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QVC’s Rachel Zoe And HSN’s Todd English Featured In Page Six Gossip Column

August 28, 2012

The New York Post’s addictive gossip column, Page Six, had two juicy tidbits about home shopping celebrity vendors on Monday.

The lead item was about QVC vendor and red-carpet stylist Rachel Zoe, and its headline was “Label’s doing not Zoe well.”

The column claimed that the upscale clothing line that razor-thin Zoe has debuted with Li & Fung is flopping. Page Six also claims that Zoe’s show on Bravo, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” may not get a fifth season pickup.

Playboy chef Todd English

The column asserted that Zoe’s fancy apparel line is not selling well at the kinds of places where we can’t afford to shop, such as Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s.

And a Page Six perennial favorite, celebrity chef and HSN vendor Todd English, may be getting his own reality show on E! Entertainment Television. The show would center on English and his restaurant kingdom, which includes Olives, Ca Va and the Plaza Food Hall, according to Page Six, which calls English “the playboy chef.”

The column also noted that English’s ex-fiancee, the woman he left at the altar, Erica Wang, has been charged with shoplifting from Sephora and Ralph Lauren.

Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe’s Retro Faux Fur Vest Plugged In New York Times

August 27, 2010

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe’s faux fur vest for QVC made the Thursday Style section of The New York Times yesterday, in a story headlined “Retro Looks, Almost at Retro Prices.”

Zoe’s vest sells for $79 and change, and comes in chinchilla, red fox, black fox and silver.

Zoe’s does a clothing and accessory collection for QVC.

InStyle Magazine Gives Us A Peek Into Celebrity Stylist, And QVC Vendor, Rachel Zoe’s Jewel Box

March 28, 2010

The April issue of InStyle magazine has a feature on celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, which talks about her designs for QVC as well as her personal collection of bling.

The article is part of the magazine’s monthly “My Jewel Box” series, which we never miss, and it’s headlined “I Dream of Jewelry.” It’s pretty expansive, three pages as well as a full-page photo of Jersey girl Zoe decked out in her jewels. She’s got it all piled on, she is no minimalist, and one fo the pearl necklaces she’s wearing is from Bulgari. It was a gift from her husband to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their first date.

Zoe is also wearing huge hoop earrings with big white and green stones. We can’t believe that they’re real emeralds and diamonds. It’s likely costume, since Zoe tells InStyle that she owns about 1,000 pieces of costume jewelry.

There are photos of two of Zoe’s QVC pieces in the story. One is a glass bead bib necklace that sells for $125, the other is a gold-plated bracelet with bars, also $130. We couldn’t find the bracelet on QVC’s Web site, so it may be sold out.

Zoe talks about layering jewelry, and admits to wearing about a dozen pieces a day. She started collecting jewelry when she was 11, she told InStyle, and her style icon is 1970s Elizabeth Taylor.

While Zoe often comes off a bit bitchy on her Bravo show, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” she comes across as very charming and passionate during her QVC appearances.

We love her big costume jewelry looks and clothes so far for QVC, which have included a gorgeous lambskin jacket.

The April InStyle issue has Gwen Stefani on the cover.

Celebrity X-Ray Rachel Zoe Brings Size 0 To QVC: Will Any Customers In The Hefty Heartland Be Ordering It?

February 14, 2010

Leave it to wafer-thin celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe to bring size 0 to QVC.

The home shopping network introduced its new size, “XXS,” or extra extra small, during its telecast Saturday night from Fashion Week in Bryant Park in Manhattan. That XXS equates to a size 0. Previously, the smallest size that QVC offered was a “XS,” or extra small (that’s us), which equates to a size 2 to 4.

Host Lisa Robertson (with an unflattering, severe pulled-back hairdo) was doing a presentation with Zoe, who does a line of clothing and accessories for QVC when she’s not telling Hollywood what to wear. They were talking about a crinkle patent trench coat, and Robertson noted that it came in XXS.

“Rachel has been pushing for that,” Robertson said, adding that other designers had been asking for QVC to offer the XXS as well.

