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Will Tori Spelling Be The New Oprah? She Has A Daytime Talk Show In the Works

April 21, 2010

Tori and Dean, Courtesy of Oxygen

My mother and sister are big fans of actress/HSN vendor Tori Spelling, and we were talking about her over lunch Tuesday. Spelling was just back on HSN last week.

My mom was saying that Oxygen had just run a day-long marathon of Spelling’s reality show, “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,” and what a great interior designer the thin blonde is. Mom also talked about how emotional Spelling is, often bursting into tears.

During the course of this conversation, we was wondering how “Beverly Hills 90201” alum has the time to do all she does, namely creating fashion jewelry for HSN, doing a reality show, decorating and furnishing a home, writing books, acting, and raising kids.

Now less than 24 hours later, we hear that Spelling, the daughter of the late TV producer Aaron Spelling, is looking for yet another gig: a daytime talk show for ABC.

The Los Angeles Times broke the news and reports Wednesday that the show would pair Spelling with a male co-host. Spelling’s show would angle to be a replacement for the slot left open when Oprah Winfrey’s syndicated program goes off the air next fall.

Let’s see what happens.

After October No-Show, Actress Tori Spelling Scheduled To Return To HSN Jan. 11 WIth Her Jewelry Line

January 1, 2010

After abruptly cancelling an appearance in October, actress Tori Spelling is slated to be back at HSN selling her fashion jewelry line Jan. 11.

Spelling, always a favorite subject of gossip in the tabloids, was no where to be seen earlier this year when she had several shows scheduled on HSN. During that period, the tabloids were having a field day talking about how skinny Spelling was, and the buzz was that she had been hospitalized.

Spelling, who has the reality show “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” on Oxygen, has been back on the gossip pages in recent weeks with news that she had mended fences with her mother, Candy Spelling, after a long feud.

Anyway, Spelling is very charming and fun to watch, so we’re glad she is due back on HSN. We can’t be snarky about her. We like her.

‘Idol’ Paula Abdul Is Back On HSN, But What’s Up With Actress And Tabloid Star Tori Spelling?

December 13, 2009

Singer and “Amercian Idol” alum Paula Abdul is back on HSN this weekend after her visit in October was abruptly canceled, but what’s happening with Tori Spelling?

Spelling is apparently not listed for any appearances in December on the home shopping network, where her fashion jewelry collection is sold.

Both Abdul and Spelling were scheduled to appear on HSN the same weekend in mid-October, but their appearances were both scotched. HSN viewers who called customer service to find out what happened to the two stars weren’t given an explanation of the cancellations.

Now, two months later, Abdul is finally back on HSN this weekend with her “Forever Your Girl” jewelry line. But there’s no word on when Spelling will return.

At the time Spelling was absent, the tabloids were having a field day reporting that she was under 100 pounds and had been hospitalized.

The blonde, who is very gracious and down-to-earth on the air, has a reality show with her husband Dean McDermott on Oxygen, “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.”

The Buzz About Tori Spelling’s Cancelled HSN Jewelry Shows: Ill, Too Skinny or Splitsville With Dean?

October 14, 2009

The online forums on not only HSN but QVC were buzzing Tuesday with speculation about the cancellation of actress Tori Spelling’s scheduled appearances on the Southern Channel.

There were two threads on the topic on, and one on called “Tori Spelling cancels visit to HSN.”

Spelling, who does a fashion jewelry line for HSN, has been the subject of much chatter in the tabloids, regarding her weight and whether her marriage with Dean McDermott is on the rocks.

When one gossip rag claimed that Spelling was now only a sickly 95 pounds at 5-feet-6 inches, the blonde shot back that she actually weighed 107. Wow, what a whale!

HSN and QVC customers weighed in passionately about why the actress was a no-show, speculating that Spelling was ill, and blasting her for not only her recent weight loss but also the fact she and McDermott immorally left their then-spouses to run off and get married a few years back. Those two cheaters deserve to be miserable, according to many of the customer forums.

Anyone remember the Bible quote from Jesus, about let he is without sin throw the first stone?

Spelling is also reportedly stressed out over her estranged relationship with her mother Candy, which may be why she has dropped so many pounds.

Interesting enough, Paula Abdul’s jewelry shows on HSN this past weekend were also cancelled, but nobody crucified her on the HSN forums.

Spelling is busy, doing a reality show for Oxygen called “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.” In fact, we actually saw Spelling and McDermott during an event that Oxygen held at a cable convention a few years back, and both were uttering charming.

They looked madly in love. He was gorgeous and was so attentive to her, it could make you swoon.