‘Hot In Hollywood’ Jumps From HSN To QVC

OK, we’re psychic.

We were just thinking that we hadn’t seen the Hot In Hollywood line on HSN for quite some time.

Lo and behold, we were on Facebook tonight and saw that Laurie Feltheimer’s collection has landed at QVC.

“I’m so excited to share the news with you that Hot in Hollywood will be debuting on QVC on July 22nd and 23rd,” she posted on Facebook.

“We’ll be featuring favorites such as the boyfriend jean and the bootcut jean, along with a stunning new blouse. Please tune in as I start this next super exciting chapter!!”


Laurie is married to Jon Feltheimer, a movie studio honcho at Lionsgate.


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7 Responses to “‘Hot In Hollywood’ Jumps From HSN To QVC”

  1. Rita Says:

    This is surprising. I don’t remember exactly when Laurie left HSN, but I’m going to guess about 2 years ago, give or take. And from what she said, it sounded like being on home shopping channels was not in her future. It sounded like she was going to do something different.
    I haven’t checked out her things on QVC yet, but I have found QVC to be more expensive than HSN. It seems like her line did very well at HSN, and this is very surprising that she’d go to QVC.
    I have never cared for most of the merchandise at QVC. I like most of the hosts, however. I always preferred HSN. And now with QVC’s recent outsourcing of American jobs, I will never buy from them. Honestly, I don’t like HSN much anymore. No Kathy Wolf, no Rachel Huber, no Chris Scanlon and no John Cremeans. But they are shoving the phoney and obnoxious Colleen Lopez down our throats. I am probably going to close my account with them. I can buy Andrew Lessman’s vitamins off his own website.
    Thanks for the info, Linda. You have a great blog and you always keep us informed.

  2. Lenore Says:

    Well, this is strange. Laurie left HSN in December 2014, and said she had an amazing opportunity that she couldn’t turn down that would conflict with the time she spent on hot in Hollywood.
    Also, I noticed sometime in 2010 or maybe 2011 that Laurie looked anorexic. I’m not aware of any illness or disease, or even anorexia…although that’s what it looked like. A bit later she looked better although still too thin.
    I like Laurie and wish her the best. Some of her HiH stuff was great. Some was cheaply made and tacky looking. A couple bags I bought went right back to HSN….they were faux leather. I don’t mind that but these were not pliable…they were hard and felt cheap. They also reeked badly of chemicals. On the other hand, I liked some of her jewelry, some of her clothes, and a pair of sandals that I wore forever.
    I like Suzanne Somers, too. Her stuff, in the earlier years at least, was much higher quality than Laurie’s. So here’s my point: QVC wouldn’t take Suzanne on, even though she had high quality items, but they’re taking on Laurie…whose stuff has had some mixed reviews at HSN. And her lineup consists of 6 items at QVC…5 pairs of jeans and a blouse. I really don’t understand it. Bottom line…why did she leave HSN? And why is QVC taking her in….why not go back to HSN?
    The recent host shuffle and departures at HSN really seem odd, too…..is HSN throwing out the older, tried and true hosts and vendors to keep in check with Grossman’s desire to make HSN more youthful? It smells bad and I think the whole thing stinks.

    • Brenda Says:

      I noticed the decline in Laurie’s appearance a few years ago too. I moved toward the end of 2011, and I couldn’t get HSN in my area for about 2 years. And when I could, I worked off hours and didn’t see much TV at all….but I always wondered why she became so thin.
      As you said, it seems she put a little weight back on but was still very thin. I’m wondering if her health may have caused her to leave HSN in the first place.
      The whole thing about QVC is strange…..why would she jump from HSN with large inventory and go to QVC with 6 items? She did very well on HSN . But whatever the reason, she’s starting out small at QVC. I don’t like QVC’s recent out sourcing policy, and although I don’t boycott them completely (I still watch), I don’t buy anything. So sorry, Laurie, I won’t be a customer this time around.
      The recent host shake ups at HSN are a little off putting. And I buy less and less from them. Starting when Mindy Grossman took over…even a few years before, HSN has really become less and less appealing. Most of the shopping channels are on entertainment only rotation in my house.

  3. Marty Says:

    This news is a little surprising, especially since Laurie has only 6 items on QVC.
    I liked her collection at HSN for the most part, although I think the quality started slipping around 2008. I sent back several items over the span of a couple years. They were just poorly made. There were quite a few reviews on HSN that reflected that as well.
    I noticed that she started introducing more jeans..and her price point was pretty close to that of Diane Gilman. I’m wondering if Gilman was instrumental in her departure. Yes, there are other jeans on HSN. But they are “designer” prices….much higher than Diane’s. So they don’t compete with Diane. Maybe Diane…a long time vendor…balked about that and Laurie was issued an ultimatum….scrap the jeans or leave. She left, and took her jeans with her, if her lineup on QVC is indicative. It’s all jeans except for 1 top. And they’re still at the HSN prices.
    I’m a bit surprised that QVC took her as a vendor. Although their stuff is nothing great, they pride themselves on offering “better” stuff. That is definitely a matter of opinion. And, I’d like to try Laurie’s jeans…and hopefully more items…but I have canceled my QVC membership and I boycott them fervently. Taking jobs from Americans and outsourcing them to save money is a horrible move. QVC is a low life business.

  4. Lovie Says:

    Good for her. HSN is so nowheresville. They’re the only shopping channel that I don’t have on my favorites bar, and I’ve got a bunch that most people have never heard of.

  5. Dara Says:

    Good for everyone boycotting QVC, while the CEO makes millions, thousands are suffering and will never retain to a decent standard of living thanks to his offshoring of jobs. He had a choice and so do we. Spend your dollars with a company with ethics and values.

    • Louise Says:

      I completely agree, Dara. I canceled my QVC membership as soon as I learned about the outsourcing of American jobs. I miss Laurie on HSN, but I won’t be buying from her as long as she’s at QVC.
      Actually, I buy very little on home shopping these days. There are far better values elsewhere online and at brick and mortar.
      I hope more people start boycotting QVC. And any other business that outsources jobs and takes them away from Americans.

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