It’s not without irony that Zoe lobbied for QVC to carry XXS. The New Jersey native has been the subject of much controversy over her weight, or lack of it. In one almost shocking scene in her Bravo reality show, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” Zoe’s backbones stuck out like knives from her backless gown.

We doubt that most of QVC’s female customers are a size XXS. But with QVC and HSN trying to draw younger, hipper and we assume –skinnier — women shoppers, we guess it makes sense to create a new smaller size.

Some posters on QVC’s online forums were thrilled that QVC was “finally” offering XXS.

We were trying on jeans in Target tonight, and got a good look at our thighs in the dressing room mirror. We don’t think we’ll be ordering QVC’s new XXS any time soon.

Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Vendors On QVC and HSN, Makes New York Post’s List Of Trendsetters This Decade

December 31, 2009

Two home shopping vendors, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and rapper-entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs, both made the New York Post’s list in its “A Decade of Trends” story Thursday.

Zoe, who does a fashion and accessory line for QVC, was lauded by the Post for building “a career on perfect taste, an eye for vintage and a knack for pulling fabulous gowns.” Zoe, who does “The Rachel Zoe Project” for Bravo, is pictured with client Nicole Richie.

Combs, who sold out his fragrances during is recent debut on HSN, won high praise from the Post. “By far, one of the greatest retail successes that doesn’t make us want to barf is Sean John — the label launched in the late ’90s by music mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs,” the Post wrote.

The Post said that this “early entry in the celebrity clothing-line genre” has “staying power.”

Believe It Or Not, Rachel Zoe, Michael Jackson And The Beatles Helped Drive QVC’s First Quarterly Sales Growth Since Early Last Year

November 9, 2009

QVC reported its best quarterly earnings Monday since early last year, with officials giving celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, Michael Jackson and the Beatles some of the credit. But the picture for the last nine months wasn’t so rosy.

During a third-quarter conference call for QVC parent Liberty Media, QVC president and CEO Mike George said that the No. 1 home shopping network is seeing the benefit of cost management and “and what appears to be some stabilization of consumer spending in the U.S.”

He also claimed that QVC is taking marketshare from a broad array of retailers, in part by drawing in new customers with big names like Zoe.

QVC domestic posted $1.098 billion in revenue the third quarter, a 2 percent increase from $1.073 billion in the year-ago period and “our first positive sales growth since early last year,” George told analysts on the call for John Malone’s Liberty.

Nonetheless, QVC’s domestic revenue in the first nine months ended Sept. 30 dropped 4.3 percent, to $3.308 billion from $3.430 billion, compared to the prior-year period, according to the 10-Q Liberty Media filed Monday.

In the third quarter QVC’s strongest gains were in the categories of beauty, accessories, consumer electronics, and cooking and household goods, according to George. As in prior quarters, jewely and apparel sales remained soft, but the rate of decline in jewelry has moderated as the weakness QVC has seen in gold jewelry was partically offset by stronger sales for lower-priced fashion jewelry lines, George said.

Adjusted OIBDA at QVC domestic was $244 million in the quarter, a 10% gain from $221 million a year ago. The 10 percent increase is “our strongest profit growth since the fourth quarter of 2006,” George told analysts.

QVC was particularly encouraged by the new customers it gained in the third quarter, a 9% increase, “our highest rate of new-customer growth in the last seven years,” according to George.

More importantly, the total spending of new customers increased 18 percent, he said.

Answering questions from analysts, George said that QVC’s improved results and jump in new customers was a result of: the shifting of its product mix, to more fitness and consumer electronics versus jewelry and apparel; popular entertainment offerings like CD sets and other Jackson merchandise and a remixed Beatles set,; more aggressive marketing; and the addition of high-profile names such as Zoe, the celebrity stylist who has a show on Bravo.

The QVC chief also cited the network’s deal with Liz Claiborne. QVC will sell the Liz Claiborne New York line and has forged a partnership with the clothier’s creative director Izaac Mizrahi, formerly with Target.

