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‘Hot In Hollywood’ Jumps From HSN To QVC

July 20, 2016

OK, we’re psychic.

We were just thinking that we hadn’t seen the Hot In Hollywood line on HSN for quite some time.

Lo and behold, we were on Facebook tonight and saw that Laurie Feltheimer’s collection has landed at QVC.

“I’m so excited to share the news with you that Hot in Hollywood will be debuting on QVC on July 22nd and 23rd,” she posted on Facebook.

“We’ll be featuring favorites such as the boyfriend jean and the bootcut jean, along with a stunning new blouse. Please tune in as I start this next super exciting chapter!!”

Laurie is married to Jon Feltheimer, a movie studio honcho at Lionsgate.

You Go Girls: HSN’s ‘Hot In Hollywood’ Laurie Feltheimer Heeds Our Advice, And Takes Jennifer Stallone For A Celebratory Dinner

October 5, 2010

People never seem to take our advice.

We gave our brother recommendations of Boston eateries when he went to Beantown to see the Yankees play that evil band, the Red Sox. He and his wife didn’t go to any of them.

We recommended, to that same brother and other friends, our favorite places and restaurants in Scottsdale (Mastro’s, The Spotted Donkey Cantina, Carlsbad Tavern), and no one went to any of them.

We suggest places for friends to buy great, inexpensive clothes, and they don’t go.

So imagine our pleasant surprise when we we tagged on Facebook Monday by none other than Laurie Feltheimer, who does the Hot in Hollywood apparel and accessory line for HSN.

HSN vendors Laurie Feltheimer (left) and Jennifer Stallone celebrating the success of The Expendables

It was a photo of Feltheimer and Jennifer Stallone, who sells her Serious Skincare line on HSN, both raising glasses of wine, in a toast.

Awhile back we suggested that Laurie, who is married to Lionsgate studio chief Jon Feltheimer, take Jennifer, who is married to Sylvester Stallone, to dinner in thanks. That’s because Sly Stallone’s action flick, “The Expendables,” gave Jon a blockbuster box office hit when he really needed one, to help fend off corporate raider Carl Icahn.

So here is what the Facebook tag said yesteday:

“Hi Linda S. Moss! Laurie and I love your blog…so fun, interesting and informative ( Laurie took you up on your suggestion, and took Jennifer out to dinner last night to celebrate Expendables going over $100 million in box office! Excellent idea! My Best, Molly Gilles, assistant to Laurie Feltheimer.”

Thanks, Laurie and Molly, for actually taking my advice!

And congrats to all for hitting the $100 million mark on “The Expendables.”

It’s Hot In Hollywood For Jon Feltheimer, HSN Vendor Laurie’s Husband, Who Is Fending Off Hostile Takeover

March 20, 2010

Jon Feltheimer

HSN “Hot in Hollywood” vendor Laurie Feltheimer’s husband has his hands full.

Jon Feltheimer, co-chairman and CEO of the boutique movie studio Lionsgate Entertainment, is fending off a hostile takeover by Carl Icahn.

The New York Post writes Saturday that Icahn is trying to derail Lionsgate’s planned $1.5 billion bid for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Icahn owns 19 percent of Lionsgate, which not only produces movies but also TV shows, including “Mad Men.”

In a press release, Icahn said he believes Lionsgate should expand its TV and film distribution business, and not fork over mney for MGM, with its film library.

It’s ‘Hot In Hollywood’ For HSN Vendor Laurie Feltheimer’s Husband, As He Faces Hostile Bid At Lionsgate From Carl Icahn

February 17, 2010

Laurie Feltheimer does a line of clothing and accessories called Hot in Hollywood for HSN. And things are indeed getting hot in Hollywood (well, technically, Santa Monica) for her husband Jon Feltheimer, who is CEO of Lionsgate Entertainment, the indie studio that produces shows like AMC’s “Mad Men” and movies like “Precious.”

Carl Icahn — the man that some call an “activist investor” and others call a pain in the butt — has made a hostile bid to increase his stake in Lionsgate. Icahn has been breathing down Jon Feltheimer’s neck since last year, when the billionaire investor griped about the acquisitions Lionsgate was making.

Lionsgate purchased TV Guide Network, and is now in looking to buy Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Miramax Films.

We’ll spare you the boring financial details, but the bottom line is if Icahn succeeds in increaseing his Lionsgate stake to 29.9 percent, he would become its largest shareholder. As such, Ichan would be in a position to potentially oust Lionsgate’s current management or look to merge or sell the studio.

We interviewed “Felt,” as Jon Feltheimer is called, last year, and he seemed like a savvy guy. We wish him luck in his continuing saga with Icahn.

These are hot

Laurie Feltheimer, meanwhile, will be at HSN in Florida Friday with shows for her Hot in Hollywood line.

Dare we say it, but we spotted a motorcycle peep-toe bootie in gray that we really like, for $60.

Maybe Jon should send a couple of pairs of these over to Icahn.

‘Mad Men’ Is Hot in Hollywood, And So Is Jon Feltheimer’s Wife On HSN

September 28, 2009

Jon Feltheimer, co-chairman and CEO of Lionsgate, produces the hottest show on TV, the Emmy-winning “Mad Men” on AMC.  And his wife Laurie Feltheimer has a “hot” product line on HSN. The perky blonde has HSN’s Monday Special Value, a ruffled sweater coat for $39.90.  It is part of her “Hot in Hollywood” line, which offers clothes, shoes, handbags and “Starlet” jewelry.

Laurie, who has been on HSN for five years, often tells the story of when she was a struggling single mom, before she met her studio-chief millionaire husband (a fairy tale ending we’d like to see happen to us). Hot in Hollywood is meant to give the average woman access to the kinds of looks that usually only TV and movie stars can afford, and stylists put together.

“When I was a single mom, I could never find stylish things that were affordable,” she said Monday.

Laurie added that she tries to keep her prices low by keeping her company’s overhead low. “We don’t have fancy offices,” she said. “I don’t bring an entourage (to HSN in Florida).”

Laurie’s goods are modestly priced, like less than $50 for skinny jeans, but we know she can now afford to buy the best. Her husband Jon, as head of Lionsgate — the  movie and TV studio that produces the “Saw” gore fests as well as brilliant shows like “Mad Men” — brings home the cash.

In fiscal 2009, he earned $4.1 million in total compensation, according to securities filings. So when she alludes to going to pricey Beverly Hills stores to see what’s out there in high-end retail, we wonder how much shopping she does for herself, and how many pieces from her line she actually wears. We have spotted her wearing jewelry from “Hot in Hollywood” on the red carpet. 

On Sunday supermodel Iman, wife of rock star David Bowie, was selling her Global Chic line on HSN. Host Colleen Lopez asked Iman what her “hubby” thinks of her moderately priced line. Iman said that Bowie enjoyed looking at her goods, but that she told him not to think that it means the ends of buying expensive items for the household.