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QVC Customer Survey: Is Host Antonella ‘Creepy’? Or Is Questionnaire Phony?

October 21, 2019

A brouhaha has been going on for days over a consumer research survey that QVC purportedly sent out to some customers, and questions it asked about hosts — Antonella Nester in particular.

But we’re suspicious, especially since the supposed survey spelled Antonella’s last name wrong, as “Nestor” instead of “Nester.”

Dang, we didn’t get the survey. But details about it was posted on the Facebook QVC & HSN Refreshing & New Fan Group page. Someone put a photo of the survey on FB, the part that had a photo of Antonella (before she went blond, which we don’t think is a good look on her) and asked a series of questions about her.

For example, one part says to check every word that applies to Antonella. The choice of words? Activist, Confident, Good Listener, Aggressive, Creepy and Handsome.

Creepy? Creepy?

At least that was what the screenshot on FB depicted. Maybe IT was doctored.

And there was also a part of the survey that asked “What are you (sic) feelings toward Antonella Nestor (sic)” from “Dislike a lot” to “Like a Lot.”

Antonella’s fans were outraged.

“Shocking to me.”

“Wow that is really shitty.”

“I’ve never ever received a survey from a retail business about an individual employee.”

“If this is really a survey from QVC they have really lost it.”

“I’m not really a fan BUT this is just plain rude and mean.”

Some people questioned whether the survey was legitimate and actually from QVC. On FB, people posted that the home shopping network and Antonella had confirmed the survey was was real.

But the fact that the word “creepy” was used in the survey set off our bull-shit detector. So did the sloppy spelling. You misspell the name of your own host? “You” instead of “your”?

The survey also apparently brought up Teresa Giudice of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” infamy. She had a cookbook. Is QVC considering her as a vendor, or a host? That also set off bells.

There was also chatter on FB about Antonella looking flustered and acting a little bit off some some shows. We’ve blogged about that before.

At some point, Antonella talked about the matter and said her behavior was medical-related, due to some “new meds.”

But we digress. If the survey in indeed legit, QVC needs to fire its consumer researchers, for bad spelling and plain stupidity with the wacky questions on this survey.

We Missed Christie Brinkley’s Debut Show On QVC, But Went To The Video

August 2, 2010

Christie had a lot of sellouts on QVC

We missed Christie Brinkley on QVC!

We got home shortly after 9:30 p.m. Sunday and tuned in to the Q to see the debut of Brinkley’s jewelry collection. But all we saw was the Ross Simon dude and host Antonella Nester. My sister even called to ask me what was going on, adding that my mother was watching Brinkley at that very moment.

We finally figured it out: My mother Ida had recorded the show on her DVR, and she was watching that, not the live QVC feed. Turns out most of Brinkley’s unique jewelry sold out early, and by the time we turned on QVC she was gone.

Anyway, we checked out Brinkley on the video on She’s the same age as us (and has the same birthday as Ida, Feb. 2) and look fantastic. She had a gorgeous turquoise one-shouldered dress on, and her long blonde hair was perfect.

Best of all, Brinkley is not just another celebrity just putting her moniker on a jewelry line.

Brinkley, warm and very sweet, explained that she started out as an art major, and painted and did photography before she got into modeling and became a superstar in that field.

She explained that nature is her inspiration, for items like the crystal quartz drop earrings that we coveted. Those earrings were inspired by the dew drops that Brinkley would see in her organic garden.

“I am so inspired by everything I see in nature,” Brinkley said. “I wanted to create jewelry that reminds you of the beauty of nature.”

QVC was giving the perfect opportunity to combine her love of nature, jewelry and art, she added. “I feel so lucky to do this.”

QVC May Be Pulling Jade From Its Inventory

December 26, 2009

Is QVC pulling the plug on jade?

That’s what it sounds like, if you take host Antonella Nester at her word. And her comments during a jewelry show last week had the QVC jewelry forum abuzz.

Last week Nester, who is the face of Italian Americans on QVC, presented a pretty carved green jade orchid enchancer. We saw the presentation, and Nester made a cryptic remark that QVC may not be bringing in more jade.

“She has one jade piece and every time they preview it she says that QVC doesn’t have a lot of jade in their inventory right now and they are not sure if they are getting any more jade in,” one woman posted on the jewelry forum.

Wrote a second poster, “A caller pressed her on it and asked why and she just said that QVC was protecting their customers.”

QVC viewers had a couple of theories about what was up. One poster said that jadeite is mined mainly in Myanmar, and that the U.S. does not trade with that nation. That trade ban also excludes Burmese rubies from coming into the country.

And yet another veteran poster said that there has been some question about the quality and authenticity of jade coming into the U.S., which may be why QVC is backing off carrying it.