Mizrahi, who like Zoe has a show on Bravo, is doing a premium line of apparel and home goods for QVC that will debut Dec. 4, George said. Mizrahi’s program is “The Fashion Show,” while Zoe has “The Rachel Zoe Project.”

QVC has also been helped by gaining better channel positions on cable lineups, a second slot on DirecTV, and the addition of its HD network, which essentially gives it two slots. The HD service has 25 million subscribers.

“We’re confident that we will emerge from the current economic turmoil in a much stronger position, having made significant gains in our strategy to build a unique multimedia shopping experience,” George said. “We believe our focus on offering compelling, exclusive products and programming – while avoiding destructive price competition – is helping us drive accelerating share gains against the broad retail market while also protecting margins.”

QVC has gained share in consumer electronics, beauty, accessories and handbags, and retained its marketshare in jewelry and apparel, its CEO said.

The network has “built a prestige beauty business,” according to George.

Liberty Media president and CEO Greg Maffei led the conference call.

Wall Street Guys, Don’t Diss Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe’s Faux Fur Vest For QVC

October 16, 2009

QVC has a lot of celebrities on now — from Ellen DeGeneres to Rachel Ray to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe — who have their own TV shows where they can promote their QVC lines, the home shopping network’s chief told analysts Friday.

But why did everyone laugh or poke fun at Zoe’s faux fur vest? We like it, guys.

QVC CEO Mike George, at an investors day Friday for the network’s parent Liberty Media, outlined the channel’s strategy for working with TV celebrities. The idea is to “bring engaging personalities” to QVC who have their own fan base and platform to to promote QVC. DeGeneres has her daytime talk show, will be a judge on “American Idol,” and sells premium pet food on QVC, for example.

QVC used to just care about how many items it sold, not viewership. But that has changed under new owner Liberty.

George said that when DeGeneres is on QVC, “We see a huge spike in ratings. We see good sales as well, but what we really care about are these ratings, because we know as we aggregate eyeballs and extend our viewership, we’re introducing more and more people who were QVC skeptics to a really different and interesting experience. We know they’ll come back. We know some percentage of them will become customers for life.”

Zoe has her own show on Bravo, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” as well as a line of accessories for QVC.

George showed a video clip of her talking about that faux fur vest we mentioned, which sells for $79. We were not at the Liberty conference (we listened to the Web cast). But we heard some twitters (laughing, not social messaging) from the audience during the Zoe video. Guys, be nice!

But we guess QVC is laughing all the way to the bank. Zoe kicked off her new line when QVC did a remore shoot during Fashion Week in Manhattan, and George said that event did very well.

“When you marry a compelling personality like Rachel Zoe, a fabulous product like that faux fur vest — that I know all of you are eyeing — a Fashion Week remote under the tents of Bryant Park, and a whole lot of pre-show publicty….(the show) did $200,000 per minute in sales and even more exciting for us, brought in 17 new customers per minute. That is 14 times our average rate of new–customer acquisition for apparel items,” George said.

As an aside, George said very tongue in cheek that the faux fur vest, “I regret to tell you is sold out.”

Hey, QVC shoppers gave it rave reviews on the network’s Web site.

Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe ‘Dwarfed’ By QVC Host Lisa Robertson

October 10, 2009

QVC host Lisa Robertson looked like a giant sitting  next to tiny celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe Saturday.

Zoe, who has taken heat from the press about how skinny she is, was selling her line of apparel and accessories with her “Accessorizing With Rachel Zoe” show. Her line includes fashion jewelry based on her real pieces, coats, vests, handbags, hats and scarves. 

One of the items was a simulated emerald and pave cocktail ring, based on one of Zoe’s big-name designer rings. It sells for $74.50.

“Wear it to the supermarket,” Zoe told viewers. Maybe in Beverly Hills, but we don’t know how it would go over in our local Shop Rite.   

But Zoe, who also has the reality show “The Rachel Zoe Project” on Bravo, is a fellow Jersey girl,  so we’ll cut her some slack.