and we look forward to introducing them to HSN.”

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman Shows Some Cleavage In Her Video: What Kind Of Message Is That?

December 10, 2009

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman, Without Cleavage

HSN’s Mindy Grossman is the first CEO we have ever seen show cleavage during a company presentation.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We guess.

On Wednesday we first spotted a video clip called “A Message From CEO Mindy Grossman under “company overview” on

In the seven-minute video, Grossman gives investors and customers an eyeful, along with an update on the nation’s first home shopping channel, founded in 1977.

Grossman is wearing a low-cut, V-necked black sweater, and she’s rocking some cleavage. Now would QVC CEO Mike George or ShopNBC CEO Keith Stewart do that?

Anyway, Grossman does her spiel about how her strategy is working at HSN, which is in its second year as a public company.

“HSN is a non-stop, 24-hour, 365-day retailing giant,” Grossman says, noting that the network is in 93 million homes.

The executive also cites some of HSN’s vendors and lines, including Iman, Serena Williams, Wolfgang Puck and Lancome.

We think Grossman, a veteran of Nike, may be wearing a Heidi Daus bracelet. We’ve looked as close as we can, but we’re not absolutely sure.