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You Can’t Make This Up: Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey And Sandra Bullock Will Star In Film About A Home Shopping Network

October 24, 2010

At first we thought someone was pulling our leg, but it’s true. Sandra Bullock, fellow New Jersey native Meryl Streep (Bernardsville) and Oprah Winfrey are doing a movie set at a home shopping network for Universal Pictures!

Universal put out a press release on the project Friday and, dig this, it will be directed by Michael Patrick King, the mastermind behind “Sex and the City.”

The Hollywood trade press, including Variety and Deadline Hollywood, as well as the consumer press, Entertainment Weekly, all wrote stories about the yet-untitled film.

Jersey Girl Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock warm up for their roles in a new movie set at a home shopping network

Variety said that the comedy will be “set around a home-shopping TV channel.” According to Universal’s statement, the dynamic trio will “make their way through the maze of mania that surrounds marketing, marriages and the media.”

The script is supposed to be ready in January.

Of course, EW’s PopWatch had to make some snide remarks about home shopping channels, circa 1980.

“Today came the announcement via Universal that Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, and Oprah Winfrey would all co-star in Michael Patrick King’s untitled project about a home-shopping channel,” PopWatch wrote.

“Wait a tick — you’re telling me I can get Hollywood’s three wisest women for one easy payment of $12?! (Or, $17, if King decides to go the 3-D route.) Can they come with a bonus Slap Chop too?”

That’s a real knee slapper, you moron. Never mind that even stars like Madonna, Mary J. Blige and Sheryl Crow have appeared on home shopping channels.

But PopWatch ultimately gave the film its due.

“In all seriousness, this is some pretty awesome casting news, even if we have barely any idea of what exactly happens in the film. (But if the plotline is anywhere near as entertaining as the one in the Magic Bullet infomercial, count me in.),” it wrote.

“With these three powerhouses on board, I’m wondering where King can go from here — should he just go ahead and Ocean’s 11 this joint by adding the likes of Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, and Tina Fey (who’s already co-starring with Streep elsewhere) to the cast too?” PopWatch said. “Who else should come on board? Will Bullock and Streep face-off for Oscar again?”

We first learned of this film when HSN super host Colleen Lopez mentioned it on Facebook, after someone posted the PopWatch story.

“Wow!! I had not heard about this, Kalli,” Colleen wrote “How cool! Now it will be fun to see who their different characters will be ‘based’ on or ‘inspired by’….fun stuff! Thanks for sharing ♥”

We wonder if one of those characters will be a curly-haired, wise-cracking brunette with a Jersey accent who writes a superb blog about home shopping.

Universal and King, we are available.

Jewelry Designer Judith Ripka Set To Return, With Son, To QVC This Weekend

October 8, 2009

High-end jewelry designer Judith Ripka’s work can be found in upscale stores like Saks and Bloomies, and on QVC. She is one of several well-known and renowned designers, such as Robert Lee Morris, who do moderately priced jewelry lines for the No. 1 home shopping channel.

We have stood outside Ripka’s shop on Manhattan’s ritzy East Side and just peered at the window, where her high-end gold and silver merchandise — some studded with diamonds — is on display. We don’t dare go in, because we know the prices are exorbitant. That’s where QVC comes in. 

Ripka, who has vehement QVC fans, will be back on the network Sunday, Oct. 11, with the Today’s Special Value, a sterling bracelet collection.

Our blog is going to quote Ripka’s blog. On, Ripka recalls the time in 2006 when actress Sandra Bullock was on the cover of Vogue magazine wearings Ripka’s cuffs. Ripka says it was a high point in her career, and that the TSV will echo the design of the cuffs Bullock wore.

Ripka may be a Park Avenue type, but she is utterly gracious to her QVC fans and obviously loves her work. For QVC, she works with vividly colored gemstones in sterline silver, with an ornate and very distinctive look. Some of the pieces are quite affordable, but larger things like big bracelets are expensive.  We have one of her enhancers, in white quartz.  

In her blog Ripka said that her son Brian, the president of her company, will be on the air on QVC from 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. on Oct. 11. As curious as we are to see him, that’s just too late — or too early — for us.