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QVC May Be Pulling Jade From Its Inventory

December 26, 2009

Is QVC pulling the plug on jade?

That’s what it sounds like, if you take host Antonella Nester at her word. And her comments during a jewelry show last week had the QVC jewelry forum abuzz.

Last week Nester, who is the face of Italian Americans on QVC, presented a pretty carved green jade orchid enchancer. We saw the presentation, and Nester made a cryptic remark that QVC may not be bringing in more jade.

“She has one jade piece and every time they preview it she says that QVC doesn’t have a lot of jade in their inventory right now and they are not sure if they are getting any more jade in,” one woman posted on the jewelry forum.

Wrote a second poster, “A caller pressed her on it and asked why and she just said that QVC was protecting their customers.”

QVC viewers had a couple of theories about what was up. One poster said that jadeite is mined mainly in Myanmar, and that the U.S. does not trade with that nation. That trade ban also excludes Burmese rubies from coming into the country.

And yet another veteran poster said that there has been some question about the quality and authenticity of jade coming into the U.S., which may be why QVC is backing off carrying it.